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okay hey so, i'm kind of new to this fanom (about two months maybe?) and i just today made a blog for kpop and stuff and im so lost and p much alone i have like no idea who to talk to or what to do in general or who to follow it's like im blindfolded help

yooooooo, first of all welcome to our fandom, it will be quite an experience i can tell u. basically u are not alone, u can say hi and that’s how u make friends here, it’s pretty easy, don’t be shy and approach people. 

now u gotta choose which type of blog u want to have. mine, for example, is a crack blog, i reblog funny stuff and some nice edits. i don’t really have a pattern in who i follow. i normally follow people who make me comfortable, so my dash is very chill and im always laughing bc my mutuals are the bomb. other people follow blogs who edit, who make graphics, who have a pastel blog, or an aesthetic blog because that’s their pattern, but the decision depends on u. 

i hope u get to feel comfortable around us here soon, start working on following cool people. if u want advice on who to follow once u decide what u want in ur dash, just tell me and i can help :D thanks for talking to me <3

hey guys !!!! so i recently hit 7k and some of my faves changed blog types so i decided to make another faves page!!!! 💕

- mbf soulclouds
-reblog this!!
-likes for bookmarking
-current faves welcome to reblog !!!

-a follow from me if i’m not already
-spot on my blog
-promos whenever
-new friend !!!!🐣
-selfie/original post reblogs

☁️higher chance☁️
-send me messages and get to know me !!!!!
-reblog my posts even though theyre not very cool
-hmu on insta @/ok.allie && twitter @/pelllerito

-I made this shitty ass banner
-i’ll pick however many blogs i want whenever this gets enough notes😂


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hi! i feel like this is quite a weird/invasive question so you're so welcome to not answer! :-) i've just been doing research on the position of the urethra bc i've always thought mine was kinda weirdly positioned and far away from the clit. i stumbled across your blog, and noticed yours is very similar to mine, which was lovely to discover!!! i was just wondering if you ever have any pain during penetration??? or if you do, do you know how to minimize it??? thank u xxx <3 :-)

Yes. I doubt it’s because of my urethra position, though, since I rarely-to-never get UTI’s, but here are some tips for making penetration less painful:

  • - Do Kegels often
  • - Lots of foreplay
  • - Lube
  • - Going slow
  • - Gradual insertion (rim the edges, one finger, work up to two, etc.)
  • - More Lube
  • - Different positions – sometimes on top or from behind works better for penetration

And, honestly, I still have pain with penetration often, and my partner has trouble even getting a single finger inside me sometimes. 

Even when all of these steps are taken, I might have to call it quits early on penetration-play wrt to my vagina. It may be Vaginismus or just the way my body is shaped, I don’t really know or care, because penetration isn’t a big part of my sex life. It doesn’t have to be! I actually get off more being the one who’s doing the penetrating. 

Nothing is set in stone that if you have a vagina, you MUST have it penetrated in order to enjoy sex. If you do enjoy it that way and would love for it to not be as painful, then definitely, look into Vaginismus (and even talk to your doctor) and other ways to reduce your pain during penetration. 

Otherwise, also try to explore your clit, anus, being the one TO penetrate and all sorts of other ways to have sex and get off – it just might wind up your favorite way of having sex.

Good luck and happy fucking! <3 

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Welcome to the Protect Stydia Network. This has been an idea of mine for such a long time and I’m really happy that I finally get to do it. Basically this network will have unlimited members and will be a place for all of us to share our work, spread love and positivity in the fandom.

- Must be 60% Teen Wolf
- Track #protectstydianetwork
- Follow the owner
- Reblog this post // likes don’t count
- Maybe follow the blog?

You can apply here & message me here if you have any questions

Studying Tips!!!

Hello y’all!

Welcome back to another blog post.

Let’s talk about studying.

Here are 10 efficient studying tips for you all!

Usually, for people who are in school and college - our finals are upon us this month.

The May month.

I personally think that studying is beautiful.

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Welcome everyone to the new Black Sails fanblog: Daily Nassau! 

Our main goal is to keep you updated with the latest related news, as well as showcase all original art (gif sets/graphics/fanart/etc.) of the series and cast. We will update on a daily basis with the work of tumblr artists as well as our own.

Daily Nassau Crew:

Creator: murdocksmatts
Admin: bjornstark

Disclaimer: This blog is in no way affiliated with Starz or the creators of the series. We are not trying to replace the official tumblr or the other Black Sails blogs, we aim to complement them.

We track the tags:


Please keep in mind that this is a new blog, therefore most tags on its Navigation Page are empty. They will soon be filled as we start posting.

Any fanblogs (for Black Sails or otherwise) interested in becoming our affiliates and being featured on the main page please send us a message.

We hope we can improve your blogging experience of the series. If you have any questions, feel free to drop by our askbox.

Theory Thursday Group Update

Okay new thing.

I’m floored that so many of you want to participate and be included. I think it’s a wonderful thing. However, i’m having a difficult time deciding who to be included in this group. 

Theory Thursday Group is just a set list of people I tag when I want to discuss a theory of mine. It does not have to be a Thursday. Others are welcome to join it and bounce ideas off. The group is not obligated to tag them though. If you have any questions feel free to send me an ask. I will respond. 

In light of that, I’m going to have tryouts. 

You heard me. TRYOUTS.

Because this is basically a discussion group that throws around theories you are going to write a theory for me. Here are the rules:

  • I’m going to take a look at your blog. I don’t care if you’re new to Tumblr or not. I need to see Arrow posts. First Requirement:  Be an Olicity Fan. Most of my spoilers might include Olicity and I don’t want to have to deal with a shipping disagreement. Must be an arrow blog. Can be multi fandom but you must regularly reblog Arrow items
  • Second Requirement: If you’ve been a part of a fandom for a while, I need an old post of a discussion with someone about theories. I need to see your ability to converse and argue your position. If you’re new, ignore this.
  • Third Requirement: Write a theory. I will provide a list of questions. PICK ONE. Then write at least 5 sentences ( a paragraph) on this theory. Make sure to flesh out your theory and give some backing. Why do you think this? I don’t care how loooong you write it but make sure it’s under 10K. I don’t want to be reading forever. Put it under a read more line. I don’t want bloggers to automatically see your post. I want everyone to come up with their theory without reading someone else’s. If you have the same one as another, great. But I want to see your thoughts. 

All requirements that apply must be met. Bloggers failing to do so will not be considered.

If there are a lot of people who make it, what I will do is have several groups, blue group, green group, ect. You guys become friends, talk with one another and feel welcome to include me, if you want. This is a great way to meet new people who are just as obssessed with Arrow and Theories as you are! 

Have a friend who you know likes to write theories? Tag them in this post, talk to them about it. I’m not afraid of numbers. 

Have you Read all of the Above? Wonderful! Now we can begin. 

Here are your options: CHOOSE ONE

  1. Based on spoilers or your knowledge of the Show, who is Felicity’s father? Damien Darhk? Anthony Ivo? Edward Fyers? Victor Stien? WHY? 
  2. We know Oliver has a son. How will he be introduced? What will be Oliver’s reaction? What will be Felicity’s reaction?
  3. Was Oliver involved in Andy Diggle’s death?
  4. At the end of Season 3 Oliver get’s on a boat the Triton’s Daughter with the words Coast City on it. Does Oliver go to Coast City? Does he go to Russia instead? Is the Bratva involved in either of these places? 

I am going to show an example of a Tryout.  This is the following format you must follow to be considered.

 (Don’t know how to insert a “Keep Reading” line? Click enter. On the left side there should be a + sign. click it. The one are the furthest most right is your keep reading sign.)

Tryouts END Monday May  25th! 


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Welcome to my #1 Follow Forever! I’ve recently hit 1000 and I would like to thank everyone that made that possible :’) I really love and appreciate all of you! These amazing blogs bellow will be forever in my heart ♥ (if you are here and we don’t talk, let’s be friends pls ily) 。◕ ‿ ◕。

In alphabetical order!

aliciaflorrickxwine annakendirck bellamlyblake bellarkesupernova bellsmy blakebellmy brraveprincess clarkescurves clarklexia edricdaynes finnreyes grounderlexah groundrs hailromanoff hcwkeyes hedaokteivias htgawbellarke isaaclayes jennifersblake johhmurphy knightbellamyy lindseymorqan maytheymeeetagain montying murpqhy mvrphys natgayvanlis nathanmilers natromxnov octaviiia queenclexa queenclrk queensanya queerprincesslexa ragnarvk santanlco shrlockeds silveragrent siriusdarkgrey skaiskru skydelinquents soldierpeetamellark starqued stydia ughvillains

Also, shout out to these cuties here! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Welcome to Lotte and Jades 48 hour blog awards!


  • must be following Lotte and Jade
  • reblogs; likes to bookmark 
  • reblog before 10:00pm 20/05/15 (GMT)
  • each category has a winner & a runner up
  • maybe check out our gishwises team?


  • best icon
  • best url
  • best theme
  • best creations (writing, gifs, headcanons etc)
  • best supernatural
  • best multifandom
  • best charlie bradbury appreciation
  • nicest blogger
  • best updates tab
  • Jade’s favorite
  • Lotte’s favorite


  • a + follow from both of us (if not already)
  • winners get a oneshot/drabble from either/both of us
  • three promos for winners
  • one promo for runner ups
  • our eternal love, friendship and (metaphorical) cookies
suzuya juuzou week?

hello!!! im gonna reply to messages soon (sorry i havent been around its just a v stressful time) but before i do anything else i just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in helping me host a suzu week ^-^?

His birthday is on june 8th (a week after mine aaahhhh ; v ;) so as a birthday present to both him and to myself i wanted to put a nice something together that all his fans could be a part of

basically, like every other [insert character/fandom] week, i would create a separate blog (suzuyaweek.tumblr.com) and reblog submissions/tagged posts to it. there would be a theme for each day, and all sorts of artwork will be welcome (writing, drawings, painting, edits, playlists, cosplay, etc) so it’s a really nice opportunity to get together and celebrate the tiny beautiful angel that is the suzu!! (and to share all that with me because he’s v underrated imo and theres not enough artwork of him hhhhhh)

let me know if u guys have date suggestions or any other thoughts!!!

Hello world.

I recently started this new blog here and I’m looking for some lovely stuff to fill up my dash. If you reblog any of the following stuff, like this post and I’ll check out your blog! You can also check out mine if you’d like!


- Game of Thrones
- The Walking Dead
- Mad Men
- Breaking Bad
- Big Brother/Big Brother Canada
- Survivor


- Lights
- The Amity Affliction
- Architects
- A Day To Remember
- Hands Like Houses
- Veil of Maya
- The Story So Far
- We Came As Romans

Video Games

- The Legend Of Zelda
- The Last of Us

And Just About Anything Film related!

i just made this blog a little over a month ago and i can’t believe i’m already so close to reaching 1k followers! it’s been more than 15 years since i was a little girl reading the harry potter books for the first time with my mom, and i’ve never looked back. i used to spend hours on mugglenet reading platonic drarry fanfiction when i was in third grade and didn’t even really know what fanfiction was. this fandom has always been a place i feel completely welcome and loved, and i wanted to thank y’all for following me and listening/observing my crazy antics.. so i’m having a little celebration of sorts! here’s what i’m planning:

⚡ blogrates
⚡ fancasts
⚡ drabble requests
⚡ follow forever

i’ll be making official posts later concerning these with details! but for now, if any of you guys want to, you can:

 apply for my draco network
⚡ check out my dramione/tomione fic recs page 
⚡ vote in my url poll

thank you all again for proving that love and friendship are the strongest types of magic out there, ur my fave filthy mudbloods 

xx nadia