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I started this blog a little over three months ago, and WOW I have 300 followers?!  As a huge thank you to all of you, I will be doing blog rates and lettering requests!


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    • Blog rates: Let me know how your day has been, any favorites (subjects/classes, books, movies, food, music, etc.), a funny joke, bad pun, or pick-up line — literally anything!
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The celebration ends on April 30, 2017 at midnight (Pacific Daylight Time).

Posts will be tagged under #narglestudies celebration, in case anyone wants to blacklist it.

Pretend this never happened if this doesn’t get any more than 10 notes.

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hi guys!! i just wrapped up my first semester in college (thank the Lord), so i thought i should share some of the things i’ve learned with you.

  • make friends during the first few weeks!! 
    • participate in all the “welcome week” activities. step outside of your comfort zone and be willing to talk to anyone and everyone—everyone else is in the same position as you. find friends who have similar values as you. do not become too close with anyone who will influence you to do things that you do not want to do. befriend the people you sit next to in class—maybe they can become a study buddy. establish your friendships early on. from personal experience, it is harder to befriend people who have already formed their own friend groups. 
  • join clubs!!
    • join them early on in the semester.
    • join clubs that are specific to your major! not only will you meet people with similar interests and career goals, but you will also receive important information (opportunities, research programs, etc.) and get more hands-on experience.
    • if you are on a pre-professional track, join a club based on your program. i’m currently in the pre-dental health society club at my school!
    • join any club that interests you, but try not to join clubs that frequently overlap—it is better to attend clubs faithfully than sporadically. 
    • if you’re a person of faith, join a (or several) campus ministry/group to get connected with people who share your same faith. a majority of my friendships have come from doing this and it’s like having a second family. if you’re a christian, join cru!! cru is awesome!!!!
  • scheduling
    • only take 8 am’s if you are disciplined enough to go to sleep at a reasonable time and to wake up at or before 7 am. 
    • try to end your school day relatively early so that you have the rest of the day to do any studying that you have to do, while you’re still awake and alert. 
    • try to avoid night classes as they are very long and will probably interfere with a billion other things you want to do. 
    • if you are scheduling back-to-back classes, make sure you have enough time to get from one class to the other. 
  • coursework
    • exams are so important in college. there is homework, though, but it usually only accounts for a small percentage of your grade. you should still complete it. all of it. try to accumulate as many points as you can from homework and other assignments in case you don’t perform as well as you wish on the exams.
  • time-management is SOOO important!!
    • learn when to say no to social events. you can still do fun things, but know when you should refrain from it. 
    • managing time wisely significantly lowers academic-related stress.
    • create a skeletal schedule for your week–add your classes, when you want to wake up/go to sleep, any club meetings that you have, what time’s a good time for lunch, etc. 
    • determine what times work best in your schedule to dedicate to studying. 
    • schedule your free time so that 1. you have something to look forward to and are less likely to get distracted, and, 2. you can take a break from everything and feel refreshed.
  • dealing with professors
    • respect them (obviously). 
    • form good relationships with your professors, but, for the love of God, do not be a kiss up. they can tell when you are or aren’t being genuine. 
    • visit them during office hours for any questions you may have. make it known to them that you do care about what you’re learning and that you’re not only trying to get an A. 
  • reminders!!
    • sometimes you will try so hard and your grade will still not reflect the effort you put in.
    • learning > grades
    • grades do not always reflect intelligence. sometimes, a lower grade could be a result of something else, such as poor time-management.
    • your GPA does not define you.
    • you are here to learn.
    • rest!!
    • you can do this!!
    • i love you!!

disclaimer: this post is based on my experiences and things i have heard from people who i have interacted with. this advice might not apply to everyone who reads it. artwork by: paul antonson

i will be adding to this! just wanted to get some of it posted! feel free to message me with specific college-related questions and feel free to message/reply/reblog with any advice you think i should add. :)

love, melissa (@studenting


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Calling all Small Studyblrs!

Hello again, everyone!

I’ve noticed that there are thousands of studyblrs, and many of us do not get many notes/followers on a regular basis! While that is A-okay and totally normal for a new blog, I’m thinking of starting a blog/mini-community for small studyblrs.

The purpose behind this would be to create a space where new studyblrs can feel welcome! You can chat with other new members, find your niche in the studyblr community, and hopefully gain some knowledge (and possible followers) on the way. My current idea (please note, this is by no means the final result) is that members can temporarily join until they hit their first 200 (500? 1k?) followers, at which point they are on their own! Perhaps there could be links to current and previous members on various pages throughout the blog, too? Again, this is very much a work in progress, so I am open to any comments and suggestions. c:

If you could please reblog this and put your opinion in the tags or replies, that would be amazing!! I’d like to see if this is a well-received idea. Perhaps something like this already exists, which is fine! Just let me know ^^

*Disclaimer: I am fully aware that having a studyblr is not about the notes or the followers you have, and I completely agree. I am simply offering this as a means of networking and meeting others, particularly for the new members of the community!


~ 10. 1. 2017 ~

Those are my chemistry notes from yesterday. You might notice there’s some stuff crossed out and that I made a mistake. But that’s okay! Not everyone’s notes are perfect!

In other news, I’ve had this blog for only a few weeks, but I’m already so close to 1k (!!!). I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank this community for being so welcoming and all around nice!

Dear trans and nonbinary kids who are afab, 

Some posts of mine that were aimed at you attracted some really disgusting comments by “radical feminists”, so i want to make some things clear: 

You’re not “anti-woman”, just because you do not identify as one. That’s ridiculous. 

You do not have to identify as female, just because you’re afab. You’re allowed to identify as anything you feel comfortable with. 

“Trans-exclusive radical feminist” (Terf) is just a fancy word for “transphobe” and transphobes are not welcome on my blog or in my family. 

Transphobes do not get to decide who is part of the lgbt+ community, even if they identify as lgb+ themselves. 

You, my dear trans and nonbinary afab kids, will always be welcome on my blog and in my family. You’re a valid part of the lgbt+ community. And i’m ready to fight anyone who disagrees. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Okay, so first of all, I apologize in advance to people who will see this on their dash a million times.

I’m new to storytelling, I used to be a casual gameplay blog but I ditched that life. Anyways, if you play a story (ideally you use mostly poses but it’s not required) that is not casual then please reblog. So basically if you think your blog is somewhat similar to my own feel free to hit that reblog button and I’ll take a peek at your blog. If you feel nice, take a peek at mine!!

Alpha and MM reblogs are both welcome!!

This queer lady’s blog is intended to be a safe space for all trans humans, including transmac members of fandom. You are alway welcome here. If anything I ever do makes this place feel unsafe for you, please tell me. I have no desire to police where you do and don’t belong. In fact, I hope that you will always belong here and know your voices and experiences are valued, welcomed and as much a part of queer fandom as mine. Not everywhere in the world is a safe space for you and I encourage you to find comfort, friendship, and security here or anywhere you feel safe doing so. Please share my ships. Please introduce me to yours. We fight and support each other together. This queer lady’s blog is and always will be welcoming of all trans identities. I am sorry on behalf of the queer women in fandom who would ever refuse you a home on this website.