present in a number of philosophies and, most prominently, as a fundamental tenet of Buddhism, is the concept that desire - or craving, attachment, wanting - leads to suffering. 

this has never sat quite right with me. the idea behind this concept in these philosophies is that freeing oneself from desire will bring happiness and peace, will eliminate suffering. I can see how this idea comes about. However, I believe that escaping desire will lead to complacency, unmotivation. Desire initiates drive.

I propose a counter-theory: expectations lead to suffering.

now, this may just be a different way of saying the same thing, and I have to do some reading to see if anyone else has expounded on this or a similar concept

anytime you think a telepath is overhearing your perverted thoughts just start flirting with them 

if they flirt back, you get to date a telepath

if they reject your advances, they exposed themselves and you turn them into the government for experimentation 

it’s a win win

Basic HUD circles in After Effects

I’ll be showing how to make simple HUD (heads-up display) circles (aka futuristic circle things) in After Effects (and without using keyframes) like these:

This tutorial is designed for people with little experience with After Effects, so theres a lot of extra explanations

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I bought someone a smoothie today and when they said thank you, my thoughts processed both “you’re welcome” and “no problem”, so after they said “Thank you” I said “Your problem”.


Swap Meat (5x12)
I was watching this episode yesterday and I noticed this scene which I guess is often forgotten in all the hilarity of the subsequent episode. But I thought it gave a nice insight into baby Sam (with whom I am, of course, obsessed).


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mglouise97​, I felt like it was necessary that you were tagged in this

  • Funimation: -dubs Black Butler-
  • Me: I'm not sure that's a <I>British</I> accent...
  • Funimation: Babe, it is.
  • Me: Oh, is it?? Ok, alright. Alright.
  • Funimation: -dubs Yuri on Ice-
  • Me: oh...... Now..... I've never been to Russia.... But....
  • Funimation: Babe, it's a dead on accent.
  • Me: oh, ok. Alright....

4/3/15 Blackhawks @ Sabres: Jonathan “Come Let Me Love You” Toews

Imagine if occasionally, when they get the opportunity to leave work early, Cecil or Carlos will greet the other at their place of work by wrapping their arms around the other, yelling something like “Surprise!” Then, one day, Carlos goes to the radio station, sees the familiar shape in the doorway and jumps on him, shouting,“ Surpr-” and then screams because he has accidentally jumped on Kevin.

Weird Ne Thoughts

For non-Ne users, a collection of thoughts that describe what it’s like inside a high Ne user’s brain. No, no, not ACTUALLY high… just… Ne is high in the function stack and - you know what, never mind. Ne is high.

  • *sees a picture of a polka dotted feather* “Birds wore the original polka dot bikinis.”
  • “Hummus is literally bean paste. Pasty beans. Tasty pasty beans. I hasten to tasten the pasten of beans.”
  • “Can you overdose on sugar? Like just straight sugar. How many pounds of sugar would you have to choke down before you died?”
  • “Is that flower looking at me? I’m pretty sure if it had eyes, it would be looking at me.”
  • “Hello. It’s the garbage can. You forgot to take me out and now your house smells like molding feet. Hello-o-oh-o, can you smell me? If you can’t you should probably get your nose checked cuz you probably have cancer and are going to die.”
  • “Balloons are a horrible idea. I feel bad for whoever first tried to market them as festive decorations. Like, ‘yeah, you see, you put special air in this piece of plastic and its, like, super fun!’”
  • *stubs toe on textbook* “Ah! So that’s where I put you, you sneaky lil snake!”
  • *immediately starts singing “No” by Meghan Trainor in my head every time I hear the word no*
  • “Blue is the best color. It makes me feel like a seaweed in the ocean.”
  • “You know what’s funny? The word school in a German accent. Shewl!”
  • *finds a shiny rock* “I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a land apart.”
  • *can’t remember the word plantain* “Pointy potato bananas?”
  • *sees a dandelion* “Lets play guess how many seeds it has on it for the next hour without ever actually finding out.”
  • “That plant looks like it’s plotting something evil… or maybe… POTTING something evil! Haahahahah…”
  • “What would help me concentrate? I know! Standing on one leg!”

This latest episode was…uncomfortable to say the least. The episode did not follow the same format as the episodes usually do, considering that it was all in the form of phone calls and that it was not broadcast on his radio. But then that begs the question, how did we, the listeners, hear it? It was confirmed in this episode that the September and April monologues were actually special episodes on Cecil’s radio show, so if this was not on his show, how was it broadcasted? Who decided that all of us should listen in on Cecil’s phone calls?

There were other unsettling parts of the episode aside from the information that it provided. The opening voice was clearly not Joseph Fink. I’m not sure if it was Jeffrey Cranor, since the only times we’ve heard him was really when he played Carlos in early episodes, so I don’t have much to compare it to. The voice also ended with “And hey…we appreciate you” rather than the usual “And hey…thanks” which threw me off. The episode was not opened up with a mysterious quote by Cecil, but rather by an autonomous voice, yet another strange change. At the end of the episode we did not get to hear a goodnight in any form; all we got was the strange call from who I assume to be Chad. Even on the WTNV YouTube channel, the picture they used for the episode was in a different shade of color than all of the other videos they had posted.

Overall this episode unnerving and it didn’t have anything to do with the content and information of the episode at all! What worried me was simply the format of everything that this episode had to offer and what it could mean in regards to Cecil and Carlos’s safety, as well as that of the whole town.

Day 2: Cuddles.

Sorry for how shitty this is. Its a very quick sketch in between my massive amounts of homework. 


Looks like you’re in luck, Maya, it seems my Freddy is cool with the occasional hand holding lmao.

Also, can you really blame me for laughing? your astronomical levels of thirst for this bear is both amusing and adorable~

seriously though, i’m glad you like my Freddy!