Okay so imagine Spock Prime in the days after Nero destroyed Vulcan.

After all of the chaos settles and people start to mourn and plan how to move forward, Spock Prime is (illogically) blaming himself for the destruction of his planet and the billions of lives that were lost. Deep down, he knows that the blame rests with Nero, but he is also acutely aware that his actions played a role- starting with the Kelvin. He is partially responsible for this version of his friend/brother/t'hy'la growing up without a father. So, he starts looking into this reality’s Jim Kirk, because there will never be a universe where he does not care about him. He is devastated to find out that he still was on Tarsus. He had held out hope that by one horrible tragedy happening, another could have been avoided. After all, the death of his father would have been more akin to a tidal wave than the flapping of a butterfly’s wing. He digs farther and farther, finding new information and grieving for the young man that will shape his counterpart’s life (that had shaped his life). A police report about a boy driving a car off of a cliff, an (unresolved) notice of George Kirk Jr.’s disappearance, Starfleet logs about the aftermath of Tarsus, and then… nothing, nothing for years until suddenly there are outstanding aptitude scores with a rap sheet to match. Then, the official Starfleet cadet headshot, and glowing remarks from professors (with demerits and discipline records to match).

When he reaches the end, he feels as though he had lost his world again. He mourns for the young boy who would never be the same man he knew (he thinks my fault, my fault, my fault), and it sinks in that, for the first time in his life, he is truly and completely alone in this universe.

  • Nina: Does anybody here care about me?
  • BEN: Not really, You scare me.
  • Sally: Daddy said you're like Jeff, But worse...
  • Jeff: What?
  • Eyeless Jack: Not really.
  • Laughing Jack: I don't know you.
  • Lazari: I eat people like you.
  • Clockwork: Nah.
  • Liu: ....I only care about Nat so...
  • Toby: Wow, You guys are pretty fucking rude.
  • Masky: Would you be her friend Toby?
  • Toby: No.
  • Jane: Ignore them kid, They're all assholes. They don't know friendship when they see it, You're always welcome to be my friend.
  • Nina's thoughts: Holy shit I'm in love-
Bernie, we hardly know ye...

I don’t know about you but I spend a vast majority of my time thinking about my favourite fictional characters and Berenice Griselda Wolfe is currently has been for a long time the leading lady of my pondering. I mean there’s SO much we don’t know about her..

{welcome to my thoughts aka I clearly have too much time on my hands and/or I’m just totes obsessed}

  • Why the military? did Bernie follow generations of Wolfe family members into service, or is it a career she’s pursued without any of that influence? 
  • Speaking of family, has she got any siblings, are her parents still alive and what are they all like?
  • What’s Charlotte like? 
  • What was young B-Griz like at school? nerd, sport junkie, popular princess, intense emo who everyone crushed on, class clown?
  • What University did she go to? 
  • Did she do all of her medical training under the military or did she get a degree in medicine, work in hospitals and join the army later in life? 
  • Just with WHOM has she had so many friendships she believes she’s destroyed? are there a list of women who Bernie has gotten really close to over the years which I’m sure she ultimately ran away from because she just wasn’t quite brave enough *sobs for our soft baby*
  • Which brings me to..Keeley, the registrar who was cougaring Cam and had Serena more than a tad jealous if you ask me..was that someone else Bernie felt quite close to? 
  • Is her divorce to Marcus well under way/ near finalised?
  • Did she ever follow up with Alex. Maybe she wrote her a letter or called her to say a proper goodbye, even told her about Serena? 
  • Is she fully healed?!?! girl got blown up and apart from putting her back out hefting a mattress a sly trick to get Serena Campbell’s hands on her she seems like totally okay? 
  • Does she know *sob* is she’ll ever *sob* get to see Serena Campbell again?? Has she heard from her..*sobs*
  • Did she intentionally buy louder shoes because Serena asked her to?
  • After getting together with Serena, did she immediately buy herself some 600 Egyptian thread cotton sheets because a) luxury and b) she just really wants Serena Campbell in her bed and Serena won’t settle for anything less.
  • Where did she buy that bottle of apology plonk? duty free or a Kiev speciality?
  • Does she like Serena’s horribly expensive shirt? 
  • Did she and Serena resort to quadruple shot coffees to get them through their shifts during the ‘shagged to tatters’ phase?
  • Has she met Serena’s friend Sian? and just how awkward was Bernie in the face of Sian being super flirty and teasing at both of their expense..50 shades of scarlett am I right? 
  • Has she ever been to a gay bar/ pride event?
  • Would she win a sprint race against Henrik Hanssen? 
  • Was the dress blue & black..or yellow & white when she looked at it? 

and finally, this one may be a little bit more about Jemma Redgrave but after seeing the fake typing on the computer which gets me EVERYtime..what’s she like in the supermarket when someone is in the way of the product she’s real hungry for..does she pretend to be interested in something else until they walk away like most of us awkward brits ? ? ? 

I think about her way too much. I love her way too much. I wish there were idk a team of writers who could maybe cover some things on the list!?!?! LIKE PLZ WRITE FOR THIS CHARACTER. She’s such a mystery and there’s so much potential and Bernie is our precious bmam and we just wanna know more about her okay? Also Jemma Redgrave is the purest of souls on this earth and I’d actually go into battle for her. 

Relatiile la distanta

Am observat in ultimul timp foarte multe intrebari despre relatiile la distanta. Asta pentru ca, odata cu retelele de socializare, oamenii gasesc oameni faini si dincolo de spatiul lor. 

Asa ca, din experienta mea, as putea impartasi cate ceva.
Inainte de a incepe sa vorbesc indetaliat despre problemele si beneficiile unei relatii la distanta, as vrea sa aduc tuturor la cunostinta anumite chestii. Din ce am vazut la mine si la prietenele mele/cunostinte care au trecut/trec printr-o astfel de relatie, e foarte important sa oferi relatiei tale un status. 

1. RELATIA LA DISTANTA tip stim amandoi cu certitudine ca e aproape imposibil sa ne vedem vreodata, dar omul ala excita anumite simturi si atunci, nu putem decat sa ne bagam intr-o relatie la distanta, nu? Nu chiar, pentru ca “timpul costa”, asa cum stim cu totii. Si asa cum nu risipesti anii de tinerete unui om apropiat tie (aka day to day, f2f relationship), la fel nu e tocmai ok sa irosesti timpul cuiva, chiar daca distanta e de aici pana la blocul vecin sau de la tine pana in partea cealalta a lumii. Mai ales ca o relatie la distanta implica multe chestii despre care voi vorbi putin mai jos. Asa ca daca te confrunti cu o astfel de relatie, in care fie varsta, fie locatia partenerului, fie motive religioase/homofobe/xenofobe/rasiste etc, va vor impiedica la un moment dat sa va vedeti, eu una zic sa ziceti pass de la inceput. Nu trebuie neaparat sa aveti o relatie. Prietenia e chiar faina, asa nu veti pierde contactul si daca (doamne ajuta pentru toata lumea) ajungeti unul langa altul, atunci veti porni o relatie cu niste baze destul de importante.

2. RELATIA LA DISTANTA tip omul asta e sufletul meu si facem pe cat posibilul sa ne vedem. Aici intra toate relatiile care vor ajunge in pasul unei vizite fie in una dintre parti ori la jumatate (desi o vacanta la jumatatea distantei, doar voi doi, suna mega super bine). Pentru acest tip de relatie, se adreseaza “articolul de mai jos”

Deci ca rezumat, daca ai de gand sa nu va vedeti -> renunta, daca ai de gand sa va vedeti -> welcome to my experience.

Habar nu am cu ce sa incep, pentru ca imi vars aici stopii de bucurie, tristate, dragoste si dor pentru toata lumea. O relatie la distanta e minunata daca e pentru persoana potrivita. Daca ai nevoie constant de dragoste, atingere, afectiune, cred ca relatia perfecta pentru tine e una f2f, daca esti ca mine, una la distanta e minunata. Ca mine, insemnand, ai trait toata viata in umbra distantei, de la parinti la prieteni, esti o persoana mai rece, dar cu nevoie de afectiune, o persoana care a visat la o relatie la distanta. Nu o s ava indrug ca e misto si ca e bine, e greu, depinde de multe lucruri, dar cel mai mult depinde de CELE DOUA PERSOANE CU ADEVARAT IMPLICATE IN RELATIE. 

So, welcome to my thoughts. 


Inceputul unei relatii e de-a dreptul complicat. Iti este frica, va doriti, dar stiti foarte bine ca relatia aia nu va duce neaparat intr-un punct. Aici e punctul 0. Si punctul 0, este prietenia. Asta e o chestie pe care o vad in majoritatea cuplurilor (nu numai distanta), toata lumea se repezeste sa iubeasca, sa arda flacara si sa o consume, fara sa cladeasca ceva ce este de-a dreptul fundamental intr-o relatie. Incredere, respect si mai ales PRIETENIE. Asa ca parerea mea este sa nu agiti prea tare la inceput. Lasa lucrurile sa curga ca un rau fara pietre. Imprieteniti-va, cunoasteti-va, descoperiti daca sunteti sau nu compatibili. Pentru ca sfarsitul unei relatii e extrem de dureros- mai ales la distanta unde uneori flacara se stinge inainte sa se aprinda cu adevarat. Asta ajuta foarte mult in pasii ce vor urma. O prietenie implica incredere, pentru ca ajungi sa cunosti persoana respectiva. Din nou 2 tipuri de relatie. Daca aveti maturitatea necesara sa va dati seama ca nu poti tine o persoana a la long fara anumite beneficii ale unei relatii, atunci o relatie la distanta deschisa e foarte smechera. Sau ceva ce toti numesc “toti 4 sunt fericiti”. E un fel de prietenie cu promisiuni spre viitor. Bineinteles ca odata ce iubirea se instaleaza, mai greu sa te mai gandesti la altcineva. DA- POTI IUBI IN DISTANTA. *soc*

Aici intervine frica de abandon. Despre care voi vorbi mai jos (continua sa citesti, incerc sa dau toate informatiile necesare). Al doilea tip de relatie la distanta beta, este cea in care spui de la inceput sa vreti sa fiti doar voi doi si atat. Si sa pornim pe minunatul drum.


Cum controlezi gelozia la distanta? Nu sunteti non stop impreuna, nu poti controla cu cine vorbeste, cu cine umbla, cine stie ce dumnezei face pe acolo pe la el/ea? Well, daca ai sarit peste prima parte in care va explicam ca prietenia e importanta, du-te inapoi si citeste. PRITENIE. INCREDERE. Gelozia va fi prezenta mereu. Dar o gelozie la modul “as fi vrut sa fiu acolo, sa experimentez asta cu tine”. Dar de unde stiu eu ca nu ma inseala? Daca te inseala, inseamna ca ai risipit cateva luni bune pe nimic. De-asta e important sa va cunoasteti inainte si sa vorbiti mult. Despre istoric, daca a mai avut relatii la distanta, de ce s-au terminat relatiile anterioare, cum a decurs, daca a inselat, daca a fost inselat, daca a suferit. Trebuie sa intelegeti de la bun inceput sa o relatie la distanta e mai mult o promisiune, avand In vedere ca lipsesc multe chestii (cam toate, fie vorba intre noi) prezente intr-o relatie normal, de-asta nici nu e ok pentru toata lumea. Daca vorbiti mult si incepeti sa recunoasteti anumite semne, atunci va fi ok. Si evident, cand simtiti ca gelozia e prea mult, un mesaj partenerului nu strica (Ba x, sunt geloasa, ce facem cu asta?)


Oh da! Paranoia. Vesnica problema a relatiilor la distanta. Ce face? Cum este? De ce asta si nu aia? Cum, ce fel? Let it go, my love. Nu va ajuta. Stiu ca trebuie sa vorbiti despre asta, dar la un moment dar neincrederea aia va face mai mult rau decat bine. Asa ca paranoia ieftina, tine-o pentru tine. Verifica inainte sa acuzi, fii destept si mergi pe calea lunga, dar sigura. Sigur nu ti ar placea sa ti zica constant ca are impresia ca faci nu stiu ce. Trebuie sa inveti ca voi inca nu aveti o viata a voastra. Nu aveti prieteni comuni, momente comune. Nu aveti sarbatori impreuna, zile de nastere, aniversari. Nu aveti petreceri. Se va intampla sa se imbete intr-o seara cu prietenii, sau sa fie intr-un examen, sau sa iasa in oras sau pur si simplu sa aiba treaba. Nu controla, nu incerca sa faci posesia sa apara. Nu e ok nici sa ceri, nici sa ti se ceara datele complete. Cateodata pana si tu vei avea nevoie sa tii niste chestii pentru tine. Si acum citesti asta gen, deci sa vorbesc sau nu? Sa vorbesti, in limite. Totul tine de limite in viata. Si limita asta ti-o impui tu si el. Bineinteles ca nu e ok sa iasa la intalniri sau mai stiu eu cu nu stiu cine, dar ofera-I timpul sa ti dea o explicatie. Oricum va cam pierdeti timpul unul cu altul, asa ca unde-I graba de a controla?


Te poti indragosti nebuneste din prima noapte. Da, exista dragoste la primul mesaj intr-o relatie la distanta. Chestia cu iubirea e relatia, e diferita pentru toti, asa ca daca o simti-spune-o. Dar nu deveni sufocanta. Cum am spus, limita. Invata sa oferi spatiu si sa iei spatiu. Bineinteles ce-ti zic eu aici par niste fabulatii, vei intelege cu timpul. 


Cu siguranta nu din primele luni. Timpul este raspunsul la majoritatea intrebarilor despre relatii. Asteapta-te la multe rasete si barfe si sa ti se spuna ce e ok si ce nu, si de ce relatia ta e un cacat absolut. Nu e. Asculta-ti instinctul. Rabdare intru-totul.


Greu castigi increderea, usor o pierzi. Si la asta, tot timpul este raspunsul. La absolut tot ce tine de incredere. Intodeaun va ramane o usoara picatura de neincredere 


       Regula de aur. NICIODATA, absolut niciodata, daca e prima oara cand il/o vezi, nu te duce singura/singura. Da, va doriti sa fiti doar voi doi, dar trebuie sa calculezi orice miscare. Nu te arunca in cap. Ca in orice poveste de dragoste, fii precauta si cu garda pusa. Dupa acea prima data , totul devine mai ok. 


Aici intra o alta chestie. A trecut o luna, doua, facem sex prin mesaje, dar imi cere poze. Sa-I dau? Raspunsul din nou e la tine, si doar la tine. Daca ai incredere, despre care am mai vorbit de 5000 de ori in chestia asta, da-i. Cu timpul veti ajunge la videoclipuri, de ce nu chiar live. Poti avea niste experiente destul de faine. Mi se pare naspa sa faci un om sa astepte pentru ca tie iti este teama. Daca ti-a demonstrate in repetate randuri ca este ok, atunci go with it. Pentru ca sunt doua sanse : ori face chestiile astea cu tine si va ajuta foooooarte mule pe viitor cand va veti vede sa va cunoasteti mai bine de dinainte, ori se va duce altundeva. Si nu vrem sa fim inselate nu? Bineinteles, nu fa nimic din ce nu vrei sa faci. Si mie mi-a luat vreo 6 luni, la un moment dat avusesem un speech nu mine insami “Frate tu-l vrei pe omul asta, mai lasa dracului si de la tine”. Asta e partea complicata a relatiilor la distanta. Frustrarea neajunsului. Cu timpul (haha) vei deveni mai obisnuita cu persoana respective. Distanta poate apropia mult, daca o faceti cum trebuie. Stangaci la inceput bineinteles, cu frici si nevoi nesatisfacute. Dar se pot face muulte artificii sa fiti amandoi multumiti  (BTW, exista si jucarii sexuale care pot fi controlate prin WIFI, e o chestie faina de incercat intr-o relatie la distanta). E complicat, dar se merita. Spice it up, it’s fun.


E foarte trist, si te anunt ca ti va fi dor si vei plange des. (asta daca esti emotiva ca mine) Aici chiar nu stiu ce sa-ti zic. E greu, nu te mint. Asa cum am spus, aveti doua vieti diferite. Vor fi momente cand vei vrea sa renunti. Discuta cu persoana respectiva, asta e foarte important. Nu renunta. E doar un moment si va trece exact cum a venit. Vei obosi si vei vrea la el, si te asigur ca ziua aia va veni, rabdare multa. 


Wow, super important!
Trebuie sa fiti constienti ca indiferent ce veti face, la un moment dat unul dintre voi va trebuie sa faca un sacrificiu. Nu o puteti lalai asa la nesfarsit, si daca chiar ajunge in punctul ala, e important sa faceti un plan. Planul este important inca de la inceput. Trebuie sa va faceti un fel de program in care sa decideti cand sa vorbiti. Si cum am spus, sa decideti cine va merge unde, cand va veti muta impreuna si ce viitor va decide in privinda voastra ca si cuplu.

Bineinteles, o relatie este diferita in felul ei, fiecare din noi trece prin experiente diferite. Dar din minunata mea relatie, pot sa va zic. La final, se merita mult. E la fel ca o chestie obisnuita. Nu stii cat va dura, daca va tine, daca sunteti cu adevarat potriviti. Dar o relatie la distanta e ceva ce mi se pare de incercat macar o data in viata. De dragul anumitor chestii pe care le intalnesti doar la distanta. Sunt foarte multe chestii care intra aici. Cateva tips and tricks ar fi ca e important sa aveti hobby uri comune. Conversatii si discutii, de ce nu seriale, sa va uiti la filme, sa faceti chestii impreuna. Comunicarea e baza. Cu cat mai mult, cu atat mai bine. Dar chestii importante, nu buna ziua si cam atat. 

Ar fi o gramada de chestii despre care sa se vorbeasca cand e vorba de relatii la distanta. E ca o chestie taboo pana si pentru mine, dupa atata timp. Tot ce pot sa va zic este sa aveti incredere in destin, in iubire si in persoana de langa voi. Si nu disperati. Se poate trai chiar FOARTE bine si cu o relatie la distanta. Prima e mai grea, dupa e chiar ok. Si daca se termina, si daca ati fost intai prieteni, veti ramane la fel si dupa. Cine stie, poate chiar va veti intalni candva si o sa fie super poveste. Pana atunci, iubiti-va mult. Lasati ego-ul la o parte, rusinea, egoismul. Aveti grija unul de altul, chiar daca e o relatie ce a pornit f2f ca apoi sa devina distanta, sau daca e distanta de la inceput. Experimenta-ti mult si jucati-va. Momentul cand strangi persoana iubita in brate, merita si un milliard de zile de plans. Chiar se merita la sfarsitul zilei. Dar din nou, asta tine doar de voi. Sa vreti amandoi asta. Nimeni altcineva nu conteaza.

Ah si da.. daca te intrebi daca esti pregatita, cel mai probabil nu esti. Vei sti cand orice chestie va fi doar un mic impediment. Fie acel impediment si o distanta de 5000 de km. Si e extrem de important sa stiti cand sa incheiati. Inceputul si sfarsitul trebuie stiut cu certitudine. Nu tine de ceva ce nu mai merge, nu te lasa calcata in picioare, nu permite nimanui sa faca altceva din tine, daca tu nu vrei asta. Dar chestiile astea deja trebuiesc stiute, ar trebui sa se aplice oricarui fel de relatie. O relatie la distanta te va schimba enorm, success tuturor.



One often tends to think of the people in our lives as characters in a book, that when you leave them on page 50 they’ll be somewhat the same when you return, or reach page 250. But they aren’t that way, each person is the leading character in their own story, the protagonist, the hero, or the villain, and each undergoes their catharsis, their climax, their epiphany, at some point in time, or on some page in the book. Why should cities be any different? Why can’t a city be a villain or a hero, and why should we not expect it to change its face, grumpy and stinky one day, glowing in neon the next? I’m never sure what page I’m on when I open the book again, but I like to read.

pengaea  asked:

Welcome back to Tumblr! My first thoughts about Trapdoor-kun was that he was Armin as opposed to Connie. I haven't really seen much about that possibility... your thoughts?

My friend, you’re in the minority but you aren’t alone. So far in the poll, 41 people (5%) believe Armin is Trapdoor-kun while 55 people think it’s Jean. I will kindly ignore that giant chunk of blue dominating the chart :)

I want Trapdoor-kun to be Connie for reasons of … well, everything, but I’ve seen much screaming in the tags that it’s Armin. The following is small but passionate. One evidence they use is that becoming the CT triggered a massive growth spurt.

5 minutes with Moriarty

All the great Eurus=Sherlock posts of @gosherlocked ( X X X X X … so much amazing stuff here!!!) made me think about something else…

@gosherlocked I hope you don’t mind that I use your thoughts for my own purpose….

What bothered me when we assume that Eurus=Sherlock (what I definitely do!) is the five minutes conundrum of Moriarty…

We learn that Eurus had five minutes with Moriarty to plan all the dreadful things they did to burn a heart out of Sherlock!

But if Eurus=Sherlock it would be Sherlock himself who had five minutes with Moriarty to plan to rip his own heart out….
and we know he had five minutes with Moriarty of unsupervised communication

And when was that??

So if we assume that Eurus=Sherlock and he “planned” all this himself after five minutes of conversation, could this be an indicator that he started “planning” all this after this five minutes at the pool? That he himself made a construct how one could possibly “burn a heart” out of him after realising what a certain John Watson would have done for him…  “that thing”…

That would mean, that he started his mind-play at the pool! If everything after the pool is MP then he really found many possibilities to break his own heart - very creative Sherlock!!!
And wouldn’t even the five years Mycroft mentioned fit with the timeline?
And it would make great sense that he then in TFP realised that he is in a dreamworld, that he still playing mind games, that he started all this craziness himself in his mind, that he is FLYING above the skies and that he has to land to come back to reality and to figure out how to manage this not to happen!!

Because Eurus=Sherlock and Eurus=Sherlock has to land to make contact to the real-world (again)!

So to sum up: EMP after the pool? (you all know it’s one of my favorites :-) so any evidence here is welcome ;-)))) )

thoughts my dear EMP friends?

@gosherlocked @ebaeschnbliah(is there anything fitting about the stages? because of mind-play? Are there any stages in S1? Or do they only yet start afterwards?) @monikakrasnorada @isitandwonder @yan-yae @tendergingergirl @tjlcisthenewsexy @longsnowsmoon5

calling all fellow kuro manga victims

For a while I’ve been wanting to start a group chat on discord or kik or something similar, just for kuro manga fans who want to cry about our problematic sons and daughters and our benevolent but mildly twisted overlord (yana). Anyone interested? I’ve been wanting to make friends with more manga lovers for some time now :)

@leslietendo @abybweisse @cielizzydefencesquad @domina-gladiis @his-fiancee @lizzy-phantomhive 

(I’m just tagging some people I seem to reblog from a lot on here, but anyone’s welcome of course!)

I think I’m going to write my whole experience with planned parenthood and my abortion once I feel a little better. I want to let others know exactly how everything goes down, what to expect before, during, and after the procedure.

I just don’t think there’s enough information out there to find someone’s own experience (because I tried looking for it), and I want people to know that it’s not as bad as the prolifers make it seem.

There’s no reason to feel unsure about your decision based on fake information that they use as propaganda.

Also, anyone is more than welcome to ask about my experience (thoughts, emotions, mental stress etc.) because I don’t want anybody to fear something that they are in the process of deciding.

Just know that this was my decision, supported by my fiancé, and I have no guilt for what I’ve chose to go through with.

Don’t be ashamed of what you chose to do in your life, no matter the reason behind your abortion. All reasons are legitimate because it was your reason.

anonymous asked:

Hi, new fan here. Discovered skating through YoI *pls don't kill me for this* and I tried to follow the last competitions. I've seen people say the anime is realistic because Yuzuru beat Yuuri's score from the anime and I was wondering if that might be considered true? How many people came close to that kind of score? How can someone tell when a program is complex or not? Help is much appreciated ^^

Hi! I will try to be magnanimous and not to kill you, or at least to give back the body to your family, okay?

Well, what can I say? real figure skating is more crazy than any anime could aim for, so it was an easy win ;)

If you, or any other new fan - from YoI or not - wants to try and learn where Yuzuru’s FP at Helsinki scored what it scored (and if it should have scored more, but that’s another story), if you want to see what a complex program is, just today it was released this video that saves me a lot of work into answering :P

And since I’m here, I’m using this post and the sharing of this video to answer some other old asks.

Anon asked:

What do u believe yuzuru should have gotten for his LP at worlds 2017? I do think he was very underscored then sadly :(( thank youuu !!

I’m pretty much on same line regarding GOE bullets met. I’ll let you do the sum and you can add whatever PCS you’d like!

Anon asked:

I see a lot of people on the internet saying that they don’t like H&L because it’s boring or that it highlights yuzu’s weaknesses etc etc. but I actually think it’s my favourite program of his. watching it done perfectly at worlds, how he just hits all the nuances of the music so well, it really does give you chills. seimei was amazing but H&L is so intricate and touching, i don’t understand why so many people dislike it.

I watched SEIMEI live once (GPF15) and H&L live twice (GPF16 + WC). SEIMEI is undoubtedly an easier program to get. It uses a more dramatic music, it’s louder, it’s basically a 4 and half minutes long movie (or theater representation).

H&L is totally different. It’s quiet and its dramatic tension comes from within, not from without. It’s a program that I think it NEEDS to be seen live (or through fancams, at least), because Yuzuru skates it with his whole body, any gesture, any movement has something in it. Sadly with official ISU feeds this often gets lost in non-sensical close-up, probably because cameramen are people who never watched nor skated once in their life.

Anon asked:

If it had been simplified it would not have been a new world record. And all I have seen are people (commentators, former skaters, coaches, etc) say it was really complex, and they know what they’re talking about, so those people who said that probably don’t know much about figure skating at all or really dislike Yuzu and want to badmouth him…

Had it been semplified, people wouldn’t need this video to understand it, I guess ;)

Who wants to share it with some selected people asking please to count their transitions there? ;)

Anon asked:

So few +3GOE for Yuzuru’s Free Skate :O (lots of +2 though but still). I really don’t get it, the jumps were amazing. Especially the 3A-combos seemed a bit underscored to me? Will the judges only give him high GOE if he does 3A+3T? And what does he need to do to get full GOE for 3F??? I really thought he deserved +3GOE on his 4L and 3A in the short as well…(that 4L was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen^^).

The video is up there, the bullets are listed up there, anyone can judge with his/her own eyes. As to the whys, I guess we can only ask judges themselves why they routinely decide to ignore guidelines :)

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H&L being called ‘one note’ and highlights how much Yuzuru looked down a lot. Your thoughts? and welcome back, would love to hear your experience in Helsinki :)

Very late, but thank you for the welcome back! I’ve shared lately my thoughts re Hope & Legacy, but I’ll just add that anyone who think that Hope & Legacy - music wise I’m not even speaking about the program - is “one note”, well I guess they don’t listen to a lot of (good) music in their life. Hearing, like all other senses, needs to be trained, after all ;)
As for the “looking down”, i can only point to the video above once more.


Welcome to my ask blog! I thought I should start this up again! I’ve been gone for a long time– was in a bit of a funk, but I’m trying to get myself out of it. I also have some side projects that I would like to have some support with when the time comes, but I’ll talk about that later.

For now, please send your asks!

What is the Shipping Funnel?

(This is my very personally personal opinion, and you are welcome to disagree with my thoughts)

Shipping funnels are like black holes. Do you know how black holes work? They are extremely strong, dense gravitational objects that draw all matter and energy inward so that nothing, not even light can escape. Any light that passes near a black hole but isn’t drawn in is bent around it. Any matter that gets too close is sucked in forever, slowly swirling towards an inevitable fate.

Look, it’s not… that dark.

The shipping funnel is just something I see in stories where the penultimate, unavoidable end goal is the ship. And nothing, no person, no force, no plot will stop those two (or more) from getting together.

As soon as we enter the shipping funnel, we know from the very first sentence how, when and why these two will get together. Not just from the tags, but from the style and setup of the story. We know which characters will be orbiting helpers, which characters will be antagonists and how the story will play out and end.

And just like in a black hole, regular personalities and plot points seem to magically… bend around the idea of the OTP getting together as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Regularly nice characters become snarky and mean if inconvenient. Best friends become undying ship-helpers trying to get the OTP together. Any characters who have nothing to do with the OTP are conveniently forgotten, lost beyond the event horizon of the ship, and enemies? Well, they’d better lock those two up together when captured despite it making no sense.

A fic based around an OTP getting together isn’t bad. It’s the basis of most fanfiction. What kinda bugs me, again, personally, is when a fic is SO DETERMINED to set those two together that they either ignore basic existing plot structures, or make up very convenient ones to set up the OTP, even if those plot ideas and occurrences are unlikely in a non-ship setting.

It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that I find it kinda… boring. We know how the fic is going to end. They kiss. They end up together. When the setup and rising action of the fic are nothing but a narrow hallway of shoving the OTP together again and again it can come across like the fiction equivalent of clicking two barbie dolls together and going “Kiss! Kiss!”

Personally, in my personal, personal opinion, I need more mystery. I need more setup. I need more literary foreplay, if you will. If a side character to the OTP would normally be available to talk to or hang out with, make them available every once in awhile instead of always absent.

Have the characters in the OTP have regular lives outside of their fic-destined fate to fall in love. let your supporting characters have emotional arcs and plotlines that exist outside of your main character’s OTP life. Have a running sub-plot that we swing back to for interest. Let your characters grow and change and solve problems that have nothing to do with the love story at hand, and we help to lessen the massive gravitational pull of the ship funnel.

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