Okay so imagine Spock Prime in the days after Nero destroyed Vulcan.

After all of the chaos settles and people start to mourn and plan how to move forward, Spock Prime is (illogically) blaming himself for the destruction of his planet and the billions of lives that were lost. Deep down, he knows that the blame rests with Nero, but he is also acutely aware that his actions played a role- starting with the Kelvin. He is partially responsible for this version of his friend/brother/t'hy'la growing up without a father. So, he starts looking into this reality’s Jim Kirk, because there will never be a universe where he does not care about him. He is devastated to find out that he still was on Tarsus. He had held out hope that by one horrible tragedy happening, another could have been avoided. After all, the death of his father would have been more akin to a tidal wave than the flapping of a butterfly’s wing. He digs farther and farther, finding new information and grieving for the young man that will shape his counterpart’s life (that had shaped his life). A police report about a boy driving a car off of a cliff, an (unresolved) notice of George Kirk Jr.’s disappearance, Starfleet logs about the aftermath of Tarsus, and then… nothing, nothing for years until suddenly there are outstanding aptitude scores with a rap sheet to match. Then, the official Starfleet cadet headshot, and glowing remarks from professors (with demerits and discipline records to match).

When he reaches the end, he feels as though he had lost his world again. He mourns for the young boy who would never be the same man he knew (he thinks my fault, my fault, my fault), and it sinks in that, for the first time in his life, he is truly and completely alone in this universe.

calling all fellow kuro manga victims

For a while I’ve been wanting to start a group chat on discord or kik or something similar, just for kuro manga fans who want to cry about our problematic sons and daughters and our benevolent but mildly twisted overlord (yana). Anyone interested? I’ve been wanting to make friends with more manga lovers for some time now :)

@leslietendo @abybweisse @cielizzydefencesquad @domina-gladiis @his-fiancee @lizzy-phantomhive 

(I’m just tagging some people I seem to reblog from a lot on here, but anyone’s welcome of course!)

5 minutes with Moriarty

All the great Eurus=Sherlock posts of @gosherlocked ( X X X X X … so much amazing stuff here!!!) made me think about something else…

@gosherlocked I hope you don’t mind that I use your thoughts for my own purpose….

What bothered me when we assume that Eurus=Sherlock (what I definitely do!) is the five minutes conundrum of Moriarty…

We learn that Eurus had five minutes with Moriarty to plan all the dreadful things they did to burn a heart out of Sherlock!

But if Eurus=Sherlock it would be Sherlock himself who had five minutes with Moriarty to plan to rip his own heart out….
and we know he had five minutes with Moriarty of unsupervised communication

And when was that??

So if we assume that Eurus=Sherlock and he “planned” all this himself after five minutes of conversation, could this be an indicator that he started “planning” all this after this five minutes at the pool? That he himself made a construct how one could possibly “burn a heart” out of him after realising what a certain John Watson would have done for him…  “that thing”…

That would mean, that he started his mind-play at the pool! If everything after the pool is MP then he really found many possibilities to break his own heart - very creative Sherlock!!!
And wouldn’t even the five years Mycroft mentioned fit with the timeline?
And it would make great sense that he then in TFP realised that he is in a dreamworld, that he still playing mind games, that he started all this craziness himself in his mind, that he is FLYING above the skies and that he has to land to come back to reality and to figure out how to manage this not to happen!!

Because Eurus=Sherlock and Eurus=Sherlock has to land to make contact to the real-world (again)!

So to sum up: EMP after the pool? (you all know it’s one of my favorites :-) so any evidence here is welcome ;-)))) )

thoughts my dear EMP friends?

@gosherlocked @ebaeschnbliah(is there anything fitting about the stages? because of mind-play? Are there any stages in S1? Or do they only yet start afterwards?) @monikakrasnorada @isitandwonder @yan-yae @tendergingergirl @tjlcisthenewsexy @longsnowsmoon5

anonymous asked:

Hi, new fan here. Discovered skating through YoI *pls don't kill me for this* and I tried to follow the last competitions. I've seen people say the anime is realistic because Yuzuru beat Yuuri's score from the anime and I was wondering if that might be considered true? How many people came close to that kind of score? How can someone tell when a program is complex or not? Help is much appreciated ^^

Hi! I will try to be magnanimous and not to kill you, or at least to give back the body to your family, okay?

Well, what can I say? real figure skating is more crazy than any anime could aim for, so it was an easy win ;)

If you, or any other new fan - from YoI or not - wants to try and learn where Yuzuru’s FP at Helsinki scored what it scored (and if it should have scored more, but that’s another story), if you want to see what a complex program is, just today it was released this video that saves me a lot of work into answering :P

And since I’m here, I’m using this post and the sharing of this video to answer some other old asks.

Anon asked:

What do u believe yuzuru should have gotten for his LP at worlds 2017? I do think he was very underscored then sadly :(( thank youuu !!

I’m pretty much on same line regarding GOE bullets met. I’ll let you do the sum and you can add whatever PCS you’d like!

Anon asked:

I see a lot of people on the internet saying that they don’t like H&L because it’s boring or that it highlights yuzu’s weaknesses etc etc. but I actually think it’s my favourite program of his. watching it done perfectly at worlds, how he just hits all the nuances of the music so well, it really does give you chills. seimei was amazing but H&L is so intricate and touching, i don’t understand why so many people dislike it.

I watched SEIMEI live once (GPF15) and H&L live twice (GPF16 + WC). SEIMEI is undoubtedly an easier program to get. It uses a more dramatic music, it’s louder, it’s basically a 4 and half minutes long movie (or theater representation).

H&L is totally different. It’s quiet and its dramatic tension comes from within, not from without. It’s a program that I think it NEEDS to be seen live (or through fancams, at least), because Yuzuru skates it with his whole body, any gesture, any movement has something in it. Sadly with official ISU feeds this often gets lost in non-sensical close-up, probably because cameramen are people who never watched nor skated once in their life.

Anon asked:

If it had been simplified it would not have been a new world record. And all I have seen are people (commentators, former skaters, coaches, etc) say it was really complex, and they know what they’re talking about, so those people who said that probably don’t know much about figure skating at all or really dislike Yuzu and want to badmouth him…

Had it been semplified, people wouldn’t need this video to understand it, I guess ;)

Who wants to share it with some selected people asking please to count their transitions there? ;)

Anon asked:

So few +3GOE for Yuzuru’s Free Skate :O (lots of +2 though but still). I really don’t get it, the jumps were amazing. Especially the 3A-combos seemed a bit underscored to me? Will the judges only give him high GOE if he does 3A+3T? And what does he need to do to get full GOE for 3F??? I really thought he deserved +3GOE on his 4L and 3A in the short as well…(that 4L was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen^^).

The video is up there, the bullets are listed up there, anyone can judge with his/her own eyes. As to the whys, I guess we can only ask judges themselves why they routinely decide to ignore guidelines :)

Anon asked:

H&L being called ‘one note’ and highlights how much Yuzuru looked down a lot. Your thoughts? and welcome back, would love to hear your experience in Helsinki :)

Very late, but thank you for the welcome back! I’ve shared lately my thoughts re Hope & Legacy, but I’ll just add that anyone who think that Hope & Legacy - music wise I’m not even speaking about the program - is “one note”, well I guess they don’t listen to a lot of (good) music in their life. Hearing, like all other senses, needs to be trained, after all ;)
As for the “looking down”, i can only point to the video above once more.


Welcome to my ask blog! I thought I should start this up again! I’ve been gone for a long time– was in a bit of a funk, but I’m trying to get myself out of it. I also have some side projects that I would like to have some support with when the time comes, but I’ll talk about that later.

For now, please send your asks!

What is the Shipping Funnel?

(This is my very personally personal opinion, and you are welcome to disagree with my thoughts)

Shipping funnels are like black holes. Do you know how black holes work? They are extremely strong, dense gravitational objects that draw all matter and energy inward so that nothing, not even light can escape. Any light that passes near a black hole but isn’t drawn in is bent around it. Any matter that gets too close is sucked in forever, slowly swirling towards an inevitable fate.

Look, it’s not… that dark.

The shipping funnel is just something I see in stories where the penultimate, unavoidable end goal is the ship. And nothing, no person, no force, no plot will stop those two (or more) from getting together.

As soon as we enter the shipping funnel, we know from the very first sentence how, when and why these two will get together. Not just from the tags, but from the style and setup of the story. We know which characters will be orbiting helpers, which characters will be antagonists and how the story will play out and end.

And just like in a black hole, regular personalities and plot points seem to magically… bend around the idea of the OTP getting together as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Regularly nice characters become snarky and mean if inconvenient. Best friends become undying ship-helpers trying to get the OTP together. Any characters who have nothing to do with the OTP are conveniently forgotten, lost beyond the event horizon of the ship, and enemies? Well, they’d better lock those two up together when captured despite it making no sense.

A fic based around an OTP getting together isn’t bad. It’s the basis of most fanfiction. What kinda bugs me, again, personally, is when a fic is SO DETERMINED to set those two together that they either ignore basic existing plot structures, or make up very convenient ones to set up the OTP, even if those plot ideas and occurrences are unlikely in a non-ship setting.

It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that I find it kinda… boring. We know how the fic is going to end. They kiss. They end up together. When the setup and rising action of the fic are nothing but a narrow hallway of shoving the OTP together again and again it can come across like the fiction equivalent of clicking two barbie dolls together and going “Kiss! Kiss!”

Personally, in my personal, personal opinion, I need more mystery. I need more setup. I need more literary foreplay, if you will. If a side character to the OTP would normally be available to talk to or hang out with, make them available every once in awhile instead of always absent.

Have the characters in the OTP have regular lives outside of their fic-destined fate to fall in love. let your supporting characters have emotional arcs and plotlines that exist outside of your main character’s OTP life. Have a running sub-plot that we swing back to for interest. Let your characters grow and change and solve problems that have nothing to do with the love story at hand, and we help to lessen the massive gravitational pull of the ship funnel.

Writer’s tip #1: Avoiding “Authorism” Metaphors and References

Writer’s tip #2: Placing your characters in a scene with Google Images

pocket!lock (long post)

because I get irrationally excited at the concept of pocket-sized Sherlock characters :P  this’ll basically be a big disorganized mess of quick ideas and not!fics

  • Molly works so well in my head as a borrower - I can see her making a cozy space for herself in a human’s home, but having a nagging curiosity about the way humans live and think - her very particular interest in science would only grow upon moving into the walls of Sherlock Holmes’ flat, a man she soon realizes isn’t the safest choice for a borrower to be around, but there’s just something about him…
  • pocket!John living in a hospital at one point, getting food from the cafeteria and and getting medical knowledge from observing the listening
  • pocket!Sherlock can’t help but be envious of humans and their ease at getting around- no matter how much he tells himself his body is just transport, things would be much simpler if his transport was bigger 
  • Sherlock discovering pocket!Molly after hearing odd shuffling in a cupboard - Molly nearly yelps when light suddenly pours into the dark space, quickly scurrying behind some jars - she’s already been spotted, though, and there’s nothing she can do as long, thin fingers creep into the cupboard and wrap around her - now she really does yelp, feeling the enormous hand around her twitch in surprise, but the grip doesn’t loosen, and she quickly finds herself sailing through the air to meet a pair of gorgeous, terrifying eyes
  • pocket!anyone-you’d-like-to-imagine riding around curled up in Sherlock’s scarf
  • pocket!John living in 221b, fascinated by the strange human living there, and frankly quite jealous of the life he leads - aside from the occasional close call of Sherlock nearly spotting him, his life is dull - sneak out, get food, sneak back in, eat, sleep… dull - so one day, he does something he really shouldn’t do - Sherlock has just accepted a case, and he’s just quickly doing something on his phone before leaving the flat - John is hiding behind some lab equipment on the kitchen table, and his eye catches Sherlock’s coat slung over a chair - he isn’t sure what comes over him, but suddenly he’s running towards the coat, clinging to the sleeve and sliding down to hold onto the cuff - he then slips into the coat pocket, his instincts screaming at him to stop, but the heavy footsteps coming his way tell him there’s no turning back now - he’s jostled around as the coat is lifted and slipped onto the arms of its owner, and he has only a moment of calm before Sherlock is bounding down the stairs and out into the night - the coat flutters around wildly, and a slightly motion sick John almost regrets his decision - excitement quickly overtakes regret, of course
  • pocket!Sherlock always thinking in the back of his mind that eventually he’ll interact with a human - he just wants to avoid the violent ones, the boring ones, or the harmless but idiotic ones who’d treat him like a pet - that accounts for most of humanity in his opinion, and… he wouldn’t admit it, not even fully to himself, but every time he gets close to being spotted or initiating a conversation, something instinctual takes over - he can’t work past the thought of being gawked at and grabbed, losing all control - it unsettles him more than he’d ever acknowledge
  • now going back to the pocket!Molly thing, ‘cause apparently I’m just all over the place - she trembles slightly under the massive fingers pinning her to an equally massive palm, involuntarily clinging to his index finger - Sherlock’s eyes are on her, now having switched from widening in shock to narrowing in an unnerving sort of interest - she feels a bit relieved when his hand tilts slightly and his fingers lift off of her, but when he suddenly pulls her closer to his face, she realizes it was just to get a better look at her - she’s reminded of all the science experiments she’s enjoyed watching him conduct, and feels a bit ill at the realization that she might be a very appealing little test subject - determined not to be a glorified lab rat, Molly opens her mouth, unsure of what she wants to say but knowing she wants to make her status as a person very clear - “I’m Molly,” she says simply, and so quietly she almost wonders if he hears her - but then his eyes focus on her face and widen a bit - still lying flat on his palm, she slowly sits up, craning her neck a bit to keep his gaze - “Sherlock” he replies, and sitting so near to his face, it’s impossible to miss his lips quirking into a brief smile
  • something that always seems very right to me in doing a Sherlock/Borrowers fusion is that Mrs. Hudson just knows about borrowers, and has known about them for pretty much her whole life - so she isn’t the least bit surprised when she spots a small man in a black coat in one of her cupboards, and she lets him go about his business, pretending she didn’t even see him - sometimes she goes to the upstairs flat to tidy up a bit, just to keep it presentable, and eventually she starts noticing little things strewn about the place (or at least small portions of the place) - notes, tiny shoes, and some books splayed out beneath the bookcase, as if pushed off by someone too small to simply pull them out - she realizes the borrower has taken the entire human-sized flat for himself, and her ruse of not noticing him has apparently made him think she won’t notice anything - she takes care of that mistake easily, setting out a plate of small biscuits with a note - Didn’t want to be rude and not welcome my new tenant.  I thought these biscuits would be a good size for a borrower.  - Mrs. Hudson 
  • we now return you to pocket!John stowed away in Sherlock’s coat - he peeks outside the pocket whenever he feels it’s safe, marveling at the world he’d only seen glimpses of before - when they arrive at a crime scene, John settles deep into the pocket, not wanting to be spotted by any officers walking about, and it’s then he notices that Sherlock’s sliding magnifier is also occupying the pocket - it’s very likely he’ll use it, and what that means for John is this already cramped space of fabric will be invaded by a human hand searching for a tool but inadvertently making another discovery - he’s quick to grab the magnifier, holding it above himself as he lies down flat - it isn’t long before light streams into the pocket, and long, gloved fingers glide down, reminding John of the doctor’s gloves at the hospital he lived in - the fingers grab the magnifier, curling as they pull it out, and John’s heart skips a beat when knuckles brush against his hands - he relaxes when he feels Sherlock crouch down, probably examining a body, and after a moment risks a quick peek - having lived in a hospital, it’s not the first dead body he’s seen, but it’s a bit jarring - unsurprisingly, Sherlock seems unaffected, though John can barely see his face from the angle he’s at - suddenly, Sherlock stands, rattling off deductions as John recovers from being thrown off balance, clinging to the lip of the pocket and biting his tongue to silence the surprised yelp - 
  • (this bit is got waaaay longer than intended so I’m just splitting it up) as the other, grey-haired man in the room responds to the observations, John is taken by surprise again when Sherlock absentmindedly slips the magnifier back in his pocket, the gloved hand forcing him downwards - John can’t help flailing against the hand as he falls, and when he lands on his back at the bottom of the pocket, he stares uneasily up at the still lingering hand - unease turns to panic when the fingers descend, carelessly prodding into him, and he doesn’t quite manage to keep from squirming - the fingers twitch slightly in response, then move to slide underneath him, thumb pressing into the front of him - it’s a gentle squeeze, and as he trembles a bit, John realizes Sherlock is trying to work out what on earth had wriggled inside his pocket - with the way John’s heart is pounding and Sherlock’s thumb is pressed right against his chest, there’s no mistaking him for anything other than a living creature, something that has undoubtedly made Sherlock very curious - the other human says something to Sherlock, momentarily distracting him, and John feels a wave of relief when the hand releases him and leaves the pocket - it isn’t long before Sherlock leaves the crime scene, and John hopes desperately that Sherlock’s mind is so occupied with the case that he won’t even give the mysterious thing in his pocket another thought - fat chance, he thinks, and he’s quite right
  • (I’ve inadvertently started writing an actual fic here, don’t mind me as I split this up again…)  - the hand soon returns, glove removed now, and John can’t do a thing as massive fingers slide under him again, thumb pinning him down as he’s scooped up out of the pocket - he feels his stomach drop, both from being lifted so quickly and from the utter dread at being discovered - without a moment to prepare for it, he stares up at Sherlock’s looming face, framed by dark curls and an upturned collar - if this weren’t so wrong, so terrifying, the look of astonishment in Sherlock’s eyes might have been funny - the towering human breathes out in disbelief, breath clouding in the cold night air, and he brings John closer to his face - piercing eyes study him closely, and a deep voice rumbles, “Impossible…” - the smile following the words gives John a strangely nervous thrill, and as he stares into the fascinated eyes of Sherlock Holmes, a small part of him delights in how very far he is from his previously dreary existence 

that’s all for now!  I could totally go on with more thoughts/scenarios, but I’ve already typed out far more than I intended :P

I’ll Ruin You - Chapter 1

Originally posted by chanyocolate

Title: I’ll Ruin You - Chapter 1.

Author: Another PinkPanda/Army

Couple: Exo x you.

Genre: Romance, Angst (a bit), Werewolf, Wolf Au!

Words: 1400

I’ll Ruin You – Chapter 1

The trip went as calm as possible, the gray concrete and the painted buildings create a calm atmosphere, at least for me, through the windows, the huge ocean, in deep blue calling for a round of fun, the clouds, pure white, seems so soft. Everything making contrast with the small and tidy plane with its olds seats stained with dust, the Monsieur in front of me was snoring the whole way, at my left side, was my mom, who was sitting in the window, at my right side was an robust man looking like he was going to vomit at any time.

“Welcome to…” Captain’s voice cut my thoughts, I was about to complain to my mother that my cellphone had no signal, so how I was supposed to communicate with her.

“Do you still remember how to speak Korean?” The soft voice at my left said.

“Yes Mom, I think you forget about the fact that I’m a language teacher. And that Korean was the second language I learned, even before I learned English.” I said in calm voice.

She laughed. “Yes, yes, I’m sorry.”

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Swedish Royal Family Challenge: Day 11- Favourite Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel moment

The Speech to end all speeches. At their wedding, Daniel delivered a heartfelt, eloquent speech to his new bride. Every time I watch it, it brings a tear to my eye. 

Nine years ago I had the privilege of getting to know a young woman with a great sense of humour, a strong sense of duty who was also very, very smart. We became friends. The more I got to know her, the more irresistible she became. These years with you Victoria have flown past and have been the best in my life. 

There have been times when Victoria’s Official Duties have separated us. Often she is taken to far away countries and continents. I will never forget some years ago when she left for one of her many trips, this time to China.We were going to be apart for a whole month. The night before she left she got home late after an official engagement, and she had many preparations to make before the long month of duties ahead. Instead of getting some valuable sleep she stayed up the whole night writing.In the morning after she had gone I found a box. And in that box I found 30 beautiful letters, addressed to me. One for every day she would be away. This romantic gesture is typical of you Victoria. It says everything about the loving person you are.

Once upon a time the young man was … perhaps not a frog, in the beginning of the fairytale … as in the story first told by the Grimm Brothers. But he was certainly not a prince. The first kiss did not change that. His transformation was not possible without the support of the wise king and queen, who had ruled the kingdom for many years, and who were full of wisdom, experience and had good hearts. They knew what was best and guided the couple with a gentle hand, generously sharing all their experience.

I feel a great gratitude to Your Majesties the King and Queen, for your strong support, and for the way you have welcomed me into your family. My thoughts are naturally also with my own family. To my mother and my father, and my sister and her daughters.
Mother and father, during my childhood you gave me your unconditional love. You have helped me with your wisdom, and you have helped me to build strong self-esteem and confidence through sound values ​​which have guided me through life.Today, when we traveled through the streets of Stockholm we were met by incredible joy and warmth. A memory we will carry with us deep in our hearts, forever. In the years that Victoria and I have had together, I have felt a great support from the people I have met. It has been very important to me. Thank you.

I feel a deep respect for the tasks ahead of me. It will undoubtedly be a major challenge. I will do my utmost to live up to the expectations that will be placed on me. I will do my utmost to support my wife, the Crown Princess, in her important achievements.
Beloved Victoria. I am so proud of what we have together. I am so happy to now be your husband. I will do everything I can ever do for you to remain as happy as you are today.
Victoria, the greatest of all is love. I love you so.

I admire being
hard to understand.
I believe to be
Complex, is to be rich.

So I welcome my
profound thoughts in.
As they swim under
Shallow minds.

I’ll gladly stick
Out my neck,
For what I believe in.
For Death, is the
essence Of beauty.

Being different stands Out.
I cringe toward,
The colorblindness of
Fitting in.

I believe Originality
is beautiful.
But often put down
Like a bullied kid.

I’m not worried though.
My thoughts have
Had me lost, my Whole life.

-lost in thought.


Hey guys, I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. I’m so honored and beyond lucky to have you all following me. Welcome to my thoughts :)

So I just want to say that I haven’t been very mentally stable lately and also very stressed and busy so I haven’t been able to produce any “good” poetry (in my opinion) so that’s why I haven’t been posting much. But I will post something special for this milestone :) 

Thanks for always supporting me and my words, I really appreciate you all <3

Also know that if you ever need advice or have a question or want to vent about anything my ears are open! Don’t be afraid to write me! And if you want me to check out your page also write me! I try to check out my followers’ pages but sometimes it’s too many to look at.



Jun 22 2017

Something tells me that the next ego appearance probably won’t be until after the tour, so we about a week until we should start getting worried about what Mark’s up to. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Mark’ll blow up the fandom while he’s on tour, I think he’d want to be at home and be able to watch the hysteria and excitement unfold. It’ll also ensure that people are thinking about one Markiplier event at a time, it would be difficult to have ego talk happening while he’s on tour, could ruin the things he has in store for the tour. 

So Far Perfect (Barry Allen x Reader)

Request: How about a oneshot where Barry comes back from flashpoint and one of the things that changed is that the reader and him are dating, and he’s just hyped about it because he’s been smitten with her for a while?

Prompt: Barry finds out that one of the changes to the timeline is that he is now dating his high school crush.

Words: 790

Warnings: none

A/n: Seriously hope you guys like it. I tried my best but I’m not sure if it turned out okay or not, it also 3am so my judgement is a little off lol. Anyways, Happy Reading!

Barry’s POV

“Things are back to how they should be. Well, for me anyways for you well…I guess you’ll have to wait and find out.” Eobard says with a smirk.

“What does that mean?”

“See you sometime soon, Flash.”

I shift and turn in my bed, Eobard words still in my mind. After he left me at Joe’s I decided to just call it a night, but now all I can think about is all the possible changes. Why would it change? Shouldn’t everything just go back to the way it was? If there was a change could it please be something good?

I walked into STAR laboratories eyeing everything carefully looking for some small changes to the place. As I near the doors to the cortex I hear laughter from inside.

I look inside and see Joe and Cisco talking while looking at some new gadget. Iris and Caitlin sat in some chairs while Iris showed Caitlin something on her phone. Everyone was here except…oh no.

“Hey guys I have a question.” I enter the room and suddenly all conversation stops.

“You feeling okay, dude? I thought you were going to take some time off.” Cisco speaks up after a short moment of silent stares in the room.

“What? I mean, yeah, I am fine. Where is y/n?” I asked, trying to cover up the clear panic in my voice.

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