Manchester attack: the plot thickens

As many still try to ensure that the Manchester attacker was an isolated nutjob, more and more details seems to show how untrue that is.

After his own family was arrested, as well as at least 5 others for being involved, we now know the attacker’s father was welcomed in Britain as a refugee despite being a former member of a terrorist organization.

His family was active and well-liked at the local mosque, who declare they don’t share the same ideas at all, despite brochures spread by the mosque clearly prove a similar anti-Western attitude.

At the Maidenhead count, on the far left you can see the Prime Minister, in red, and on the far right is a person dressed as Elmo and in the middle is a person who was down on the ballot as “Lord Buckethead”.

Welcome to Britain.

What We Know

The Manchester bomber was known to anti-terrorism police intelligence, multiple times he was reported to police for radicalization including declaring he wants to be a suicide bomber, the Imam at his mosque was aware of his ISIS sympathies but failed to report it, he displayed ISIS flags on the front of his house, his brothers and father are in Lybia working with ISIS, he traveled to be with them in Lybia, he was welcomed back to Britain with no questions asked and just days later he blew up 22 people and injured 59 others. 

You must be wondering how no action was taken against him before he was able to carry out terror against children? Well it’s an easy answer. If police intervened, if they even followed up on the radicalization reports or tried to stop him at the airport, there would be outrage and protests about Islamophobia, #notallMuslims and the British police force are racist, anti-Muslim and guilty of profiling and singling out innocent Muslims. This is what is happening all throughout Europe and the United States. 

Now, police are trying to enact a “prevent” policy which encourages people to report any suspicious activity or signs of radicalization, exactly what we need, you’d think? Well, no. It’s being protested and it’s being called racist. Reporting radicalization and extremism is being called racist, let that sink in. Political party leaders are opposing it, Muslim communities are opposing it and leftist activists are opposing it. Then they want to pretend they care when terror strikes. In fact, they don’t even bother to pretend to care, they just tell us to move on like nothing happened. It boggles my fucking mind. 

1939: “Welcome to Britain. I hope you will be very happy here.”

2016: “That one’s got fucking STUBBLE, look! Throw them out! BURN THEM!”

Today I was on a walk in the countryside when all of a sudden I spotted something familiar in the distance…

As I began to get closer and closer it was getting bigger and bigger..



anonymous asked:

Welcome to Europe/nearly Britain :D what's Dublin like?

you shoumd really be asking my bags how dublin is…considering they’re still there.

meanwhile, dublin was fantastic. fifty and raining from all appearances. i am now mostly bag-less, but happy set up with some family and desperately trying to remember why i thought zero sleep was a good idea.

but y'all,

i’m home.

Welcome to post Brexit Britain where yesterday someone I knew seemed to take pleasure in gloating about how I wasn’t going to survive in this country now, and told me no other country would want me because I’m disabled. So said I was basically going to die.

He is wrong, but that’s not the point.

Then today someone shouted: “You look like a Paki,” at me. Yep, good quality racial slurs, even though I’m actually white… I have olive skin, and dark hair and eyes, but I’m actually white.

Although it just goes to show what kind of monsters we have let loose.

China's terracotta warriors to return to UK for first time in nearly a decade

China’s terracotta warriors are to return to the UK almost a decade after they thrilled visitors in a landmark exhibition at the British Museum.

Karen Bradley, the culture secretary, announced that Liverpool’s World Museum would be the next destination for the spectacular treasures which China’s first emperor, Qin Shihuangdi, had made to accompany him into the afterlife.

Bradley is in China on a cultural bridge-building mission. She said: “The terracotta army represents one of the most significant archaeological excavations of the 20th century, and I am delighted that a selection of the warriors will be coming to Liverpool for the first time in 2018. I am sure that the exhibition will be very warmly received by the people of Merseyside and beyond as Britain welcomes back the terracotta warriors. Read more.