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During the concert:

Yoseob: In front of you guys, there should be a few of these big cameras~ All you guys should start looking pretty too~ Our DVD will be coming out and you guys might be in it too~ 
Doojoon: And this right here is a 3D camera~ Amazing right~?  


Jang Hyunseung

Hyun Seung was rather quiet in the concert practice room. Sometimes he smiles sheepishly and other times he laughed out loud to the other members’ joke but he mainly focuses his time in singing and dancing. That’s how Hyun Seung was quietly creating a world of his own. Hyun Seung’s determination and passion was more powerful than 100 words.

HyunSeung’s introduction in the ‘Welcome to BEAST Airline’ Making of photobook

Yong Jun Hyung

One million and one, one million and two. Jun Hyung is like an energizer that won’t stop. Dance practice began way past 3 in the morning. Even there Jun Hyung doesn’t seem to get tired. No, he seemed to get more energized. When it comes to something Jun Hyung likes, he is a man who knows how to be passionate.

Jun Hyung’s introduction in the ‘Welcome to BEAST Airline’ Making of photobook


Played at “Welcome to Beast Airlines" 

I love the fans that were cheering during the "recycled” part…waaaah Im crying…

btw is it me or does JunHyung take after his mother XD

Yang Yoseop

Small body, cute face. Those are the words that come to mind when you think of Yo Seop. But his powerful vocal from his small body was enough to mesmerize the surrounding, and his checking of the stage and the audience seats throughout the rehearsal is anything but serious. To suck Yo Seop, we felt preciseness and strong beauty.

Yoseop’s introduction in the ‘Welcome to BEAST Airline’ Making of photobook