adore you (you're lovely)

ADORE YOU (YOU’RE LOVELY) — and i adore you, too. i’ve been thinking that your love is kind of special. you should know that i adore you, too! ( adore you, nao ft. abhi//dijon )

REQUEST — the reader used to be ugly and archie bullied you. then, after summer break, you totally glo up and are now super hot, and he apologizes.


NOTES — i did tweak this request a little bit, simply because i don’t see riverdale!archie being a bully—i think it’s even a little ooc for comics!archie—so i opted for archie sort of ignoring the reader. also, i refrained from specifying a gender since there wasn’t one mentioned in the request. thank you so much for trusting me to write your idea, and i hope this was fluffy enough for you. i felt like it would be kinda rushed to make them kiss in this? i don’t know, but enjoy. ( requests: open )

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm new to ikon. Can you tell me how many eras they had (I know they had two survival shows does this count as eras too?) and when the eras where (the time frame)? THANKS!

Yeah sure! We can count the survival shows as eras 

WIN era: August 2013 to September 2014. After the show finished in October 2013, there were some tense moments of whether or not Team B would ever be around again, but they were put into the YG family tour and it was very exciting. In this era there was a lot of frustration, there were petitions to debut Team B. Every moment we got to see them was precious. Thanks WINNER TV. 

Mix and Match era: September 2014 to November 2014. It was announced the Team B babies were going into another survival show. Due to the conditions of WIN, they were up for a line up change. It was in M&M we met Chanwoo and got the name iKON. 

Where TF is iKON era: November 2014 to September 2015. The era of blurry photos and false promises. Lies and angst and desperate hopes. They opened for BigBang! Wanna rewatch M&M for the 50th time and cry? This was your era. 

Welcome Back era: September 2015 to May 2016. iKON went full #TeamNoSleep and worked their asses off. It was a debut but it almost felt like a comeback, iKON had barely any TV time. Focusing on fanmeets (iKONTACTS) and then iKONCERTs. In January 2016 they debuted in Japan (creating sub-era iJON which is still ongoing tbh). 

WYD era: May 2016 to March 2017. After releasing a digital single titled WYD, iKON kept the touring life alive (#TeamIHaventSleptinMonths/ #HowtoSpeakKorean?) iKON took on a Japan tour and a Chinese show that did them real dirty and I don’t wanna talk about it. 

Where TF is iKON 2.0 era: March 2017 - present. so we’ve been here before, false promises, date announcements, grainy photos and “teasers” in the form of instagram videos of videos. Yeah. At least this time we have Dome dates to “look forward to.” The quotes are for sarcasm. Does iKON know how to speak Korean anymore? How many times can I watch the same 17 seconds. Am I desperate enough for a M&M rewatch? Please save me. 

Congratulations to Queen Bey and Jay Z! The couple will welcome twins in September and we’re guessing the pregnancy cravings are likely in full force. People Magazine reported Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Sauce & Basil is Beyoncé’s favorite pasta dish—so, enjoy in honor of Bey tonight. 

Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Sauce & Basil

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“There are glowing arrows in the sky. You can’t see them. I do. There are dotted lines and arrows and circles. The sky is a chart that explains the entire world. But you can’t see it. I know that. The world makes sense. I– I believe that. I– I do. It has to. Otherwise…it wouldn’t make sense! And that would be the worst thing that could possibly happen.” -Steve Carlsberg, The September Monologues