incoming call…

“Help me clean my house?”

When Joonmyeon answered Yeri’s call, that was the last thing he imagined she would say. Clean the house? “Why, hello to you too.”, he opened an amused smile, although she couldn’t see it through the phone. She had always been a rather strange girl, but that’s what made her unique, at least on his perspective. “I’m back after four years and that’s how you welcome me back? Really, dog lady, really. Shame on you.”, he laughed softly, a fake disappointed tone on his voice.

“Oh–– right! Hello!” Though he obviously wasn’t able to actually see her, an expression of embarrassment spread on her face. It wasn’t the first time she had done this, she was just.. a little too eager sometimes which often caused words to leave her lips much quicker than the thought could process inside her head. “I’m really sorry, welcome back! How about we get some drinks, non-alcoholic of course, and celebrate you coming back with a nice little cleaning party, eh?”

Dim Beginning (Open/Intro)

When Sting opened his eyes all he could see was darkness, which was unusual for him because normally there would be light streaming in from the windows to his room.  The only conclusion he could come to was that he had passed out somewhere in the guild building, after all, the welcome back party for their lady’s return was quite festive.  The last thing he could remember was being in a singing contest with Orga and eventually it devolved into a non-magical brawl.

A pain echoed from his head and he attempted to rub his head, though he was stopped when he realized the light weight of multiple objects being piled on top of his body.  The dragon slayer took a deep breath before he forced himself up into the air while throwing off all the items.  Once on his feet he was able to see his surroundings for the first time.

The entire area was dimly lit, making it hard to see anything. The air was very stale, not carrying much of any scents that could give him some idea of where he was.  This of course is when the gravity of the situation hit him.  The place was dark, definitely different from the guild building, and then there was no smell of any other people or objects that he knew.  Almost with a look of stupidity he glanced around him, “Where am I?” he muttered into the shadows.

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"Help me clean my house?"

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incoming call…

“Help me clean my house?” 

When Joonmyeon answered Yeri’s call, that was the last thing he imagined she would say. Clean the house? “Why, hello to you too.”, he opened an amused smile, although she couldn’t see it through the phone. She had always been a rather strange girl, but that’s what made her unique, at least on his perspective. “I’m back after four years and that’s how you welcome me back? Really, dog lady, really. Shame on you.”, he laughed softly, a fake disappointed tone on his voice.

To Ostara


To Ostara

Lady Spring you bless us

with your delicate fragrance,

with your sweet pastel palette

that stipples the landscape

with gentle grace.

Welcome back Lady Spring.

Your kindness, tempered by

reminders not to take you

for granted, sings in our veins

and polishes up our hearts.

When you grow weary

and retire to sleep the months away

we will remember your fragrance

and your gentleness, and…

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Hello ladies welcome back to my blog, in today’s blog post I am going to be talking about products that I regret buying. I made a blog post like this a while back but I deleted it because I made quick decisions on most of the products and ended up liking some of them after a while. So I’ve kept using these products to see if my opinions on them changed so that you guys got my 100% honest opinion on them.
Ok, so the first product is the L’Oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream. There are a few reasons why I don’t like this product. It is advertised as ‘a lightweight balm that fuses with the skin, instantly blurring away pores and fine lines for beautiful nude-looking skin’ now I personally found that although it did blur away pores it left a thick greasy layer over my skin, I put this around my nose as I feel this is where my pores are the biggest and due to the heaviness and oiliness it left I found that the makeup slid off the areas where I applied this quicker than the rest of my face which completely defeated the purpose of me buying this product as I wanted it to smooth out my skin to provide a nice base for my foundation. So overall, I am personally not a fan of this product.
The next disappointing product for me was the Garnier caffeine 2 in 1 eye roll on for dark circles. I bought this in the shade light to brighten my under eye area. This is advertised as a ‘moisturising eye cream & a cooling roller ball: refreshes and hydrates tired-looking eye with mineral enriched pigments it instantly and flawlessly covers dark circles’ I found that the thin formula of this product and the fact that I have been unluckily blessed with dark under eye circles just didn’t work together. I tried different ways of blending the product into my skin and the coverage was just too light to give me the confidence I needed. The only part of this product I felt worked was the roller ball to cool my under eye area in the morning but overall I wasn’t happy with the fact I didn’t see any difference in colour or coverage when I was given the impression that I would be provided with ‘flawless coverage of dark circles and discolouration.’
Next product I found disappointing was the Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara Extra Black. I bought this mascara when I heard the youtuber velvetgh0st talk about how much she loved it. Personally I didn’t like this mascara used on its own as I found it didn’t separate my lashes and instead made them appear short and clumpy. Rimmel advertises this product as ‘Our first ultra-lengthening mascara that defies the laws of lash length! - Length that defies limits- Formula with Micro-Fibres- Instant wow: Extends lashes by up to 99%- Lash-catching brush grabs every lash for perfect separation. No clumps!’ which isn’t anything I experienced using this mascara, I was very disappointed to be honest.

The next product is the Clinique chubby stick lip balm in the shade ‘chunky cherry’. I got bought this lip balm last Christmas by my auntie along with a few other Clinique makeup items and this was the only product I was disappointed with. My reason for not enjoying this balm is because it is a coloured balm I found mine stuck to any dry parts I had on my lips when I applied it. Although it did eventually help with my dry lips the fact that it stuck to these parts in such a bright colour wasn’t the best look. I liked the texture of the balm so I would consider purchasing it in maybe a lighter colour or even using the one I have when my lips are smooth but Clinique advertises this as lip balm I didn’t find it worked that well due to the colour pay off. I did however like the shape of the applicator for easy application and definition to the shape of my lips.

The next makeup item I didn’t enjoy was surprisingly the L’Oreal true match foundation. When I heard so many people talk about how much they loved this foundation I just had to try it out for myself. The main drawback to this foundation is its drier finish. Although it does a good job of reducing oily shine and keeping skin looking polished, it tends to emphasize the slightest bit of dry skin, and can also make lines around the eye look more apparent. I also found that in comparison to my other foundations the coverage wasn’t as good and it wore off the quickest. However my main disappointment with this foundation was that it gave me spots, which is obviously not a good thing.
The final product I was disappointed with was the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara. Tinted brow gels have gained quite a bit of attention over the past year. When this first launched I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the product, especially since it had a lot of hype surrounding it, but in the end it sorely disappointed me. The packaging is decent, very Maybelline but the applicator is awful.  The large circular part at the end of the brush is a unique idea, but it doesn’t work very well as it applies far too much product and the brow gel not only ends up on your brows, but all the skin surrounding them too meaning you have to fill in your brows before face makeup and then hope that none of your facial makeup gets onto your eyebrows which usually happens to me, the thinner part of the applicator is incredibly hard to use due to the large “knob” and holds far too much product and is very stiff. As for the formula itself I found it runny which made it even hard to apply and once dry it just makes the brows look like a mess.
Thank you for reading this post and visiting and also following my blog, I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any post requests let me know and I will write soon x

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Post-AGT Appearance 268: NewsOne Now with Roland Martin WOLB am 1010

The other Baltimore station featuring local talk hosts is the urban talk station WOLB.  Their evening anchor is Roland Martin.  He would be thoroughly prepared by the time he spoke with me in the final hour of his 6-9 pm radio show.

Martin: welcome back to the show ladies and gentlemen.  This is Roland Martin working our way through the final hour and now engaging…cautiously with an entertainer with a lot on his mind…a lot of people in his mind, that is.  are you folks there?

PBC: Yes, we’re all here.

Martin: But are you really all there? Ha ha.  I hope you don’t mind that little pun.

Norbert: i get that all the time heh heh.

Martin: You must be Norbert Adams, right?

Norbert: He knows my name!

Martin: Also present Phillip.  You’re the one who does those photo essays everyone is talking about/

Phillip: Correct, sir.

Martin; And Cole…

Cole: right here!

Martin: You tell corny little jokes and puns and do southern humor, right.

Cole: Yes sir.  Like your name’s Roland Martin?

Martin: Yes.

Cole: When you were young did Rowan and Martin get Roland Martin laugh-in/

Martin: Brilliant! How long have you been working on that joke.

Cole: Since the first time I heard of ya…about an hour ago.

Martin:  well I certainly admire your quick wit.  You also brought your cousins with you.

Cole: Yeah,both of ‘em. 

Brad: I’m Brad.

Ford: I’m Ford.

Martin: Now let me be sure I’ve got this right.  Brad sings and Ford does Shakespeare, right.

Brad: you got it.

Martin: And there’s 2 or 3 more.

100-Year-Old: I’m the ranting 100-year-old man.

Rupert: And I’m Phillip’s cousin Rupert, on holiday from England.

Martin: And that leaves…

PBC: Me!

Martin: And you are Phil Cole, creator of all of them.

Cole: That’s what he thinks.  We think we invented him.

Martin: A riddle inside a paradox inside an enigma.

100-Year-Old: you’re not gonna give me an enema.

Norbert: I don’t need another enemy.

Martin: You certainly are an anomaly he he he.  We’ll be back after this and try to talk about something serious.

Cole: i don’t think we’re ready to talk about Syria today.

Martin: This is gonna be hard!  stay tuned!