Forcing me to do the alternate ending made me realize how much that I missed putting in before during a computer glitch now I can put back in Book II: The Saga of Thranduil. Chances are it will ultimately end up longer than 360 pages, but remember, we have Book III and Book I, so we are probably looking at an estimated maximum 1000 pages of more Middle Earth–only from the perspective of the elves. Remember, Book I begins at Lake Cuiviénen–where the elves Sundered–and ends where we will end in Book III.

I think you are looking at another doorstop like this:

Celeborn: We’re never leaving this place, are we?

Elrond: Nope. I hope you did not rent out your tree house.

Galadriel: No. We left it for your grandchildren to have a place to play.

Elrond: Well, there’s always Rivendell. Or perhaps you would rather stay with Thranduil?

Celeborn and Galadriel: Rivendell.

Thranduil: Glad you could stay. Once you are all settled, I’m inviting myself to dinner. I am never late and I prefer a window seat if you will. Thank you. Oh, and I am bringing Legolas with me.

Arwen: If father asks us to dinner, just say no, Got it?