Comics to Read, 1/11 - They’re baaaack edition

Good morning comics fans, what strange times we live in. Anyway, let’s move on to comics including the return to a focus on two diverse women in DC Comics.

This isn’t technically a first issue more like a pre-first issue (which is the third time that Batwoman has received this treatment but i digress. The issue is very good - a bit more Batman than perhaps is needed but overall this is the starting gun to Batwoman coming back with her own series written by Marguerite Bennett and drawn by Steve Epting. Ben Oliver draws this issue and he does just fine. Batwoman is coming people. Get ready.

This is a one-shot but it’s Vixen who has seen her fortunes rise and fall and now rise in the DC world for decades since she made her first appearance some 35 years ago. The team is topnotch - Steve Orlando and Jody Houser more than ably assisted by Jamal Campbell. 

Welcome back ladies. And now on to a great second issue.

Did you read the first issue? It was great. Here’s number two so race off and give it a read as the second issue is a sturdy follow-up. Vroom.

People ask me about great all-age comics a lot and here’s one that should be on your radar because it is freaking adorable.

Jock and Scott Snyder are the Glimmer Twins for me when it comes to Batman and this issue of this wild series. which focuses on Mr. Freeze, will give you chills in a good way. 

DC doesn’t parse out advance issues of Wonder Woman anymore but I can assume this will be pretty damn good.

That’s it for me. What’s on your list?

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Hello admins and welcome back :D Do you ladie know is there are any fics based on the japanese manga/anime "Itazura na kiss" (also known as Playful Kiss / It Started With A Kiss)? Any ship really, I would love to read a fic based on it. I did my own research but I found nothing :(

It Started With First Kiss (Sehun/Joy)
living with him
Playful Kiss (Baekhyun/Chanyeol)
Playful Kiss: Love In Seoul (Kai/Kyungsoo)
Playful Kiss Remake: The EXO Version

Oh, I loved the anime and especially the J-drama. Keep in mind that we haven’t read these.


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Can you please write something along the lines of MIDORIMA, KAGAMI, AOMINE, & KUROKO in a Butler Cafe setup and their crush (female reader) is their customer? Thanks for your time!

awwwww this is such a cute ask :) I imagined they were in a kind of culture festival setup, I hope that’s cool -admin chloe

Midorima: The tall slender man had the perfect body shape and stance to pull off the butler look. Too bad his face didn’t really match. One look at you and his face had turned completely red. He was shaking and hyperventilating so much from embarrassment, his glasses might fog up at any minute.

“W-welcome back, my lady,” he stuttered out, trying to keep it professional.

You giggled but held a hand up to your mouth, hoping he wouldn’t see it and get even more flustered. You let him lead you over to an empty table and waited for him to hold out the chair for you. He seemed to be muttering to himself the entire time, probably telling himself to calm down for whatever reason.

“You’re doing fine, Midorima-san.” You placed your hand on top of his and gave it an encouraging squeeze. It was something your mother did whenever you felt stressed out and it always worked for you.

He flinched for a second, causing you to frown. But then he regained his composure and put his other hand over yours. He took a deep breath then said, “Thank you for your kind words, my lady.”

You smiled. He proceeded to ask what you wanted to eat then brought it out once it was ready.

“Are you free right now, Midorima-san?” you questioned, still smiling innocently at him. You knew he wasn’t. Lots of girls were in the classroom-turned-café and a few were eyeing Midorima. But you were confident as you asked your question. A little birdy had told you that a certain green haired man had a tiny little crush on you.

As Midorima tried to tell you he was busy, said little birdy slapped the taller man’s back and told him not to worry and to take a break. Takao winked at you and you gave a thumbs up. Midorima tried to protest but Takao forced him into the seat. In reality, Midorima was thankful for a little break.

“_____-san,” he sighed, “thank you.”

“Ah, ah, ah, it’s ‘my lady,’ remember?” you chastised playfully.

He flushed red again.

“O-of course. Thank you, my lady. Is there anything else you require?”

“I want you to stay right here so I can admire you while I eat,” you teased.

Midorima wouldn’t admit it but he had a very good time watching you as you watched him.

Kagami: It was weird to see Kagami in a butler setting. You thought he would be embarrassed about the suit or having girls stare at him with hearts in their eyes but he was oddly calm about it. You compared him to a stay at home dad who was just bringing out the dinner he’d just finished cooking. He looked oddly at home with the entire situation.

“Wow, good job, Kagami,” you congratulated from behind him, noticing the food that he had clearly made on the plate he was carrying.

Kagami fumbled the plate after hearing your voice and nearly dropped it. He whirled around to face you, frowning. He looked ready to tell you off.

“_____! Agh, what are you doing here?!” he exclaimed, the frown instantly erased once he saw it was you.

“I just wanted to make sure you weren’t dropping anything. Seems I underestimated you,” you teased, giving him a pat on the arm.

His face turned as red as his hair at your little sign of affection. This time he dropped the plate.

You tried to help him clean it up but he wouldn’t let you near the broken pieces. You sighed, defeated, and instead took a seat at a nearby empty table. You waited patiently for Kagami to return after disposing of the broken plate and waste of food. Instead of returning empty handed, he had two plates this time of great looking food. He gave one to, presumably, the girl who had ordered the first one then made his way over to you.

“This is to apologise for nearly getting you hurt,” he mumbled, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck, “ah, um, my lady.”

There was still a red tinge to his cheeks that you found oddly adorable.

Without thinking, you said, “You’re just like a boyfriend, Kagami.”

Kagami froze at your words. You noticed Riko off to the side nudging members of the basketball team and pointing at you and Kagami. You cocked your head at the frozen man and called his name to get his attention. When that didn’t work, you poked his stomach.

He crumbled to the ground, all feeling in his legs gone. You noticed Riko again, this time laughing uncontrollably as you stared dumbfounded at the fallen Kagami.

Aomine: Momoi presented you with the hopeless scene that she’d been dealing with for the entire day. Aomine refused to wear the suit properly – tie and top button were undone, blazer was wrinkled, the pants were dirty and he was wearing sneakers. He wasn’t even performing properly, he’d just drop the food in front of the customer without so much as a word.

“Please help, he listens to you,” Momoi pleaded.

“But you’re his childhood friend,” you countered.

“Childhood friend doesn’t beat-” She quickly clasped her hands over her mouth and shook her head. “I mean, uh, he… he’s more likely to listen to you because… Ugh! Please just help!”

You shrugged and walked over to Aomine who was sitting at one of the tables, leaning back in his chair with his feet propped up on the table. His eyes were closed. You sat down on the opposite side and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Hah? What’s it look like, I’m about to take a nap,” he replied.

“What if I wanted something to eat?”

He groaned and opened his eyes. He had opened his mouth to retort but stopped for some reason. He opened and closed his mouth for a while before groaning and getting to his feet.

“What do you want?” he asked, trying to sound polite.

“You’re supposed to address me,” you pointed out.

“_____, what do you want?” he asked again.

“No, you’re meant to say something like, ‘my lady.’”

“Why? That’s embarrassing…”

“Well, I suppose you could use something else. Mistress? Princess?”

Aomine fervently shook his head at those suggestions.

“Uh, that’s okay, I’ll just call you… m-my lady.”

You’d never seen Aomine look so cute before. You didn’t think it was possible to use the word ‘cute’ to describe someone like Aomine.

After leaving to go get what you ordered, you saw Momoi bound over to him and start fussing over his attire. Aomine looked to complain but begrudgingly allowed her to fix him up. You overhead something along the lines of ‘you won’t win her over looking like this.’

You wondered who she was referring to.

Kuroko: Similarly to how he was on the court (and to an extent, real life), Kuroko was difficult to find in the café setup. You stood at the doorway, scanning the floor for any signs of a light blue head but saw nothing. You could see every other member of the team but not the one you were looking for.

You suddenly felt yourself being led to a table and looked beside you to find Kuroko leading you with a gentle hand at your back.

“Here you are, my lady,” he said, seating you at an empty table, “and what would you like to eat today?”

Truth be told, you wouldn’t mind eating him. But instead, you gave a normal response.

While he was gone, you let your thoughts wander. You were a little disappointed he had reacted so… casual. You’d overheard Kuroko mentioning to his teammates that he had a crush on someone that matched your description from the way you did your hair down to how you wore your uniform. You thought he’d be a little more embarrassed to dote on the person he supposedly had a crush on.

You looked at the other tables that had groups of two, three and four. You were the only one alone. The other girls giggled with their friends over whatever they were talking about and happily ate their food. You frowned as you looked around at the different meals

You’d been to a real butler café before just for a bit of fun and the food usually came out decorated. There would be stars made of chocolate syrup, cute messages in icing or a big love heart in whipped cream or something. All these dishes were quite plain.

You didn’t notice until the plate was in front of you that Kuroko had returned.

“Please enjoy, my lady,” Kuroko said as he bowed then disappeared again.

You sighed and began to poke at your food, not really paying attention to anything. You looked down at your food, a little disappointed that you knew you were going to be greeted with a standard meal.

Turns out, you were wrong. Your eyes lit up as you saw the heart made of melted chocolate surrounding your meal. Heat rose to your face and you quickly scanned the room again to see if anyone else had this. They didn’t.

With your mood severely lifted, you happily munched away

Kuroko stood off to the side, watching you eat the meal that technically Kagami had made but he had added the chocolate heart surrounding it. One day he’d have the courage to tell you how he felt but today just wasn’t that day