Hello and welcome to Notice me Hetasenpai!

 We are a new blog that wants to share the work of many artists, cosplayers, writers and Hetalia fans in general that aren’t well-known in the fandom. You’re more than welcomed to go to our page and see what all this is about. We’re very excited and we hope that this blog help those who want to shine a bit more among all those bright stars in our fandom. Go ahead and join us!  


This blog’s purpose

To promote Marvel fanfic and fanfic writers by providing reviews of fanfiction pieces and recommend them to our readers.

Recommended lists may appear here as well, but mostly we want to concentrate on more specific reviews; what we liked about the fic and why, digging into characterization, themes, and plot. We’re kinda under construction at the moment, so expect the appearances and whatnot to change as we figure out what our plans are.

If you’ve read a good fic and want to recommend it, please feel free to submit a review.

What this blog is NOT

A bashing site. No negative reviews will be posted; we want to help find people stuff to read they like, shine a spotlight on authors whose works we enjoy. We’re not here to drag anybody down. 

All reviews will have the rating of the fic posted (or try) but the site itself is open to anyone, so while mature and explicit fics will certainly be reviewed, there will be no overtly explicit commentary on this blog

Hello Louies!

With this post, I’d like to introduce you to Project #BacktoLou! 

We’ve seen a lot of nice messages/confessionals of fans on how Louis has been a beacon of light, a safe place, or an inspiration to them. We’d love to collect them, and get these personal stories to Louis. He can read them whenever he’s having a bad day, to remember him that just by being himself, he’s always been - and always will be - a bright, extraordinary light in the world to us. 

This way, we can give him back something that he gives so freely to all of us on a daily basis - happiness. 

We’re in touch with Key 103, as we’d ideally like to get the collection back to Louis at this gig (Nov. 9th). If you’d like to contribute your story - be it publicly or anonymously - you can submit it to us on this blog! We want to collect as much stories as possible up until the end of October. 

If you have any questions, please send us an ask :) 

We’ll keep track of the tag #projectbacktolou as well, both here and on Twitter, where you can find us at @projectbacktoLT

Another bimbo blog? Why?!

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of Tumblr blogs out there dedicated to bimbos. Why would we bother to create yet another one? Well, we’re doing something different with this one.

There are numerous bimbo appreciation blogs that are filled with porn stars or celebrities with big tits, tight clothes, and blank looks. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, of course; we too appreciate a classic bimbo stereotype. But these present images that are generally unrealistic and unattainable for many bimbos. They’re great to look at and aspire to, but they just don’t feel real.

There are bimbo encouragement blogs that work to convince women to become bimbos, often focusing on urging aspiring bimbos to get implants and to get dumber.  Those can be useful for someone who is considering entering the bimbo lifestyle.  But what about bimbos who have already begun their journey? They’ve heard those same themes over and over, and find that those messages don’t address anything about how to actually live as a bimbo in a non-bimbo world.

That’s the void we hope to fill here at Bimbopolitan. We want to focus on the realities of the bimbo lifestyle, and to celebrate the real bimbos here on Tumblr. We will be producing articles aimed at providing information and tips on various bimbo-related subjects in bimbo-friendly language, and reblogging Tumblr posts that we feel do the same.  Some of the subjects you’re likely to see covered (though certainly the entire list):

  • Budget Bimbofication
  • Product Reviews
  • Bimbo DIY
  • Bimbo Homemaking: Cooking, Cleaning, Decorating, and more!

While our primary target audience is bimbos who are seeking advice and encouragement for their bimbo life, we also hope to be a resource for the bimbo-curious, aspiring bimbos, and partners or owners of bimbos.  Whoever you are and wherever you’re at in life, we’re glad you’re here.

Welcome to Bimbopolitan!


I have SO MANY GOOD SCREENCAPS from this ep!!! It’s a very emotional and difficult ep, and lordy I forgot how intense ds9 likes to be sometimes, even in S1. 

I’m almost wrapping up my S1 doodles, and I think I wanna make a lil zine out of them! More on that later lol……..

Anyways, Sisko and Kira’s slow and fraught friendship IS GOOD AND GREAT!!!!!!!

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Once again welcome to the family!

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Welcome to “The A Factor” (Ambesi's Kiss&Cry)

Photo Credits to https://twitter.com/helsinki_2017

This blog is meant to be an archive for Italian Eurosport commentaries and traslations of Max Ambesi & friends’ podcasts.

After a successful first series of Podcasts in Summer/Autumn 2015 (Tutti Contro Ambesi and Tutti Con Ambesi), Max started a new series last week!

As many of you may already know, Max is the main voice of Winter Sports on Italian Eurosport, and one of the most passionate and knowledgeable journalists you can find.

Many of you may just know him for his appreciation for Yuzuru Hanyu, but you do him a disservice to box him into just that.

As people who have the privilege to hear him talk about sports and figure skating in general, we felt like we had to share these podcasts with whoever might be interested.

We have already started translating the first podcast and we hope you will appreciate our work.

Sadly the first podcasts’ series is no longer available on the net. We plan to share some translations we did back then and to add some bits more from the few episodes we saved anyway.

We are open to requests for translations of Max & Angelo’s commentary. We have videos from Worlds 2017 and we may be able to bribe right people to find videos from other competitions, so feel free to hit us with your requests!

Also, since in this newest podcasts series, Max & Angelo will also answer questions from fans, feel free to send us any questions you’d like them to answer and we will forward it to them.