do you ever just stop and look at calvin’s twitter and just think to yourself,

“these are all things he thought of in his head. he literally typed this out as he was saying it in his mind. he was probably smiling like an IDIOT too when he was typing that stupid meme tweet. he also probably furrowed his eyebrows out of frustration when he typed out that sony vegas crashed AGAIN. he maybe giggled too when he made that other joke tweet. maybe he had the biggest cheesiest smile on his face when was was tweeting a thank you to the person that sent him artwork.” 

he’s definitely full of eMoTiOnS

experienced zuka fandom people, I need your guidance:

I feel like it’s high time I bit the bullet, put my awkward aside and wrote a couple of fan letters. Thing is, I’ve never in my entire life written such a thing so… I have no idea what is one supposed to write in a fanletter? Especially a first time fanletter when you send one of the blue? Is it okay to adress the sienne “official nickname + san” from the get-go or would it be better to start with “stage name + san/sama”? Also, since I’m a foreign fan and stuff, would it be okay to send like photos/postcards from my country along with said letter?

(and a sub-question: can one write to directors too? as a genuine “hey, i really loved that show you put on”, obviously)

Any pointers/ advice for a noob like me would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Random NSFW Dreams/ Thoughts that I'm going to share with you for no reason lol

•Being fucked on Baron Corbin’s bike

•Enzo Amore as my psychology professor, keeping ne after class, fucking on a table

•Shane McMahon being a counselor and using his dick to relax you

•Seth Rollins throwing a tantrum after losing on UpUpDwnDwn and taking it out on my pussy

•Finn Bálor asking, and receiving, a BJ on the bus while the rest of the roster is near by

•Randy Orton bending me over a counter and just having his way with me

•Triple-H showing me and using his “sledgehammer” on me

•Dean Ambrose wanting to fuck outside behind a bar

•Batista “Batista bombing” the pussy

Over sharing or….? 😂😂