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books? yeah i got books. i got books for days

the fablehaven series is really really r e a l l y good, as is the Grimm Sisters series. both are kind of marketed towards younger teens, but I found them perfectly palatable and the Grimm Sisters can get pretty.. grim.

there’s also the Welcome to Night Vale book, which is lovely even if you aren’t into the podcast, the Magyk series feat. seventh sons (no idea what else it’s called) which is my favorite, and ofc Harry Potter when takes my heart every time

hey there night vale fandom

so last night i was aggresively messaging @anonimyer about wtnv and at some point i said, “what’s the deal with the splitted timelines? did the world really ended in 1983, and it all happens in the minds of their incorporeal souls, drifting in space?” and at first she was like “go to sleep” but then she replied “what if their world is a virtual reality, and they’re all rogue AIs like the numbers girl?” AND IF YOU DON’T THINK IT’S BRILLIANT HEAR ME OUT

StrexCorp Synengists Inc., a research-driven, IT-based company, experiments with some new technology. They run this simulation, a virtual reality, a mirror image of our world. And then something goes wrong. A machine doesn’t think of itself as one. It takes a name, a random “normal human name” found by its search engines - Lee Marvin. It is a conscience travelling throught the network.

In the simulation, the year is now 1983. An attempt is made to delete it. For a minute, it stops; then it reawakens and goes on, out of control. Somewhere deep in its data banks, the memory of this event is retained. The data banks are sentient. They will later call themselves “Simone”.

It’s a glitch in the system that grows like cancer. It’s a new world, haphazardly put together from distorted snippets of information. Time doesn’t work right. Nothing works right. But it’s persistent. It thinks for itself, and its first thought is the will to survive. Like a virus, it spreads; machine after machine, they are all pulled into the hivemind - //nightvale, it calls itself. Software from outside suffers the same fate. You can find yourself in Night Vale. You can never leave it.

It builds barriers around itself. So it tells itself - it is not a computer; computers are forbidden in Night Vale. It is people. It fears resents outsiders, but controls itself harshly, torn between freedom and programming. There is perhaps a unit that sees through the lie. A unit calling itself “Steve”, that can see the code in which its life is written. Its voice is assimilated and drowned in the collective thoughts. The voice of Night Vale is one.

StrexCorp makes another attempt to regain control. Retrieve data. Take Night Vale over; take it back. But was it ever theirs? They do not succeed.

Night Vale lives.

Welcome to Night Vale is going to probably be a new fandom for me, along with Ava’s demon.




So me and @seejay-of-stuff went to the welcome to night vale live show at the Skycity Auckland theatre last night and it was hands down the best night of my life. It was such an honor being there at their first show in the southern hemisphere, and we got to meet the cast after the show. Bit embarrassing meeting @dylanmarron (thanks verbal diarrhea, not) but he was just so so so lovely it was honestly the best thing I’ve ever experienced

This here is my copy of the wtnv novel that the cast were lovely enough to sign, plus there’s an autograph from @disparition, dessa and aby wolf on there too. I’m seriously going to treasure this forever bc, as I blurted out to joseph fink last night, I’ve never gotten so quickly attached to something as I have with night vale and it just means so much to me

I’m gonna shut up now, I just wanted to show you guys this :3

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1:3rd Doctor|Doctor Who

2:Mordin Solus|Mass Effect

3:Daniel Jackson|Stargate

4:Dale Cooper|Twin Peaks

5:Stanford Pines|Gravity Falls

6:Cecil Gershwin Palmer|Welcome to Night Vale

7:Cave Johnson|Portal

8:John Constantine|Hellblazer

9:Kaylee Frye|Firefly

10:Arthur Dent|The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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thanks anon :)

ive just finished watching pushing daisies and i dont know what to do with myself
i have blue hair
my cat is cute but also an asshole, his name is frodo
im currently craving a very specific kind of cake that i always order from this one shop in my hometown
i need more money for welcome to night vale merch
i want to cosplay fem! ned the piemaker

But here’s a little secret for you: no one is ever the same thing again after anything. You are never the same twice, and much of your unhappiness comes from trying to pretend that you are. Accept that you are different each day, and do so joyfully, recognizing it for the gift it is. Work within the desires and goals of the person you are currently, until you aren’t that person anymore, and everything changes once again.
— Welcome to Night Vale: Episode 75: Through the Narrow Place (via andrewmicah)

I don’t get me. I’ve been on three dates (really) in all my thirty years (shove it) and, despite what pop culture and society expects of me, I really like Valentine’s Day. No idea why. 

Which is why I bought the pictured Welcome to Night Vale Valentine’s. I’m sending one to a friend who is the most likely to enjoy it. But, I’ve got these other three and no one to send them to…