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im sure that Headcanon Appearance Discourse is 100% a thing in the taz fandom and i do remember the graphic novel controversy but regardless, when i go into the tags i do see a LOT of variation in how these boys are drawn and the atmosphere seems generally very supportive of that, and that makes me happy

like i remember when i was super into the portal fandom 5/6 years ago and ALL the human wheatleys looked like the exact same and there was a lot of negativity the few times he was drawn as Not a skinny blond white dude (especially the negative response when people drew him as dark skinned), and i remember the hellscape that was the welcome to night vale fandom and how no matter what any of your hcs were there was always someone who would LOATHE you for them, and im sure that’s still a thing to an extent with regard to taz im really not seeing very much of it and that. that’s a really cool thing

5 Things Tag

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5 Things you’ll find in my bag:

1. My phone (crappy sliding keyboard kind)

2. My IPod

3. My wallet (GotG wallet, super cool)

4. My sunglasses

5. A book

5 Things in my bedroom:

1. Desk covered in school supplies (online schooling, woo)

2. So many blankets and pillows, so many

3. A large stuffed octopus, his name is Laurens Octavius

4. A Welcome to Night Vale print that glows in the dark

5. Several happy plants in cute but completely mismatched pots

5 Things that make me happy:

1. Talking about the things I love with anyone willing to listen

2. Meeting new people with similar interests to me

3. Napping, just, napping

4. Petting my cat (seriously, he’s so soft it should be illegal)

5. Writing

5 Things I’m currently into:

1. D. Gray Man (always)

2. Dogs: Bullets & Carnage

3. Not being outside (humidity is awful)

4. WW2 history

5. Taking care of my plants

5 Things on my to-do list:

1. Sort through my MANY books to get rid of the ones I don’t want anymore

2. Take down laundry

3. Finish the book that my dad lent me two months ago

4. Transcribe my handwritten parts of a story into the digital copy

5. Edit a poem that I wrote at the beginning of the month and haven’t even looked at since

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Writing Commissions

Due to reasons entirely out of my control it’s very hard for me to get a job, and I need money to get out of an abusive household. Please reblog this, it’d mean a lot to me.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of fandoms I can write for:

  • Chuck
  • Overwatch
  • Criminal Minds
  • Steven Universe
  • BBC Sherlock
  • Cabin Pressure
  • Avengers / MCU
  • Welcome to Night Vale
  • Psychonauts
  • Dream Daddy

If you want something for a fandom that’s not on this list, just ask me, as I’m familiar with quite a few fandoms. I can also write something for your own original characters, if I’m provided with personality reference.

Here is a list of things I won’t do:

  • noncon/underage
  • nsfw/smut for childrens cartoons (ex. steven universe)
  • pedophilic/abusive/incestuous ships
  • anything about real people. dont ask.

Here are the prices:

  • 500 words: $3
  • 1k words: $6
  • 1.5k words: $9
  • 2k words: $18
  • 2.5k words: $21
  • etc.
  • nsfw is extra

Here are some writing examples:

I have more examples of original writing than I do fanfiction.

Send me an ask/message for further information! I accept money through paypal only.

honestly so much of this just works

-“we saw angels once, don’t you remember? they helped old woman Josie screw in a light and then interfered with a football game”

-“Welcome, welcome to Night Vale, where hooded and faceless monstrosities live”

-“you shall not enter the dog park, SCOUNDREL”

-also the whole thing about the main love interest having really great hair

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm a Cecil fictive from the podcast Welcome To Night Vale! The body is 18 and I'm around 27 ish in the headspace (don't quote me on that though, everyone knows time isn't real in Night Vale) but hey. I really miss Carlos and Abbie. My blog is @probablyexists

calling all fictives (not fiction/kin) that fit the above criteria!