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We realized we had an intern that had somehow survived, which had never happened before. So, we realized she must be important somehow, if only we could figure out how.

Joseph Fink was interviewed by Barnes & Noble about Welcome to Night Vale and the upcoming episode collections. Here’s a peek at the writing process.

Side note: Barnes & Noble sold out of their signed edition of Mostly Void, Partially Stars, but you can still get a signed copy of The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe from them!

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hi! im reading into the WTNV Discourse™ and i saw you made a post about the character diego being made by a nazi sympathizer?? do u know background abt that? tysm!

haha yes. yes. fuck i hate this fandom but luckily i have always lived for fandom drama so i know the details friend.

The Diego the fandom is most familiar with was introduced to fandom by an artist who we call vf. Her url has only been vf for a year or two, at the height of shitty night vale fandom it was na/zi-nu/rse. And she used to use Nazi imagery way more heavily in her original and WtNV fan art. (I haven’t found it in my admittedly unenthusiastic search but I seem to remember art of Cecil just straight up dressed in a Nazi inspired uniform)

This doesn’t sound like a big deal actually to a lot of newer fans but neo-Nazis used to be a significant group in the Night Vale fandom. White supremacists used to harass fans and put pressure on creators, both on Tumblr and Reddit. One Year Later, Date Night, and Condos really pissed off a lot of people, as confirmed Cecil and Carlos as a couple and casting a Latino man as Carlos were apparently ‘bowing to the SJWs’. Fink couldn’t have a thought on Twitter without ‘bowing to the SJWs’.

She only eventually changed the url when people were directly calling her out on it, and because she was being heavily called out for her racism and use of ableist and homophobic slurs at the time, and she thought using a spanish url would stop people from doing so by showing them that she’s Latina (which… still doesn’t erase the racism ableism or homophobia, nor does the fact that she is (or was, I have not followed her for years) engaged to a woman) 

The additional problem with Diego specifically is that the artist was pretty comfortable portraying him as a rapist, and romanticizing the shit out of that angle on the character (and among other characters - Cecil, Carlos and Kevin).

And there were other incidents, of course, but this isn’t a ‘call out post’ it’s an answer to your question directly about Diego and the weird ‘sexualizing Nazis’ thing vf used to have no shame in doing.

Basically, there’s no problem with the concept of a Desert Bluffs version of Carlos. There’s no problem even with the way some people represent Diego. But he originates from the worst place and time in fandom and for the most part, has been left there, so a lot of us see him as a relic of that time. Kind of like how ‘superwholock’ isn’t the worst in itself, but the word is a relic of the days most of us were in middle school and terribly embarrassing. 

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Sirius, do you know about welcome to night vale?

Sirius : I know there’s a dog park that’s off limits… Which I find racist. 

((OOC : Omfg, I love welcome to night vale. I cosplay Cecil at cons. I should totally hope on as him one night. )) 

Hey guys! Gabbi here! I am home form my vaca. And my mind is really nit-picky because of my anxiety, so to settle that I’ve decided to do a redux of the swimming post instead of just editing it. (IIdk guys my brain just doesn’t like the idea of just editing??) But this edit will include longer scenarios for Shiki and Lindo, since I was in a rush, and an existent one for Roen, lmao. 

Oh, and school starts tomorrow for me. Yay. Junior year of high school. Fucking hurrah. But for now I’ll make myself happy by postin’ and listening to a playlist of the weather from Welcome to Night Vale. Thanks for reading this little update.

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Do you do land analysis? If so, what is a possible land for a Thief of Time?

Someone who actively steals time and death… how about… the Land of Museums and Acquisitions?

“… like in that popular and heartwarming series of adventure movies about a wisecracking archeologist who comically destroys countless important artifacts under the hilarious misapprehension that they belong in his museum rather than in the religious sites of the cultures that made them.” - Welcome to Night Vale

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Do you listen to Welcome to Night Vale? Or watch Stranger Things? Or play Pokemon Go? (I am currently obsessed with all three..)


Eleven is the most precious baby.

Team Mystic for life.

(*ahem* yes. yes I do. I’m way behind on Night Vale right now, I ended off with Carlos heading back from the strange desert otherworld, so I’m like episode 70-something. I JUST watched Stranger Things on the recommendation of a friend and LOVED it, and I played Pokemon Go for a while but haven’t had time in a while.)

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Cecil Baldwin talks openly about HIV for the first time. I love him, and I’m so incredibly proud of him. Honored to call him a friend, my fictional podcast boyfriend, and a stigma-ending badass.