welcome to night vales

All the guest voices ever

in alphabetical order

Aliee Chan (Basimah Bishara) 

Annie Savage (Erika/Diane Crayton) 

Christopher Loar  (phone tree voice) 

Dan Bittner (Erika)

Desiree Burch (Pamela Winchell) 

Dylan Marron (Carlos)

Emma Frankland (Sheriff Sam) 

Erica Livingston (Maggie Pennebaker, phone tree voice) 

Felicia Day (Joanna Rey)

Flor de Liz Perez (Lacy from the water department) 

Hal Lublin (Steve Carlsberg/Erika) 

Jackson Publick  (Hiram McDaniels)

James Urbaniak (Leonard Burton) 

Jasika Nicole (Dana) 

Kate Jones (Michelle Nguyen) 

Kevin R. Free (Kevin)  

Lauren Sharpe (Lauren Mallard) 

Mara Wilson  (Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home)

Marc Evan Jackson (Marcus Vanston)

Mark Gagliardi (John Peters, You Know, the Farmer)  

Maureen Johnson (Intern Maureen) 

Meg Bashwiner (Deb the sentient pyatch o’ haze)

Molly Quinn (Fey/Melony Pennington) 

Retta (Old Woman Josie) 

Symphony Sanders (Tamika Flynn) 

Thérèse Plummer (Erika)

Wil Wheaton (Earl Harlan) 

Queer women of Night Vale Presents

After the first season of Within The Wires, the third podcast published by Night Vale Presents, ended a month ago and blew my mind, I knew I had to muster up a review, even just for the simple reason that I’ve written about Welcome To Night Vale and Alice Isn’t Dead. But as I immersed myself in Within The Wires to find a point of view for this piece, I was struck by how similar its themes are to those of its sister podcast Alice Isn’t Dead, despite being very different and unique works of fiction. It made me wonder how much their respective creators Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink concerted as they each wrote their podcast. So this review is going to be using Alice Isn’t Dead as a comparison point to explore Within The Wires.

Is it actually a surprise that these two works would broach some similar themes? Their authors do co-write the popular Welcome To Night Vale together and there is a distinct quality and atmosphere common to all three podcasts. However, considering Alice Isn’t Dead is a gothic horror road trip and Within The Wires is a futuristic dystopia, it’s not as glaring as one might think. Listening to one or the other is a very different experience altogether. Not withholding from spoilers for both shows (each is comprised of ten episodes under half an hour each available anywhere you listen to podcasts), considering I’ll be judging their narrative, here is what I have to say about these two podcasts very dear to my heart.

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