welcome to night vale

Should IMDb include podcasts? Audio-Drama creators start #AudioOnIMDb
Audio-Drama belongs alongside film/tv in the preeminent database for talent in entertainment. The inclusion of podcasts will bring deserved legitimacy to the rising medium where creators and talent consistently produce popular and compelling stories.

Friendly reminder that the neutrinos that constantly bombard the earth come from the Sun! So if you look up to the sky and open your mouth, they’re traveling through your mouth and to your stomach! So technically, all of us are eating the Sun.

excuse me but like podcasts? are so wonderful?

  • there’s nothing more relaxing than cleaning your room to Wolf 359
  • nothing better than a little bit of The Penumbra Podcast after a long day
  • doing dishes to Welcome to Night Vale
  • folding clothes to ars PARADOXICA
  • taking a walk and listening to Alice Isn’t Dead (actually then you get mildly creeped out and suspiciously eye every vehicle)
  • pretending to do homework listening to Wooden Overcoats
  • crying into the bathtub to The Mysterious Case of Starship Iris
  • giggling at EOS 10
  • standing in front of the fridge because you forgot what you were doing when listening to The Bright Sessions

there is nothing. better than podcasts. they are so pure and wholesome and wonderful. they motivate me to do chores. wow. what is better than podcasts? best form of art.