welcome week

Happy SNS week
  • As a treat for those still reading A kiss never forgotten (IF YOU ARE I LOVE YOU). I hope you enjoy chap 13.
  • My beta cant beta for me atm so if there are any mistakes i am soooo sorry please let me know if there is or what you think. (I read it 3 times, but knowing me the whole thing is probably in the wrong language)
  • Happy SNS WEEEEKKKKKK!!! love you guys xoxoxo

Wanted: other asexuals to join my new crime-fighting squad. Our slogan is “too bad I have an ace up my sleeve… or several,” and you all gotta emerge dramatically from the shadows every time I say it. Now accepting applications.

even if you’ve been living in stardew valley for 50 years nobody ages or dies due to a demonic pact between the wizard and the junimos, guaranteeing the safety of stardew valley, but in exchange the wizard must ne’er leave the valley, and dedicate almost all his time into appeasing the local spirits of stardew valley.

your grandfather was selected as a candidate for the junimos’ centennial sacrifice, but escaped his fate and fled, finally able to leave the cursed place behind. but hearing that the company that his grandchild is working for is tampering with forces they could never control, he, with his dying breath, leaves his prison to the grandchild to toil away, doomed to appease the junimos until their sacred place(the community center) is restored, successfully saving joja corp from destroying itself with this power.

but there’s a price you must pay for this deed. you must stay in stardew valley….unable to escape…trapped there with your farm, the tools you carry, and the empty, hollow-gazed townspeople who will all someday revere you as a false idol of love and friendship.

  • Day 1: Fashion/Science

Cecilos week is here and it caught me semi-off guard like a snake being where a loaf of bread once was

But i had been redrawing one of my first replies on my Carlos ask blog about them sharing clothes and it just happened to fit the prompt quite well! so i finished it for this special occasion.

edit: i forgot to color carlos’s beard, also i’m too lazy to draw their body hair.


 RebelCaptain AU || Two Weeks Notice 

Based on the movie, but a role reversal, where Jyn is a spoiled but good-natured business heiress and Cassian is an activist lawyer who she hires as her company’s chief counsel after revealing how sharp and strategic he can be. He reluctantly agrees to it and proves efficient at the job. But outside the job, Jyn relies a lot on Cassian for personal aspects of her messy life. 

A year passes by and Cassian feels more like her nanny rather than her lawyer. Eventually, he puts in his resignation when he realizes their relationship is crossing professional boundaries. But this act makes both of them start to reevaluate their actual feelings for the other…and if there’s a possibility for a future.


Kodama • 5F00-000F-7BCA

worked on Kodama in my ACNL livestream yesterday and updated the dream town! not too much has changed, but it was so fun making improvements with you all! can’t wait to stream again and actually play with some of you. ôヮô