welcome to; our house

fun home au where everythings the same except welcome to our house on maple avenue is replaced by bruce standing in the middle of a stage nd holding a microphone as he deadpans “hello mtv and welcome to my crib”


Q: Who aerates soil in the wild?
A: Worms and other burrowing insects. Since we don’t welcome them in our homes, our house plants expect us to do their job. Read more on soil aeration in my blog post (link in profile)

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You know what? Why don’t you join us at our house for dinner? We can talk about Simon’s music career and his accounting career. –  Mom, he can’t. He’s extremely busy. – Honey, any friend of yours is a friend of ours. You are welcome at my house anytime.



(Fanaccount) 170211 The EXO’rDIUM in Hong Kong

Suho: This is our home. EXO’s home. 
Yixing: It’s our house, right? Us and EXO-L’s house. We (EXO) have prepared a present for everyone. Please be welcome to come to our house as a guest.


After Unfair, Suho kept saying “Our House” and inviting fans, then he said “EXO-L’s House”.

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The (Unofficial) Welcome Letter To Wampus

Congratulations! I’m prefect Alexandria Bernice— Allie for short, and I’m glad to welcome you to the WAMPUS HOUSE! Our emblem is the Wampus, a magical panther-like creature that’s fast, strong and almost impossible to kill. Our house was light-heartedly named after the favorite animal of WEBSTER BOOTS. Our school colors are Blue and Cranberry, in honor of our founders: Isolt, who wanted to be a Ravenclaw in our counterpart back in the UK and James, who made really good cranberry pie— like let me tell you, really good. Oh! And touches of gold for the memory of the brooch Isolt found in the original ilvermorny cottage.

Now, let me explain to you a few things about the Wampus house. We are the WARRIORS— but that doesn’t mean just fist fights, some of us are really good at debating. We represent the BODY of Witches and Wizards.

Our founder, Webster Boots was extremely loyal and argumentative— these show the traits of all Wampuses.

So, how do you know you’re a Wampus? Well, that’s easy— our Wampus carving will roar for you! Since you’re a new student, you probably didn’t know that ALL of the school would watch you on the circular balcony overhead. Don’t worry, we always clap when a new Wampus joins, I may or may not have been the first one who greeted you once joining. It’s very rare for someone to get more than one house, once a decade, all the houses choose that one lucky witch or wizard who has to look deep inside theirselves for which house they must go into… If that’s you, then welcome to the Wampus house!

Oh and, our security is “top notch,” meaning, we don’t have security— the other houses’ students come and go any common area as they please, we DO have slumber parties over at Pukwudgie after all. It’s nice and comfortable over there— they make pillow forts and have tons of plants! But if they start fighting, don’t join in. You might lose an arm, those little puffles are dangerous when angry.

A little secret you have to keep in our house, the near by lake is AMAZING for wipe-out like competitions. Don’t tell the Thunderbirds, or we’re going to have a full blown competition between our houses… Again.

Speaking of these houses, we have a pretty good relationship with all of them:

We have slumberparties back at the Pukwudgie common room (as said before), but we also get medicine such as pain killers and cures for illnesses and allergies in their black market. (The students that run the market are kind of like the mafia, what did I tell you? Scary.)

Thunderbirds are our main rivals in literally everything. No-Maj challenges, competitions, video games… ultimate frisbee… But! We still keep that friendly aura between us! I mean— we did take that cranberry pie recipe from that Pukwudgie prefect… Even if we’re friends all in all, that doesn’t stop us from beating them in everything!

As for the Horned Serpents, they are our go to for homework help AND muggle devices. Go to the right Horned Serpent and you’ll find yourself with the best wifi spot in the castle and a wand that doubles as a movie projector! Also, have you seen that diagram in their common room? One of the third years made a project on who’s in the illuminati in the wizarding world! I mean let’s face it, Dumbledore wasn’t successful without a little help. Be careful with arguments with them though, they’re scarily good debtors.

But let’s keep in mind the teachers too; if you’re in herbology, the professor has a heavy Boston accent that will drive you up the wall if you’re from the West Coast! The potions teacher is great, but she says “soorry” instead of “sorry.” (A must be a Canadian.) Lastly, the History Of Magic teacher has a real heavy New Yorker accent, they’re from Brooklyn.

Anyways, again, welcome to the Wampus house! You’ll find great pleasure in all the secrets we keep from the other houses. Also, ask any prefect about where to go after curfew for some marshmallow roasting with all the other houses, it’s tradition.

A/N: Thank you to @chadwicksboot, @uplandwonderland and @ms-nomel for the headcanon ideas used in this letter!



Hello everybody!!! Welcome to our house party in our new home after 1 millón year’s @freebackbird and @willclarksonphotograph came i was so worried they didn’t make it but they are here at last 🍺. We are living now in a beach house for now so why not throwing a house party with my family and friends . Enjoying the sun , sand , comida , cervezas…I wish you all were here ❤


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Of frat brothers in or around the Fox Beta Kappa booth, Jamie was the only constant presence. He didn’t mind. This was what he signed up for when he ran for president of the frat. Hell, he loved Fox Beta Kappa so much he’d probably be doing the same thing even if he’d lost. Jamie was determined to make this year the best one he could for his brothers. 

“Come to our Welcome Week party at the Fox Beta Kappa house! Saturday night, everybody’s gonna be done with their classes; there’s no reason you shouldn’t.” Jamie winked at a freshman passing by. “Everyone is welcome.”

5SOS Preference #24: Welcome Home
  • Ashton Irwin: "Hello, hello!" Ashton shouts a bit after opening our house's door. "Daddy! Mommy! Jakey!" I hear Austin shout and the pitter patter of his feet. I walk through the door with a smile while carrying the baby carrier that is securing my sleeping newborn, Jacob. "I missed you mommy." Austin says, wrapping his arms around my leg while I set the carrier on the counter. Ashton's mom walks into the kitchen and I wave at her. "What about me?" Ashton pouts and Austin giggles, shaking his head. I kneel down to Austin's height. "I missed you too, baby." I say and he hugs me. Then little cries come from the baby carrier. Ashton moves to unclasp Jacob from the carrier. "Come here, my sleepy bug. Daddy's got you." He coos, picking Jacob up and kissing his cheek. I pick Austin up and rest him on my hip. "Wow." Austin whispers while looking down at his brother, who's in his daddy's arms. "Isn't he cool?" I ask Austin and he nods. "So cool." He whispers. Ashton smiles and kisses Jacobs forehead. "Welcome home, little guy." Ashton whispers with tears in his eyes.
  • Luke Hemmings: "Hey..." Luke coos gently to our crying Ella while rubbing her cheek with the back of his fingers, slowly. "You're fine, pumpkin." He reassures her before leaning down and pecking her cheek gently before re-situating her in his arms. I watch them with a smile on my face while laying on my side next to him on our bed. He's sitting up and resting his back against the headboard while staring at her. "She's so tiny." Luke whispers after Ella stops whimpering, now asleep. I laugh a bit before sitting up myself. "She looks so much like you." I admit, sitting next to him and looking at her too. "So precious." He says as I move her little bangs to the side. "She's gonna break hearts." I whisper with a laugh and Luke smiles. I lean down and kiss her forehead. "I love you, my little Ella bean." I whisper to her. She squeaks a bit in delight. "Welcome home, lovely." Luke whispers too, resting his head onto mine after I laid mine on his shoulder.
  • Calum Hood: "Ryder, what did I say?" Calum warns quietly next to me while I hold our sleeping newest addition, Olivia. "To play quietly." Ryder mumbles quietly while moving his toy trucks around the carpet. "Just tone it down a bit, Ry." I say with a small smile. "Yes, mama." Ryder says before returning back to his toys. I rock Olivia gently as Calum lays down next to me, trying to sleep. Olivia then squawks awake. "Shh, it's alright." I coo while patting her bum gently. "Is she okay mama?" Ryder asks before sitting down next to me and staring over her. Calum sits up once she cries out loud. "Everything's okay. She's just tired." I say, trying to calm her down. "You're okay, Olivia," Ryder reassures sweetly while rubbing her head gently. "You're okay." After he rubs her for awhile, she calms down and returns to her sleep. "Nice job, little man." Calum says holding out his hand for him and Ryder slaps it with his hand for a high-five. I kiss his forehead before we all look at Olivia in awe. "Welcome home, baby girl." Calum whispers before kissing the top of her head.
  • Michael Clifford: "Is everything good back there?" Michael asks while looking at me through the rear view mirror. I nod my head gently while sitting between the two baby carriers that are securing my sleeping babies. Nick sits to my left and Zach on my right. Zach holds my pinky with his little hand as I watch Nick snore quietly. "They're so cute, all bundled up." I whisper while looking at them back and forth. Michael chuckles while staring at the road, driving slowly. "You want anymore?" He asks and I shake my head quickly. "Not right now at least." I say with a laugh and so does he. "I'll defiantly want a girl later." I admit quietly as I wipe the drool off of Nick's chin with my thumb. "That can be arranged." Michael says before looking at me in the rear view mirror again. "Later Michael. Later." I say and he smiles. "Alright, alright." He chuckles. "I love my all of boys." I say proudly with a smile. I then kiss Nick and Zach's cheek. "Ah, at last." Michael states while pulling into our driveway. I cheer a quiet "yay". He parks the car gently and turns around to face me and our kids. "Welcome home, my babies." Michael says with a big smile.