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Q: Who aerates soil in the wild?
A: Worms and other burrowing insects. Since we don’t welcome them in our homes, our house plants expect us to do their job. Read more on soil aeration in my blog post (link in profile)

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Mystic Messenger  Coven AU

my roommate and i have been long-term developing a witch coven au for mystic messenger. this is gonna be a long post so here we go


  • power: mind reading
  • Rika finds out Yoosung is a witch shortly after V reveals his own powers, and he is the first one they recruit into their coven
  • at first, Yoosung cannot control what thoughts he hears
  • on top of that, when Yoosung hears a persons thoughts he is also subject to feeling the emotions that go with them
  • hearing/feeling constant voices, which are mostly negative, causes him to be very jumpy, nervous, or even depressed
  • because he hears thoughts so often, he’s mostly very reserved
  • as his powers grow, he is able to control hearing thoughts as opposed to hearing them sporadically, and he even learns to manipulate thoughts and emotions
  • Yoosungs ability to read thoughts causes him to have a very strong connection to Seven, who is famous for putting up that facade to fool everyone
  • since Yoosung can feel emotions, he senses deep sadness from Seven even though all he does is spew nonsense jokes
  • because of this Yoosung and Seven develop a deeper connection more quickly (not paired romantically, tho!!) 


  • power: fire
  • at first, he can do little things like make little flames to light a candle, or his cigarette
  • he also does not have very good control over his power, there is a chance of him setting something on fire if he’s startled or very angry
  • as his powers grow he starts to gain the ability to manipulate heat in more specific ways, like controlling the heat on the stove top or making the microwave set Jumins food on fire
  • eventually he’s able to create large-scale fires 
  • acts cold and aloof as a way to avoid getting close to people
  • since his power is fire, he views himself as a tool of destruction and something that can only cause damage and pain
  • for that reason he’s really stand-offish in the beginning
  • if you dont get close to anyone you can accidentally set them on fire, right?
  • V helps him understand how to use his fire in a positive way


  • power: telekinesis
  • at first, she can only move small objects
  • as her powers grow she is able to manipulate bones and eventually entire human bodies
  • very shy, but has a tendency to be violent
  • after being ignored for years and years as a child, she found that the only way she could make people pay attention to her was by hurting them
  • so she just…stuck with it
  • if she’s having an argument with someone in the house she’ll do something simple like bend their finger backwards too far
  • she doesnt do it because she likes making people feel pain, she doesnt it because she so desperately wants someone to listen to her
  • and for some reason, people only pay attention when they’re in pain
  • its a bad habit that takes her a long time to get rid of
  • once broke Zen’s toe
  • the whole house has to constantly remind her that she matters and that they will value and listen to her opinion
  • has a habit of levitating when she reads


  • power: vessel
  • essentially, Jumin acts as a vessel for the spirit world
  • he cant control it at first, and spirits, ghosts, or demons can possess him at will, without him having any say in it
  • it is extremely taxing emotionally and physically for him, but of course he pretends it isnt
  • sometimes if a demon possesses him things will get really bad and he’ll wake up with cuts on his body
  • he usually tries to hide it or pretend the cuts were caused by an accident
  • he’s had years of practice having to hide this scary and weird thing from his father, who is the picture of a perfect, normal citizen
  • things are so bad with him that the rest of the coven has to take turns staying awake at night to make sure “Jumin” doesnt kill someone else or himself
  • his power development is very gradual
  • he learns to communicate with nearby spiritual beings
  • he learns to reject certain spirits from entering his body, and learns how to still be partial in control while being possessed
  • the height of his power is being able to summon certain spirits on demand
  • Seven nicknames him the human ouija board


  • power: foresight
  • when the coven first begins, Seven is the most powerful witch
  • he didnt know he was a witch per se, but he knew he had powers and taught himself how to develop them
  • at first he cant control when he will see the future, or how much of it he will see
  • when he joins the coven, he’s already taught himself to look at a specific point in the future, although it takes a lot of work and is very vague and hard to interpret
  • Seven will spend hours and hours each day locked in his room, training himself
  • eventually he learns to manipulate the future
  • this task is very, very difficult for him. it takes almost an entire day of focused and exhausting meditation to change something very insignificant about the future
  • for example, Seven will spend all day locked in his room, straining himself mentally, just so that the next day he can make Yoosung high-five him without even knowing he was going to do it
  • Seven has an intense internal struggle, because of his religious connection to God
  • he looks at his situation, surrounded by witches, even one that is possessed be demons regularly, and wonders if God views him as a demon, too
  • he doesnt know what he is, and sometimes believes that he really is a demon but he still wears his cross and prays the rosary daily, asking for forgiveness
  • he also finds that he has very violent tendencies, he often wants to hurt himself or others, and tries to hurt himself on multiple occasions
  • thats why he trains so much, because believes that training will keep him from being able to hurt others


  • um, seven ate him in the womb and then he comes back and possesses jumin

i have more but i’ll put a cut here! thanks for reading ^^

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anonymous asked:

TianShan, introducing each other to their families? Thanks! X)

I don’t know if this is what you had in mind, but it’s what I had in mine! ^^””” Thanks for the prompt!

2) TianShan ~ Introducing each other to their families. 

“Say,” Guan Shan asked while staring at the stacks of condiments and seasonings, “why am I here?”

“Because you owe me a whole pot of sweet-and-sour pork. If you don’t want to be here, next time you steal Zhan’s homework.” Tian took the basket from Mo’s hands and looked around the aisle. “I’m lost as fuck here. You take the lead; I’ll just follow you and pay.”

“Then we’ll need tomato sauce with red pepper and hot beans—” Guan Shan replied, reaching for the spiciest bottle.

Tian laughed. “You know you’re gonna join me for dinner, don’t you? So prepare something you would eat and don’t fuck with my food.” He leaned over and whispered in Guan Shan’s ear, “Of course, if you want it that badly, there are more entertaining ways to set your ass on fire…”

Guan Shan turned to him, a furious blush quickly spreading over his pale face. His mouth trembled as if he wanted to retort properly, but all that escaped his lips was a frustrated “FUCK! Fuck you, you cock—!”

Tian gasped. “Such a dirty mou—!” 


They both turned around to see a young-looking woman wearing a look of disgust.

“How many times have I told you not to use that language?” She slapped the back of his head. “I’m sorry, this child can be so rude. Apologize, Guanshan!”

“Ah, there’s no need, ma’am!” He Tian turned on his charm and bowed his head respectfully. “We know each other. In fact, we’re—”

“He’s just someone who goes to the same school!” Guan Shan shouted. “His name is He Tian! We sometimes have assignments together, that’s all! Right?” He cast a desperate glance at Tian, who was raising an eyebrow.

“Right,” Tian replied. Had there been a slight pause there? “My name is He Tian. I’m always in Mo’s care. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.” He flashed a smile that made the hearts of both mother and son skip a beat.

“Such manners,” Guan Shan’s mother blushed. “I’m this kid’s mother. Thank you for always taking care of my son. If you ever want to do your assignments in our house, you’re more than welcome.”

“You know,” Tian said once she had left, “you actually look a lot like her. Well, if your brow wasn’t furrowed so often, maybe you’d—”

“I’m not a woman, or feminine!” Guan Shan barked. “What the chicken dick are you saying? Shit, I thought I was going to die, being found here with you…”

“Eeeh…” He Tian mused. “Would that be so embarrassing?”

Guan Shan looked up, but Tian averted his gaze and walked away.

Lately there had been something odd about that guy. Of course he could have said that they were friends, but that would mean a closeness that he still refused to acknowledge – though the mere fact that he refused it only meant that he craved it. Ever since he’d started hanging out with that guy and the other two jerks, he felt less lonely. He’d often found himself wondering how many breaks it would take Tian to come to him, how many blocks they’d walk together, how many more shared meals there would be till each went their own way. That thought scared him, and he’d always believed that the best thing to do was to avoid getting close to anyone. That way, when everything was over, it wouldn’t hurt so much, right?

“Oi, stop daydreaming.” Tian touched his face with the pack of pork tenderloin. “Is this okay?”

“I’m…” Guan Shan began to say, but suddenly a shadow loomed over him.

“Yo,” the newcomer said. Guan Shan blinked. Could this be…?

“What are you doing here, brother?” He Tian asked, moving closer. “Was the Punks Anonymous meeting canceled?”

“I’ve got a break in my shift,” he replied. “Who’s this?”

“Him? He’s… just someone who goes to my school.”

“I’ll go get the eggs,” Guan Shan muttered, walking away quickly. He turned round the corner of the aisle and stopped. Why? It felt as if he’d been dealt a blow that had left him breathless. He bit his trembling lower lip. He Tian had said… He had said… He just used the same words you used, you chicken-brained shit! Why does it bother you? Isn’t this what you want? His throat hurt. Shit. So this is how it feels, huh…

“So that’s the guy,” Brother said matter-of-factly. “The one you’re after?”


“Shut up.”

“What’s his name? If he’s gonna be family at some point, shouldn’t I introduce myself properly?”

Guan Shan heard the sound of rustling fabric, and Tian’s low, threatening voice. “I don’t want him involved in any of your shit, is that clear?”

“If you don’t tell me his name, how can I protect you both?”

“He doesn’t need your protection,” Tian said, walking past his brother. “He has me.”

Aw, crap. Guan Shan’s blood rushed through his veins. Shit, shit, shit. What’s this? He covered his mouth with his hand, as if he wanted to prevent a million words from coming out. What should I do with this feeling? He was wondering whether he should go back and say something to Tian’s brother when Tian found him.

“Did you find the eggs?”

“Yes!” Guan Shan blurted out, grabbing them from the nearest shelf.

They paid for the groceries and went out of the market. As they walked to the tower, Guan Shan took out his cellphone.

“Sending a message to your mom?” Tian asked.


“Telling her not to fall in love with the beautiful boy she met today?”

“Not quite.” He finished typing and showed it to Tian.

[I’m spending the night at my friend He Tian’s house.]

Tian raised his eyes slowly and stared at him. “Don’t Close Mountain… Do you know what you’re doing?” His voice was definitely low and dark, in a way that only Guan Shan understood.

“Yes,” he replied. “Just… Make sure I won’t regret it.”

“You won’t,” He Tian smiled, taking Guan Shan’s bag off his hand.

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plutodeservesplanethood  asked:

At one point, a condom only for half inflated and the less inflated and was stuck into a light cover where you'd screw the cover on. Either our assistant stage manager, or one of our sound guys (they're twins) walk down with this on his head doing a kind of cheery 59s cartoon walk thing. Our director of everything tech, then says to our stage manager "Go up there and tell them that if I see one more condom inflated, I will snap all of their f*cking necks myself". More condom storis to come (2/2

There are welcomed in our house/blog

anonymous asked:

Why do you believe Camren is real? (This is a serious question). According to the theories, they've been together for years yet, even being in the public eye, there isn't a single piece of evidence to prove a relationship. Literally all the "proof" is assumptions based on the way the girls make eye contact. All those Camren "proof" videos with specific moments between the girls can literally be made between EVERY girl. You can even make videos that make them all look like they loathe each other.

Oh my Ghad fam! Clara J. has found me!!! 😂A non-believer in the house! welcome to our domain. 💋 Here is a rose 🌹 for you. Shall I lay the red carpet? 🙃 Kiddin’ aside, my number 1 point since you were explicitly implying that we “alter” videos to make the “girls” look that they loathe at each other. Never have I ever posted an “edited looking at each other” video of any of the girls, ever. Second point, the right of “belief” is a basic universal right under the constitution, we can believe whatever seems real, genuine, and true to us, we do not ask you to believe with us. To each his own. Third, there are thousands of theories fact, what you are looking for is a direct spoon fed confirmation from the girls themselves, you won’t get it anytime soon hun, I suggest go back after a decade. Careers are on the line here, and did you actually think that the management would ever risk it, and let them hang out in public romantically to be scrutinized, and photographed by paparazzi? I don’t think so babe. Let them have that little bit privacy they are left with. Here we promote love only. We see love, and we promote it. ❣️Are we done here because I kinda need to walk my fish. 😉

So a situation has arisen where, apparently, our pets are no longer welcome in the house. This means we need to leave ASAP, but have no money for a down payment on anything. So…unfortunately, I’m gonna need to ask for money again. If you can spare anything, please send it to cash.me/$NoahKuiken

Join us of the Keeper’s Kiss for our monthly adult-themed cabaret! An evening that allows us to bare some skin and delight your senses behind closed doors lined with red tape. Grant our performers a moment of pleasure, a reason for your heart to race and your thoughts to linger, and come to the Wanderer’s Elysium!

We welcome all performers to our stage, both in-house and out, and our performer slots for this cabaret are currently open!  We have 10 - 12 slots for each Cabaret with a first-come, first-serve basis, though we do withhold the right to grant Keeper’s Kiss members priority. If you are interested in performing please feel free to contact Kasumi Gakunin or Kotone Shimayasu in game or on this tumblr.

All performers for our adult-themed cabarets MUST be over 18. No exceptions.

When: May 5th, 8PM - 11PM EDT
Where: The Wanderer’s Elysium: Mists Ward 11, Plot 5
What: A ‘special’ Cabaret for audiences 18 or older ~ ♥
Cost: FREE!

Poster credit goes to the talented @etani-a

#ShipperCon - my ECCC 2017 story (part 1)

I honestly don’t even know how to begin. It’s been nearly a week and I’m still buzzing and overwhelmed from last weekend. What started out 8 weeks ago as an impulsive trip with 2 ladies who live in the Seattle area (the original #ShipperCon trio!), it quickly turned into a group of 8 of us from all over the US. Finally meeting after becoming friends on Twitter over the last year. I’m so thankful they were all able to make the trip all the way out to the NW and I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. Truly.

I’ve already reblogged the top moments that @heyheykatiemae put together from the weekend (check those out too!) and I’m going to totally steal her idea of using all our Twitter handles to keep the stories straight. (You can also follow these lovely ladies over there because they’re basically the best. No lie.)

@heyheykatiemae (also on tumblr), @jill_millander, @ClaireEBFraser (@claireelizabethbeauchampfraser on tumblr), @birdie4573, @ZenGeisha1 (@zengeisha on tumblr), @Pursuitofagood1 (@pursuitofagoodbook on tumblr), and @meg_eh.

Apologies in advance that this got EXTREMELY wordy. But it just spilled out and I don’t want to forget a second of it! Since it did end up being so long, this is part 1 of 2!

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Honeymoon - Taeil (M)

Suggested:  Can you please do a Taeil smut where you guys are on honeymoon and it’s very romantic? If not it’s alr, and your writings are great btw<3

It’s not that fluffy ughh I’m so sorry… I promise I tried… 

And @Admin Ivy I beat ya to it again c: heheh luv u bae 💓

You lucky followers gettin spoiled with stories today. Happy birthday lmao 👍🏻

-Admin Kay

Originally posted by xehunted

Pairing: Taeil x Reader

Genre: Fluff Smut

Word Count: 1,502

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What we would not have without Slytherins

1. First of all there would be no Hogwarts, you can not deny that Hogwarts would not be the same without the cunning house.

2. We would not have Ron, Ginny or most importantly Harry.  Ron who nearly died in The Half-Blood Prince by choking on poisoned mead was saved by the ingenues of a slytherin student: The Half-Blood Prince, so thanks to the knack for potions of the slytherins we don’t have to suffer another Weasley loss. 

3. Now when it comes to Ginny in The Camber of Secrets, Tom Riddle, in a way turned out to be the bane of his own self.  Although Ginny was nearly killed by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named it was also his own strength that was his undoing;it was Harry’s Parselmouth that he inherited from Voldemort when he survived the unforgivable curse that let Harry enter The Camber of Secrets to rescue Ginny.

4.  And last but definitely not least Harry Potter; twice Harry was saved by members of a family that were slytherin through and through: the Malfoys.  In The Deathly Hallows Draco saved Harry when he hesitated to identify a disguised Harry, Draco’s hesitation was just what Harry needed to get away.  Again a Malfoy saved Harry’s life was in The Forbidden Forest as Harry lay alive after Voldemort cast the Killing curse on Harry, Narcissa could have told Voldemort that Harry was alive but she chose to ask if Draco was alive and lied straight to her lord flat face.

5. We wouldn’t have The Order of Merlin.  Slytherin was the house to one of the greatest wizards of all time: Merlin himself.  Therefore without the House of Salazar Slytherin then we would have less phrases like: “Merlin’s beard!” or “Merlin’s pants!”.

So to all our fellow Hogwarts houses you are very welcome,

Sincerely, the Slytherin.

Welcome Fellow Claws

Why are we the best? We welcome eccentric people into our house, we speak our minds and don’t stand for injustice, we are very intuitive and can see past the surface, we’re witty and intelligent. All of these makes us a claw and so much more.  Can you multitask? Because RAVENCLAWS sure can, and do. As in, MAJORLY.

So what is this blog?

This is the Ravenclaw Common Room, a safe place for claws and those who love us aka the entire world

We need you to send in submissions, whether on anon or not, for:

  • headcanons
  • conversations between the other houses
  • quotes
  • a reblog-a-day (links to ravenclaw house obvs)*
  • general questions from you guys

*tag us in your ravenclaw content - can include the house itself or anything to do with characters in ravenclaw. Tracking #ravenclawsread

check out the rules and guidlines

anonymous asked:

What's the difference between norse paganism and Asatru? And, what would be a (few?) good beginner resources on Asatru?

From my experiences, which may be very little compared to those of others, it has come to my attention that the term Asatru (meaning something like Aesir Faith) has a negative connotation akin to, though somewhat less than, Odinism.

The negative connotation stems from white nationalists, racists, and generally not-nice people using a faith in the old Norse gods as an excuse to behave like assholes. Sort of how some pagans choose not to use the Valknut as it has sometimes been appropriated by hate groups.

(Again from my personal experience) Some folks have begun to use the phrase Norse Pagan as a cleaner alternative to the term Asatru, so there really is no difference other than personal preference. When I refer to myself, I tend to say either or all: Norse pagan, Asatruar, or both. To me, the term Asatruar in its former intended use, to denote a follower of a faith in the Aesir, is beautiful term that I’m just not willing to “give” to white nationalists

I will continue to use it, as it is beautiful and denotes my faith in my gods, and to teach others that it has a positive meaning, and I will never give up by letting hate groups use it for evil.

As for resources on Asatru… Keeping in mind that we don’t really have “holy books” like the Christians do, but we have compilations of stories telling the tales of our gods and heroes. The most common are the Poetic and Prose Eddas, they’re fairly accessible to beginners. Other than that… @fjorn-the-skald should have some good tips and directions for those new to our Path, if you hunt through their blog.

Warmest welcome to our Path! Welcome into our house, welcome to our fire! Share our meal, share our mead. Share your story and settle in ^^ My spirit walks with you~


Tristan: Here… look. Welcome to our new house.
Arabella: OH MY PLUMBOB! What- what is this? Is this… ours? HOW?!
Tristan: Well, the society wasn’t much happu about our neighbourhood and so…
Tristan: …so do you like it?
Arabella: Are you kidding? It’s perfect!
Tristan: Really?! I help decorating!
Arabella: Now it’s a little less perfect:
Tristan: HEY!

[ 18+] Kiss Kiss Cabaret

Join us of the Keeper’s Kiss for our monthly adult-themed cabaret! An evening that allows us to bare some skin and delight your senses behind closed doors lined with red tape. Grant our performers a moment of pleasure, a reason for your heart to race and your thoughts to linger, and come to the Wanderer’s Elysium!

We welcome all performers to our stage, both in-house and out, and our performer slots for this cabaret are currently open!  We have 10 - 12 slots for each Cabaret with a first-come, first-serve basis, though we do withhold the right to grant Keeper’s Kiss members priority.If you are interested in performing please feel free to contact Kasumi Gakunin in game or on this tumblr. 

All performers for our adult-themed cabarets MUST be over 18. No exceptions.

When: April* 7th, 8PM - 11PM EDT
Where: The Wanderer’s Elysium: Mists Ward 11, Plot 5
What: A ‘special’ Cabaret for audiences 18 or older.
Cost: FREE!

Poster credit goes to the talented @etani-a