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Q: Who aerates soil in the wild?
A: Worms and other burrowing insects. Since we don’t welcome them in our homes, our house plants expect us to do their job. Read more on soil aeration in my blog post (link in profile)

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Mystic Messenger  Coven AU

my roommate and i have been long-term developing a witch coven au for mystic messenger. this is gonna be a long post so here we go


  • power: mind reading
  • Rika finds out Yoosung is a witch shortly after V reveals his own powers, and he is the first one they recruit into their coven
  • at first, Yoosung cannot control what thoughts he hears
  • on top of that, when Yoosung hears a persons thoughts he is also subject to feeling the emotions that go with them
  • hearing/feeling constant voices, which are mostly negative, causes him to be very jumpy, nervous, or even depressed
  • because he hears thoughts so often, he’s mostly very reserved
  • as his powers grow, he is able to control hearing thoughts as opposed to hearing them sporadically, and he even learns to manipulate thoughts and emotions
  • Yoosungs ability to read thoughts causes him to have a very strong connection to Seven, who is famous for putting up that facade to fool everyone
  • since Yoosung can feel emotions, he senses deep sadness from Seven even though all he does is spew nonsense jokes
  • because of this Yoosung and Seven develop a deeper connection more quickly (not paired romantically, tho!!) 


  • power: fire
  • at first, he can do little things like make little flames to light a candle, or his cigarette
  • he also does not have very good control over his power, there is a chance of him setting something on fire if he’s startled or very angry
  • as his powers grow he starts to gain the ability to manipulate heat in more specific ways, like controlling the heat on the stove top or making the microwave set Jumins food on fire
  • eventually he’s able to create large-scale fires 
  • acts cold and aloof as a way to avoid getting close to people
  • since his power is fire, he views himself as a tool of destruction and something that can only cause damage and pain
  • for that reason he’s really stand-offish in the beginning
  • if you dont get close to anyone you can accidentally set them on fire, right?
  • V helps him understand how to use his fire in a positive way


  • power: telekinesis
  • at first, she can only move small objects
  • as her powers grow she is able to manipulate bones and eventually entire human bodies
  • very shy, but has a tendency to be violent
  • after being ignored for years and years as a child, she found that the only way she could make people pay attention to her was by hurting them
  • so she just…stuck with it
  • if she’s having an argument with someone in the house she’ll do something simple like bend their finger backwards too far
  • she doesnt do it because she likes making people feel pain, she doesnt it because she so desperately wants someone to listen to her
  • and for some reason, people only pay attention when they’re in pain
  • its a bad habit that takes her a long time to get rid of
  • once broke Zen’s toe
  • the whole house has to constantly remind her that she matters and that they will value and listen to her opinion
  • has a habit of levitating when she reads


  • power: vessel
  • essentially, Jumin acts as a vessel for the spirit world
  • he cant control it at first, and spirits, ghosts, or demons can possess him at will, without him having any say in it
  • it is extremely taxing emotionally and physically for him, but of course he pretends it isnt
  • sometimes if a demon possesses him things will get really bad and he’ll wake up with cuts on his body
  • he usually tries to hide it or pretend the cuts were caused by an accident
  • he’s had years of practice having to hide this scary and weird thing from his father, who is the picture of a perfect, normal citizen
  • things are so bad with him that the rest of the coven has to take turns staying awake at night to make sure “Jumin” doesnt kill someone else or himself
  • his power development is very gradual
  • he learns to communicate with nearby spiritual beings
  • he learns to reject certain spirits from entering his body, and learns how to still be partial in control while being possessed
  • the height of his power is being able to summon certain spirits on demand
  • Seven nicknames him the human ouija board


  • power: foresight
  • when the coven first begins, Seven is the most powerful witch
  • he didnt know he was a witch per se, but he knew he had powers and taught himself how to develop them
  • at first he cant control when he will see the future, or how much of it he will see
  • when he joins the coven, he’s already taught himself to look at a specific point in the future, although it takes a lot of work and is very vague and hard to interpret
  • Seven will spend hours and hours each day locked in his room, training himself
  • eventually he learns to manipulate the future
  • this task is very, very difficult for him. it takes almost an entire day of focused and exhausting meditation to change something very insignificant about the future
  • for example, Seven will spend all day locked in his room, straining himself mentally, just so that the next day he can make Yoosung high-five him without even knowing he was going to do it
  • Seven has an intense internal struggle, because of his religious connection to God
  • he looks at his situation, surrounded by witches, even one that is possessed be demons regularly, and wonders if God views him as a demon, too
  • he doesnt know what he is, and sometimes believes that he really is a demon but he still wears his cross and prays the rosary daily, asking for forgiveness
  • he also finds that he has very violent tendencies, he often wants to hurt himself or others, and tries to hurt himself on multiple occasions
  • thats why he trains so much, because believes that training will keep him from being able to hurt others


  • um, seven ate him in the womb and then he comes back and possesses jumin

i have more but i’ll put a cut here! thanks for reading ^^

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Isn’t she lovely?

Request: Hello! Can I request something? If I can I would like to request an imagine about the “marry, kiss, fuck” game, where the reader come back to Kattegat after a year and the Ragnarsons have a crush on her so they made that game. I love your work girl, you’re amazing! – By cute anon and thank you for the love babe.

words count: 2.421

pairing: ragnarssons x reader based on a “marry,fuck,kiss” question.

tagging: @odins-missing-eye @raekenimages @cherrytrinkets @georgiagrl1990 @miss-brightly-red @float-autumn-leave

N/t: I had so much fun writting this and I am coming back, so thank you to whoever send this request, you brought me back to life babe.

When I lefted Kattegat it was because my father had a disagreement with Ragnar and to avoid a big fight we left and I had to leave everyone that I cared about behind, it hurted me for a long time but that was until king Ragnar came to our house one day in the blooming spring time, I was helping my mother with the food while my father was teaching my little brother how to defend himself in case it was needed. We heard a knock on the door and since we weren’t expecting no one we expected the worse, my mother grabbed her dagger, I grabbed my little sharp knife that I used to cook, my father grabbed his ax and my lil brother grabbed an hold to his wooden sword and we approached the door to open it and face Ragnar himself, my father looked back and forth confused to why Ragnar was seeing him and my mother smiled being the always sweet person she was.

“Honey please he must come in peace so let him in and Ragnar welcome to our humble house, we are preparing some food would you like to join us for dinner?” my mother smiled and I just chuckled resting my knife on the wooden table and Ragnar looked at me with an intriguing look.

“yes Ingrid I would like very much to join you and your family” Ragnar spoke smiling at my father and my father never lefted his stubborn face leave his features, once we all sat Ragnar looked at me and seemed to be analyzing me, I sighed and looked at him.

“It’s something wrong?” I spoke with a neutral tone and Ragnar smirked.

“you left Kattegat when you were a little kid and now you have become one very beautiful woman that seems deadly if pushed to that point, I saw that you had a knife on your hand hidden” Ragnar looked deep in my eyes and I just shrugged my shoulders continuing to eat.

“ she needs to know how to fight when no one else is around her to protect her” my father spoke and after that he and Ragnar went outside for a more private talk while me and my mother and little brother cleaned everything waiting for our father to tell what the visit was all about, once he entered after long time outside I looked at him and my mother did so, I rested my hands on my little brother shoulders and my mother stood next to me while my father walked inside running his hands on his already unbraided hair and we feared the worst.

“What happened? What did he want now?” my mother spoke approaching my father and he smiled at her holding his wife by the waist tenderly and I smiled at the gesture but stood patiently waiting to hear my father’s answer.

“we talked about everything Ingrid, he wants us to be back in Kattegat and want me to fight by his side in the raids that are yet to come, he said he was foolish when we fought and now he said we are more than welcome to come back to our real home”

When my father said that tears formed in my eyes at the sudden memories that I was obligated to leave behind for a long year and my brother looked at me smiling widely while my mother gave a scream of happiness and hugged my father tight.

“We are coming back home sister?” my brother looked at me and I nodded kissing his nose tenderly,.

“Yes little brother, we are coming back and you will see others of your age and you will be able to meet our friends and to play with kids of your age” I cleaned the tears that fell from my face and I went to hug my father as well.

The next day and after a long trip we arrived in Kattegat, everyone was expecting us and we could see Ragnar with his arms crossed by his chest and smiling at the sight of one his best warriors and my father, when the boat was steady we climbed off of it and walked on the pear to enter in a place that never seemed to make me feel happy, my brother was walking by my side, I was with my hair long and with a braid done having some loose hair falling on my face, I was wearing a yellow dress and a brown fur coat with grey details, my mother greeted Aslaug and Ragnar once again followed by her sons, my father followed my mother cue and my little brother was a little bit shy but still managed to talk with everyone, when I was saying my greetings to Ragnar and Aslaug she smiled and looked me up and down with a pleased look on her face “this one will cause some stir on men in Kattegat” she smirked looking at my mother and I chuckled nodding my head at the non sense and I went to greet the ragnarsons.

First it was Bjorn who I already knew for a long time and he always treated me like a sister of his own, so he just hugged me tight smiling.

“you look so beautiful, Freya blessed you well sister” Bjorn smiled holding me by my arms far from him so he could look better at me.

“don’t say things like that, Freya blessed everyone you fool” I replied and he just laughed letting go of me and I smiled seeing Ubbe at Bjorn side, along with the rest of the brothers hvitserk, siggurd and Ivar, I greeted them and they all seemed to be whispering things between them while Ivar just stood there watching me closely.

“It’s something wrong?” I look into his bright blue eyes and he smirked never breaking eye contact with me.

“nothing is wrong we are just happy to see you back that is all, we missed our friend after all but you have turned into a very unique looking woman” Ivar tried to compliment me but I didn’t understood it like that so I just frowned at him.

“Excuse me? What do you mean with that? I look normal like every other woman in Kattegat Ivar, you should work on your choice of words better” I huffed and turned around to leave with my family to our home and the brothers stood behind laughing at the awkward situation that happened in front of them.

“You know that you could say she turned to be very pretty and not make such an odd compliment like that brother” hvitserk laughed and all the brothers went to the hall while Ivar sighed.

When we had arrived to the our home we settled for a little bit until we got invited to the big fest that was about to start, I dressed myself in my blue dress with pearl details on the cleavage and let my hair loose and wavy, I didn’t want to put on makeup again so I just followed my parents that were already impatient with me, so I left our house heading towards the big hall. Once we arrived I never let sight of my brother until he went to play with some kids of his age and my parents went away talking with aslaug and Ragnar and I just eat a little bit and drank while trying to control my temper when drunken men would come and try to throw themselves at me. From afar I saw the ragnarson looking at me and I smirked winking at them, if I am going to be here I might as well have a little bit of fun, Ubbe stood up and the rest of his brothers came in following him and in a very fast pace they were in front of me with smirks on their faces while I just sipped my drink not saying a word but never taking my eyes out of them, I  had to be honest to myself, they were very handsome more than I remember them to be. Ubbe was all smiles to me while hvitserk just smirked and Ivar smiled cheekily and siggurd went to approach me very fast surpassing Ubbe.

“By all gods I always knew you were going to be the most beautiful girl I ever seen, I would like to see how much of a woman you have turned into in a more private conversation” he smirked and I just raised my eyebrows amused with it.

“well thank you very much siggurd those words mean the world to me, I always knew you were going to be the…well you were going to be a man one day, I had my doubts at one point may I confess” I took another sip and the rest of the brothers laughed so hard everyone looked at us when siggurd yelled angry.

“You better respect me y/n, or else my sympathy will be over with you!”

“And then what? You are going to hurt me? I would like to see you try that siggurd, don’t forget I don’t fear the fact your mother and your father are the king and queen of Kattegat, maybe then I show you how much of a woman I have become” my words were poison and Ivar smirked feeling highly amused at the confrontation that he was seeing.

“don’t mind my brother y/n, you know how he is when he has to many drinks on him, but I will like to spend more time with you to see how you turned out to be, so shy when a kid and now so fierce, women like that are to be married”  Ubbe smirked and I smiled at him.

“It’s that a proposal I am listening? Too soon son of Ragnar, and who knows if I don’t have an eye on someone else” I winked at him and hvitserk stood by my side resting his arm on my shoulders.

“She is brave! I always knew she was like that, remember how we were the ones who spent more time together talking by the river?” he smiled trying to make himself more personal that the failed attempts of his brothers.

“ I am not remembering that no, but maybe we talked only the gods known and if I remember you used to make fun of me because I couldn’t fight very good like other girls when we were all together, that I remember well” I looked at him and hvitserk stepped away grabbing another drink while Ivar was quiet embarrassed to talk and be afraid of saying something strange like before, I looked at him and siggurd was about to speak again but I raised a finger to him to keep his mouth shut and sat on the floor next to Ivar not caring who was looking.

“I remember you though, you were mean to me but then you said something I never forget” he looked at me curious and I rested my cup on the floor.

“What was that?”

“you said I was odd because I rather be singing and running on the woods then fight like my mother and every woman when they grow, I used that has a push to prove I could do both and maybe better then all of you” Ivar smiled and Ubbe sat with us and so did the other brothers.

“Well I haven’t seen you fighting yet so maybe you are just talking too much, I need proves that you are more than a pretty face and a good singer” Ivar dared me and I narrowed my eyes at him smirking.

“You think I am pretty?” I teased and he blushed hiding away and looking to another side nodding his head no.

“ I never said you weren’t so” Ivar mumbled and I just patted his shoulder getting up so I could leave the feast, once I got up a drunk man groped my ass from behind and I stopped my movements looking at him over my shoulder, my eyes turning cold and my body growing stiff.

“this one looks like a good time in bed, let’s go whore I need some release” the drunk man spoke loud and when the brothers were about to intervene, I knocked him away from me with a punch on his chin and grabbed a jar that was at my hand to hold and broke in his head grabbing him by his hair while he was on the floor and I looked into his eyes.

“touch me again or mistake me for a whore or slave and I will rip your throat with my bare hands and watch you bleed till death while drinking this fine wine you filthy animal” I groaned in his face and everyone stood quietly watching me surprised, the brothers all had shock spread on their faces, I got up and left the man bleeding on the floor and left to my home getting some rest.

“I will marry her” Ubbe spoke first and all the brothers protested.

“In your dreams brother, she is too much of a woman for you to handle” Hitvserk replied quickly. “She will be my wife and our kids will be the strongest ones to ever be alive”

“ you dream to high my brother, she is worth more than just being a mother, but she will be mine like she said, I was inspiration for her to learn how to fight everyone heard that so you better stay back and save a heartbreak” Ivar drank his whole cup in one sip and smirked at his brothers.

“She is very arrogant, that will not fit her with a husband” siggurd grunted still hurted by my words.

“That will not fit her with a husband or you will never have a chance to be her husband? Because the last option sounds more credible” Ivar teased his brother and all the boys fought among them who will be talking and having you by himself from this day on.

★*゚‘゚・Mirrors (2008)

these are quotes from the thriller/horror film ‘mirrors’. triggers may be present.

❝ I’m sorry… I… I… I wasn’t trying to get away… ❞
❝ No, please don’t… ❞
❝ You shaved?  ❞
❝ Sorry, I’m late… Have you been waiting long? ❞
❝ You need a place to stay? ❞
❝ Anyway, you know you are always welcome to stay at our house.❞
❝ How are things going between the two of you?  ❞
❝ Do you know the Mayflower on West 38th Street?  ❞
❝  …You have reached ________. I am not available to take your call. Please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  ❞
❝ Thank God you didn’t show up any later. This place gives me the chills at night. … No electricity, and all these mirrors…   ❞
❝ You know, I live in, Brooklyn near a Jewish neighborhood, and when someone dies, they cover all the mirrors in their house.  ❞
❝ They say it’s to keep the soul of the dead from being trapped in the mirrors… ❞
❝ Believe it or not, there’s always a bit of truth in any superstition. Am I right?  ❞
❝ He was completely obsessed with these damn mirrors. He’d spend the entire night polishing them.  ❞
❝ I was wounded during a holdup… It kind of changed my perspective on things. ❞
❝ Grandpa says there are ghosts in the store… Is that true?  ❞
❝ Fuck… ❞
❝ Sometimes they make mistakes, ______. It happens…   ❞
❝ Grown-ups don’t make mistakes. Only little children do.  ❞
❝ What is that?  ❞
❝ Does he deserve his birthday present?  ❞
❝ I’m good, very good… What time will ______ be back?❞
❝ Do you want me to fix you a snack?  ❞
❝ Duh, open it stupid!  ❞
❝ _____, can I talk to you, in private?  ❞
❝ I already asked you not to drop by without calling, didn’t I?  ❞
❝ I don’t need your calls in the middle of the night. I’m better off without them.  ❞
❝  Look at yourself. You’re still carrying around so much of that anger.  ❞
❝ I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell at you… Things could be so different between us.  ❞
❝ I wasn’t planning on staying.   ❞
❝ What are you looking at? ❞
❝ Come on, you’ve been looking at yourself for more than half an hour. You never used to be so vain.  ❞
❝ You can’t avoid them. They’re everywhere… ❞
❝ The mirrors… In the department store, at every street corner, in the windows of every fucking building in this city. I feel like I’m not the one looking into the mirrors, but rather they’re looking at me.  ❞
❝ You need a drink.  ❞
❝ Don’t you think you’re being a little bit paranoid?  ❞
❝ Mirrors are just glass and silver, ______….  ❞
❝ I’ve just been through the craziest day here… No kidding! Your ex-colleagues came to pay us a visit…  ❞
❝ Did they mention the cause of death?  ❞
❝ Damn… What is happening to me?  ❞
❝ Are you OK? What’s happening? What are you doing here?  ❞
❝ I need you to do me a favor…  ❞
❝ I need to find out how he died…  ❞
❝ You are no longer a cop, ______. This isn’t your business anymore.  ❞
❝ …Seven years of bad luck.  ❞
❝ You’re not even allowed to be here. I could get fired for this.  ❞
❝ What is happening to you? What is all this supposed to mean?  ❞
❝ Don’t you find it strange that this mirror doesn’t reflect an exact image of reality?  ❞
❝ Look at the piece of mirror in his hand. In the reflection of the mirror it’s covered in blood, and look- in reality, it’s clean. Not a drop of blood…  ❞
❝ What if the mirrors were showing us something different?  ❞
❝ What if the mirrors were reflecting something that goes beyond reality?  ❞ 
❝ OK… This is way over my head. I don’t have time for your barfly theories.   ❞
❝ You should go home and get some rest. This guy probably just killed himself because he couldn’t live with himself anymore. It happens to thousands of people, you know…   ❞
❝ Amy called me today, she’s worried about you. What’s happening, _____? ❞
❝ I need this job, I need the money. I’m not going to sleep on your couch for the  rest of my life!  ❞
❝ He would spend hours looking at himself… ❞
❝ To look at oneself too much is a sin. A terrible sin. Do you know sir, in the Garden of Eden in order to seduce Eve, Satan did not keep the appearance of a snake… Satan reproduced the young woman’s traits in such a way that Eve would only see and listen to the image of herself… As in a mirror. ❞
❝ I’m _____ …. _____? I’m right he– …❞
❝ There… In the mirror…  ❞
❝ I think maybe I’m losing my mind.  ❞
❝ Be careful… Love you. ❞
❝ Come take a look for yourself.  ❞
❝  He won’t stop here. I know him, he won’t stop until he finds who did this to her.  ❞ 
❝ What kind of friend are you? You are using him.  ❞
❝ You have to see someone _____. You cannot stay in this situation any longer. You need help, psychological support.  ❞
❝ I don’t want to put them in any danger.  ❞
❝ I’ve got things I need to deal with.  ❞
❝ Why did you do it? WHY? WHY DID YOU HAVE TO KILL HER?
❝ What is it you want? What do you want from me? ANSWER ME! WHAT IS IT YOU WANT?!  
❝ He doesn’t want me to talk about him.  ❞
❝ He lives in the mirror in our room.  ❞
❝ Did your father talk to you about the mirrors?   ❞
❝ You know, _______, when one starts to perceive one’s own reflection as a completely separate being, one is suddenly confronted with two entirely separate egos, two entirely separate worlds that can surface at any give moment-   ❞
❝ In order to… to destroy the mirrors. Only fire can destroy a mirror, isn’t that right, _______?  ❞
❝ What made you want to destroy those mirrors, Terrence?  ❞
❝ For what reason? Why would mirrors want to kill your family?  ❞
❝ I’m doing it to protect you.  ❞
❝ Do you mind telling me what the hell you’re doing?  ❞
❝ You have to trust me _______, I’m not completely crazy… These mirrors are dangerous. At first, I thought it was only the ones at the store, but now I know they can get you anywhere.  ❞
❝ What are you doing with that gun… Put it down, BEN… PUT IT DOWN RIGHT NOW!  ❞
❝ You’re still alive, aren’t you?  ❞
❝ There’s something in the house… Something in the mirrors.   ❞
❝ Anyplace is gonna have mirrors or windows… Anything you can see your self in is dangerous. ❞
❝ I’m sorry about everything I’ve put you through… I didn’t want to…  ❞
❝ You’re not a journalist, are you? What do you want?  ❞
❝ If you don’t help me I may lose the only thing that matters to me.  ❞
❝ Tell me why are the mirrors from the old hospital so determined to find you?  ❞
❝ You’re coming with me, now.  ❞
❝ Answer! God damn it… Answer the phone… ❞
❝ Something’s wrong over there, ______ is not answering.  ❞     

Everything You Ask For

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 2,177ish
T/W: Smut! 
A/N: For Anon’s request: “Philip x reader imagine where they go to a ball together and Philip becomes incredibly annoyed/jealous because a bunch of different guys come up to the reader and ask her for a dance, and while the reader thinks it’s adorable how jealous/protective Philip is of her, he can’t tolerate the looks and requests the guys are giving so he takes the reader back to his house and stuff happens (if ya know what I mean😉😉😂)” 
I gotchu ;) (Set in Hamiltime!) Philip biting you in public?

You were beyond excited that you were actually going to a ball! And best of all with your boyfriend Philip, who treated you just like a princess. About three weeks before the ball Philip’s “Uncle” Hercules made you a dress, and on the day of the ball it was perfect! You had picked out a gorgeous colour, the top rested just under your collarbones, revealing your shoulders. The bottom poofed out magnificently, but not obnoxiously. You really felt like an absolute princess!

“You ready, Philip?” you called from behind a closed door.

“Ready!” he responded from outside.

You stepped out of the room, attempting to hide a smile as Philip’s jaw dropped a little and he raised his eyebrows. Walking closer to you, he took your hands and gave you a twirl. Once you were facing him again, he brought you into his arms. 

“You look beautiful,” Philip whispered, leaning his forehead down against yours.

You giggled a little as Philip kissed your cheek. For a moment you almost forgot you were at the Hamilton’s house, until you heard someone clear their throat. Both you and Philip turned to face the direction of the sound, only to see Alexander, Philip’s father, standing there. You felt a blush rise to your cheeks as you stepped away from Philip, pushing your hair behind your ear nervously.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell Mom,” Alexander held his hand out to you, “she’d insist the two of you get married this very moment.” 

You took his hand and he, just like his son, gave you a twirl.

“You look wonderful, I see Herc didn’t fail you.” As you nodded in agreement he walked over to Philip, “Now, your mother and I are going to the Washington’s for the night, since it’s a fair distance, we’ll be staying with them. Overnight. Eliza wanted me to tell you that y/n is welcome to stay at our house tonight given the winter conditions outside. We’ll be leaving shortly after you.”

Philip respectfully nodded. 

“Alright, you’d better get going or you’ll be late.” Alexander said before bidding you a goodnight and heading back downstairs. 

You and Philip headed out to the ball, it was a chilly winter night, but not too terribly cold. Once the two of you arrived at the ball, Philip immediately held you close. You looked around the room and spotted George Eacker along with his group of friends, whom Philip hated. You simply avoided eye contact as you knew very well that George was always flirting with you and was sure to come over if he saw you. To your dismay he had already spotted you.

You turned to face Philip, “Don’t get upset, but-”

“Hello Miss Y/n,” George was suddenly at your side, “Ah, hello, Philip…”

You put a hand on Philip’s chest to stop him from stepping forward.

“George…” Philip said.

“Mind if I barrow her for a moment?” George pulled you from Philip’s side before you could respond, “Don’t get upset Hamilton, it’s just a dance.”

George linked his arm with yours as he lead you to the ballroom dance floor. A slow song started and you felt his hand tightly on your waist. He pulled you a little too close for comfort, but you went with it, reminding yourself that it was just one dance. Even though Philip and him never got along, you didn’t really know why, so whenever he came around you tried to be polite, but not too friendly.

“So, are you really being pleased by Philip?” George asked, attempting to sound charming.

“Philip is everything I could ever ask for,” you responded, swaying with him in rhythm.

“But does he give you everything you ask for?” George smirked.

You looked away from him, spotting Philip across the ballroom. He looked so jealous, it was actually kind of adorable. Even when other girls came up to him he politely declined and pointed to you, causing you to smile. Philip truly was everything you could ask for, he was loyal and sweet and passionate and completely in love with you.

“Yes,” you arched an eyebrow, looking back to George, “he does.”

The rest of the dance was quiet and when it was over you headed back towards Philip, but was stopped on your way over. One of George’s younger friends asked to dance with you. Since he was younger than you, you naturally thought nothing of it, maybe he was just being sweet. So you danced with him for a song. You let out a deep breath and made your way back across the floor. You were almost to Philip when a tall, strong, young man asked for a dance. You accepted once again, unfortunately this young man was quite bold. He held you close against him, a little too close for your liking. The breaking point for Philip was when he looked over to see some guy whispering in your ear and tightening his grip on your waist. 

“Mind if I cut in?” Philip asked, holding out his hand for yours.

The young man willingly handed you over to Philip, who made sure to hold you even tighter against him as you danced. It was just perfect, Philip watched your lips as you told him just how happy you were that he had come in. His eyes trailed down your neck and to your collarbones, his eyes continued a little farther, until your voice snapped him out of his daze and he looked back up to your lips. Your gaze was just over Philip’s shoulder as you watched other people dancing around you.

“I mean thank goodness!” you sighed finally happy in Philip’s arms. “I thought that would never en-”

About half way through your sentence you let out a quiet gasp, Philip’s mouth was suddenly on your neck. The action was sudden, but you couldn’t deny that if felt wonderful. You felt him gently suck at your sensitive skin. As he pressed a soft kiss over your now forming bruise, Philip stared down George letting him and his little gang know you were his and his alone. Brining his stare back up to meet you, your heart was racing. And he could tell from the way your chest was rising and falling against him, that you had enjoyed it.. Without saying a word, Philip took your hand and lead you out of the ballroom. 

“I cannot believe you did that!” you said once you were outside; your tone was excited yet shocked.


“You know exactly what Philip Hamilton!” you smiled, stopping your strides, forcing him to look back at you.

He grabbed you by the waist, your hands resting on his chest, “That was just the start.”

He smirked before placing a kiss on your lips. The two of you headed home as fast as you could. Stumbling through the front door, Philip couldn’t seem to keep himself off you. His lips were back on your neck and he was tugging at your dress. You slipped Philip’s coat off and started working the buttons of his vest, soon adding that to the floor. Both of you ditched your shoes about halfway across the room. He kissed from the base of your neck up to your jawline.

“Ph-Philip,” you gasped, “Shouldn’t we find a room?”

“You’re absolutely right,” 

With that Philip picked you up bridal style, carrying you up the stairs and to his room. Setting you back on the ground he began untying the back of your dress. Your breathing became heavier as you felt his lips against the top of your shoulder, before his hands slipped your dress off, following the curves of your body as he slid it down. Once the dress was on the floor, his hands reached around to your chest, gently massaging you. 

“Mmm, Philip,” you breathed out, closing your eyes and enjoying the bliss. 

“Yes?” he whispered between kisses.

Turning around you wrapped your arms around his neck and kept your lips just inches from his, “I want you.”

Lifting you up once again, you wrapped your legs around his waist as he locked lips with you. The sensation of his hands against your bare back sent little tingles through your body. Lying you down on the bed, he made quick work of his shirt and returned to you. Finally, you could feel his skin against yours. You held his face in your hands as he kissed you with a fierce passion. His hand traveled to your side until he reached the waistband of your undergarments. He broke the kiss to slid them off you, Running his hand along your thigh as he peppered kisses across your face, gaining a giggle from you.

“This doesn’t seem fair,” you boldly reached a hand down to palm him.

Philip just responded with a growl, standing up to undress himself before returning to you. 

“I want you, Philip,” you whined.

With your permission, he centered himself and pushed into you. You tightened your grip on Philip’s biceps, arching your back, and gasping at the feeling of him inside you. He gave you time to adjust as you moaned his name. He placed a kiss to your sternum and up to your neck. You nodded and closed your eyes. He began rocking his hips against yours, and it felt heavenly. 

You slid your hands to his back, feeling his muscles flex along with his motion. You rubbed his shoulder blades, grazing your fingernails down to his sides. His thrusts became harder and you let out another gasp of pleasure. Philip nipped at your neck. Pressing your chest against him, his name fell from your lips once again.

“I love you.” Philip said against your skin in a husky voice. 

“Ah- Philip!” you tossed your head back, bringing your hands back to his biceps, squeezing tightly.

You felt a tightening rise in your core. You tried to ignore the feeling, but with the way Philip was slamming into you it was hard to ignore. Everything he did made you feel like pure bliss. You enjoying every moment of this sweet heated passion. Philip worshiped your body and you absolutely adored his. Feeling his hand travel down your side sending a surge of chills through your body. 

“Ph- Philip,” you rested your forehead against his shoulder as you squeezed your knees on either side of him. 

Brining your arms around his neck you held on tightly, dipping his hips down a little he hit your g-spot. Your mouth fell open and you closed your eyes. Soon a wave of bliss came over your entire body. With Philip continuing his motion, it only intensified your sensation. You nearly yelled his name when your orgasm hit its peak. As you calmed down from your high you wanted to give Philip the same feeling. You began to kiss and suck at his neck, tangling a hand in his curls, while the other rested on his chest. You whispered sweet nothing’s to him in between whimpers of his name.

“Fuck,” Philip dropped his forehead to the crook of your neck.

You felt him twitch inside you, you rocked your hips up against his to further pleasure him. His hand gripped onto your hip. A few curses along with your name fell from his lips as he came undone. You stroked his hair as his muscles tensed. After a few moments, he kissed along your jawline, across your cheek and gave you a deep kiss to your lips. He lied beside you, catching his breath, after too long you two were under the covers and he held you in his arms.

“That was wonderful, Philip,” you whispered, rubbing up and down his forearm, which was crossed in front of your chest, holding you.

You are wonderful,” Philip kissed your shoulder.

The quiet, dark room was peaceful as you drifted off to sleep in the arms of someone who loved you more than anything in this life. After tonight, you knew what was to come next and you absolutely loved the idea of spending the rest of your life with Philip.


“I’m glad we made it home before the storm hit, even though George insisted we stay…I’m glad we’re home” Alexander lead Eliza through the front door, “Light a candle would you, darling?”

Eliza was quick to light a candle and return to Alex’s side.

“Oh,” Eliza held out the light to reveal different articles of clothing scattered on the ground.

“Let us see where this leads?” Alexander linked an arm with Eliza as they followed the miniature trail of clothes you and Philip had left.

Quietly walking up the stairs, Eliza pointed to Philip’s vest draped over the stair railing. They both raised their eyebrows with a smile and continued. They reached Philip’s door and Alexander slowly opened it. Even though the light was dim they could still see Philip with his arms around you, perfectly covering your chest. You fingers were intertwined with his. Both of you looked so happy and so peaceful. Eliza let out a quiet aww.

“Well, it’s about time he fuc-” Eliza glared at Alexander, “I mean, right..about time he found a girl.”

“Oh…he’s just like you.” Eliza leaned her head against Alex’s shoulder, holding his hand as he quietly closed the door and they headed down the hall.

“Yeah, except I didn’t take that long to fuck you.” 

Eliza nudged her husband as she blew out the candle.  

┃┃╱╲ welcome
┃╱╱╲╲ to our
╱╱╭╮╲╲ house
▔▏┗┛▕▔ on
maple avenue
╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲

Report Card (Part 3) Final

Summary: When your parents packed up and left town, the core four decided to take one last look into your past before saying goodbye forever.

A/N: I’m so glad you guys liked this. I didn’t expect it to be a series but I’m digging it. So be ready for major feelings! Also, if the text is slanted, it’s a flashback.

Warnings: High emotional level

The snow was dense and packed heavy on the ground, but it was a thin sheet. When everyone’s feet stepped onto your old house’s yard, the snow made a hard crunching sound. The moving truck left last night, and the sun was just rising. A purple and red sky was slowly emerging over the trees, and the snow glistened.

Jughead was in the front of Archie, Veronica and Betty. They slowly trailed behind to your house door. Jughead raised his hand to knock, and then let out a choked laugh. He’d been in denial this whole time. He brought his shaking hand to the handle and slowly pushed it open. The tan carpet on the ground looked dirty, and imprints of all the furniture was left. The holes from the couch and chair, the coffee table legs, the full set for the TV. 

Betty took a deep breath, finally feeling at ease in your house, yet still feeling tense. She looked over to the marble and modern kitchen, and all she heard was your laugh. The last time she heard it was New Year’s Eve.

“Okay, Betty, you need to hand me two eggs. Can you do that?”

Betty rolled her eyes and grabbed the eggs. She looked over at you, who was stressing and let out a laugh. 

“What is it, Betty Cooper?”

You said with a playful smile.

“Oh nothing, you just have some flour on your nose.”

You let out a light chuckle.

“Can you get it off?”

“I don’t know, (Y/N), my hands are full. Lemme get rid of these eggs.”

Betty brought her hands to your hair and cracked the eggs into your ponytail. You let out a piercing scream, then began laughing. You shook your hair like a dog would, and bits of egg yolk flew onto Betty. You both began laughing hysterically and you grabbed a handful of flour to throw at her. It’s easy to guess those cookies were long forgotten

“Hey Betty, we are going to the backyard. You okay?”

Jughead lightly touched Betty’s shoulder and she nodded, walking along with him. She quickly looked over and Veronica and Archie in the living room, Archie’s head on Veronica’s. 

Everyone sat in your living room, watching a horror movie, of course your choice. Betty and Jughead were spooning, but still pretty terrified. Archie and Veronica were holding each other tightly, her head in his neck, letting out shrill shrieks. Neither one of them made a move, just catching quick looks. The movie suddenly paused and you stood up, remote in hand. You used that hand to point at the two.

“Okay, you two need to date already. The sexual tension in any other situation is unbearable for all of us. You two are a match made in heaven, and all you two do is sneak little side glances at each other. If Betty and Jughead are happy- lemme repeat that. Betty moved on with her life and is happy with Jughead, who is now happy, that means you two can be happy.”

After that night, Archie and Veronica didn’t like admitting you were the one who brought their relationship together officially.

Jughead opened the back door, and slowly stepped into the backyard. Betty, Veronica and Archie followed slowly, noticing the old treehouse and tire swings everyone used to hang out in. Veronica and Jughead climbed up the tree to see what remained, which was old toys and nuts from squirrels. Archie sat in the tire swing, slowly rocking back and forth in it. Betty walked over to him and grabbed the rope holding the swing.

“Do you remember when you, me and Jughead were kids, and (Y/N) first moved into this house? How our parents welcomed the family to the neighborhood, and when we saw (Y/N), we ran into the house and-”

“And (Y/N) showed us this treehouse, where we decreed our friendship forever?”

Archie and Betty let out slight laughs, a tear slipping from her eye. Jughead stuck his head out the treehouse window and yelled down to them.

“Guys, our names are still carved into the wall!”

Betty and Archie looked at each other, then slowly headed to the makeshift ladder, after Archie fell out of the too small swing. Once they were inside the treehouse, they stared at the names. Carved into the wooden walls.

“Can you guys tell me what she was like as a kid?”

Veronica looked at everyone, eyes slowly glossing over. Jughead looked at the writing on the wall, his fingers tracing the writing.

“(Y/N) sure was… something special. Then and now.”

(Y/N) led Betty, Jughead and Archie through the house, mumbling to nobody in particular. Once they got outside, you led them up the ladder and into the new treehouse, showing them your new toys and telling stories of your imaginary friend.

“(Y/N), do you want everyone to stay over for dinner?” 

Your mom yelled from the patio. You ran to the window of the treehouse, with a bright smile on your young face.

“Can they live here, too?”

Your mom laughed and nodded, closing the door behind her. You turned around and grabbed a plastic shovel, turning to a wall and carving everyone’s name into the wall.

“From this point on, we are all best friends. We will sit together at lunch, share our secrets, and stay together until we die.”

You turned around, holding your pinky out for a promise. With giggles all around, Betty, Jughead and Archie connected pinkies, holding their promise forever.

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TianShan, introducing each other to their families? Thanks! X)

I don’t know if this is what you had in mind, but it’s what I had in mine! ^^””” Thanks for the prompt!

2) TianShan ~ Introducing each other to their families. 

“Say,” Guan Shan asked while staring at the stacks of condiments and seasonings, “why am I here?”

“Because you owe me a whole pot of sweet-and-sour pork. If you don’t want to be here, next time you steal Zhan’s homework.” Tian took the basket from Mo’s hands and looked around the aisle. “I’m lost as fuck here. You take the lead; I’ll just follow you and pay.”

“Then we’ll need tomato sauce with red pepper and hot beans—” Guan Shan replied, reaching for the spiciest bottle.

Tian laughed. “You know you’re gonna join me for dinner, don’t you? So prepare something you would eat and don’t fuck with my food.” He leaned over and whispered in Guan Shan’s ear, “Of course, if you want it that badly, there are more entertaining ways to set your ass on fire…”

Guan Shan turned to him, a furious blush quickly spreading over his pale face. His mouth trembled as if he wanted to retort properly, but all that escaped his lips was a frustrated “FUCK! Fuck you, you cock—!”

Tian gasped. “Such a dirty mou—!” 


They both turned around to see a young-looking woman wearing a look of disgust.

“How many times have I told you not to use that language?” She slapped the back of his head. “I’m sorry, this child can be so rude. Apologize, Guanshan!”

“Ah, there’s no need, ma’am!” He Tian turned on his charm and bowed his head respectfully. “We know each other. In fact, we’re—”

“He’s just someone who goes to the same school!” Guan Shan shouted. “His name is He Tian! We sometimes have assignments together, that’s all! Right?” He cast a desperate glance at Tian, who was raising an eyebrow.

“Right,” Tian replied. Had there been a slight pause there? “My name is He Tian. I’m always in Mo’s care. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.” He flashed a smile that made the hearts of both mother and son skip a beat.

“Such manners,” Guan Shan’s mother blushed. “I’m this kid’s mother. Thank you for always taking care of my son. If you ever want to do your assignments in our house, you’re more than welcome.”

“You know,” Tian said once she had left, “you actually look a lot like her. Well, if your brow wasn’t furrowed so often, maybe you’d—”

“I’m not a woman, or feminine!” Guan Shan barked. “What the chicken dick are you saying? Shit, I thought I was going to die, being found here with you…”

“Eeeh…” He Tian mused. “Would that be so embarrassing?”

Guan Shan looked up, but Tian averted his gaze and walked away.

Lately there had been something odd about that guy. Of course he could have said that they were friends, but that would mean a closeness that he still refused to acknowledge – though the mere fact that he refused it only meant that he craved it. Ever since he’d started hanging out with that guy and the other two jerks, he felt less lonely. He’d often found himself wondering how many breaks it would take Tian to come to him, how many blocks they’d walk together, how many more shared meals there would be till each went their own way. That thought scared him, and he’d always believed that the best thing to do was to avoid getting close to anyone. That way, when everything was over, it wouldn’t hurt so much, right?

“Oi, stop daydreaming.” Tian touched his face with the pack of pork tenderloin. “Is this okay?”

“I’m…” Guan Shan began to say, but suddenly a shadow loomed over him.

“Yo,” the newcomer said. Guan Shan blinked. Could this be…?

“What are you doing here, brother?” He Tian asked, moving closer. “Was the Punks Anonymous meeting canceled?”

“I’ve got a break in my shift,” he replied. “Who’s this?”

“Him? He’s… just someone who goes to my school.”

“I’ll go get the eggs,” Guan Shan muttered, walking away quickly. He turned round the corner of the aisle and stopped. Why? It felt as if he’d been dealt a blow that had left him breathless. He bit his trembling lower lip. He Tian had said… He had said… He just used the same words you used, you chicken-brained shit! Why does it bother you? Isn’t this what you want? His throat hurt. Shit. So this is how it feels, huh…

“So that’s the guy,” Brother said matter-of-factly. “The one you’re after?”


“Shut up.”

“What’s his name? If he’s gonna be family at some point, shouldn’t I introduce myself properly?”

Guan Shan heard the sound of rustling fabric, and Tian’s low, threatening voice. “I don’t want him involved in any of your shit, is that clear?”

“If you don’t tell me his name, how can I protect you both?”

“He doesn’t need your protection,” Tian said, walking past his brother. “He has me.”

Aw, crap. Guan Shan’s blood rushed through his veins. Shit, shit, shit. What’s this? He covered his mouth with his hand, as if he wanted to prevent a million words from coming out. What should I do with this feeling? He was wondering whether he should go back and say something to Tian’s brother when Tian found him.

“Did you find the eggs?”

“Yes!” Guan Shan blurted out, grabbing them from the nearest shelf.

They paid for the groceries and went out of the market. As they walked to the tower, Guan Shan took out his cellphone.

“Sending a message to your mom?” Tian asked.


“Telling her not to fall in love with the beautiful boy she met today?”

“Not quite.” He finished typing and showed it to Tian.

[I’m spending the night at my friend He Tian’s house.]

Tian raised his eyes slowly and stared at him. “Don’t Close Mountain… Do you know what you’re doing?” His voice was definitely low and dark, in a way that only Guan Shan understood.

“Yes,” he replied. “Just… Make sure I won’t regret it.”

“You won’t,” He Tian smiled, taking Guan Shan’s bag off his hand.

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— The Wanderer’s Elysium awakens from it’s slumber and reopens it’s doors once more! —

Greetings and salutations, citizens of Eorzea (and beyond!) With the warmth of the summer quickly fading, we find it is time to warm our hearts, and yours, instead. Join us once again at our seaside home for delights and merry entertainment during our leading main event: Open Cabaret!  A gathering brew of songsters and dancers, fiddle players and aetheric weavers, storytellers, stand-up comics from near and far; you name it, we’ve hosted it on our stage.

So come! Join us once again to celebrate the closing of summer, but the reopening of the Wanderer’s Elysium!

⚝ Who: The Elysium’s performers & You, obviously!
⚝ Doors open: August 29th,  8PM - 11PM EDT
⚝ Entertainment Begins: 8:30~ PM EDT
⚝ Where: The Wanderer’s Elysium: Mists Ward 11, Plot 5
⚝ Other Tidbits: We welcome all performers to our stage, both in-house and out, and our performer slots for this cabaret are currently open!  We have 10 - 12 slots for each Cabaret with a first-come, first-serve basis.  We withhold the right to grant Keeper’s Kiss members priority. If you are interested in performing at this event (or in the future!) please feel free to contact Renaux Mercier @ Renaux#8571 on Discord or @shroudwayman for more info!

Poster credit goes to the every so sweet & talented @etani-a​. 

For shameless boosts: @balmungrpcalendar 

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Why do you believe Camren is real? (This is a serious question). According to the theories, they've been together for years yet, even being in the public eye, there isn't a single piece of evidence to prove a relationship. Literally all the "proof" is assumptions based on the way the girls make eye contact. All those Camren "proof" videos with specific moments between the girls can literally be made between EVERY girl. You can even make videos that make them all look like they loathe each other.

Oh my Ghad fam! Clara J. has found me!!! 😂A non-believer in the house! welcome to our domain. 💋 Here is a rose 🌹 for you. Shall I lay the red carpet? 🙃 Kiddin’ aside, my number 1 point since you were explicitly implying that we “alter” videos to make the “girls” look that they loathe at each other. Never have I ever posted an “edited looking at each other” video of any of the girls, ever. Second point, the right of “belief” is a basic universal right under the constitution, we can believe whatever seems real, genuine, and true to us, we do not ask you to believe with us. To each his own. Third, there are thousands of theories fact, what you are looking for is a direct spoon fed confirmation from the girls themselves, you won’t get it anytime soon hun, I suggest go back after a decade. Careers are on the line here, and did you actually think that the management would ever risk it, and let them hang out in public romantically to be scrutinized, and photographed by paparazzi? I don’t think so babe. Let them have that little bit privacy they are left with. Here we promote love only. We see love, and we promote it. ❣️Are we done here because I kinda need to walk my fish. 😉

Of Gnomes and Respectable Hobbit

short silly, fluffy OS I wrote that was inspired by @rutobuka2‘s stream and something @emsiecat said!

It’s a Hobbit/kinda Fairytale AU

Bilbo was a Hobbit of many secrets. So was everybody in the Shire, if you thought about it, but a respectable Hobbit knew how to hide them properly.

And a respectable Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins was. Or at least, he liked to believe he was though it was slightly questionable if you knew happened to catch him badmouthing his annoying relative when he though nobody was listening, or again when he discreetly gave his tomatoes a “little push” with some forbidden ingredients to make sure they will won first prize.

The latest oddity that one could find at Bag End was the gnomes. They first appeared on a breezy October morning, as Bilbo forced himself to fight an already lost battle against the East Wind to rattle the dead leaves away from his vegetables.

His big nose turning red and sore even though it was protected by a thick, handmade knitted scarf, Bilbo was cursing the stormy weather when something hard blocked his tool. Wondering if it had hit a rock, he kneeled next to a particularly large pumpkin, curious… and yelped in pain as something pointy pricked him between the eyes.

“What on middle earth…?” He said to himself as he pulled out what looked like the tiniest arrow he had ever seen. But his confusion only grew as he heard a quiet, angry voice shout from behind the pumpkin:

“Kili, be careful! This creature isn’t dead, yet!”

“Another arrow, and he will be, Uncle!” Said another quiet voice, though this one sound almost enthusiastic.

Bilbo liked having guests at home just like the next Hobbit, but not when those were unexpected, especially not on a cold Friday morning. And as his patience grew thin –he just wanted to go back inside and eat his second breakfast after all- our respectable Hobbit grabbed the pumpkin and raised it in the air to see who is little unwanted invaders were.

And how little they were! Surprised, Bilbo accidentally dropped the huge vegetable on the three garden gnomes that had been hiding there.

“Oh oh…” He whispered as the strange creatures yelled as they were crushed under the pumpkin. Cautiously, Bilbo pushed it away and leaned closer to the three gnomes now lying in the dirt, not sure if he was mostly annoyed or just curious.

“You!” The seemingly oldest man shouted, brandishing the tiniest sword Bilbo had ever seen, “How dare you attempt to our lives!”

“I beg your pardon?” Bilbo said, avoiding the blade that was trying to poke him in the eye. “I meant no harm, so would you please just leave me and my garden alone, thank you very much!”

And with a slightly crossed expression as the three gnomes began to climb on his furry feet and attack him, he grabbed them by the collar and threw them as far away as possible.

“Go bother Lobelia Sackville-Baggins! Her garden is already infested by her nasty personality anyway!” Bilbo shouted before going back inside his house and sitting by the fire, grumbling about gnomes and the rudeness of the tiny creatures.

Still, once his bad temper calmed down, Bilbo felt a bit remorseful about throwing the three men away; a proper Hobbit would have at least offer them some tea and biscuits before politely leading them to the exit.

“Oh, bugger! They shouldn’t have try to attack me in the first place.” Bilbo said aloud, trying to ignore the pouring rain that had begun to fall and how the gnomes must be all soaked wet and dirty by now.

Luckily for him, Bilbo was offered a second chance as the next morning, he found the gnomes stubbornly back into his garden, armed to the teeth and calling him a foe for daring to attack members of the royal family.

Thinking it was a joke, Bilbo found himself laughing and picking up the three little men to bring them inside while being nastily stabbed by their blades and arrows.

“Will you quit this, or I will not provide you some food and warm tea!” He threatened them and the youngest one looked at him with stars in his eyes at the mention of food. He was also the most eager one eating as Bilbo watched them feasting on his lemon biscuits, though the two others kept glancing at him suspiciously.

“If you promise to behave properly, I will let you stay for the day.” Bilbo said and the oldest one looked at him suspiciously before agreeing and so Bilbo found himself making the tiniest and cosiest bed ever out of his nightstand drawer.

“Thank you Mister Hobbit for providing us shelter and food.” The grumpy gnome said with a bow. “I, Thorin Oakenshield, will make sure to thank you kindly for your gesture.”

Bilbo laughed and wished the three of them goodnight, thinking that his three little guests were quite adorable now that they were all clean and sneering quite loudly for their size.

And as morning came, Bilbo found himself unable to chase them away from his cosy Hobbit home.

“You can stay until they day grow warmer.” He announced, and the gnomes seemed satisfied with his decision. “In exchange, you can protect my garden from certain bugs and weeds.”

“We will not fail our mission, Mister Baggins.” Thorin said with a bow; he had been calling Bilbo by his name since breakfast after asking to know how to address their host.

“I put all my faith in you.” Bilbo assured him, hiding his grin behind his cup.

“Kili, Fili; I entrust you to assure Mister Baggins’ vegetables’ safety.” Thorin said to his nephews.

And so our respectable Hobbit found himself sharing his welcoming house with three unlikely friends for the first time since his dear parents’ death, decades ago.

What he didn’t know was that Thorin hadn’t lie, and the three men were indeed of royal blood; they were actually dwarves from the mighty kingdom of Erebor that Thorin would lead once his father the king will be no more.

Alas, the prince and his nephews had been cursed one day by an evil man, and as seasons passed, the three of them were turning more and more into garden gnomes until one day they will be as cold and lifeless as stone; the only way to break their curse was for someone to show them love before the curse was complete.

Months before they found themselves in our dear Bilbo’s garden, they had made the acquaintance of a funny old wizard, Gandalf the Gray, who had promised them he knew how to help them and so they had travelled through Middle Earth together until the wizard unfortunately dropped them out of his pocket and didn’t seemed to realise it until it was too late; the dwarves were gone and lost in the Shire.

Hopeless, they had climbed all the way up the highest hill, where no nosy Hobbit seemed to venture. After a cold night sitting close to each other to stay safe and warm, they had been luckily found by Bilbo who was still unaware of the grim curse that was turning them each passing day colder and colder.

Days passed and so did Fall and Winter. Bilbo got used to this odd company, laughing more than he did in the past years at the merriness of those three friendly gnomes, singing along with them as they played their tiny instruments. Gone was the oh so coldly polite respectable Hobbit; Bilbo now liked to go on long walk and venture around the Shire, his three protectors in his coat’s pocket.

He was particularly fond of Thorin, and as the first day of spring came, found himself musing that it would have been lovely if the gnome had been Hobbit sized. But one terrible morning came where Bilbo woke up, only to find his drawer empty.

Alarmed, he went through his house, bedroom after bedroom, calling for Thorin, Fili and Kili. Panicked, he ran outside, ignoring the cloudless sky and the singing birds, only wishing to find his friends.

As her ran to the oak tree where he had built a tiny guarding stand for the two brothers, Bilbo bumped into something and fell face into the mud. Rubbing his sore nose, he turned his head and was horrified to find the three Durins standing here, now grey and hard like stone, expressionless.

The thing he had bumped into was actually Thorin, and Bilbo found himself mourning for his beloved gnome as he picked him up gently.

“Oh, Thorin!” He said, resting his forehead against Thorin’s cold one. “What happened to you? And Fili, and Kili!” He said, his heart sinking in his chest, as he picked up the two other gnomes and hugged them tightly.

Tears appeared in his eyes as he kissed Thorin’s nose, and the salty pearls fell on the three statues.

Suddenly, Bilbo felt something warm under his fingers and he dropped them with a gasp as the three garden gnomes became colourful and lively again and began to grow, grow, grow, until they reached the size of a tall Hobbit.

“Oh!” Bilbo said, in shock, as he realised that the three Durins were actually dwarves.

“Bilbo!” Thorin said with the warmest smile Bilbo had ever seen on his face. “You saved us!” And Bilbo found himself brought into a tight, welcoming embrace.

“I knew you could break up this spell!” Kili said with a laugh as he and his brother joined the hug.

“Didn’t I tell you, Master Dwarf? True Love always win.” Said a voice behind them, and they all turned to see Gandalf the Gray standing here, an amused smile on his face. “Bilbo, my friend!”

“Gandalf!” Bilbo said, surprised; he hadn’t seen his old friend in quite a long time.

“So this was your plan all along, then.” Thorin said with a frown and the wizard laughed but said nothing. But then, Thorin’s eyes fell on Bilbo again and his features soften. “You saved us.” He repeated again fondly.

“Well, I suppose I did.” Bilbo said with a little giggle. And just like Bilbo had done before, Thorin kissed our dear Hobbit’s forehead as his dear nephews gasped and cheered loudly.

And though he couldn’t consider himself a respectable Hobbit anymore now that he will become the consort of the future King under the Mountain, Bilbo realised that he didn’t mind at all.


Honeymoon - Taeil (M)

Suggested:  Can you please do a Taeil smut where you guys are on honeymoon and it’s very romantic? If not it’s alr, and your writings are great btw<3

It’s not that fluffy ughh I’m so sorry… I promise I tried… 

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Pairing: Taeil x Reader

Genre: Fluff Smut

Word Count: 1,502

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What we would not have without Slytherins

1. First of all there would be no Hogwarts, you can not deny that Hogwarts would not be the same without the cunning house.

2. We would not have Ron, Ginny or most importantly Harry.  Ron who nearly died in The Half-Blood Prince by choking on poisoned mead was saved by the ingenues of a slytherin student: The Half-Blood Prince, so thanks to the knack for potions of the slytherins we don’t have to suffer another Weasley loss. 

3. Now when it comes to Ginny in The Camber of Secrets, Tom Riddle, in a way turned out to be the bane of his own self.  Although Ginny was nearly killed by He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named it was also his own strength that was his undoing;it was Harry’s Parselmouth that he inherited from Voldemort when he survived the unforgivable curse that let Harry enter The Camber of Secrets to rescue Ginny.

4.  And last but definitely not least Harry Potter; twice Harry was saved by members of a family that were slytherin through and through: the Malfoys.  In The Deathly Hallows Draco saved Harry when he hesitated to identify a disguised Harry, Draco’s hesitation was just what Harry needed to get away.  Again a Malfoy saved Harry’s life was in The Forbidden Forest as Harry lay alive after Voldemort cast the Killing curse on Harry, Narcissa could have told Voldemort that Harry was alive but she chose to ask if Draco was alive and lied straight to her lord flat face.

5. We wouldn’t have The Order of Merlin.  Slytherin was the house to one of the greatest wizards of all time: Merlin himself.  Therefore without the House of Salazar Slytherin then we would have less phrases like: “Merlin’s beard!” or “Merlin’s pants!”.

So to all our fellow Hogwarts houses you are very welcome,

Sincerely, the Slytherin.