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Replace VI Novel Ch 2 “THE NEXT GENERATION” English Translation Part 4 of 9

Yes! I managed to finish before I leave for my trip! After this update there won’t be any for at least a week but I’ve already done like 4 or so this week to make up for it. 

Finally, we meet Asahina Daigo!

This part focuses a bit on him and the current Seirin members.

Next update: Teiko in Hawaii parts 5 and 6! (Part 5 is only two pages so I’m definitely combining them this time) 

Now what kind of guy is Asahina?? And finally Kagami gets more lines this time

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ingu-deactivated20150707  asked:


[Housemate wanted; looking for housemate to share large converted studio warehouse with designer]

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How Interesting....

You know, I find it very interesting how back when we had over 80000 people playing Pokemon Red at the same time, we managed to keep our Master Ball and use it on a legendary Pokemon in Anarchy mode.

However, in Pokemon Crystal, we have less than 20000 people playing at the same time yet we used our Master Ball on a regular level 22 Goldeen…Once again, in Anarchy mode.


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Aced The Test - Nerdy Ashton Smut

Summary: Smutty Ashton, so I made nerdy ashton because oh my god.

A/U: I’m sorry I forgot your name, but this is a request from a little gal who messaged me. I had a very busy day and I’m sorry it took so long but I made it extra long ;) so please enjoy.

These boys are all the same, always obsessed with same three things, cars, girls and sports. Nothing more and nothing less to think about in their small minds. For the first time in your life you were bored, you wanted something new and exciting and different. You needed to take a new direction and leave behind everything dull.

You’re friends blabber on about some party going on this weekend and you are bored out of your mind just waiting for the bell to ring so you can escape this conversation.
“Hey Y/N, are you coming this Saturday?”
“I’m not sure” you mumble and sigh
“Why not?” She asks pestering you,
“I’m just not up for getting drunk, that’s all we do, every weekend” you reply.
Your mind remembers the countless mornings of head throbbing hangovers and mistakes of hooking up with another boring jock the night before.
“But it’s so much fun” they all giggle and you quietly mumble
“Only for you”. The bell signifying the end of lunch rings overhead and you practically cheer.

You pass by your locker and grab you sociology textbook, before heading up the stairs and across the hall to your class. You quickly say your goodbye to your friends and scurry inside the class and out of their mindless conversation of which vodka flavours are the best. You are stopped by a blockade of bodies all standing by the door.
“Excuse me” you grunt as you push your way through the people.
You notice all the seats are empty and on the broad is a new seating arrangement, you are happy no longer having to crane your neck to look over the 6'4 kid who sat in front of you.
You scan the list and find your name, near the far left in the back. You push your way past the rest of the kids and find your seat. You set your books down as the other students scurry around in search of their news seats. While digging through your purse in search of a pencil, you hear the shuffling on papers and shoes to your left. A boy sits down beside you in the empty chair, you glance at him. He’s wearing big framed glasses with long curly brown bangs cover his face. You don’t get a good look because he seems to be avoiding eye contact.
“Okay class, settle down” Your teacher calls out over the crowd,
the class is filled up, everyone in their new seats greeting one another.
“So I made these new seating arrangements because we are starting a new unit, this unit requires a lot of team work so welcome to your new study partners” the class erupts with choirs of groans and cheers.
“Your first assignment is to get to know your new partner, you’ll be spending the next two months with them” she finishes and the class room is filled with chatter.
You turn back to the boy and his eyes quickly flick to yours, you bite your lip to hide your smile. No ones ever been this shy around you, everyone you hangout with are the attention grabbing, loud mouth people. This is change, this is good.

“Hi, I’m Y/N, what your name?”
He raises his jaw and meets your eyes with some new found confidence.
“I’m Ashton” he says with a slight stutter, a hint of scarlet creeping over his cheeks.
You’ve seen him around before, though he’s never spoken a single word to you. He’s considered a nerd and you’ve seen his with his nose buried in a few books in the library. You’ve seen him with his friends in the halls, smiling and laughing. You’ve even caught him looking in your direction once or twice during class but he’s never said one word.

“Nice to meet you” you say and watch as his green eyes flicker with light.
The silence is painfully awkward as you wait for him to talk next. Your attention pulled from Ashton as a deep voice erupts,
“Y/N come sit with us” orders one of the football jocks across the room, the one who you drunkenly kissed the weekend before.
“No, I’m good over here” you wave him off and run your attention back to Ashton.
“I’m really excited for this project, sociology is one of my favourite subjects I just love learning about the intellectuality of people” you mutter to break the pending silence.

“You don’t have to stay here and pretend to be my friend, just go over there, I’ll be okay to work alone” Ashton’s voice is hoarse, and his gaze drops to the floor waiting for you to leave.
Your eyebrows furrow together as you say
“I’m not going anywhere, were partners after all” and you end with a smile.
The bell rings and he seems to sigh in relief.
“I think we should get together and get to know each other better” you say and his smile grows, two dimples pop on each side.
“For school, for the project” you add quickly correcting yourself and you feel your own cheeks heat.
“Here’s my number, just text your address and we will meet up” you scribble down your cell number on his notepad and he nods his head.
“Text me, okay?” You ask and he bites his bottom lip before replying
“Oh definitely”.

You walk out of class, your books cradled in your arms as you head to you last class. You spend all of class trying to read Hamlet, but failing miserable as your mind wandered back to Ashton. His smile, the one you’ve only seen from a distance is something you wouldn’t mind seeing more often, you’d never seen his dimples before, and you want nothing more but to see them again and again.
The bell rings, pulling you out if your thoughts.
Your phone buzzes in your hip pocket, and you catch yourself smiling.
It reads *hi it’s ashton*
And a series of number beside his address written underneath.
*ill be there in 20* you type back and climb into your car before starting the engine.

You drive down another unknown street as your GPS tells you that your destination is on the right.

You step out and walk up the sidewalk to the door. Rocking back and forth on your heels as you wait for him to answer, you try not to panic as you imagine having to meet his parents. You hold your breath as the door creeks open, to reveal Ashton with his rosy cheeks and dimpled smile.
You stand at the edge of the door, his large frame filling the entrance
“May I come in?” You giggle
“Oh yea” he shakes his head at himself and moves to the side allowing you access.

He leads you inside,
“it’s beautiful” you comment on the warm aura of his house
“You should tell my mum that, she’s always redecorating” he snickers and takes a seat on a brown leather couch.
“Are your parents home?” You ask not meeting his gaze as you take a seat beside him on the sofa.
“No they’ll be gone all weekend, another business trip” he comments and you swear you see a flicker of something in his eyes.
“Okay we should get started, do you have any questions?” You ask and shake your mind off the imagines of running your tongue up his neck off your mind.
“Yes um..” he pulls out his a text book and skims down a page covered in notes. He’s deep in concentration, trying to find a good question. You couldn’t help but smile, he was the first boy who didn’t just want to jump into bed with you the minute he got you home.
“So I was wondering what your..” His eyes meet yours and he stops mid sentence as he catches you in your previous stare,
“What’s wrong? What did I do?” He asked timidly,
“Stop being so nervous, you didn’t do anything” you laugh and place your hand on his knee to reassure him. His eyes follow your movement, looking unsure how to react. It’s obvious now that he doesn’t have any experience in this matter.

“W-what do you want to know about me?” He stutters, his hands balled in fists by his sides,
“Have you ever kissed a girl?” You ask inching closer to him.
His Adam’s apple bobs as he gulps “yea a few times”
You smirk and nod your head,
“Has anyone ever touched you before?” Your question as the hand on his knee inches up his thigh.
He doesn’t say anything, his pupils dilate until only a sliver of green is left, he shakes his head no.
You slide next to him until your thigh is against his, you lean in and whisper in his ear.
“Do you want me to touch you?”
He’s eyes flick to your lips and he backs away
“But why? Your so out of my league? I mean look at you”
You cut him off by crashing your lips onto his, feeling his body stiffen at the action.
“Just shut up and kiss you” you mumbled and pressed your lips against his again. It wasn’t too long after he loosened up, your hands traveling down his neck to reach his shoulders and grip the fabric of this top, you felt him squirm in his seat.

You wanted him, every inch of him, so you let your hands playfully drag down his torso, feeling up every inch of his front. You felt his body jerk as your hands reached down to his crotch and you could already feel how hard he was. A soft moan escaped from his lips and you knew exactly why he was so nervous. He was extremely turned but everything you do. Ashton’s hands tightly griped onto your hips and pushed you down on your back, he hovered over you. His knee in between your legs, you were growing more and more excited seeing him break through his shell and curious as to what he was capable of.
“Take off my top” you sighed as his lips trailed down your neck. His shaky hands fumbled with the hem and you leant forward as he striped the fabric off your back. He gasped as your prominent chest came into view.
“Touch me” you moaned and his large hands came up and he ran a finger over the laced pattern, before cupping your breasts. You arched your back up as he kneaded your chest, for someone so inexperienced he knew what to do to make you shiver.
Your hands found his belt and began to undo the buckle, you searched his eyes for any uncertainty but you found none as you tugged his jeans down his thighs. He let go of your breasts and you whimpered at the loss of his touch as he peeled his shirt off himself. He was left in only his boxers, now tented with a erection. You watched as his hands slipped down to the button of your jeans and began to unzip and unbutton the tight fabric. You lifted your hips and your centre rubbed against the top of his thigh and you moaned at the friction.
His eyes widen and he looked shocked by your reaction, before pulling your jeans the rest of the way down.
Your hand cupped the growing bulge in his underwear, his reaction was something you were not expecting.
He growled like a wild animal and his lips attacked and harshly sucked at your collarbone. Your fingers curling around your his length pumping him through the fabric, his grunts filled your ears.
“Oh god Y/N let me touch you” he groaned and you withdrew your hand from his throbbing member.
You squeezes your eyes shut as his long fingers trailed down your waist over hovered over the thin fabric of your underwear, you desperately nodded your head. He stripped you of the fabric. You heard his intake of breath as you spread you legs open to him, you opened your eyes just in time to witness him lick his lips as his index finger rubbed rubbed over you slits.
“Up” you whispered and he listened to your words as his finger brushing your clit making you squeeze his bicep.
“With your thumb.. rub it in circles” you gasped, his did as told and your nails dragged into his skin and your erratic heart beat in your chest.
“Yes god, just like that” you groaned.
“Your finger, put it in” you couldn’t stop gasping as his long finger eased it’s way into your entrance.
“Pump” you curled your toes as he compiled and you almost came right then from your own excitement.
Your hand released from his arm and slide back down his abdomen to his groin, your hand dipped under the fabric and your grasped his dick. He’s eyes rolled back as you rubbed your thumb over his tip.
His hand giving you pleasure as your hand have him his. It was the perfect combination, the room was filled with moans and gasps. You knew exactly what to do, pumping him while twisting your wrist, he surprised you by curling his finger inside of you.
Both pushing each other closer and closer to a state of euphoria.
His legs strayed to shake as your hand jerked faster and harder.
“Faster” you moaned and he added another finger inside of you. The burn in your belly started to build as he’s finger dived into you at a achingly fast rate.
“Oh god” you felt yourself stiffen and release, bouncing yourself of his hand. Ashton let out a yelp and jerked himself into your hand as you both rode out your orgasms.

You lay back, both out of breath as your tired eyes start want to rest.
“Do you think we just aced the test of getting to know each other?” You ask and his laughter erupts, the most glorious sounds of both your laughs fills the room.
“Oh definitely” he giggled as he nestled his face into you neck.