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America Right Now
  • <p> <b>Trump Supporters:</b> *crying because Trump is President*<p/><b>Hillary Supporters:</b> *crying because Trump is President*<p/><b>Third Party Supporters:</b> *crying because they know they fucked up*<p/></p>
Welcome to Hell-eton, Mettaton!
  • Welcome to Hell-eton, Mettaton!
  • MPF & Friends!
  • Shazzbaa's Undertale comic

Shazzbaa you have no idea how much I’ve wanted to see a comic of Papyrus friendzoning Mettaton. So Thank you. You’re AWESOME. <3

@faulerro as Mettaton

@recorderdude as Papyrus & Sans

Myself as Alphys

@serenamidori as Undyne

Link to the original comic

(NOTE: Sound may not play properly in Chrome. Listen to it here if it won’t play on your dash)