welcome to the wagon


1.08 like a virgin // 3.01 welcome wagon // veronica mars movie


**disclaimer*** this one is kind of sad! Happyish ending but still sad! Read at your own risk!

Silence. Absolute earth shattering silence.

That was all Jughead Jones could hear. His toes buried deep in the damp sand and his head tilted back as the clear blue water misted through his ink black curls.

One year, it had been one year since the whole of Riverdale had been shaken too its core, a change that would forever alter the way the tiny town would be seen. No one thought of Maple Syrup or Sweet water River when the name , Riverdale, was brought into conversation. There wasn’t the typical mutual nod of agreement at the far too small town. No, it was much darker now, much more quiet.

Riverdale was now and forever known as the town where the beautiful blonde cheerleader had driven herself to the County Garage, lowered the gate and locked her car doors all the while leaving her car running, when the shop had opened early the next morning they had found her dead in the front seat, her diary open to a simple white piece of paper with the words

“I’m sorry.”

Written in pink cursive.

Betty Cooper had killed herself. Betty Cooper had taken her life. Betty Cooper was gone.

Jughead bit back tears. He should have been there for her, should have seen the way she was slowly but surely fading away, her bloody palms and swollen eyes. But he was selfish, he was so caught up in his own world, his mother leaving, his fathers drinking, he hadn’t been there, he hadn’t saved her and that was something he could never forgive himself for.

“I’m so sorry Betty, I’m so damn sorry.” Jughead whispered, tears streaming steadily down his cheeks.

“What on earth are you sorry for?”

Whipping around to see the added voice Jughead nearly threw up at what he saw.

It was her, it was Betty, standing in front of him, her long blonde hair left down and curly and wearing the same pair of overalls she had been in the night she had died.

“I’m crazy. I’m absolutely insane, god help me I’ve officially lost it.” The dark haired boy scrambled to his feet as he squeezed his eyes shut desperately trying to get her face out of his head.

When he opened his eyes he was surprised to see his vision still standing before him staring expectantly, hands on her hips and an amused smile on her lips.

“well this isn’t the welcome wagon I was expecting. I’m sure the ghost of Christmas past got treated much better than this.” Betty teased, dropping down in the sand and patting the space beside her.

“This isn’t real. You’re not real.” Jughead mumbled, hesitantly taking the open spot

“Maybe I’m not. Maybe I am. I’m not really sure how this whole ghost thing works. Obviously I’m new to it. This could all be a dream so why don’t you just sit back and enjoy it. I’ve been told I’m great company.” The familiar giggle rippled through the air, it was different though almost… hollow.

“why are you here? Why are you haunting me? What have I done?” Jughead questioned, head aching and spinning.

Betty reached for him then, fingers cold and hard.
“You haven’t done anything, I’m not here to “haunt” you. I’m here because you need me. You asked for me remember? You wanted to see me again and here I am.“ Her voice was calm and quiet as she soothed Jugheads troubled mind.

"You… you’re dead Betty. You killed yourself. I just.. why would you do something like that?”

It came out before he had a chance to filter himself and suddenly he realized how long he had been waiting to ask that question, how desperate he was to know the answer.

Betty sighed softly, leaning back and digging her fingers into the sand

“I know that it’s hard to understand, I know that it was selfish but I felt like I had no choice. I never really had a choice, my whole life was planned out for me and it just.. it became too much. I’ve always had this… this nagging feeling and I thought about, I really really thought about it for a long time and.. I just had to Juggie. I’m sorry.”

Jughead nodded absently, he was sitting on the beach talking to a ghost, and the next thing out of his mouth was

“You look good.”

He cringed, yeah smooth.

Betty smiled brighter than he had seen in years.

“Well thanks, i feel great. Remember how your dad used to call me angel when we were babies? Well it’s official I certainly am one now. By the way how is is FP?”

Jugheads smile dropped
“He’s taking all of it… hard. It’s a lot at once.”

Betty nodded,
“I’m sure, ya know I get to come down and see my mom whenever I want. Polly had the babies, she named one after me.. I wasn’t sure if you knew or if you’ve been able to get out..”

Jughead shook his head
“She brought them by, got some bright hair those kids. I like Elizabeth the best.”

Betty giggled
“I’d have been a good aunt ya know. I’d have spoiled them rotten. But they have Cheryl for that. Can you believe she brings me flowers twice a week. I thought maybe she would stop after a month but it’s been a year and she still does it. Dang that girl can talk too, I think she thinks my gravestone is her diary.”

Jughead smiled, slowly lowering himself onto the sand completely

“Veronica and Archie miss you, they’re a mess.”

The beautiful blonde angel smiled softly
“They’ll be okay. Sometimes it’s tough to see them so upset. I saved Fred Andrews ya know? He was so close to reaching the light before I got there and told him to get his butt back down there and take care of his son, lord knows Archie needs the guidance.”

Turning his head to face Betty, Jughead reached out and laced his fingers with hers.

“Does it get easier? The whole dying thing?”

Betty scootched herself into the tired boys side

“It’s hard at first, you think about everything you’ll miss, you see the way it affects the people around you but eventually it becomes better. If I could take it back I would. I wouldn’t have killed myself. I’ll never get to be married, have kids, but a house, get a dog. But I was living in a shell. You learn to live a new life, sometimes it feels empty and lonely but..,” Betty trailed off

“But it will get better” Jughead finished.

Betty looked at him sadly and nodded
“I think so. I think it will be better.”

Jughead dropped his lips to her forehead, squeezing his eyes shut.

“I have to go now Juggie.” Betty whispered

Jughead nodded, his vision blurring and his arms feeling lighter, just before he felt it slip away to black He heard her soft voice one more time.

“I’ll see you soon Juggie.”

Waking up two hours later in the hospital bed, the tubes that had now become a permanent part of his body felt heavier and his mind was at ease. The cancer had taken his hair, half of his body weight and most of his sanity, in his final days the eighteen year old boy would say goodbye to his family, to his friends, even to Hotdog. But he wasn’t afraid anymore, no, not when he knew just what was waiting for him.

And when the one year anniversary of his death came around he wasn’t alone, hand tucked into a tiny one littered with moon shaped scars they sat together on the beach, watching Veronica and Archie walk the shore, remembering the two people who had shaped their lives.

✧    THE   VAMPIRE   DIARIES   PROMPTS   !   (  PART   I  .   )

  • You left that girl alive tonight. That was very careless of you..
  • I promised you an eternity of misery, so I’m just keeping my word..
  • But wherever you go, people die..
  • I live in the real world where vampires burn in the sun.
  • Are these bites going to turn me into a vampire?
  • I like being the eternal stud.
  • You have a lot more insults in you, I can tell.
  • Everything you know, and every belief that you have, is about to change.
  • I’m getting really bored and really impatient, and I don’t do bored and impatient.
  • How many more animal attacks is this town gonna believe, huh?
  • I’ve been in love. It’s painful, pointless, and overrated.
  • Tip for later - be careful who you invite in the house.
  • I promise I will keep your secret, but…I can’t be with you.
  • It’s so not what you’re craving, but it’ll do in a pinch.
  • Our values and our actions, they define who we are.
  • How can you be so arrogant and glib after everything that you’ve done?
  • This daylight thing is a bitch! I need more blood!
  • Well, your life was pathetic; your afterlife doesn’t have to be.
  • You confuse me for someone with remorse..
  • Why does everybody have to die on me?
  • Uh, have you met you? You’re not a nice person.
  • After a century, I finally realized death means nothing without you.
  • I couldn’t miss your hundredth and…whatever birthday.
  • You saved my life - I’m sparing yours. We’re even.
  • It’s not like the welcome wagon was waiting with a bunk cake and a handbook.
  • You promise not to do that mind-control-thing with me?
  • Vampires can’t procreate. But we love to try.
  • It’s not like we all hang out at the ‘vamp bar and grill’.
  • You know…you were there in the road, all ‘damsel in distress’-like. ‘
  • You just found out that your boyfriend is a vampire.
  • Now you remember that. Because it’s never happening again.
  • If I see something I haven’t seen before, I’ll throw a dollar at it.
  • What if your blood hasn’t passed out of her system?!
  • You went in there not knowing if you could come back out?
  • Is that a vampire thing? 'Cause I read vampires don’t like running water.
  • First rule about vampires: don’t believe anything you read. 
  • So you want a pity turn? I don’t think so.
  • You should turn me 'cause I don’t have anything else.
  • Teacher by day, vampire hunter by night.
  • Can you just not joke around for two seconds?
  • We’ll just add it to the growing list of how everything’s falling apart.
  • Please dance with your alcoholic vampire boyfriend.
  • You know this vampire problem is real, right? It’s a potential bloodbath.
  • Do you wanna hear the bad news, or the really bad news?
  • I wanted to feed on him, and it took everything inside of me not to do it.
  • I have this hunger inside of me that I’ve never… I’ve never felt before in my entire life
  • Does that mean you’re okay, now, with all the cravings?
  • You were playing house with half of a tomb of really pissed-off vampires..
  • I’m talking about the fact that you’re a closet blood junkie.
  • There’s that switch - sometimes it goes off and you snap…
  • If you’re just gonna mock me, could you move along, please? ‘
  • He has a fridge, full of stolen blood bank contraband, in the house.
  • Normal to a vampire is drinking human blood, but he’s spent all this time fighting it.
  • I wanted to drain every ounce of blood from that girl’s body.
  • I like being a living dead person.
  • So either kill me or compel me, because I don’t believe it.
  • I’m a vampire. What’s your excuse?
  • Come on, don’t pout about it. We got a body to bury.
  • Why are you looking at him with your serious vampire look?
  • What do you know about werewolves?
  • You knew that they were going to burn the vampires in the church?
  • So, can you like do a hocus-pocus to ace a test?
  • That werewolf road leads straight to vampire boulevard!
  • It must be painful to desiccate and mummify. I can’t even imagine.
  • Torture me, keep me captive, drain me of blood until my body turns to dust. 
  • We both know I could rip you to shreds and do my nails at the same time.
  • You know, if you wanna see me naked all you have to do is ask.
  • What is up with that family? They’re not vampires, what the hell are they?
  • I’m just happy that’s a, uh– a blood bag and not a sorority girl supplying your dinner.
  • At least if you’re a vampire, you don’t have to feel bad about it if you don’t want to.

Three Eli’s…LMAO :D! I just can’t get enough of this boy ;v; <33!

Top: Eli with a cowboy hat…🤠 

Bottom Left: Ensign Eli Vanto (The way i see him…with tame hair when he’s with the empire)

Bottom Right: Eli Vanto from The Welcome Wagon by @white-rainbowff

I like to believe Eli has a beauty mark on the top his lip and one by his eye.

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Clap of Thunder, Usnavi de la Vega x Reader

Prompt:  Hi there ! I know it’s not really a prompt but could you do a usnavi x reader soulmate au ?

Word-count: 1,933 (Woo, boy I was cutting it close.)

Warnings: Like, maybe one curse word? I think? Also, angst. The dark blue, silkier kind. 

Note: Lol I’m not at a hundred, although I’m supposed to post this when I reach a hundred. I couldn’t wait. 

This stuff is angsty, I gotta warn you now. It has a happy ending, don’t worry, but don’t expect the regular sunny Usnavi (this functions a bit as a character study in that regard). Hope you enjoy the trash! 

P.S.: I referenced a fic on ao3 for the mantra, thought I would put it out there!

When it all came down to it, Usnavi was practical.

See, people would say differently; his own childish idealism when it came to the distant seas and golden, sun-drenched beaches of his homeland would contrast sharply with his own self-proclamations of pragmatism. But Usnavi rejects the notion that human beings were capable of being either one thing or the other, so he stands in the middle, comfortable if a little tense at times.

(He’d risked the thought that maybe they couldn’t take him all that seriously when he was recklessly awkward and sometimes too sunny, and also a little bit irritating at times. It would fit in with their assumption.) (And not to mention, he was all of those things. But it also happened that he was all of those things and more.)  

If anything, he would say that his pragmatism stemmed from the stiff, black-and-white nature of how he saw things. Quite literally. It was almost ironic, how he could compose soliloquies and sonnets about the beauty of the Dominican Republic (in that he was sure of, never mind the fact that he actually didn’t know what gold or sea foam or crystalline looked like) and the only things he could see on a day to day basis were the endless swatches of gray and coal and white.

He didn’t know which one of his parents bore the deficit, or maybe if it was perhaps both of them, because Abuela Claudia didn’t know, and all the keepsakes his parents had passed on was given to Abuela to filter.

And as much as he liked to believe in the power of things like love and honest goodness and (the reason for his own predicament) soulmates, when you are robbed by loss at such a young age, it’s hard not to keep a reminder around just in case you start selling yourself too hard to whimsical fantasies:

There is more to life than love. There is more to love than joy.

Usnavi kept that reminder close to his chest, and soon it was routine to mutter it to himself, as routine as wiping down the counters of his bodega, as routine as smiling at Vanessa and scolding Sonny as he was, once again, late.

There is more to life than love. There is more to love than joy.

Benny ran to him first when he started seeing color, and Usnavi couldn’t help it, he felt a stab of envy he couldn’t tap down quick enough.

“I see green, man.” Benny breathed, in awe. “And it’s more beautiful than I thought it was going to be.”

“Really?” He couldn’t keep the straight wonder out of his voice.

“It’s almost alive, man. It’s practically breathing.”

“That’s amazing, Benny.” he said, patting his friend on the back. The man barely noticed him, still looking at the overarching planes of grass that stretched before them in the form of Central Park. They were all still varying shades of gray to Usnavi, but undoubtedly they were lush, exuberant hills to Benny now. He took the mantra out of his chest and started again.

There is more to life than love. There is more to love than joy.

Soon enough, the reason for Benny being able to see color was evident in the reappearance of Nina a few weeks later, looking more stressed than anything else but also looking around with wide eyes. She was seeing blue for the first time. On that very same day, their eyes met on the Rosario family dispatch and the burst of color was powerful enough to have them bowl over.

Usnavi wasn’t sure about too many things, but he was sure that he loved Vanessa. Never mind that he’d looked into her eyes and sure enough, he wasn’t able to see color the next second, but at that point, he was used to (and almost content with) living in a monochromatic world, and if he couldn’t have color, he would have Vanessa.

(She ended up finding her soulmate in her next-door neighbor in her new building, a girl named Georgia who owned three cats and had “the nicest pair of eyes I’ve ever seen”, according to Vanessa. Usnavi handled the news, her pitying gaze, with a grain of salt, and the typical repetition:

There is more to life than love. There is more to love than joy.)

He was on his way home from the bodega when it happened.

He had dropped something, a bag of groceries, and he had sighed, looked at the mess and bent down to pick up all that had fallen. He had put away the last carton of milk and was stretching back up to his normal height, but a flash of something stopped him.

The fire hydrant.

Usnavi had to rub at his eyes. There was no way. No.

He waited for the blur in his vision to fade (he had rubbed quite hard) and fixed his gaze on the fire hydrant again. There was no questioning it.

The fire hydrant was no longer gray.

It was angry, and hot, and colored so vividly it stabbed at his eyes. Red, he realized.

How much time he spent staring at that fire hydrant, he didn’t know. It was only when the brilliant light of the sun began to fade that he looked up. God.

There was so much to see.

It was in the middle of October, and almost everything was rendered into differing, varying shades of red. Usnavi stood there for what felt like forever, taking it all in. He recalled what Benny said to him about green.

It’s almost alive, man. It’s practically breathing.”

Perhaps it could apply to others?

He finally started moving, his hands going to his face and feeling a slight jolt at the wetness he found on his cheeks. With a great sniff, he wiped his nose on the sleeve of his shirt and departed to his apartment. He had a hell of a lot to tell Sonny.

There was apparently a new girl in town. Usnavi would be more curious about her if she wasn’t moving into Vanessa’s old apartment. (It was still a relatively fresh wound, and even if the telltale sign that his soulmate was near was literally right before his eyes, he had loved Vanessa, and that mattered.)

Sonny had delivered the news to him as he walked in the bodega one morning, as late as he ever was. He had talked to her, because he was Sonny and that was what he did.

“Really pretty,” Sonny said, hopping onto the counter Usnavi just wiped. “Really friendly. Also, single.”

Usnavi rolled his eyes. “I’ll consider it then,” he said, not really meaning it.

The next day however, he was at the doorstep of the aforementioned new girl, holding a cup of coffee and a pastry, hoping to be some kind of welcome wagon. He pressed the buzzer multiple times but to no avail. Instead, he dropped off the to-go cup and the pastry (it was in a bag anyway,) on the doormat.

He looked at the cup again, thinking. Before he could second-guess himself, he picked it back up, fumbled for the Sharpie he always kept in his pocket, and scrawled on the cup:

Hi there!

Consider this a Welcome to the Neighborhood gift.

The bodega across the street

He walked back, waving to anyone who stopped and said hello. The bell above the door tinkled as he made his entrance.

Sonny’s head popped up from behind the counter.

“Any luck?”

Usnavi shook his head. Sonny bit down on his bottom lip, but did not press the issue.

He’s only been seeing red recently. Benny said that he was supposed to be seeing more by now. Usnavi paid it no mind. The old mantra was still being put to use, although it was starting to rust a little.

There is more to life than love. There is more to love than joy.

He heard you before he saw you.

“Yeah, hi, is this, um, ‘the bodega across the street’? Okay, wow that was dumb. It’s just that, um, someone left coffee and a donut on my doorstep and it said it was from the bodega across the street and I checked and this was the bodega across the street and anyway—“

“Yes, we are indeed the, uh, ‘bodega across the street’.” Sonny said, amused. “Excuse the mystery, my cousin wrote that on your cup.”

“Oh.” There was a pause. “Can you tell your cousin ‘Thank you’? He didn’t have to do that, and it was honestly really nice that he did.”

Usnavi, all the while, was making another cup of coffee completely identical to the one he left on the doormat. He couldn’t understand what suddenly came over him, but he had heard you, and you sounded lovely, and all he knew was that he wanted to hear more. He was hastily pouring on foam when he heard Sonny say:

“Will that be all?”

“Yeah, that’d be all.”

Without thinking, he burst out of the back of the shop.


Sonny was smirking, and the cash register was open, the money already half-way into it, but his eyes sought out yours.

It was as sudden as a clap of thunder.

One minute, all was as it normally was, if for the stray shocks of red that stood out from the bleak backdrop of gray and black and white he was for so long accustomed to. He had so long settled himself into that world, had so long contented himself to that world completely devoid of color save for a scant handful. He had convinced himself, after all, that things like the promise of soulmates were seductive but seemed more distant than the Dominican Republic ever was. He had made peace with that didn’t he?

What was that old epithet he had attached to his heart the minute he understood that things like love and honest goodness and soulmates had the potential to turn on you as easily as they could welcome you with open arms?

“It’s you,”

And then the curse is broken, and he is looking at you, and the world is awash with life and renewed and reborn, and you are at the very center of it, with your eyes and your hair and your skin.

He stepped forward, slipped, because he had dropped the coffee the minute his eyes met yours and also because he is Usnavi and this kind of shit always happened. Sonny caught him around the waist and hauled him up, and when he felt himself stable enough, he planted his hands on the counter for extra leverage, and looked at you again.

There were tears in your (wonderful, wonderful) eyes as you looked back at him, and you were shaky on your feet (although you were certainly much more balanced than he was).

“It’s you,” you said. He nodded, trying to get rid of the molasses sticking the sides of his throat together.

He stuck his hand out, remembering to pass it along his pant leg to take off the sheen of cold sweat, cleared his throat. “Usnavi,” he said.

Your smile was bright, as bright as the yellow dress you wore. “Y/N,” you said, your hand slipping into his and a shock of pure, undiluted fire passed through him.

The laugh of absolute jubilation that escaped him was as irrepressible as the tears streaming down his face.

“Wonderful,” he said, ignoring Sonny and hopping over the counter. He grabbed your other hand.


Essays in Existentialism: Doctors

Doctor AU - Clarke works with Peds and Lexa is a career driven heart surgeon. They meet over a case with a sick baby.

“Excuse me, where’s the NICU?” Clarke broke down and asked a nurse after looping back down to the cafeteria once more. She thought it was the second left, but she might have made the fourth right, and she’d ended up in the basement, and she’d ended up in the gift shop, and she’d ended up on psyche. “Thank you.”

The directions were even more complicated, but Clarke was too afraid to ask again so she smiled and started out down the halls, anxiously checking her watch. Her beeper kept buzzing on her hip.

Keep reading


a song of ice and fire : game of thrones
                top 10 chapters/pov’s || #8 catelyn

      “rickon needs you,” robb said sharply. “he’s only three, he doesn’t understand what’s happening. he thinks everyone has deserted him, so he follows me around all day, clutching my leg and crying. i don’t know what to do with him.” he paused a moment, chewing on his lower lip the way he’d done when he was little. “mother, i need you too. i’m trying but i can’t… i can’t do it all by myself.” his voice broke with sudden emotion, and catelyn remember that he was only fourteen. she wanted to get up and go to him, but bran was still holding her hand and she could not move.
    the wolf was looking at her. its jaws were red and wet and its eyes glowed golden in the dark room. it was bran’s wolf, she realized. of curse it was. “thank you,” catelyn whispered, her voice faint and tint. she lifted her hand, trembling., the wolf padded closer, sniffed at her fingers, then licked at the blood with a wet rough tongue.when it had cleaned all the bood off her hand, it turned away silently and jumped up on bran’s bed and lay down beside him. catelyn began to laugh hysterically.
     "i will not be taking the kingsroad,” catelyn replied. she thought for a moment, then nodded her consent. “two riders can move as fast as one, and a good deal faster than a long column burdened by wagons and wheelhouses. i will welcome your company, ser rodrik. we will follow the white knife down to the sea, and hire a ship at white harbor. strong horses and brisk winds should bring us to king’s landing well ahead of ned and the lannisters.” and then, she thought, we shall see what we shall see.