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Midas' Touch - Vashoth - Overwatch (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: In the eyes of his dragon, everything Jesse touches turns to gold. [With an included illustration by Omaano]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jesse McCree/Hanzo Shimada
Characters: Jesse McCree, Hanzo Shimada
Additional Tags: Fae AU, background Reaper76 - Freeform, Love Confessions, Pining, Because jesse is a melodramatic idiot, Implied Sexual Content
Series: Part 2 of Clipped Wings

Awhile back, both Yng and I recommended Clipped Wings, the first story in this series, which is ongoing and welcomes additions by other authors. This particular entry is a sweet story about Jesse’s uncertainty that he’s made it into his dragon’s heart that is liable to tug on your own heartstrings a bit. -Tev

Masterlist—Lawful Tease

Summary: One of the professors of the Faculty of Law has gone absent, so the university hires an attorney to be a substitute for the time being. The twist is that this attorney is one of the most successful ones of his age, and he’s notorious for never losing a case. Students from several faculties opt to visit his first lecture, only for the lawyer to find a girl who is especially interesting.

Chapter 1: Teasing Tongues

Chapter 2: Patience breeds Rose

Chapter 3: Stinging Snark

Chapter 4: Downpour

Chapter 5: Your Tie is Askew

Chapter 6: Hot Chocolate

Chapter 7: Visit (NSFW)

Chapter 8: Agenda (NSFW)

Chapter 9: Welcome to the Family

Chapter 10: Office

Chapter 11:  Win or Die

i'd give up forever to touch you - geralehane - The 100 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 2/4
Fandom: The 100 (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Clarke Griffin/Lexa
Characters: Clarke Griffin, Lexa (The 100)
Additional Tags: step sister au, Alternate Universe - High School

Clarke’s mother is engaged to Lexa’s father, and the girls are about to become unwilling step siblings. Instead, they become so much more. Or, step sister au on tumblr.


step sister au is updated welcome to the trash bin hop on the sin train

I’m not sure if these summaries are being translated by someone else (before the official English one is posted, I mean), so I’ll keep doing them in the meantime.

Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 2 “Decision”
Time passes since Alphamon’s appearance, and the town of Odaiba slowly restores itself.

“I’ve decided that once I’m back in Japan, I’m going in a big bath no matter what!”
With Mimi’s cry, and the additional intent of welcoming their new additions to the team, Mochizuki Meiko and Meikuumon, the Chosen Children go to a neighborhood hot springs theme park.
The group has a fun time there, but only Jou was nowhere to be seen among them.

Jou agonizes over the reality of upcoming university exams, as well as his responsibility as a Chosen Child.
“Why do we have to do this again? Why us?”
It’s at that moment that another infected Digimon appears in Odaiba: That proud Virus Digimon, Ogremon.

As TV stations capture its rampage by broadcast on helicopter, Mimi and Palmon take a stand.
“We’ll make it clear to them that there are good Digimon too!”
However, Mimi and Palmon ignore Koushiro’s attempts to restrain them, and go to fight, bringing about an unexpected result…

Jou and Mimi, each carrying their own worries.
On the day of the school culture festival at Tsukishima General High School, “that man” appears before the two…

Now, the adventure evolves once again…

I’ll Get There - Chapter 2

I got such an amazingly positive response for the first chapter that I cried.Thank you to all those who read and commented. I smiled so hard.  Here’s Chapter  2. Again, feedback is more than welcome. Give me all you got.  There’s not Jude and Connor interaction in this chapter but we get introduced to some new, interesting characters.  Hope you enjoy. And also, here is the link for chapter 1 for those of you just beginning.

Chapter  1-  http://jacintabrown3.tumblr.com/post/114543032312/ill-get-there

Jude adjusted to university life better than he thought he would. He loved the campus and he surprisingly loved his cramped dorm. Here, he wasn’t “that gay kid” who painted his nails blue and had an unrequited crush on his best friend. Though the population of Anchor Beach never really knew the other side of that story.  But it wasn’t like Connor was ever eager to set the record straight.

And there he went again, his thoughts drifting off to Connor. He found this happening a lot. A singular, innocent thought becoming a full blown ‘Connor’ lamentation.

It had been three months since Jude had seen Connor. Three months since the encounter on the beach where Connor had remained painfully silent. But Jude had fared better than he thought. It was almost liberating being separated from Connor for such a long period. For the first time he had the freedom to be himself, without the feeling of hiding portions of himself from the world, of being different versions of Jude Adams Foster.

The Jude who was best friends with Connor Stevens, the Jude who made out with Connor Stevens in the secrecy of his bedroom, or the Jude who loved the entire being that was Connor Stevens. It was funny how all these different versions of himself involved Connor.

On campus he liked the sense of anonymity he had. It was nice being among people who didn’t give a fuck. His roommate though was a completely different story. Luke was probably the nosiest, most annoying roommate God could create. As soon as Jude had walked into his dorm, before he had even seen the guy he had heard, “Dude, why are you wearing nail polish?”

Jude turned to his right and came face to face with a red haired boy, with an athletic build towering over him. And he had thought Connor was tall.

Stunned, Jude answered, “Um.”  Zero points for first impression Jude.

The red haired boy walked past Jude towards the bunk. “Are you like exploring your sexuality? Or like transgender. Girl to boy?” The boy continued to ramble. “But still with girl characteristics?  Because you’ve got a really pretty face for a boy.”

Jude was left speechless. He then narrowed his eyes. He could feel brain cells shutting down as well.

“Oh I’m Luke by the way. What’s your name?”

Jude’s thought process was all over the place. Who was this guy? Before he could process his thoughts Jude answered,

“I’m gay.  Jude. And I just like nail polish,” he rattled off.

Luke turned to face Jude and answered, ‘’Oh well nice to meet you Jude. And gay? That’s cool. My mother’s aunt, brother’s, cousin’s wife was gay. But then they put her in some gay conversion rehabilitation center thing. And now she’s straight. Well that’s what I heard. Or was it that she turned straight but then turned back gay. Something like that. But gay’s cool. I’m not homophobic or anything. I was just curious about the nail polish. Well I got somewhere to be. So I’ll see you later Jude.” And the door slammed shut.

Jude rubbed his temples. What had just happened? This guy was going to be a headache. Jude knew it. But on the bright side, at least he wasn’t homophobic. Wasn’t Jude lucky. But at that moment Jude felt as if he would prefer homophobic over excessive talker. Like, God, the dude had given him a migraine.

At least he had left him the top bunk.


Missing Jude was like a knife in the heart. As cliché as it might have sounded, it was exactly that. Connor tried to enjoy this new campus. This new life. But it was hard when the person you cared for the most was miles away probably hating you from his university. So Connor sulked. He sulked in class. He sulked in the gym. He sulked at parties. He sulked while drunk at parties. He probably had sulking down to an art now.

One night, he was especially pathetic, as he sat on the floor of his dorm room, in the dark, with a six pack beer, drunk and contemplating whether he should call Jude or not. He never did. But at least he thought about it right? He heard the door bang open as his roommate, Wes, stumbled in with his latest conquest. He stared at them as they made their way to the bed.  As the blonde haired girl pants were almost off, Wes noticed Connor on the floor and made an aggravated sigh.

“Dude,”’ he said, “get out.”

Connor stared at him, took a swig of his beer. “How about,  nah.”’

“Connor, man. Please. Do me a solid.”

Why was this guy even talking to him? “No thanks,” Connor said. “I promise not to watch.”’

Wes looked at Connor with disbelief.  Connor couldn’t give a fuck.

Wes led the blonde hair girl quite wistfully to the door and let her out, apologizing profusely. Because honestly, he’d had enough of his annoying as fuck, lovesick roommate and it was time to get to the bottom of this shit.

He sat on the floor next to Connor in the dark and grabbed a beer.

“Dude like seriously. What’s your damage? You’ve been at this place for three months and I swear to god. I am so sick of seeing you look like a kicked puppy. Who was then run over by a car, and then thrown into a ditch.”

Connor said nothing. He took a swig from his beer.

Wes tried again. “This girl must have been pretty damn amazing for you to still be weeping after three months. Love of your life? Was she your forever and always?” Wes joked.

Connor punched him square in the jaw. Wes wasn’t the fighting type and though he was pretty fit , Connor could easily pummel him with all that muscle, so he raised his arms over his head in surrender.

“Hey. Hey. I’m sorry. That was insensitive. I was just trying to make a joke.” Connor shot Wes a withering look and got up. He made his way to the door with his beer in hand. Just as he closed it he turned to Wes and said, “It’s not a she. It’s a he and yeah. He was pretty damn amazing.” Connor probably would have never said those things if he was not drunk. He slammed the door behind him.

That was the most Wes had ever heard Connor say in a single breath.

Red, Chapter 2 “Medicine”

Rating: Mature (Graphic Depictions of Violence)
Relationship: Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin
Additional Tags: you’re welcome, I’m kidding y’all are gonna hate me, I’ve got no reservations with this fic, Alternate Universe - Zombie Apocalypse, Minor Character Death, Government Experimentation, Private School

Bellamy ran on autopilot, gathering the rest of the kids who had made it outside, ignoring all of their scared questions, and ushering them back in before going back to the men’s washroom.

(If he thought about it now, everything really did start that night she was washing her shirt.)

The door clicked shut and before he could say anything Clarke was in front of him.

“Don’t say anything, just…don’t say anything, please.”