welcome to the team lol


Hi guys! I just finished sewing my Cecil Palmer plushie (from Welcome to Night Vale) so I thought I’d post it since I feel fond of how it turned out. A thousand thanks to fucking-weebs ( and her other blog my-niece-janice which is purely WTNV stuff for anyone interested) for all the amazing advice they gave me on sewing plushies and for being an amazing friend in general. Well off to pet Khoshekh!

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hey girl it's the same anon who got into hockey a week ago lol so i've decided that i stan the Maple Leafs and yeah that's me lol

Congrats on picking a team! Welcome to the club lol. The leafs are a good team, and they’re all so so talented and good

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an AU where Mondatta is alive? Sign me the fuck up! Also Reinhardt seeing Mondatta for the first time and being the big friendly lion that he is, walks right up to the omnic and gives him the loudest friendliest greeting he's ever received. Mondatta starts to really like Rein because of how warm and easy he is to be around, a complete contrast to his own personality. Polar opposite couples are my weakness.

i think mondatta would be real startled by it at first haha!!! the monastery is very quiet, and rallies/speeches tend to be very controlled. mondatta is not used to overly loud, friendly people, bc the friendliest person he’s even known is prob zenyatta, who is more curious if anything!!

i feel like reinhardt would be like “welcome to the team!” smacks mondatta on the shoulder and mondatta is nearly floored LOL. he’s just ???????? “t-thank you.” clears his voicebox, clasps his hands together and does a pretty, dignified little bow. reinhardt’s a bit amused at how demure someone so famous can be hahahahahhaah

but yes i def think mondatta would like reinhardt after he has time to adjust. rein would be a total gentleman around him and mondatta would be almost….shyly polite ;3ccccccc mutual shy pining is where its AT!!!!!!!!!


AOMG sure knows how to give a warm welcome their team members