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Pencil - Johnny

You rush into the lecture hall, trying to be quiet as the professor turns to the board.  This is the fifth time this semester, if I miss one more class, apparently this professor will make me stay after class and do work for her…

“Whatcha doing?”

You freeze in your position hunched over behind someone’s desk and look up at the speaker.  Looking at you over the back of their chair is a guy you’ve seen around campus before.  I’ve heard he’s pretty chill… He better not turn me in.

“Hey…” you whisper lamely.  

He smiles. “Yeah, hi.  I’m Johnny.  And you’re squatting behind my chair, which I’m kinda afraid to ask about…?”

You cough awkwardly and look away. “Yeah well…”

“Alright,” you hear your professor say, “I’m going to begin to do roll call, please tell me if someone isn’t in their seat when I say their name…”

Johnny turns back and glances down at you. “Magic word?”

You look up at him and grin. “You’re for real?”

Johnny nods. “You totally owe me for this.  I’m doing this out of curiosity, okay?”

You continue your progress behind the back row of desks, half-crawling to your desk in the back corner of the room.  As you do, you see Johnny stand up in his seat.

“Professor,” he calls out, “I think that you dropped your pencil behind the podium.”

As the professor stops her roll call and bends down to look at the floor, you make a mad dash to your seat, sliding into your desk chair just as the teacher stands back up.

“Johnny, what in the world are you talking about? There’s nothing there.”

“Oh,” Johnny says with a laugh, “it must have been a shadow or something.”

Some people in the class laugh to themselves and the teacher shakes her head.  Johnny bows slightly to her and sits back down, looking straight at you from his desk.  He winks and you blush, offering him a small wave back.

You take out your things and focus back on the lecture.  But through it all, you keep casting glances at Johnny.  I never really noticed it before, but he seems really cool.  He’s handsome and smart and funny, he also dresses really well…

Johnny looks up and you quickly turn away, hoping he didn’t catch you staring.


After class, you rush out of the lecture, trying to avoid the conversation you expect is coming.  Maybe he won’t catch me…

“Hey! Tardy girl!”

You stop where you are in the hallway and sigh, then turn around. “Yeah…?”

Johnny jogs through the hallway, stopping in front of you with a smirk on his face.

You take a deep breath. Don’t think of him as attractive.  Think of him as… someone you owe. But that seems so much worse!

He shoulders his backpack and starts talking. “You’re welcome, by the way.  What’s your name? I mean, Tardy girl works, but I feel like it’s a bit too long…”

“I’m [y/n]” you say, “and thanks.  I don’t like owing people things, so what do you want? Money? Food?”

Johnny shakes his head and laughs.  “That stuff is too easy.  You’re not buying me off that quick.  I just need time to think of something really good.”

“Okay then,” you say. “Talk to me again when you’ve got everything figured out.”

“See ya around, [y/n]” he says, and gives you a mock salute.  You stand in the middle of the hallway, watching his retreating back as he walks away.

What just happened??


He’s going to think I’m doing this on purpose.  But I’m definitely not.  Am I?

You crouch down in the doorway of your lecture hall, late again.  Class was canceled for two weeks because of a project you the class was assigned, so it’s the first time you will see Johnny in a while.  You saw him across campus once, but you hid in the library before he could chase you down.

Should I just take the tardy and stay after class? Even though that would mean that I would have less time to study… WHY IS MY LIFE LIKE THIS?!??!

As quietly as possible, you crouch your way across the floor, trying to pass Johnny’s desk without attracting any attention.  But, somehow, it was like he knew you were there all along.

Just as the teacher calls out “I’m going to start roll call,” Johnny’s long arm shot out and latches onto your backpack pocket.  He tugs quickly, sending you sprawling behind his chair.

“Good to see you again,” he whispers, and your face heats up.  “Why did you ignore me that one time?”

“I didn’t see you,” you respond quietly, pulling your bag from his grasp. “I was too busy looking at books.”

“How did you know that was the time I was talking about?” he whispers back, a cocky grin on his face. Up close, hes even better looking…


“I’m saving you one more time, okay? This time isn’t for curiosity.  This time is just because.”

You make another mad dash to your seat, this time watching Johnny’s lanky form stand up and face the teacher.

“Is it okay if I present my project first?”

You breathe a sigh of relief as the teacher nods and motions for Johnny to sit down.  You watch him, but he doesn’t meet your gaze.  Instead, he raises a single hand and points in the direction of… my backpack?

You look at your bag lying on your desk, and turn it to face you.  Nothing looked off, except a pencil in your bag’s side pocket. Did he put that there?

You pull it out, noticing that there is a small note attached to it. It reads: I don’t know why, but I’m still kinda curious.  You owe me, so buy me coffee sometime.  But you’re required to be there.  So, I guess you owe me a date. Sound good to you?

Your heart hammering in your chest, you look over to Johnny, who’s attention is completely focused on his hands in his lap.  Other students in the class are milling about, getting their projects ready for presentation.  You take a deep breath and stand up, walking over to Johnny’s desk.

“Hey,” you say quietly, “I think you dropped your pencil.”

You set it on his desk and walk back to your own seat, nervousness causing you to look back as Johnny unravels the note again, smiling as he reads what you wrote: see you tonight.




If I had to choose a favorite moment from The Pilot, it was a couple of them, and they’re all on the same subject: The Doctor’s duty of care of those around him, most notably here with Bill Potts. Not only did he become her tutor at the university, he also became her protector from alien threats. With him welcoming her on the TARDIS to escape the creature that took over Heather, it opened a string of short yet amusing adventures. This lead to building up their relationship as a team, fighting against whatever crossed their path.

Oh, and I included the Australian restroom scene even though he wasn’t protecting her from anything. I just loved how he was so concerned for her well-being, he walked right in after her. I’m sure if she got really sick in one of those stalls, he would have pushed his way through that door too! XD

oh, but the Doctor does fall in love, Prof. River Song: A Ten x Rose shipper's perspective on River's comments in the Christmas special

First things first, facts: The Tenth Doctor was definitely in love with Rose Tyler, as has been confirmed by the showrunners and David Tennant (“(she) was a girlfriend really”). Refer to the novel Stone Rose where the Doctor kisses Rose, or the comic books where he gets a cat named Rose for further extra-canonical references. So the Doctor did fall in love, in canon, established. Even if the words weren’t said, because, “does it really need saying?”

Now then. As for love itself, falling in love is neither small nor ordinary, not for humans, and definitely not for a Time Lord who has lived so long and lost so much, who knows that humans will wither and die and he will live on when his beloved is gone. It is beautiful and magical to put his heart on the line knowing he will get hurt when she dies, because the moments they have together, the running, the adventures, it’s all worth it.

Next, River Song and Rose Tyler: The difference in their definition of love: River and Rose are obviously two very different characters, and their approach to their relationship with the Doctors varies too. River takes the TARDIS out for rides sometimes without the Doctor knowing, Rose looked into the heart of the TARDIS and welcomed death to save her Doctor. River has a one psychopath per TARDIS policy and refuses to be a full time companion, Rose never wanted to leave the Doctor because he would be on his own without her. In the end, River has more of a flirty, adventurous relationship with the Doctor, while Rose is just someone who simply wants to be there for the man who is always there looking after the Universe.

In conclusion, River is right: The Doctor doesn’t fall in love like a small and ordinary man, because he doesn’t define love like that. He does what is best for the one he loves- he always brought Rose home safe, even if it meant being separated from her. Now that’s what I would call love.

Prove It - Eleven x Reader

Character: Eleventh Doctor

Word Count: 832

The Doctor’s been having strange daydreams; without a companion, there’s not much else to do. He’s daydreaming about a person he’s never met, but determined to find–you.

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the nohr tumblr headcanons were great lmao, u got any for the neutral characters??

  • Azura - Music blog. She reblogs any and all tracks she encounters on her dash, and that includes this
  • Felicia - Food pron. There are all of these recipes and pictures of pretty brownies, but she is an untruthful soul. She sucks at cooking and lies about it in the tags, like oh, I baked this the other day, or, I could make this tonight! 
  • Jakob - He just reblogs anything Corrin posts, adding praises to whatever they say. 
  • Silas - SuperWhoLock trash. His title is “Welcome to my Twisted Mind” and his URL is like tardis-noise-dean-and-sam-functioning-sociopath. 
  • Kaze - Photography blog. He particularly likes scenic landscapes and traditional Japanese architecture. His theme probably hides all of the captions. 
  • Mozu - Positivity blog. Due to the trauma she faced with her village, she constantly blogs about dealing with PTSD, how to move on after a terrible experience, etc. She answers all questions she gets and has a huge following. 
  • Shura - Probably a fandom blog for Hannibal. 
  • Izana - MEMES. SO MANY MEMES. But his theme is so elaborate and pretty, and his URL is like the name of a Victoria’s Secret body mist or something, so you wouldn’t expect it. 
  • Kana - The twins share a blog, they just have a random mix of fandoms, memes, and social justice. They probably watch Miraculous Ladybug. 
  • Shigure - Art blog, mostly paintings. However, his occasional selfies get more notes than his actual artwork. 
  • Dwyer - Emo aesthetic blog. Uses Myspace more. Nerd. 
  • Sophie - You know that one girl in your grade who loves horses? Her blog is that person, tumblrized. 
  • Midori -  Cute baby animals everywhere. Mostly birbs. Every 420th post has a hidden weed reference. 

Thank you so much anon, and actually I do watch Doctor Who! I’ve just been slacking on catching up, I’m in season five so far, and I’ll probably be doing some crossover doodles with Doctor Who and Night Vale! 

[Edit] AMG, SORRY! I completely forgot a panel in between everything, I was drawing all this in a rush last night and it slipped my mind. I fixed it now!

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AU Rose is Lady of the court promised to marry someone she doesn't love. She blackmails a knight (The Doctor) to help her run away. 8/Rose

(I actually have a court AU here, but I can still use your prompt :) Though it won’t be exactly the same…)

Rose chewed on her lip nervously as the elevator descended, smoothing her hands down the front of her skirt and checking once more that her hair was perfect. The sash across her chest felt like it weighed hundreds of pounds, even though she knew it was virtually weightless- it was the emotional baggage that accompanied it that gave it its weight.

The door finally dinged and slid open, and Rose marched into the room. “I’m here for prisoner 3390657”, she said calmly, and hid her shaking hands behind her back.

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We have quite a few theme dorms on-campus. Every year, Res Life asks current students to propose the theme dorms they’d like to see on campus next year. One of our most popular theme dorms is Tir na nOg, our sci-fi/fantasy theme dorm. The buildings in which Tir na nOg is placed every year have beautiful windows that students decorate with glass paint. Here is a sampling of some of those windows, ranging widely in fandoms!

Merry Christmas!

Here are all the fandom-themed gingerbread cookies me and sketch-wolf made this year:

Top row: An elephant (green with grey head, explained in this post),  The Millennium Ring and Millennium Puzzle (Yu-Gi-Oh!),  The two versions of Lewis’ heart (Mystery Skulls Animated)

Middle row: Wirt’s hat (Over the Garden Wall),  The TARDIS (Doctor Who),  Bill Cipher silhouette, Bill Cipher, and The Shooting Star and Pine Tree Symbols (Gravity Falls),  Alcor’s star + hat (Gravity Falls Transcendence AU)

Bottom row: WTNV symbol (Welcome to Nightvale),  Earth Kingdom, Wind Nomads, Fire Nation and Water Tribe symbols + The symbol from Katara’s necklace (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Remember that time when the Doctor had to spend centuries in one place and time and lived out his last lifetime because Clara clung onto the Tardis which made it late and the Doctor was not even the slightest bit angry that he just spent centuries stuck and aging because of her in stead he welcomed her with open arms and sent the Tardis away with her again. Yes, he’s the cruelest creature in the history of the universe.