welcome to the metropolis

post-batgirl cassandra cain thoughts:

- when cass travels the world, she rarely gives a full name, but when she does it’s not cain, or wayne; it’s brown, or miller. (once, only once, she uses wu-san.)

- she tries to plant at least one flower in every place she goes.

- she’s known by many names - crane, haven, sable, knight - but none of them feel quite right. none of the suits she wears feel like a second skin.

- reclaiming the bat feels like reclaiming a part of herself, before it all goes wrong. she became a new (a real) person behind that symbol, and then she was reborn again without it; she needed a while to remember how to be whole.

- but then that symbol is stained with blood again, and it wasn’t her choice this time. she has never felt so powerless, or so ashamed. she can’t look at her cowl without remembering the weapon they made her.

- stephanie comes back. cassandra can barely look her in the eyes, at first. but spoiler was always stubborn, and slowly it becomes easier to smile again. she starts planting flowers in gotham. 

- barbara welcomes her into her new home in metropolis. they talk about shiva, and ted, and kon. they talk about being used, being lost, being broken. they forge something new.

- when she does become a wayne, bruce takes her to his parents’ graves before the papers are signed. he talks to her about martha - her passion, her kindness, her ferocity - and asks how she feels about a middle name.

- she visits carolyn’s grave, too.

- but her suit feels too tight, and her symbol makes her feel small. she fights crime in a plain body suit, most nights. bruce’s death steels her resolve; she gives her symbol to stephanie because she’s been reborn, too, and then she starts drifting again.

- but still, always, she is cassandra martha wayne.

- there are more names, more suits, more symbols. none of them feel quite right. nowhere she goes feels like home.

- bruce comes back. bruce says to her that he wants a bat in every country, that he knows where sandra and carolyn’s parents were born, that she has never done anything but make him proud.

- she’s not batgirl, but she is a bat. it’s a new way to be whole; a new way to bloom.

little dceu metropolis things from time out shortlist: metropolis
  • ‘while the neighbouring gotham city can seem insular, metropolis welcomes you with open arms’
  • tourists visiting metropolis always reference the attack, but locals prefer to talk about the rebuilding process or point them to heroes park (where grassy expanses cover the gravity weapon remnants and a large statue of superman has been placed)
  • heroes park is dedicated to those who lost their lives on the day of the kryptonian attack and is an area of remembrance and reflection: a symbol of the citizens resilience (which makes it even more powerful that keefe attacked superman’s monument here, it’s a place of peace)  
  • metropolis grew out of a colonial outpost, leveraging it’s position on the atlantic to become a destination for immigrants’
  • lex corp gentrified the working class area known as ‘suicide slum’. 
  • lex corp is pretty much gentrifying everything.
  • oaktown neighborhood is the ‘immigrant friendly’ enclave. interestingly the only area that isn’t filled with lexcorp employees or under lexcorp charity projects
  • the best restaurants in metropolis has seven month waiting lists
  • lexcorp’s science lab has taken over food: introducing sugar substitutes and fat burning starches to many metropolis diners 
  • during reconstruction of metropolis, the eating habits of it’s citizens changed. they are now more likely to eat at small, local run businesses or prefer a good burger and cold beer. basic menu’s are standard in metropolis and food stands are open throughout the city
  • big belly burger isn’t as popular in metropolis but their burger of choice is the double patty planet special
  • evans pretzel factory has been in business for 75 years
  • the best place to buy superman merch is heroes park or blaze comics (who received a boost in business after superman appeared)
  • sale season in metropolis is end of december to mid jan. second sale season starts memorial day weekend in late may and finishes mid june
  • metropolis is a ‘see and be seen’ city, so don’t be surprised when celebrities mingle in at the club (making it harder for regular customers to get inside)
  • while jazz is more popular in gotham, there are many edm clubs in metropolis and live music is very popular
  • the impact of the kryptonian attack on metropolis’s cultural scene was huge. the theatre district was erased in an instant and the construction of replacement venues is still ongoing. other cultural hubs survived and have since become a venue for the citizens of metropolis to work through their grief and confusion, underlining the cities renewed sense of determination’
  • metropolis is a baseball town
  • metropolis food festival has chef’s from around the world turn up because it’s so famous
  • tomorrow festival is highly anticipated and combines music and free concerts with technological breakthoughs - mostly provided by lexcorp
  • the new years day fun run is attended by thousands as they parktake in a five kilometre run, beginning at 6am to shake off any holiday lethargy
  • lexcorp was the main player in rebuilding metropolis
  • gave thousands of local people jobs and became a symbol of hope in the destruction
  • visitors to heroes park can sign out free audio players and headphones which provide self guided tours and explain the events of the metropolis attack
  • it is a testament to the people of the city that the question of ‘why here?’ didn’t get in the way of decisive action. immediately rescue crews and volunteers descended on metropolis to find survivors and remove the bodies of the fallen. 
  • the epicenter of the shock wave (the kryptonian weapon) would remain undeveloped as a memorial and a reminded. everything was built anew to prove that grief would not be able to paralyze metropolis.
  • lexcorp is not a #selfie spot
  • the daily planet however is
  • ace of clubs bar is owned by bilbo bibowski. hobs bay dock workers call it a lucky charm since bilbo bought the bar with lottery winnings and legend says if you rub its doorknob you will find good fortune. it’s annual st patricks day bash is unforgettable
  • bus trips in metropolis can take twice as long as taxi trip
  • the daily planet app live tweets superman events
  • lois lane’s articles are among the most highly read on the daily planet websites
  • lexcorp dabbles in pretty much everything in metropolis, much like wayne enterprises in gotham

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“As Incwell City’s current resident Guardian Angel, I wholeheartedly welcome you into this quaint metropolis full of marvelous creatures and people! I have only been on Earth myself for a few weeks, and already there are so many treasures and surprises ‘round every corner… It is wonder beyond wonders!”  ❤ ❤ ❤

Imagine Lex taking you out on his motorcycle to help calm you down when you’re stressed and can’t sleep...

A/N: This is my first imagine and it’s a shameless self-insert because I’M ALWAYS STRESSED AF and I haven’t seen any motorcycle!Lex imagines. Also, I love cities at night. I probably also took liberties with Metropolis… oh well. Feedback is welcome- hope you enjoy! This certainly made me feel better writing it. 

Warnings: Language (?); there also isn’t a ton of dialogue, sorry :( 

Word Count: ~930

You stared at the ceiling of your bedroom, watching the fan spin. The light coming in from the city through your blinds made it cast odd shadows as it spun and you grabbed your phone from the nightstand next to you.

12:48. Goddammit.

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Welcome to Mount Phoenix, the metropolis city of the Gods.

Situated off the coast of Korea is an island that no human has ever laid eyes on. Almost a moment out of reality, the metropolis of Mount Phoenix sits like a gleaming crown against the horizon.

Ruled by a council of deities from several of the great pantheons, the city was created to serve as the home to children of the Gods who were left with no place to call their own. A safe haven and port of rest where demigods could live without worry of persecution and danger.

But in a city of the all powerful, a new breed of problems brew that the world of man could never comprehend. Watch your step, young demigod, and enter your new home.



In the desert lies Aventurine, a city known for its unique brand of earth magic. Over the years it has grown into a thriving metropolis, welcoming travelers from foreign lands to share their own wares and magical gifts. However…the sanctity of the city is beginning to unravel as conspiracy and secrets come to light.

The arrival of the Wind Region marks a new turning point for Aventurine, Council and citizens alike. A technologically adept floating mass, the Wind Region is shrouded in mystery and basking with opportunity. There is promise of new characters, new adventures, and new conflicts as it begins a steady decline above the Desert Region, its first contact with Taus in hundreds of years.

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hel’s theme - metropolis // main theme - frankenhooker // tomb of the blind date - zombina and the skeletones // the doll’s song/olympia’s aria - tales of hoffman // weird science - oingo boingo // lonely, press play - damon albarn // the doctor’s wife - the clockwork quartet // i can make you a man - rocky horror picture show // love droid - zombina and the skeletones // oh, maker - janelle monae // coin-operated boy - dresden dolls // my abomination - gay bride of frankenstein // what’s he building in there - tom waits // paper doll - the mills brothers // you don’t own me - rasputina // love kills - freddy mercury