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Jimin is ruining my life

Welcome to the club! Here’s why he’s a life ruiner. 

The best worst thing about Jimin is that most things he does are really, really attractive, but they’re effortless. He’s oozing confidence and that makes him hot. Like, look at this… 

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It’s just a gif of a man running his hands through his hair, it shouldn’t make me want to scream, right? Hmm, think again. Then this!

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He’s literally just scratching his neck and I want to scratch my eyes out just looking at it. 

BUT. Then he does some things on purpose and that’s when I start swerving. Like this… He’s a fetus with a body of a man and it’s very confusing and needs to stop.

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The famous tongue in cheek…

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Jimin on stage… Need I say more? I mean, this is hypnotizing.

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And the worst part is when he does things that are so apparently extra because he knows what he’s doing to us.

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FYI, once you join the club, Jimin won’t let you leave 👋


Wore black on black on black today to depict my mood nicely.👌🏻✖️

And I just did the nicest messy bun to keep my hair out of my face for bed, how convenient. 🙄
I always manage to do nice buns when it’s not necessary and worst buns when I want them to look nice. I welcome you to my life with open arms… join the bliss 🤗😂😬🙃

p.s. - I also plucked my furry caterpillars (eyebrows) for once, whatcha think? 🐛

Me: You need to stop being negative on Tumblr, saying mean things is not nice, and you’ll probably lose followers too.
Me to me: call Kishimoto a chucklefuck it’ll be funny

thechloris replied to your post: So this happened yesterday… 4 inches of snow in…

Was there a snowman? 4 inches is enough for a little one.

There was not yesterday, there might be today though. It’s a little dry to build a snowman, doesn’t pack well. The first December snows around here are always like that. But today it will get up to about 36 so it will melt a bit and that might help.

There was this though.

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My older bro literally just called me a weirdo. I need a hug.

Welcome to the entirety of my life, have a big ol fashioned HUG

For most people (with the exception of those too
poor to afford a new morph), non-permanent death is
an annoyance equivalent to events that most people in
the late 20th century regarded as moderate misfortunes,
like a bad stomach flu or a broken arm. In almost all
habitats, if anyone is responsible for someone’s temporary
death, either accidentally or on purpose, they are
also responsible for paying for the person’s resleeving
in an identical morph, especially if that person does not
have some form of resleeving insurance. People who
have temporarily died can expect to receive visits from
everyone they are at all close to after their resleeving,
as well as a host of e-cards and perhaps a few gifts
from their acquaintances and colleagues, all expressing
sympathy at their death and welcoming them back to
the world of the physically embodied. Exchanging such
“life gifts” is an accepted part of belonging to many
professions such as emergency service workers, where
members regularly risk temporary death.
—  Eclipse Phase, on the seriousness of temporary death.
In the Motions

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2g258ER

by inqueblott

The last thing Seung Gil would welcome into his life is an epic, international romance worthy of Korean drama adaptation.
He doesn’t want it. Doesn’t need it.

Words: 2321, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2g258ER

The development of
Life and landscape

Their desire for
Doors of revelation
Paralleled by
Their sensitivity to the multiplicity of

Life is
The illusion of forms
In an intensive experience
It revealed
The truth
Intensifies each other

The hue
Of the shadow
For the eye to fuse
A more intense mixing
Not strictly
To create
The vibrating quality

A certain distance
The same point of view
At differing
Climatic atmospheric conditions

The passing of time
The movement of light
Evanescent atmospheric
Geometrical shapes

The beauty in everyday surroundings
In a world far removed
Never before

Spilling from
The reflected mirror
The lost

Carla JvR 2016