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What would you say the biggest difference is between your lifestyle now and when you were at your highest weight?

Easiest pick hands down is not being physically tired all the time and having the drive to do more in a day.

Like before just going up and down the stairs for something to drink would be a task and then I would sit all day watching tv because the idea of doing something that would make me out of breath was not welcome in my life.

But now I can do so much more simply because I can. This of course just adds to the experience of life. I can do more things or experience things longer then I used to.

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I thought shiros white hair was because of the marie antoinette stress syndrome, where you undergo so much stress your hair turns white. Its very common when people are tortured so i thought it was that? Like kaneki ken

Welcome to the 3rd (4th?) episode of “Can This Happen in Real Life?” which is what I hope the reason behind all your questions are, since that’s all I’m really gonna deal with on this blog. Technically, how it happens on the show can be anything you want it to be, or more specifically, anything the creators want it to be, and I have no say on that. But if you want to be more scientific or realistic in your theories (like I do), then you’re in the right place to chat about it!

In regards to your question, Anon, I’ve already discussed the subject of Shiro’s hair being caused by stress in another ask, but I’ll add a little more here for clarity’s sake. Like I said with Bucky Barns and Ed, if you want to know how something might happen in real life, referring to a character from another movie or tv show isn’t going to help you much. We don’t have scientific evidence or even any research done on Marie Antoinette syndrome, (or hair turning white permanently in a very short time due to stress/torture) so I didn’t include it in my original analysis.

@ashcott‘s idea of poliosis is a little more likely. I hadn’t heard of it before so I did a little reading and was super interested in the point that it can be caused by radiation therapy! Sounds like we might be getting warmer with possible scenarios. Even though poliosis is a medical condition that has been researched to some extent, the symptoms are usually temporary, and the hair grows back to it’s natural color. The only way a part of the hair being white at any age has been documented to be permanent is when it’s genetic. Since pre-Kerberos Shiro doesn’t have the white forelock, we assume he doesn’t have this condition, but maybe he DOES and he just dyed it before Kerberos and it GREW OUT WHILE HE WAS GONE OH MAN I LITERALLY JUST THOUGHT OF THAT NOW!!!!

ok freak-out over. But yeah, hope this adds a little more info to your Voltron theory banks! As always, thanks so much for sending in the asks :)


You’re a runaway princess, captured by human traffickers and sold off to a man unknown to you. Through all this you escape and end up on a pirate ship, they call it the RFA. Welcomed into the crew you discover new things about the outlawed life.

Amidst this, you find secrets buried within the crew, and especially the Captain, Jumin Han.

Cosmic Nod (South County)

Brewery : South County
Beer : Cosmic Nod
Style : American Pale Ale / Pale Ale / APA
Variance : None

9 / 10

So in case you couldn’t read the can from the picture above, this is considered an “interstellar” pale ale which means Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway might have been involved. Also, I’m pretty sure you need to drink this behind a bookcase while watching a past version of yourself make the same mistake you already made which sounds confusing and is. Oh shit, spoiler alert! I guess I should have put that before hand but now I just saved you 3 hours of your life so you’re welcome. So many breweries these days are dabbling in the hazy category and I feel like they are almost becoming as common as Steve Bannon screaming racial slurs in his sleep but not everyone has treated this new craze with the respect it deserves. With that being said, these guys fucking killed it with this one and it’s hazy and juiciness are only overshadowed by it’s drinkability and flavor. This has a nice astringent hop bitterness to start things off with some grapefruit and white grape flavors mixing towards the middle before ending with some oniony and harsher hop bite at the end giving this more layers than a Chicago-style pizza. Fuck, now I want some deep dish pizza to go along with this! Anyways, the Cosmic Owl from Adventure Time would definitely give this beer the nod of approval and if you are big on hops or APAs in general, make sure you pick several cans up because I promise you that just one won’t do it. If this is your first APA or rendezvous with humulus lupulus, I’m kind of torn because the hop flavor is fully fucking present and will probably wreck your fragile palate but at the same time the balance of flavors is amazing so make up your own damn mind for once. Enjoy!!

Written by: Steve B.