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Welcome Home (Finale) or Once And For All

Um? You come into my home? And make me choose between those songs? How rude? My answer is yes, both of them.

Welcome Home (Finale) is heartbreaking and so so so important and Once And For All is incredible and motivating and so so important. So yes to both and I will not choose.

This man has 3 children. 2 girls and a boy. He is from Syria. His whole family is. They fled here from war and we were told they lost 2 kids along the way. They don’t speak my motherlanguage but what happens since they’re here is that the kids are outside every single day, playing on the playgrounds. They don’t sit inside like you and me and waste their time in front of computers. These children play with grass, flowers, wood. Anything they find. Their imagination is fantastic, and though I don’t understand what they’re saying I love watching them. When they laugh it’s very contagious.

Today the son got a used bike and unlike German fathers who are too posh to go outside with their children here where I live, and rather send their wives, this father is out with his son since 12 (since 3 hours), trying to teach him how to ride a bike. He is very passionate and terribly careful his son doesn’t get hurt. I see passants pass them by staring at the father for speaking an Arabic language. They glare at him as if he was a criminal. He speaks fast and his language simply has a whole different sound. But even I can hear when he speaks careful, soft or stronger. There’s nothing terrifying about this man or his family and I am happy they found a place that protects them, so they can enjoy what every family should enjoy. Time together, as carefree as possible.

Can I eat you out...Take you out! (Jason Todd x Reader) Part II

Part II, Final chapter!

2 weeks.

Two weeks he’s been coming to the left side of the diner. You can learn a lot in two weeks, which is exactly what he did.

He learned how the diner dynamics worked.

You controlled the left side of the diner and the dazzling blonde controlled the right. It seemed to work because you both would draw different customers which ultimately gave profit.

He learned that everyone on the right wanted the attention of the dazzling blonde.

He learned that everyone of the left just wanted a good meal and a nice conversation with Y/N.

But he learned something very important in those two weeks.

He learned that he had a undeniable and unstoppable infatuation for you.

-“Jason Todd!” A voice chirped out.

Boy did he wish that was your voice. It was full of excitement and joy, but it was too high pitched and the smell of artificial fruity perfume invaded his nose. Sadly it was not you, but the dazzling blonde.

-“Hey.” Jason replied monotonously.

Recently she has been prowling for Jason whenever he appeared in the diner. The thing with Roy just ended and she was feeling lonely or as Jason knows it, horny.

-“So when are you going to sit on my side of the diner.” The dazzling blonde said drawing circles into his chest.

Jason shifted uncomfortably and craned his neck to look at Y/N.

What were you thinking? You had that same amused facial feature as every time the dazzling blonde tried to hit on him. With a mumbled excuse Jason quickly walked to the left side of the diner and sat on a stool.

-“Boy she almost got ya!” One of the ancient men shouted.

-“Not yet sir.”

-“When are you going to admit your feelings kid? She won’t get it if you keep staring at her with googly eyes!”

-“Well it’s… difficult sir.”

-“If you don’t confess to her soon then I’ll do it for you!”

Jason chuckled to himself as he watched you talk to a over caffeinated college kid. You were trying to make the kid drink orange juice instead of his fifth cup of coffee. He needs to take Tim here, but the man was right, he needs to confess his feelings.

-“Jason uhm Todd, Same order as usual.” You said sliding his plate in front of him.

-“Thanks heartbreaker.”

-“You’re welcome lover boy.” You replied with a smile.

This was one of the inside joke you two had. He witnessed you completely shut down a man who was trying to make ill intentioned advances towards you. One of the many reason he held back from asking you out. You didn’t seem that interested in a relationship.

It wasn’t like he wasn’t trying to catch your eye. I mean for once in his life he looked in the mirror twice before heading off to the diner. Not to mention he subtly hinted many.


Times that he was single and did all the tricks that the usual women would love.

He did that sexy laugh that women fawned over and that cute head cock that women loved. After a while of this you caught on. Instead of giving him the answer he wanted you gave him a different, and rather confusing one.

You propped you elbows on Jason’s table and leaned your face closely to his.

-“Is Jason uhm Todd using all his moves to try and flirt with me?”

Well he wasn’t expecting this and it certainly didn’t help that you put your hand in his hair and began to stroke it slowly.

He was so caught up in the moment. You were touching him… and your lips were awfully close to his. All that came out of his mouth were incoherent mumbles. You pulled back and gave him the cutest smile he ever seen.

Another thing he loved about you. You somehow made him stutter over your words. It was amazing, he went blank just thinking about you.

But today.

Today he was going to confess.

He decided to come to a later time when there was less people. Pulling on his leather jacket he gave on last mental pep talk and drove to the diner.

There you were on the left side of the diner refilling the coffee cups of the ancient men. On of them spotted Jason and gave a thumbs up. He sat at his usual stool and a couple minutes you appeared with his meal.

-“Thought you weren’t coming in today, I almost missed you.”


-“You here now so I can’t miss you.”

You gave him another one of those amused smiles that he loved so much. Unfortunately it made him blank out.

-“Hey Y/N, Do you want… I mean, Can I eat you out?”


He just realized how much he screwed up in one sentence. He just asked you for sex, definitely not what he wanted right now. For once in his life he saw you cheeks turn red and you had no witty response for him.

-“Take you out!” Jason quickly intervened the comment you were about to make.

You put your hand to your mouth to stifle your laughs.

-“I’ll take you up on the second offer, but the first offer might need to wait a bit.”

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faq / recs / updatesretired writings

updated: august 22, 2017

newest: lovers’ paradox.

✿ - fluff | ☀︎ - comedy | ⚑ - angst | ❥ - favorite

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁


✎ gaffe | 1.4k ; slice of life au ; ✿ ⚑

accidentally texting your ex is never good… right?

✎ usha | 2.4k ; hogwarts au ; ✿

knock knock. who’s there? two idiots who are in love with each other.

✎ seigneur-terraces | 1.1k ; coffee shop au ; ✿

he’s basically like a cup of coffee: hot and bitter.

✎ jilt | 1.5k ; slice of life au ; ⚑

forever was only temporary.

✎ yêu | 2.1k ; slice of life au ; ✿ ❥

you don’t have to say i love you to say i love you.

✎ cerise | 2.2k ; college au ; ✿ ☀︎

third time’s the charm, right?

✎ dipsomania | 1.6k ; slice of life au ; ⚑

you forgot what intoxication felt like, and so did he.

✎ oodal | 1k ; hogwarts au ; ✿

the woes of being wandless and unable to reach the higher shelves.

✎ craic | 1.3k ; restaurant au ; ✿

who even needs that many napkins?

✎ metanoia | 5.2k ; hogwarts au ; ⚑ ✿

things get interesting when the good girl falls for the bad boy.

✎ ukiyo | 1.4k ; slice of life au ; ✿ ⚑ ❥

you can never truly forget him.

✎ gauche | 1.4k ; college au ; ✿

waking up to a one night stand doesn’t seem as great as it did last night.

✎ imbroglio | 4.4k ; office au ; ✿ ☀︎ ❥

the first impression is always important. but so is the second.

✎ maelstrom | 2.1k ; college au ; ✿

you don’t know if you want to hit him or kiss him.

✎ accismus | 6.3k ; slice of life au ; ⚑ ✿ ❥

  one. two. three. four. [ complete ]

you didn’t truly understand happiness until you met him.

✎ heimat | 1.3k ; slice of life au ; ⚑ ✿

home is where the heart is.

✎ frisson | 1.2k ; college au ; ✿

desperate times call for desperate measures. like suddenly kissing a really cute boy.

✎ saudade | 3.6k ; slice of life au ; ✿ ⚑ ❥

please don’t forget me.

the universe of us | 21.1k ; dream au ; ⚑ ✿ ❥

[ feat. jeon jungkook ]

“I love you.” — “I know.”

✎ fallacy | 1.1k ; hogwarts au ; ✿ ❥

he’s probably more oblivious than gilderoy lockhart.

✎ mischance | 1.6k ; neighbors au ; ✿ ☀︎

accidentally punching your new neighbor isn’t the best way to introduce yourself.

✎ vemod | 2.2k ; friends with benefits au ; ⚑

how do you fall in love with someone you don’t even know?

sobriquet | 3.1k ; college au ; ✿ ☀︎

he’s declared himself your honey bunny chunkie wunkie and who are you to deny him?

the universe of us | 21.1k ; dream au ; ⚑ ✿ ❥

[ feat. kim taehyung ]

“I love you.” — “I know.”

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁


rich society au ; ⚑ ✿ [ ongoing ]

if you can’t beat them, join them. welcome to the heartbreakers club.

00. checkmate [ prologue ]

which one are you: the heartbroken or the heartbreaker?

01. eros [ ? ]

02. ludus [ ? ]

03. storge [ ? ]

04. mania [ ? ]

05. agape [ ? ]

06. pragma [ ? ]

07. love [ ? ]

08. zugzwang [ epilogue ]

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

C O L L A B O R A T I O N • S E R I E S

for more detail about each collab, click here.

angel / demon au [ complete ]

noun: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.

» rys’s stories { dreamscript }

✎ hunt [ hoseok ] ; ⚑

living off of angel wings and feathers is hard if those are all you have.

✎ soul [ jimin ] ; ✿

you’ve never really had angelic tendencies and jimin’s never really encouraged them; he is, after all, a demon.

✎ fire [ seokjin ] ; ✿ ⚑

another side, another story.

» cat’s stories { taesthetes }

✎ animus [ taehyung ] ; ✿

it was hatred at first sight.

✎ amour [ jungkook ] ; ✿ ❥

to love would be committing the greatest sin.

 » fae’s stories { zephyoongist }

✎ unbroken [ yoongi ] ; ⚑ ✿

in a world where demons and angels are hunted for the price of their wings by humans, will there ever be a chance for a hopeless love─precisely between the hunter and the hunted?

✎ wait for it (m) [ namjoon ] ; ✿ ⚑

at first sight, kim namjoon is a man you know not to fuck with. but then again, who wouldn’t have an ego the size of a sun when they’ve built an entire empire under the name of kim corps that made billions and known worldwide?

holiday / college au [ complete ]

noun: lit. “joy of living” ; a feeling of happiness and excitement about life, and the carefree enjoyment, ebullience, and zest of living it

» rys’s stories { dreamscript }

✎ serendipity [ namjoon ] ; ✿

meeting you was an accident. however, namjoon sees it as a positive moment in his life, even though he’d accidentally made a mess of the storage room in the process.

✎ cover up [ jimin ] ; ✿

holidays are a mess. so are you. so are your friends. and so is jimin (especially him).

» cat’s stories { taesthetes }

✎ caprice [ jungkook ] ; ✿ ☀︎ ❥

is he or is he not your boyfriend?

✎ saccharine [ taehyung ] ; ✿

all i want for christmas is you.

» fae’s stories { zephyoongist }

 ✎ under the mistletoe (m) [ yoongi+hoseok ] ; ✿

it all started with ugly sweaters, a mistletoe, a brooding min yoongi and a too eager jung hoseok.

» story written by all of us ♡

✎ ardor [ seokjin ] ; ✿

add two cups of flour, half a cup of sugar, and a whole lot of hidden feelings.

mobile masterpost. police au [ coming soon! ]

Let’s commit the perfect crime; I steal your heart, and you steal mine.

» rochelle’s stories { gukstudio }

✎ in the midnight hour [ jungkook ]

✎ tba [ jimin ]

✎ tba [ namjoon ]

» cat’s stories { taesthetes }

lovers’ paradox [ yoongi ] ; ☀︎ ⚑ ✿

Every time he gloats over you, you just want to punch him in the face to shut him up. With your fist or maybe with your mouth. You still aren’t quite sure which one to use yet. Possibly both.

✎ sugar-coated confessions [ taehyung ]

✎ double-cross (my heart and hope to die) [ hoseok ]

» story written by both of us ♡

✎ tba [ seokjin ]

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

D R A B B L E • G A M E S

✎ drabble game one | tag ; complete

✎ drabble game two | tag ; complete

It’s all fake, isn’t it? The way we parade around this planet in business suits, like it’s ours, like we actually matter in the slightest. The hours we spend on plasticine friendships and plasticine jobs. That’s why I want to die, I guess, if there had to be one specific reason. I’m so sick of committing to something that means so little.
—  Yo I actually wrote the second chapter to my book annihilate. If anyone wanted to have a look, I’d really appreciate it! Any and all feedback is more than welcome.

my heart and support go out to eddie and hannah and iris <3

Title: Heartbreaker’s Club (Reader x Steve Rogers)

Summary: The reader confesses their love for Steve Rogers to Natasha and Wanda. Welcome to the club!

Word Count: 1090

A/N: STEVE FREAKING ROGERS I LOVE HIM! I hope you enjoy! :) 

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Welcome to OMGCP Heartbreak Fest!

Calling all Check, Please! writers/artists who are fans of the angstier side of things!

This is the first run of the OMGCP Heartbreak Fest, an anonymous prompt-based fest that aims to inspire works that aren’t your average fluff. We’re looking for prompts and works that contain any Check, Please characters/pairings in a whole range of angsty or hurt/comfort themed situations. Happy endings are allowed (though by no means necessary), but works are required to have themes centered around angst.

Since the deadlines for this fest are in early August, this fest will have a rather low minimum word count for authors (500 words). There will be no maximum word count. Artists will be required to produce works that are at least slightly more than a sketch.

With that said, I’ve listed the calendar below, and rules and prompting guidelines will follow shortly! I hope you’ll join me!!

Love, your mod @omgpbandj/@alpha-exodus <3

Prompting: 6/12-6/22
Author/Artist Claiming: 6/24-7/1
Works Deadline: 8/5
Posting Begins: 8/11
Reveals: 9/20