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Crystal Herbalism- 

  • Moonstone- Lunar, casting the moonlight upon you, providing protection and guidence.
  • Aquamarine- Reflective, the river of energy flows through you. The shades of blue blankets your thoughts, the mermaids linger within its depth. 
  • Clear Quartz- Clairty, like the stars it creates maps across your mind. Magnifying your dream energy, allowing you to travel through your thoughts with focus.  
  • Garnet- Protection, its crimsion aura protects you. It allows you to see the royal fae, the stone holds their bloodline. 

This crystal grid is perfect for when you want to connect with mythical creatures and dream travel. It provides protection, balance, and magick. Place in your sacred space and connect to the powerful energies it provides. You can cast a circle, place lavender around you to purify the space and welcome the nature spirits in. This crystal grid is perfect for the dreamer and for those who want to connect to the unseen.

Sometimes I think about how Flynn loved Tron so much he named a freaking digital city after him and a) get really emotional and b) laugh a LOT

>welcome to the games - a grid battle mix

o1 sebastiAn - crescendo || o2 jim gurthie - unknowable geometry || o3 elias holmlid - continuity beat || o4 daft punk - touch it/technologic || o5 the chemical brothers - container park || o6 mike morasky - reconstructing more science || o7 kavinsky - 1986 || o8 mike morasky - you will be perfect || o9 the glitch mob - rerezzed (‘derezzed’ remix)

Finishing out my Night Vale week is this pretty water color-looking piece by deviantART user Allantiee.  I really love all the background details in this one, but I especially love that the artist gave Cecil fun purple hair.  I hadn’t actually seen that before and, the way it is here, he reminds me of one of my Mage: The Ascension characters.   


A friend of mine recently got caught up on Night Vale and absolutely fell in love with Tamika Flynn; she also recently had a birthday.  So I assembled some things to make a Tamika-themed target practice game for her. :D

1.      The game box.  Art was made from free-to-use elements over some basic free-handed illustration.

2.      The game pieces!  Three Strex helicopters, and a Nerf-esque slingshot to shoot them down with.

3.      The Strex helicopters.  Tiny stickers to add a simple logo I made, because it’s just not Strex if it doesn’t have a logo slapped on it.

I called the game “I Love A Parade” after the awesome Tamika illustration that my friend did.  Go check it out!