welcome to the grid

Looking for more witchcraft/witchy blogs to follow!

My dash seems like it’s slowly dying, i am looking for active blogs to follow. What i’m looking for:

✨Green witchcraft, secular witchcraft, eclectic witchcraft.
✨Solitary witches, vegan witches.
✨Witches located in Europe (for timezone related reasons, non-EU is fine too ofc. 💕)
✨Cabin life / off the grid living
✨ Nature blogs welcome
✨ Witchy aesthetic blogs welcome

💔No racism, sexism & homophobia.

Please like/reblog and i’ll check out your blog, and most likely follow💕
Feel free to check out mine💕


HANGRID IS GOING TO VIDCON AND SO IS THE TRINITY!!! I CANT EVEN!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!!! @mydrunkkitchen @mamrie @gracehelbig and Ingrid!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱