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could you give a description of all Brandon's characters in the new Killers music video?

Lmao okay so I did my best here. BUT this is definitely subjective and other people might be reading different things from them. This turned out way longer than anybody wants or needs it to be but oh well. See below the cut if you want to listen to me bullshitting.

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The Signs As Famous Land Marks
  • Aries: the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Taurus: Space Needle (Seattle)
  • Gemini: Empire State Building
  • Cancer: Grand Canyon
  • Leo: Lady Liberty
  • Virgo: Central Park
  • Libra: The White House
  • Scorpio: "Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas" Sign
  • Sagittarius: Gateway Arch (Missouri)
  • Capricorn: Lincoln Memorial
  • Aquarius: Mount Rushmore
  • Pisces: Niagara Falls
10 songs I’m currently vibing

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  1. Anything by The Calling (I’ve listened to this one like 30 times today alone. man they were such a good band)
  2. Mixed Signals by Robbie Williams (hey did you know The Killers wrote this song?)
  3. The Heavy Entertainment Show by Robbie Williams
  4. Rock DJ by Robbie Williams
  5. Back to You by Louis Tomlinson & Bebe Rexha (you go Louis I’m rooting for your solo career)
  6. Everlong by Foo Fighters
  7. Ordinary World by Duran Duran
  8. Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas by Brandon Flowers
  9. Céu de Santo Amaro by Flávio Venturini & Caetano Veloso (one of the most calming songs I’ve ever listened to)
  10. Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby by Cigarettes After Sex

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“There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired.” / a mix for the stupid couriers who let that checkered suit bastard stick around.

1. Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas - Brandon Flowers / 2. Kill Of The Night - Gin Wigmore / 3. Vegas Lights - Panic! At The Disco / 4. Miss Atomic Bomb - The Killers / 5. Bang Bang - will.i.am / 6. Spiderhead - Cage The Elephant / 7. Devil’s Backbone - The Civil Wars / 8. Kiss With A Fist - Florence + The Machine / 9. The Judge - Twenty One Pilots / 10. Lucky Strike - Maroon 5 / 11. Shut Up and Dance - Walk the Moon / 12. Snake Eyes - Mumford & Sons

fromvault111 and justicehawke i contributed to the benny trash fandom. i’m not useless anymore

(Kinda made this around my courier Indy and her relationship with Benny but like I said this can be for any Benny/Courier pairing. Enjoy.)

💖 Panhellenic Council Recruitment Theme Ideas! 💖

Q: I was just elected as Panhellenic’s Director of Recruitment and I want to “brand” Greek Recruitment with a cute theme for orientations, fliers, shirts, etc. Any ideas on cute week long themes?

A: Many themes which individual sororities use for rush and bid day can be adapted for the entire Panhellenic Recruitment! Here are some ideas for overall NPC rush week branding…..

♥ NPC Panhellenic Recruitment Themes With Matching Slogans: 

  • Travel = Passport to Panhellenic • Explore the Possibilities • Choose Your Destination • You Could Travel the Whole World and Never Find Sisters Like These • Why Walk When You Can Fly With Panhellenic Recruitment 
  • Sweets/Candy = Going Greek Has Never Been So Sweet • Life is Sweet When You Go Greek. Welcome to the Sweet Life • Simply Sweet on Sisterhood • Oh So Sweet • Panhellenic and The Chocolate Factory • Find Sweet Sisterhood
  • Alice in Wonderland = Find Your Wonderland • We’re All Mad Here • Fall Through the Looking Glass, Fall for the Best • A Very Merry Greek Life For You 
  • Dr Seuss = Oh the Places You’ll Go When You Go Greek • Wherever You Fly You’ll Top All the Rest • Wherever You Go, You’ll Be the Best of the Best
  • Las Vegas = Welcome to Fabulous Recruitment • Feeling Lucky? Go Greek • Roll the Dice, Go Greek
  • Heart = Follow Your Heart, It Will Lead You Home • Get Your Heart Set on Panhellenic Recruitment • Follow Your Heart Go Greek • Livin’ & Lovin’ Panhellenic • Panhellenic is Where the Love Is • Deep in My Heart I Love Greek Life • Panhellenic Love is All You Need • Love at First Sight
  • Bows = No Matter the Letters, We’re all Tied Together • The Tie That Binds Us • Individually Unique, Together Complete • Bows, Pearls & Panhellenic Girls 
  • Tribal = Take an Adventure with Panhellenic & Explore
  • Nautical = Where Will You Fly Your Flag? • Sail Away with Panhellenic Recruitment • Welcome Aboard Recruitment • Nautical But Nice Panhellenic Recruitment  
  • Flower Power = All You Need is Panhellenic Love • L-O-V-E Sorority Life • The Circle of Sisterhood • One Love • Peace, Love & Panhellenic Recruitment • Hand Picking the Sweetest Sisters
  • Circus = The Greatest Show on Earth, Panhellenic Recruitment • Life’s a Circus Find Your Center Ring • Cirque du Sisterhood 
  • Wizard of Oz = There’s No Place Like Home • Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Panhellenic Recruitment 
  • Disney = Where All Your Dreams Come True • Find Your Happily Ever After • Adventure is Out There {Up} • Some Sororities Are Worth Melting For {Frozen} • Darling It’s Better Wearing Our Letters {Under the Sea/Little Mermaid} • When You Wish Upon a Star, Panhellenic Is What You Are • Greek Life, the Happiest Place on Earth 
  • Jungle = Into the Wild World of Greeks • Take a Walk on the Wild Side • Wild About Panhellenic Recruitment • Rumble in the Jungle • Where the Wild Things Are 
  • Patriotic = American’s Most Wanted • American by Birth, Greek by the Grace of God • Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Sisterhood • Panhellenic Pride • Stars, Stripes & Sisters • Panhellenic Wants You • Be American Be Greek
  • Baseball/Football = Drafting the Best • Best in the Nation • Recruiting in the Big Leagues • In A League of Our Own, Panhellenic Recruitment
  • Mardi Gras = Geaux Greek
  • Southern Tide = Of All the Fish in the Sea, Which One Would You Like to Be?
  • Social Media = Picture Yourself Greek • #gogreek
  • Southern = Sweet Home Panhellenic • When Life Gives You Lemons, Put Them in Your Sweet Tea and Thank God Your Going Greek {Mason Jar} • Greek By Choice, Southern By the Grace of God • ‘Cause We’re Going to Make This Place Your Home • In a Southern State of Mind • Belles and Bows Recruitment 
  • Tropical = Panhellenic in Paradise • Find Your Perfect Paradise 
  • Tiffany = Introducing our Spring Collection • Be Classy & Fabulous Go Greek 
  • Military = A Few Good Women • Drafting the Best • We Can Do It! • Recruiting in Combat Boots 
  • Style/Fashion = Being Geek Has Never Looked This Good
  • Storybook = Find Your Perfect Fit {glass slipper} • Happily Ever After is Only the Beginning • Once Upon a Time • Write Your Own Fairytale
  • Dream Catcher = Catch your Dreams, Go Greek • Making Dreams Come True • Just Livin’ the Dream • Dare to Dream
  • Heavenly = Find Your Heaven on Earth, Go Greek
  • Grease = You’re the One That We Want • Hopelessly Devoted to Going Greek
  • Equestrian = Join the Winner’s Circle • Run With the Roses • Born & Bred to Go Greek • Talk Greek to Me 
  • Coca Cola = Go Greek, The Real Thing • Enjoying Sisterhood 
  • Western = Wanted: New Sorority Sisters • Recruiting the Best of the Wild Wild West • Panhellenic Country 

♥ PANHELLENIC Sayings to use for Recruitment Themes: 

  • Great Women Go Greek
  • Go Greek
  • Choose Your Letters, Change Your Life
  • Add Another Chapter to Your Story 
  • Not Just Four Years - It’s For Life
  • College Isn’t Complete Without Going Greek
  • Nothing Like You Expected, Everything You’re Looking For
  • Today, Tomorrow, Forever Greek
  • Try It. Live It. Love It. Greek Life
  • Friends Change, Lovers Leave, But Sisters are Eternal
  • You Had Me at Recruitment 
  • Keep Calm and Go Greek
  • Livin’ the Life…
  • Why Fit In When You Were Born to Stand Out?
  • Be Strong, Be Unique, Be United, Be Greek
  • Something Beautiful is On the Horizon
  • Branch Out… Go Greek
  • It’s All Greek to Me

♥ More PANHELLENIC Sayings: 


♥ More THEME Inspiration: 

• Bid Day Themes From A to Z  

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flamingo: a definitive summary by someone who has never watched an interview with brandon so if he said what the song is about sorry he's wrong
  • welcome to fabulous las vegas: welcome to vegas but watch your back
  • only the young: a play on the phrase "only the good die young" in that only the young will make it when things are difficult
  • hard enough: please understand that i am going through some shit too sweetheart
  • jilted lovers and a broken heart: mr brightside and spaceman had a baby and it just got dumped
  • playing with fire: no dad, i'm giving up your dream
  • was it something i said: valentina dumped him at a diner so he wouldn't make a scene
  • magdalena: brandon flowers likes mexico and talks immigration
  • crossfire: charlize theron was in this music video OR trying to salvage a dying relationship
  • on the floor: i have regrets
  • swallow it: brandon flowers apologizes for the things he said when he was young and brash
  • the clock was tickin': a country jam about how we are all going to die
  • jacksonville: a song for when you are high and dancing in an empty pool in a dessert
  • i came here to get over you: he got cheated on and now he is GETTING EVEN but he will only fail and get drunk
  • right behind you: probably this is about religion