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Avengers Of The Caribbean - PART TWO

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Summary; Welcome to the ship! Bucky’s not happy you’re here but whatever.

Warnings; Swearing, I think? Pirates have a potty mouth ok, a lil sexism but its period typical so…

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You slept like a god’damn baby. The slow rocking of the anchored ship took you into a deep sleep as soon as you closed your eyes. Steve let you stay in his cabin, one with red features and golden details in the rug and curtains. There was a small cabin bed in the wall over on one of the walls, we went to his bed on the boat and let you sleep there in his office like cabin with a thick blanket and feather stuffed pillow.

Bucky, unaware of the woman sleeping in Steve’s cabin, waltzed in like he did most days. He looked around in search of his tunic Steve borrowed the day before. It wasn’t on the back of his desk chair or the wardrobe in the room. Bucky, with his logical thinking, wondered if maybe it was on the cabin bed, where Steve sometimes set his clothes and jackets.

He ripped back the curtain of the confined bed. The sudden rush of light behind your eyes woke you up with a start. So much so that you shot up straight, forgetting where you were and that this was a wall bed that only just fit a person. Your forehead smacked the wood roof above you, then, while still in pain you saw the long haired man staring down at you, awfully close in your opinion. You yelped in surprise.

The man’s eyes went wide, his mouth was agape. “Who the fuck are you?”

“Excuse me? Who the fuck are you?”

The man said nothing more. He stood up straighter and backed up toward the door. His eyes stayed trained on you, still in bed and rubbing at your sore head.

He pulled open the door. “Hey boys!” He yelled. “Looks like our captain got lucky last night!” He was grinning at that point.

Dear god no. He thinks you had sex with the captain. He thinks he caught you the morning after. Shit.

Quickly you go to explain to him your real reason for being in his captain’s bed but it’s too late, men, all in their sailing gear start piling into the room. You cover your chest with the blanket. You had clothes on of course, but only an underskirt and stained gray tunic.

They cheered and whooped and laughed.

“Would you all get the hell out?” You snapped but they only laughed more.

It wasn’t long before all this noise and laughter drew the attention of Steve himself. He looked confused at first, weaving between the bodies to see what they were all gawking at. Then he looked angry. “Get out! The lot of you, Buck, you stay, but the rest of you pervs can get back to work. This ship won’t clean itself!”

They still muttered and joked, one guy even patted the captain’s shoulder in congratulations. Steve, once all the men had left apart from Bucky, made his way over to you. He held out a hand which you took to help you get up from the bed.

“Sorry about that,” He said. “But good morning, how did you sleep?”

“Far better, I’ve missed this,”

Bucky looked less confused and more angry when you glanced over Steve’s shoulder at him. He stood tall, waiting for an explanation. Steve lead me to face Bucky.

“This is Y/N,” He told him.

Bucky shrugged his leather clad shoulders. “What do I care?”

Steve laughed. “This may be your new co-commanding gunman,”

You didn’t think the guy could look any angrier, but boy did he. You swore you could see steam coming from his reddening ears.

“No,” He stated as easily as he breathed. 

“You don’t even know her, Buck, give her a chance,”

“No way, look at her,” He said, like you were deaf or just not even in the room. Rude. “She looks like she weighs nothing, she probably can’t even pick up a cannonball,” You did your best not to let your anger show, it built up inside of you instead. “Maybe she could help Vision in the kitchen instead, girls love to cook,” The anger was building faster. “You’d prefer that, right princess?”

That was it. You socked him right in his nose. His head flung back at the contact. And his hand snapped to cover his nose. Good, you hoped you’d broken it. Now you waited, with eyes on the floor, you waited for the captain to kick you off his ship. After all, you did just punch his commanding gunman in the face.

But then, a second later, you heard a deep laugh in your ear. You risked a look up at Steve to find him smiling at laughing at Bucky, whose hand was dripping with blood and covering his nose. He didn’t look too impressed.

“Come on, Y/N, I’ll go show you the cannons,” Steve said. “Bucky, go clean yourself up, and try to be nicer to the women on our ship, yeah?”

He rolled his eyes and walked past you with heavy footsteps to the keg of water in the room. Steve led you out of the room to the deck of the ship.

“Duty calls, I hope we have a better meeting later,” You said quietly to Bucky before you’d completely left the room.

BONUS Q: I might mix a little love triangle in this, like a Steve x Reader and a Bucky x reader. I need opinions!

PART THREE (will be here when I post it)

Researching Afro-Caribbean Religions: Voodoo, Santeria, And More

Welcome to the first part in a series on Afro-Caribbean religions, put together to answer some of the questions we’ve had in the past about voodoo and related religions which invariably end with “how do I research for this?!”

Why Did You Choose Voodoo?

Complete these sentences. It doesn’t matter how short, in-depth the answer is.

 1.     When I think of voodoo, I think of ….”

 Did you think of voodoo dolls/zombies/”black” magic ?  You may have misinformed (and potentially negative) intentions for it in your story from growing up on Hollywood voodoo.

 2.     “Voodoo in my story excites me because…”

 Did you think it’d be perfect for your magical villain and/or protagonist? Again, you may have Hollywood voodoo on the brain.  If it’s for your villain, be advised that “evil voodoo shaman” is yet another lash on a long-dead horse of negative stereotypes that has been around since 1932 gave us White Zombie. Now, nobody’s denying you permission to write a voodoo villain, but please don’t let your antagonist the ONLY representative of voodoo within the narrative.

Narrowing It Down

After completing those sentences, you may realize you’re just looking for a magical element for your story. If so, voodoo might not be for you because voodoo is a religion. If you want to do voodoo respectfully and avoid stereotypes, then you need to take care not to write Hogwarts Of The Caribbean. There are many magical traditions which aren’t religions and can carry the exact same allure for your work’s purposes.

 Of course, stripping out the worship does not make research any easier or less potentially offensive. Rather, it just makes your work and research more on topic. Regardless of what is and isn’t popular among their respective, modern-day cultures, indigenous and mixed belief systems are still peoples’ heritages, almost invariably with a tempestuous history that should not be ignored or silenced.

 So, decide for yourself: Do you need a tradition which is religious, magical, or both?

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

I challenge you to choose an alternative to Voodoo because if you check out NGram viewer and compare how ‘voodoo’ weighs in against any diasporic competitor in English-language literature, the difference is enormous.

 There’s so much more out there within and without the “voodoo” category.  For starters, the variants: Cuban, Puerto Rican and Dominican Vudú to name a few.  There are even Canadian Vodouisants, particularly in Quebec, of Haitian heritage; the point here is you can go beyond Haiti.

 You also may want to set the Loa aside and give Santería, Umbanda and Candomblé a chance – they’re distinct, but similar, have magical traditions inextricably blended within them, and probably have the same thing you’re looking for.  You could even take it straight to Africa and look into the founding beliefs like Yoruba (The Orisha Tradition).

 In addition to African groups, Mesoamerican beliefs of the Aztec, Maya, Zapotec,  Mixtec and so on may be strong contenders for your narrative even in a modern setting because not only can they also feature ancestor worship, a robust spirit world, trance states and a once-gods-now-saints, they can be witnessed today by people who still believe in it. You just have to be willing to put in a little more effort since these beliefs are labeled “Catholic” now: just like Vodouisants tend to be, the followers of this Latino syncretism are largely Catholics of indigenous heritage.

 The most prevalent example to look up is pan-Mayan syncretism and/or Maya Catholicism, which features things like worry dolls (distinct from voodoo dolls) and San Simon Maximón de Guatemala, “the Evil Saint” who accepts offerings of things like tobacco and Coca Cola.  Some belief systems have withstood the test of time and others are just now being dusted off, such as with Mexicanidad or Mexicayotl (an Aztec culture and philosophy revival movement started in the 50s which includes breathing life back into Aztec beliefs).

 Your research may not be as direct because you’re not going to find “The Complete Field Guide To Modern Mesoamerican Syncretism” but you’re also not going to find “Everything You Need To Know About Voodoo To Write Your Book: An Annotated Guide,” either.

Research Starting Point: Keyword List 

Here’s a list of things that You Should Know Exist by country (there is overlap and this is not an exhaustive list). This includes religions and magical practices devoid of liturgical worship.  

Most of these I’ve chosen because they are from specifically West African belief systems, but some of them I have chosen because they happen to have the dynamics of offering spirits propitiation or magical traditions.  

 Each belief system, religion or not, is its own iceberg with robust history and various amounts of representation.  Some are alive and well, others are the subject of controversy. The research part is your job.


Afro-Antiguan and Barbudan: Obeah.
Afro-Bahamian: Obeah 
Afro-Cuban: Abakuá, Santería, Palo Monte, Cuban Vudú, Palo (Las Reglas De Congo).
Afro-Dominican: Dominican Voodoo
Afro-Haitian: Haitian Vodou

Afro-Jamaican: Kumina
Garifuna Catholicism.
Afro-Puerto Rican: Santería, Puerto Rican Vudú (Sanse), Espiritismo
Afro-Trinidadian: Shango (AKA “Trinidad Orisha”), Obeah, Spiritual Baptism.
Afro-Surinamese: Winti

Afro-American  (South, Central and North)

Afro-Brazilian:  Candomblé, Umbanda, Quimbanda, Xangô de Recife, Xangô do Nordeste, Tambor De Mina, Santo Daime, Lucumi.
African-American:  Hoodoo, Louisiana Voodoo, Spiritual Baptism.


There is not a convenient label to put on Mesoamerican traditions blending into Catholicism, but awareness of the fact is worthwhile.  You may wish to look up “Zapotec religion,” “Mixtec religion,” and “Aztec religion” for leads. However, here are some labels:

Latin America in General: Curanderismo, Brujeria, Espritismo (which has African-inspired and Mesoamerican-inspired variations).
Incan Origin: 
União do Vegetal (Brazil), Vegetalismo (Peru)
Maya Catholicism, pan-Mayan syncretism

In Closing

Even though my personal answer “Where do I start with Haitian/Louisiana voodoo?” is “BY LOOKING AT EVERYTHING BUT THAT” hopefully you will find it exciting that Louisisana/Haitian Voodoo/Vodou is but a page in an entire book, a room in a mansion. 

 In my next post on Afro-Caribbean Religions I will cover beliefs that are more-or-less consistent among voodoo and religions like voodoo. 

- Rodríguez

Okay But

I may already have a pirates AU, Stars Over The Sea, BUT
Consider this

Pirates of the Caribbean AU
•Bill is a Jack Sparrow endowed with a significant amount more grace, less bumbling, and less drunken swagger. He’s also even saltier and more sarcastic.
•Mabel is Elizabeth Swan. She was raised by the Northwests, but she is aware she’s a Pines by birth and has been hardcore trying to get her adopted sister Pacifica to fall for her biological brother Dipper.
•Mostly because I just want to see Bill dive into the water to rescue her. Because he’s hotter than Johnny Depp.
• And also, “That’s the tale of the greatest pirate in the Carribean. You lied on a beach for THREE DAYS. Drinking rum.”
“….basically. Welcome to the Caribbean.”
• Dipper is Will Turner. No Pinecest here though. He wants to save Mabel because she’s his sister. They were both dumped on the Northwest’s ship as young children.
• Also because “You forget your place, Dipper Pines.”
“It’s right here. Between you and Bill.”
• That kiss at the end of the first movie between Will and Elizabeth? Yeah right before he decided to trip backwards over the wall he grabbed Dipper, kissed him passionately in front of all the men, and then went for a dive.
• Ford is in the role of Bootstrap Bill, and in this AU, he’s the twins’ grandfather, and Stan is just an uncle! He and Stan had a falling out and he left home, married, had a kid, his wife died, and in his grief he then wound up getting roped up in pirate shit, including Captain Bill Cipher and everything that entailed. When Kryptos wanted to steal the Aztec gold and Bill said no, they committed mutiny and Ford didn’t like that, so he sent a piece of the gold to his grandkids, who he had just gotten news had turned 3, and then got drowned for it. He’s still alive tho
•Kryptos is Barbossa because in my headcanon he is the only one fucking dumb enough to commit mutiny against Bill Cipher. The crew feared Bill, but many respected him, and after the mutiny they both resented that and cheered his disappearance. None of them would openly disrespect him even if they saw him in a cell, but they don’t necessarily want him back. Kryptos isn’t about to give control back to Bill.
• Cursed Aztec gold I mean come fucking on–Bill is Xolotl in my headcanon, it’s WAY too easy. He cursed the gold years and years ago for the crimes of Cortez against his people but when the men went after the treasure he resisted, and that led to the mutiny. Davy Jones is actually another Aztec god, and Bill has run out of time in a human form. He made a deal to regain lost power, his time is up.
• Gideon is Cutler Beckett. Not too interested in Mabel for once, he just wants to control the Demon of the Sea.
• Mermando is Commodore Norrington. Mabel has no love interest, she just doesn’t want to be married to anyone and honestly she’d rather be a pirate.
• Stan is still alive. When Dipper and Mabel were found at sea and brought back to the harbor, the Northwests had already decided to take in Mabel (because she came in a nice dress and therefore looked fancier than scruffy Dipper) and he was left with only Dipper. He was allowed to see Mabel, though, once or twice.

And okay though but Bill telling Mabel to persuade him when she’s trying to get the letters of mark back
And she casually draws a knife and presses the point into his back
“<i>Your</i> boyfriend taught me how to handle a weapon…”
Bill: Point made, still not giving you these

Quite Polite

notaboogeyman submitted

  This happened to me quite recently, about a month or so ago. My boyfriend and I live in Victoria which is the capital of British Columbia in Canada. 

At this time, when my story takes place, my boyfriend had gone for two weeks on a family vacation to New Orleans and then a cruise to the Caribbean. I was welcome to come, of course, but being terribly paranoid and claustrophobic during the duration of plane rides, I declined. I decided to stay at my grandparents’ house for a week or so of his trip, since I started to come down with the flu and didn’t want to be sick and alone the whole time. 

Strange occurrences started to happen all the while at my grandparents’ house. The family dog would sit at the threshold of my old bedroom and growl, his eyes following something that I, myself, couldn’t see. The old guitar that I kept behind the headboard of my bed would go off by itself, as if something  strummed all the strings at once. I stopped going out for cigarettes late at night because I swore I saw a face through a patch of fog one time. 

After three or four days, I couldn’t handle the feeling of being watched or followed, not to mention all these strange instances, so I went back home. That night, I was watching re-runs of “How I Met Your Mother” and still being sick, I let out a whale of a sneeze. Moments later, maybe 10-15 seconds at best I get a text from a number I didn’t recognize.

It read: "Bless you!“.  

Needless to say, I was beyond creeped out. When I finally mustered the strength and courage to scour the suite, I was relieved to find nothing, but still confused and rattled. Since the number wasn’t blocked, I called to see who it was, but got a recorded message of an operators voice telling me that this certain number is no longer in service. I’m still mystified to this day. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: 8/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!