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Listen guys… I just wanted to say something about respect.

The key to a fandom is respect. Respect for each other, respect for each others opinions, respect for the content, respect for the creators, respect for the cast. Mutual respect. And we cannot forget this.

I think you know what I’m talking about here. What prompted this.

This is truely one of the nicest fandoms I’ve been apart of. I do not want it to get torn apart. So whilst this Moffat thing is going on, we need to remember respect.

I am going to make fun of Moffat on my blog. It’s just going to happen. I don’t like him. However, if you DO like him, I completely respect you. PLEASE do not feel isolated in this fandom. We will not exclude you from ANYTHING. We want everyone to feel welcome, and we will not change our attitude of inclusiveness because of an unpopular opinion.

Also respect max. He is human. He’s created a fantastic show with amazing characters, but he is human and humans make mistakes. If we treat him like god because of our lack of respect for Moffat, we will be disappointed. Look at the show with a level head. Enjoy it, but do not have unrealistic expectations. That way if a mistake is made, we can move on and not be thrown into hysterics.

TL;DR We are all human and there is a basic level of respect that we must have for each other that cannot change, no matter what. This is the key to a happy, kind fandom like we have now.

((Fun drinking game, take a shot every time I say respect. Have fun with your alcohol poisoning))

Angel didn’t really love Buffy

Notice for all Bangel fans: you can guess from the title what this is about so it’s up to you if to read this or not. If you do and you wish to, you are welcome to debate with me. Just remember to be civil and reasonable, because I too am entitled to my opinion (especially in my own blog XD) and believe me my goal is not to burst your bubble. I’m pretty sure that you’ll go on shipping this couple whatever I or everyone else says, and that’s totally fine.

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Unpopular Opinion:

Zelena is 100% right. Regina has not been fair to her, not once this entire season. There is a lot of shit Zelena should be blamed for, Robin’s death is not one of them.

And Regina of all people should know what it feels like to be “Not Welcome a the Hero’s Table” despite attempts to change for the better. 

Regina. Should. Know. Better.

anonymous asked:

Unpopuilar opinion here, but doesn't it seem like a waste of potential to not know what the currency in prythian is called? or like it was said before, the names and surnames of everyone. Like, to me it feels like a terrible waste of worldbuilding, and in a way it feels like sjm didn't care enough about the world, and it kills me a little. Because it could've been so much more.

“unpopular opinion” not on this blog, friend. welcome to “dragging Maas’ worldbuilding for being paper-thin garbage” central. The worldbuilding is a nonsensical underdeveloped anachronistic mish-mash of things that Sound Cool with absolutely no thought given to things as silly as economy or agriculture or technology or religion or the fact that fashion does not exist in a vacuum and is the result of many converging elements of a culture because those aren’t sexy! Silly us. caring about things that aren’t sexy. it’s not like we could expect our main POV character, who is literally the co-ruler of a big chunk of this world, to take notice of or care about how said world functions even a little bit. No, we have morally grey male characters to absolve of all wrongdoing and abs to ogle :)

I recognize that I have many controversial and unpopular opinions. I’m also blunt, opinionated, pretentious, loquacious, argumentative, and arrogant. I’m very cynical and analytical, and my cynicism alienates people. The detached and almost callous viewpoint I have toward many things is hurtful to many people. Please don’t hesitate to unfollow me if that bothers you. Don’t ever feel like you have an obligation to keep following me if my attitude and opinions hurt or bother you. I welcome open discussion, of course, but I’m not the type of person who’ll expect you to stick around if my blog has become boring, irritating, or chafing to your sensibilities. Curate a good space for yourself, one that you can enjoy yourself (as much as one can truly enjoy themselves on this trash heap of a website). Meaningless internet opinions aren’t worth your emotional energies! 

So in other words, if you find that you keep getting irritated at my opinions but feel guilty at the thought of unfollowing me or breaking mutuals with me, don’t feel guilty. You’re under no obligation to follow me if it’s distasteful to you. Like seriously, enjoy your time on here. I try to use this blog as a place to gather my thoughts and reblog things I like and find beautiful or pleasurable, and you guys should do that too. 

unpopular opinion time but i don’t ship damian and raven. she’s in dick’s age group whereas damian (as of pre 52 which is the familiar canon i default to) is often shipped with dick’s daughter, mar’i. you will never ever find any demonb/rds content on my blog because i feel it’s pedophilia and the ship just generally makes me highly uncomfortable.