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Zelena is 100% right. Regina has not been fair to her, not once this entire season. There is a lot of shit Zelena should be blamed for, Robin’s death is not one of them.

And Regina of all people should know what it feels like to be “Not Welcome a the Hero’s Table” despite attempts to change for the better. 

Regina. Should. Know. Better.

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I sent in an unpopular opinion about the dialogue being cringy and that's why I stopped watching the show and you suggested I started again. I literally binged and watched 2 seasons within 1.5 days. I have followed 9 blogs about shadowhunters and 3 specifically for Malec and also Simon is my precious little nerd husband and Jace and his eyes can take a walk.

Welcome to the dark side, Anon. Glad you gave the show a second chance! Seriously, I am so happy rn! <33

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Mercy? :) Love your blog, I aspire to be as great at writing as you three someday :)

  • Why I like them. My name is Mercy!!! Plus she’s a support!
  • Why I don’t. -screams- MOBILITY WHAT MOBILITY?!
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie) Well she’s vid game 
  • Favorite season/movie. SHE’S A VID GAME! ^-^ XDD
  • Favorite line. “You’re Welcome!”
  • Favorite outfit. Combat Medic Ziegler
  • OTP. -Softly- MercyKill
  • Brotp. Mercy and Mei
  • Head Canon. She brought Reaper back and fucked up cause her emotions got in the way.
  • Unpopular opinion. She’s a better support than Ana.
  • A wish. I wish she was real
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen. Gency no pls
  • 5 words to best describe them. Pacifist, white, healer, heroine, saviour.
  • My nickname for them. Merc
    -Mod Mercy

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I love Anora and Bran but did Alistair really have to die? He never wanted the throne to begin with!

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