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The Adrien Diaries...

6 Mar 2017

You know how I said I was going to be killed by the muffin man, Diary? Turns out, I was wrong… pretty sure at this point he’d settle for having me neutered. Well, maybe not Adrien Agreste…

…just the leather-clad superhero he caught KISSING HIS DAUGHTER TONIGHT!

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*climbs on soapbox*  Let’s all bring it down a notch guys!  There is a lot of anger flying around my favorite fandom over ships.  Let’s all just agree that Yuri On Ice is the best thing since sliced bread and ship and let ship ok?  *climbs off soapbox*

Reblog if you agree please!!!!!

((I didn’t draw the Makkachin, it’s from the official website))

Old Dog, New Tricks: Part Six (ending)

Summary: Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were known to be your soldiers across the hall. Whenever you needed them, they were there. It never crossed your mind that one day, after coming to terms with just how inexperienced Bucky was with getting back in the groove of romance - you find yourself now helping him in a way you never expected. Sex.                                

                                                Part One

                                                Part Two

                                                Part Three

                                                Part Four

                                                 Part Five

Word Count: 2,043

Notes: Cursing, NSFW, 18+ (smut), A N G S T !!!!!!! have fun.

let me know what you think :)

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Gerard Way is actually so sexually frustrating like I’m not even gonna try just putting that out there




So this story event gives us a glimpse into Hotaru’s psyche. Poor boy’s been living in a bubble and is all shades of fucked up inside but there’s that childlike innocence to him that draws the MC. I am 100% sure Tsuki MC is slightly older than him. Anyways, SPOILER ALERT, summary and comments after the break.

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Hamilton fanfiction

Honorary Schuyler Sister: Modern AU where Maria Reynolds doesn’t receive Alex’s help to get out of James’ clutches, but help from the Schuyler sisters. Platonic bonding. One-shot.

Back Up Again: Sequel to Honorary Schuyler Sister, how Maria rebuilds her life after getting out of her toxic relationship, how she and the other 3 Schuyler sisters grow up together, mature and find love. Maria/Hercules, Alexander/Eliza, minor Angelica/Maria Cosway, Peggy/fun times. One-shot.

The Master Plan: Parks and Rec AU featuring Aaron/Theodosia and Alexander/Eliza. 100% Hamilton and 100% Parks and Rec. A lot of fluff. Multi-chaptered, unfinished and abandoned. Explicit content.

The Shoeshinist: Parks Department Director George Washington has a bunion on his big toe and doesn’t need your help. Minor Washington/Lafayette. One-shot.

West Side Story fanfiction

The Beginning of the End: Months after she lost Bernardo, Anita still gets nightmares. Two-shot.

In The Heights fanfiction

Daniela’s Eight Thoughts (on Children and Marriage): Eight thoughts that explain why Daniela is very happy to be single. One-shot.

You Left Me Alone: Vanessa’s thoughts and feelings throughout the night of the blackout at the club. One-shot.

On Every Fire Escape: Series of drabbles on Nina’s thoughts on the fire escapes throughout her life. Complete.

Last Oreo: Prompt fill. Usnavi and Sonny fight over the last Oreo. Drabble.

87, Halloween: Prompt fill. The story behind that picture. Drabble.

Coming to Terms: Prompt fill. Lesbian Carla’s childhood and teenage years. One-shot.

Love and Pride: Bisexual Vanessa coming out to the people she loves. Multi-chaptered. Complete.

Crushes: Two-shot about Benny and Vanessa crushing on respectively Nina and Usnavi, showcasing Nina and Usnavi’s friendship.

Gal Pals: How Nina and Vanessa started to have sex, until they made love. Explicit content. Multi-chaptered, complete.

One Last Night: Vanessa’s thoughts and feelings throughout the two last days of the musical. Sequel to You Left Me Alone. One-shot.

First Times: How all the characters’ first time went. Sex-positive fic. One-shot.

Just Friends: High school AU no one ever asked for, in which Vanessa and Usnavi bang in an empty classroom and may or may not get caught. Explicit content. One-shot.

Drop that bomb: The first time Usnavi said “I love you”. Explicit content. One-shot.

Downtown: Vanessa’s thoughts and feelings the day she moved into her new place. Explicit content. One-shot.

Nice Try: Vanessa visits Nina in California for spring break. Romantic. One-shot.

Hurricane of Love: Usnavi decides that it’s his personal mission to nurse every single person en el barrio back to health whenever they’ve caught a cold.

Hundreds of Stories: Prompt fills from Tumblr lists. Ficlet collection, kept up to date.

Romance and other crap: When Vanessa turns into a cuddly kitten. Explicit content. Two-shot, ongoing.

Wounded: Post nuclear war apocalypse AU. Usnavi is hurt and Vanessa is at his bedside begging him to live. Prompt fill. One-shot.

Fun Times: Sequel to First Times, how all characters experience masturbation and self discovery. One-shot.

Hers & His: Usnavi and Vanessa accidentally discover that he loves being submissive and decide to explore their more adventurous side. Explicit content. One-shot.

10 Things Usnavi Didn’t Need to Know: How to survive being the hub of the barrio’s gossip when you’re a little bit stuck up and do not need to hear the sleazy details. One-shot.

The Hairdresser and the Shopkeeper: Daniela and Usnavi’s friendship, over twenty-five years.

Welcome to Camp El Barrio: Post nuclear-war apocalypse AU. Long fic, complete.

Feline: A tale of cats and denial. Vansnavi fluff. One-shot.

Second: Vanessa and Camila’s relationship over the years.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks: Vanessa and Usnavi celebrate the new year their special way − and not unnoticed. Explicit content. One-shot.

Suddenly I find (the electricity is gone): What happened to Sonny and Pete during the blackout. One-shot.

Everything Stays: Usnavi and Abuela Claudia’s relationship over the years, contextualized by Claudia’s memories of her mother. One-shot.

The Settlement Just Cheering You Along: Collection of prompt fills in the post-nuclear war apocalypse AU of Welcome to Camp El Barrio. Ongoing.

Pregnancy Scare: Vanessa and Usnavi’s late night conversation during Vanessa’s fifth pee break of the night − pregnancy sucks. One-shot.

From the First: Set in the post-nuclear war apocalypse AU of Welcome to Camp El Barrio. Vanessa dealing with the emotional aftermath on her first mission on the field. One-shot.

6 times Vanessa drank champagne with Usnavi and 1 time she didn’t: Self-explanatory title, really. Multi-chaptered, complete.

The Faces I’ve Known: Nina’s point of view during the 3 days of the musical. Multi-chaptered, ongoing.

Droplets of Water: Usnavi and Nina’s relationship over the years. One-shot.

The Small Hours: Nina and Vanessa in the early morning. Explicit content. One-shot.

When the time comes: Vanessa has a whole day planned for Usnavi on their anniversary. Set within the post-nuclear war apocalypse AU of Welcome to Camp El Barrio. Explicit content. One-shot.

Out West to California: Benny and Nina decide to go exclusive. Explicit content. One-shot.

The Assistant: Boss/Assistant Vansnavi AU. Multi-chaptered, ongoing.

The Slip: Vanessa lets out steam with a random one night stand. Or does she? One-shot, explicit content. 

Thinking of Home: Benny and Nina’s relationship over the years. One-shot.

Crossover fics

That Mad Man: Balaga and the Piragua Guy have a nice date out of town. (In the Heights x Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812)

You Never Walk Alone | A

Originally posted by minsugago

Based off “A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone”

Word Count: 771

Warnings: mentions of suicide, drowning, mental instability

Summary: A week before he drowned, he had been plagued by the smell of the ocean // a distant theory based off Spring Day and YNWA lyrics

The refreshing breeze struck with sea-salt used to cure his mind and extinguish the slow burn building within his heart, but it seemed the only good the liquid did now was offer him a way to hide his tears.

Even when surrounded by the billions of souls linked to the same soil he stood in, he felt alone.

His scaled skin itched and itched until all that remained were broken nails and bleeding arms. Numb fingers that once collected the seashells were now too slippery to hold onto his reality.

He wanted to fly, but had no wings. He wanted light, but was given darkness.

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masterpost of my mckirk fics

I realized that I’ve never linked any of mckirk fics on here so I thought it would be better to post them all at once. some are canonverse, others are au’s. these are all complete. (I am boneswrites on ao3) bolded are my favorites!

1. Chasing The Stars: He never thought it would happen to him. Detective Leonard McCoy finds himself in a tight situation, stuck in a room with an impossible task. Meanwhile, his husband, writer Jim Kirk, has no idea what happened to him. Leonard’s team must fight against time to find him, and everything is not what it appears to be. (AU, mature rating)

2. Defy the Stars: Believing that his husband, Leonard McCoy, had died in a shuttle crash on his way to offer medical assistance to the people of a Federation planet under attack, Jim Kirk resigns from Starfleet, giving up his stripes and his ship, and heads home, to Iowa, alone and broken, with nothing but the overwhelming guilt alive inside him. Space nothing but his now haunted memories.Little does he know that he is in for the surprise of his life. (Canonverse, mature rating)

3. Sanctuary: The night before his birthday, and driven to his breaking point, Jim gets roughed up and returns to his shared dorm with Leonard, only to find it empty. Sick and tired of running to his best friend to fix him up, Jim takes things into his own hands and proceeds to make an even bigger mess of things. Leonard eventually gets him to speak and Jim can’t help but fall apart in the arms of the only person who ever cared about him, and Leonard puts him back together again. (Canonverse, general rating)

4. Medical, Confidential: Two years after he was revived, Jim stumbles onto footage of the process Leonard went through to bring him back. Shocked and caught off guard, without prior knowledge of what the doctor went through and what really happened to him, Jim confronts his best friend and once the truth comes out, the ball wouldn’t stop rolling. (Canonverse, general rating)

5. Pieces of a Puzzle: Helpless, Jim watches as the torpedo countdown goes down, threatening to bring his entire world crashing down with Leonard’s last words to him echoing on the bridge. What could have happened if Carol could not disarm the weapon, leaving Leonard alone in his last moments. Leonard is injured and Jim never leaves his side, giving the Captain time to think things through, make some calls to family and take life-altering decisions. (Canonverse, general rating)

6. Gateway to a Soul: It starts with Jim waking up Leonard in an unusual, yet welcomed way and things get heated. In the aftermath, and through a touch on skin, they are both led to reflect on their choice of lifestyle, which brings back painful memories, particularly for Jim; memories of a time when he nearly lost his man. (Canonverse, explicit rating)

7. drawing breath: A time when a personal agenda goes unnoticed by Jim Kirk and the Federation, resulting in the near loss of Leonard McCoy. This incident is referred to in “Gateway to a Soul” but this can also be read as a stand-alone. (Canonverse, general rating)

8. what’s gonna be left of the world if you’re not in it: Things you said with many miles between us: our son lost a tooth. Then Spock tells him: the Captain is listed as missing in action.And Jim has a crazy plan, which may or may not involve getting hurt. Leonard has never given up on Jim, he’s not about to start now. (Canonverse, general rating)

9. Accursed: Leonard has always been good at keeping secrets. Something that has to do with the doctor-patient confidentiality thing, he suspected. But when it came to how he felt towards Jim, it was more of a curse than a blessing. He suspected Jim knew how he felt about him, but he either didn’t feel the same way or simply didn’t care. Leonard may be an old soul but he certainly is no fool. And he did share a dorm with Jim at the Academy. ‘Monogamy’ was not among the young Captain’s vocabulary and that Leonard was sure of. There’s no way in hell he’ll be able to find out the truth….Until one day, he does. And of course, Jim Kirk has to get hurt and make it dramatic. (Canonverse, general rating)

10. Remembrance: Missing scene between the attack on Starfleet HQ and Spock contacting Jim telling him Scotty wants to see them, with a little fast-forward into the future after. Jim wanders around, disoriented and stumbles into Leonard. And Leonard comforts Jim and helps him deal with the loss, mourning together and Leonard manages to talk Jim off the cliff he so desperately wants to jump off. And together, they make some amends. (Canonverse, general rating)

11. Inbetween: Things you said under the stars and in the grass.Where the attack on Vulcan never happens. It’s the night before Jim and Leonard’s graduation and Leonard has decided to stay on Earth, accepting a job at Starfleet Medical. One thing leads to another, drawing both men to the place they so desperately want to be: together. (Canonverse, general rating)

12. Night Tremor: Jim wakes up in the middle of the night afraid of…well, himself and Leonard is left to put his broken pieces back together. Leonard stays strong for the both of them, but breaks apart inside. And somehow, through healing Jim, he heals himself as well. (Canonverse, general rating)

Bruised and Raw

-Takes place post Payback and Raw-

Finn’s intention had merely been to put Seth in his place, because the brat had known his intentions with the Beast. The aftermath had been welcomed, of course. He was never one to turn down a good match, even if Rollins and himself had been after an entirely different title. The idea of being able to match Ambrose was something that appealed to Finn. He loved watching the Lunatic, and could appreciate his humor. It was why he’d taken a bite of that damn donut backstage. He wanted to indulge in Ambrose’s weirdness. Mostly because Ambrose’s weirdness brought about a different kind of weirdness with Finn. Thoughts of Seth and Ambrose together. Their segment in the locker room had made Finn feel uncomfortable and he couldn’t quite explain why. The chemistry between them was amazing. Fuck, he would admit he could see why Seth appreciated Ambrose. Guy would appeal to anyone with a pulse.

The match was something he could tell would leave him high for days to come. The Universe spoke with chants of “this is awesome” and the contradicting yells of support for Seth and himself so early on in the match. Finn could tell it was something special.  He took some pretty serious blows, and Seth had botched a move on him that luckily hadn’t been too obvious, but fuck if it had hurt. And the Miz? He was a shithead but he was actually really fucking good at his job: making everyone else look awesome. Again, Finn had suffered a lot of bumps but it was the nature of the business. He’d just wished his fucking cock hadn’t taken a shot. He’d struggled to catch his breath for a good minute and was surprised he hadn’t vomited.

The match was coming to an end and with Seth out of the ring, thanks to Samoa Joe, the Miz had been in his sights. The next few minutes were a blur but he’d found himself in Bray Wyatt’s arms. Bray used his finisher on Finn, practically handing Miz the #1 contender spot. Finn wasn’t broken hearted, though he wanted to fight Dean, he truly just wanted HIS title back. Still, he was shaken for sure. He’d hurried through a shower, cringing at the sensitivity of his cock as he pulled on sweatpants and a shirt. He leaned with his face against the wall, hand cradling his crotch with a groan, “fockin’ hell.”