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We went to the Women’s March on Washington to ask our fellow marchers what they had to say to Donald Trump and what brought them into the streets today. Over the next couple of days we’ll be posting some of their stories. Here’s one woman who’s a first generation American who says she feels devastated to think that her parents would not be welcomed into our country today.

And now, museums are collecting their favorite women’s march signs from this historic moment.

I Lost Someone

My baby boy died yesterday. He had lung cancer. He was 10 years old.

I brought him home when he was just two weeks old because his mother stopped nursing him and his litter mates.

What we didn’t know at the time was that the rest of his litter (aside from one brother) would later be destroyed. When we found out, we started a shelter and re-homing program for neglected, unwanted, and abused dogs.

This one little pup inspired us to save 106 dogs over a 5 year period.

Like this one:

And this one:

He grew into a prince. A big, beautiful prince.

He welcomed the birth of our two boys. He moved with us across the country, then across an ocean.

He loved me unconditionally. He trusted me implicitly. We were a team. He was my shadow, my sidekick. My solace when times were hard, my motivation to be calmer, slower, more patient.

He taught me about joy.

He taught me how important it is to smile. How to live better in the moment.

He slept in my bed, then when the boys came, right beside my bed. He was unerringly careful, caring, and gentle.

He was my boy. And yesterday I repaid his sweetness and love and did something that hurt so badly, something that scarred, something only true love can do. I gave him peace and I broke my own heart.

Rest in light, my darling boy.

I’ll see you on the Rainbow Bridge.

scottish nationalist: i want independence because my country’s ideals, values, and politics are typically incompatible the proto-fascism of westminster. we want to scrap nuclear weapons, rebuild our decimated public services, remain part of the international community, strive towards inclusiveness and equality. we want to be able to welcome refugees and global citizens who come to our country, because they make us stronger. anyone can be scottish. we want our money and resources to stop funding an industrial war machine.

some clowncar: nationalism…is racism. you’re racist. probably a nazi. my job here is done.

anonymous asked:

yeh coz the president is completely out of line for suggesting a good guy with a gun would have stopped the terrorists educate yourself

I’ve been looking at this ask for about five minutes wondering if I should delete this or reply. I couldn’t actually remember saying anything about this, but apparently I did in reference to Trump’s shitty tweets about Sadiq Khan.  

First let me start off by saying just because we share the same language does not mean we share the same culture, views or ideals. We do not. Trust me, we do not. America is so dominated by its gun culture, that is not the same view as us. We don’t own guns, except for those few who own hunting guns and have strict rules and regulations. We don’t own guns. We don’t want to own guns. There was a massacre at a school in 1996 and from then on we’ve had extremely strict gun ownership laws. 

Our view? You want to talk about a good guy with a gun. We talk about bad guys with a gun. The reason why the terrorists in the London attack used a van and knives to murder 7 people and injure countless others is because they couldn’t get access to guns. Imagine the horror if they had access to guns. In an extremely busy part of London, 7 people, 7 souls, 7 hearts, would easily become 70. We are not risking that on the off chance there’s a good guy with a gun. To us, that idea is insane. To us, it’s abhorrent. We do not have discussions about gun laws in our country because it isn’t an issue for us. 

Do not assume to talk for us or our country. Do not assume we take on board the words of President Trump who didn’t wait five minutes for us to process the actions of three parasites on society. Who didn’t take into account that we are a country in mourning, that not a week ago there was another attack on innocent youngsters, before he launched his attack on our country. Before he assumed to talk for us. Before he attacked the mayor of a grieving city, who he took out of context. And I’m assuming the attack had nothing to do with what the mayor said but because Sadiq Khan is a) a Muslim and b) hoped Trump would lose badly during the election. Trump has no dignity or respect.  

Your president is not welcome in our country. When he comes he will be met with protests. 

If Americans aren’t prioritized, then who is?

Donald Trump’s ban restricts citizens from the following countries entering the United States: Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and Iraq.

What we have recently seen in 2016:

In Columbus, Ohio, a Somali refugee, who had previously lived in Pakistan for seven years, “attempted to run over his fellow Ohio State students on campus. After his car was stopped by a barrier, he got out of the vehicle and began hacking at people with a butcher knife” (dailywire.com).

In New York City and New Jersey, a man naturalized from Afghanistan decided to set off multiple bombs, which consequently resulted in the injury of thirty people.

In Minnesota, another Somali refugee began “hacking at people with a steak knife at a Minnesota mall” (dailywire.com).

How are these three instances of incredible violence related? All three instances of violence were motivated by radical Islam. All three men believed they were doing justice by their god. All three men referenced “Allah” before attempting to murder innocent civilians. And to top it off, all three men were born outside of the United States, and then graciously welcomed into our country with citizenship, education, and civil rights.

Please let me know how I, as an American citizen, am supposed to feel about this. Should I shrug it off? Claim it’s simply a matter of coincidence? Or should I be scared to death?

I am scared to death. I’m scared for my family, my friends, my peers. Flying, as a result of 9/11, to this day makes me anxious. I’m fearful going about my daily life will soon bring me to the same level of anxiety if these terrorist attacks are to continue.

We, the United States of America, have lived through enough tragedy. President Trump’s ban is not a ban on the Muslim religion. It is a temporary ban on the travel of citizens belonging to seven different countries in the Middle East. These seven countries do have very high Muslim populations. This being known, there are plenty of other countries with high Muslim populations that are still free to travel to and from the United States. These seven countries just happen to pose credible terrorist threats to our nation that need to be taken more seriously. 

People are fuming; there has been great distress, great anger. How could we possibly close our borders? Turn our backs on the foreign world? To those who ask these questions, I must then ask this. When President Obama was dropping bombs on five of the seven countries that are currently banned under President Trump’s executive order, where was your anguish? Where were your protests? Where was your voice? Where was your outcry to save the innocent civilians then? Dare I even say these innocent civilians wouldn’t need to seek refuge if it weren’t for President Obama’s previous actions?

The Middle East is a rather large place, with a rather large population of Muslims, and Christians, and Jews. Why must those who seek refuge from war and hardship travel halfway around the world to find peace? Are there no neighboring states to provide them solace? Are those who share their faith, their God too busy to lend a hand, a dollar, a share of kindness. The Middle East is composed of some of the richest countries in the world. Surely there can be a solution a little bit closer to home.

I support the ban. 

I support protecting my family, my friends, my peers, my fellow Red, White, and Blue Americans. I support protecting American lives first. I support an end to the terrorist attacks that have occurred all too often around the world in the past year. I support the fight to eradicate Radical Islamic terrorism.

I do not believe I am Islamaphobic, I do not believe I am racist, but I do believe I am a Patriotic American, who would love nothing more than to see our country flourish the way it has previously, and the way it always should: with an end to attacks, and an end to fear. Let’s put America first again

The Country Singer Ch1 (Trixya)

AN: okay so I’ve never written anything before so this is new territory for me. I’m hoping you all like it, I welcome any and all feedback. I’m from the UK so please forgive me if there’s words or phrases that sound odd, I probably haven’t noticed. I’m hoping to stretch this into a few chapters but I’m not good with setting deadlines for myself so we’ll see. Also the title is crap but I had no idea what to call it! Enjoy! 

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Even after all these dead, even after all this mourning and defiance, still we learn no lesson. We remain stuck in the John Lennon response to terrorism; they blow us up, we sing ‘Imagine’. There are no protests, there are no calls for change, instead we choose to paint pictures of solidarity bees, we take photos with Muslims holding candles as if that means anything, we bury our heads in the sand while our loved ones are buried in the ground. We are happy to ask the questions of “What would drive someone to do this?” but no one wants to pay attention to the answer, the answer is shot down, excuses are made and then we sob ‘how and why’ all over again the next time it happens.

Our politicians still refuse to accurately identify the source of the problem, they refuse to take action and our polite society remains silent, or more accurately, dumb. Britain gave asylum to the Libyan parents of Salman Abedi and their son repaid that generosity by killing 22 British people. We allow people with known terror links into the country with no questions asked, we allow people who have been flighting for the Islamic State, killing our soldiers and others, to be welcomed back into the country with no questions asked. We allow people, the large majority grown men, who have no identification and no paperwork and are coming from terrorist states to be welcomed into the country with no questions asked. We are told by our own politicians and leaders that if we don’t be nice to them, if we ask questions, if we don’t give them what they want, they will turn to terrorism and blow us up and then it will be our own fault. What kind of fucking illogical, surrendering bullshit is this? 

We need to think about this beyond the political correctness and do what our politicians refuse to, talk openly about Islamic extremism. Countries with the least Islam have no terrorism. Countries with the most Islam, whether it’s Africa, Asia, the Middle East or the countries of Europe who have imported it in the masses, they have the most terrorism. This isn’t a coincidence. It is no coincidence that terror and destruction follows Islam wherever it goes. What is happening today is what was happening 800 years ago, it’s all throughout the Quran and Hadith. Islam has not evolved. 

The rot isn’t just within Islam. Consider all of the British officials and others who shill and turn a blind eye under the payments of Islamic foreign states while they send over and pump their extreme versions of Islam into the country. 

Our enemies are serious about killing every one of us, they make it very clear what their intentions are, yet we dismiss it and pretend like it’s not true, even when we are reminded of it over and over, attack after attack. There are concerted efforts made each time to make us believe it was just a random, one-off unfortunate incident that has no source or ideology behind it. it’s about time we pay attention to Islamic terrorism, doing so doesn’t make them win as we are repeatedly told, by paying attention we can then take action to stop it. Anything less only continues to cost us our safety. 

The New Princess - chapter 1

Pairing: Dean x reader, modern prince!Dean AU

Summary: You look exactly like the princess of Genieve who is promised to marry the prince of your country, Prince Dean. But what happens if the princess doesn’t want to marry him and meets you, her look-a-like?

Words: 2200ish

Warnings: none

A/N: This is going to be my first series ever! I’m so excited for this one and finally: here’s the first chapter! Sorry that this isn’t the most interesting chapter but I need to set the scene a little before jumping into action. The part in italics is the same as the one in the teaser. Hope y’all enjoy! Feedback is very welcome and if you want to be tagged in future parts just let me know!

The New Princess Masterlist

Originally posted by unbrokenj2

Ruffling through your bed hair, clad in your pj’s, you descended the stairs step by step. Still a little groggy from just waking up, you reached the ground level of the house safely and made your way for the kitchen, your stomach rumbling at the mere thought of food. You rubbed the last remnants of sleep out of your eyes as you sat down at the breakfast table. You mumbled a morning towards your mother, grabbing a slice of bread and the jar of nutella. You spread a thick layer of the chocolate paste onto the bread and started eating your breakfast. Your mom kissed your cheek as you swallowed the first bite.

“Did you get a good sleep?” she asked, placing a glass of orange juice in front of you. You thanked her and nodded your head to answer her question. Taking another bite, you enjoyed the sweet taste of chocolate and washed it away with the orange juice. Your dull eyes settled on the little tv placed in a corner on the counter. With another mouthful, you started following the news that was airing at the moment.

“… landing today. We have footage off the princess exiting the plane and meeting a part of our royal family. King John and Queen Mary welcomed the princess to our country,” the female reporter announced as the screen changed to a plane landing and a little while later to a girl appearing at the exit door of the plane. She waved at the crowd before walking down the stairs and greeting the King and Queen. You looked at your plate, finishing the sandwich before making another one. As you were focusing on your breakfast the camera footage changed to the princess’ face for a while.

“Oh my! Princess Elizabeth grew up so much since I last saw here on tv,” your mom gasped.

“Princess who?” you mumbled as you glanced at your mother, a questioning look on your face.

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I met BTS personally again, but this time I felt hurt.

Okay. I honestly had to take a few days off after KCON Abu Dhabi and think about what happened behind this over again and again just so I can write it out without being fully clouded with emotions. I wanted to somehow bury it, but each time I see BTS on my feeds and each activity I see from them it stays in the back of my mind and I simply need to get this off my chest. Comparing what happened here from my last personal interaction I had with them, this is the exact opposite. Also, to those who are willing to read, please do not let this define BTS entirely as it is under my views, and also is under a specific circumstance/instance.

(Warning: LONG PERSONAL POST AHEAD, please do not ask me follow-up questions about this matter as I have written all that I sincerely felt before, during, and after. It is really long, and I have a way of writing things, so I also do not encourage reacting/reblogging mid-way while you still haven’t finished reading the text entirely. I would also like to sincerely request for this to be only kept within Tumblr, and not reposted anywhere else outside this site.)

On another note: BTS is very special and important to me in ways I can’t even make people understand. If you’re here to just stomp or trash or take these sincere feelings as a joke, please do NOT even bother reading.

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anonymous asked:

I know there are friendly muslims but will they really give in to the call of terrorism? Do we really have to expel all Muslims in our countries because of their religion? A lot of kids here in tumblr say we should blame ISIS & not Islam as a whole. Is #NotAllMuslims really true? Others are dismissive of such questions & just say "fuck Islam". I really do wanna know the objective truth.

Will friendly Muslims give into the call of terrorism? How else do you think terrorists are created? The translation of Islam is ‘submission.’ There are over 100 Jihadi verses in the Quran about war on non-believers and many more throughout the Hadith, they prove Muhammad was a bloodthirsty warlord hellbent on domination. It’s no wonder two thirds of British Muslims say they wouldn’t alert police if another Muslim joined ISIS, one in four British Muslims want British law replaced with Sharia law, one in four British Muslims say terrorism is justifiable, 100,000 British Muslims sympathize with suicide bombers, over thirty percent of British Muslims believe violence against anyone who mocks the Prophet is justified, half of British Muslims believe homosexuality should be illegal, forty percent believe wives should submit to their husband and five percent agree with stoning cheaters to death. These are moderate Muslims living in Britain. These are the ones telling us that it is Islamophobic to even talk about this and how afraid they are and what victims they are whenever Islam is mentioned in a non-agreeable way. Nobody is saying “all Muslims” but to deny there is no link between Islam and terrorism is the grossest lie we’ve possibly ever been exposed to. 

We have British mosques literally beating propaganda into Muslim children, teaching them “the disbelievers are the worst creatures,“ “they face torture in the afterlife if they adopt western customs” and to “never trust a person who has less than a fistful of beard.” British Islamic private schools are teaching pupils that British customs are anti-Muslim, intent on “poisoning the thinking and minds“ of Muslims and calls on their students to “expend even life to create a world organized according to Allah’s just order.” We have Muslims deliberately putting themselves into prison to radicalize and recruit other inmates and a review into Islamist extremism in the British justice system has found that “cultural sensitivity” towards Muslim prisoners is preventing staff “challenging unacceptable extremist behaviour and views”. We have 850 UK-linked individuals who have traveled to join ISIS in Syrian since 2014 and half of them have been welcomed back into the country and have faced no punishment or isolation from the rest of the population, the Manchester bomber is the perfect example of welcoming back terror suspects from terror-riddled Islamic countries, even his own mosque has come out to declare, “the attack was merely a response to the war against Islam.” 

We have police who have become too scared to investigate Muslim human trafficking and child rape rings in the UK, have become too afraid to make public the mass sexual violent attacks and the details of massacres committed by Muslims across Europe, they have even become afraid to report their fellow officers who express radical Muslim beliefs. Teachers are afraid to alert authorities when their Muslim students show warning signs of becoming radicalized. Prison guards are allowing Islamic extremist literature, they aren’t searching Muslim prisoners, they are told to leave the room when Muslim prisoners are gathered. Almost half of all British high-security prisons are Muslim prisoners despite making up just 5 percent of the British population. Ex-inmates have testified in court that British prisons are being run like “jihadi training camps.” 

This is why it’s getting us nowhere by saying not all Muslims because all it’s doing is stopping us from talking about and preventing the hundreds of thousands of examples of Islamic radicalization that’s going on right in front of us in the UK alone but is currently being ignored and dismissed because “not all Muslims” and because it’s Islamophobic to talk about anything that involves Islam or Muslims, regardless of how dangerous and truthful it is. Even moderate Muslims consider this blasphemy and do not allow it so instead of cutting hands off they instead play on liberal hearts and say it hurts them and it creates terrorism when we say anything negative about the facts of Islam or the Islamic radicalization so then we make laws against it and arrest people from their homes who talk negatively about Islam on social media. 

We don’t want every Muslim removed from the country, we know not every Muslim hold these views but tens of thousands do in the United Kingdom alone and we have to start talking about the consequences and how to at least limit them if we can’t stop them. We want strict policies implemented within our schools, policing, surveillance and investigation, our prisons and Islamic communities and immigration. If moderate Muslims really wanted nothing to do with terrorism, they too would support every measure required to stop and prevent more terrorism but they don’t support it, they call it Islamophobia. 

We want terrorism to stop being welcomed into our countries, we want calls for prevention and protection to stop being called racist and we want a no-nonsense approach to those who show signs of radicalization or those who are on the police terror-watch list and we want to remove the stigma of reporting and alerting authorities when we notice something suspicious. We have to stop making it so easy for terrorists. Every time we say, “we will not change and we will carry on like nothing happened” is only telling them to “try harder next time” and only inviting more and more attacks and I find it incredibly disgusting and disrespectful to the victims of these attacks, we are telling them that we will move on like nothing happened, we refuse to learn from their deaths and we refuse to enact changes to make us safer and prevent this from happening again. It makes me sick, to be honest with you. 

Let this be a lesson to us:

That next time you have the right to vote you take that goddamn right seriously. Vote on behalf of those who are too young or not yet citizens. Vote because your voice matters. Now, more than ever, we are seeing first-hand the devastations the wrong president can cause. Millions of people will be ripped apart from their families, thousands of people are going to die because they don’t have access to healthcare, marginalized races are no longer welcome in this country, we are destroying our environment and aren’t allowed to talk about it anymore…… the list goes on.

There’s only one thing the republicans are right about… they won the election because we didn’t care enough to go out and vote. So please, in 4 years when you’re given the opportunity to change history and impact the lives of millions… step into that booth and let your voice be heard.