welcome to night vale graphic


how to deal with a month-long hiatus: make logos, apparently

i spent many hours working on these so please do not repost, share on social media without crediting me, etc. 

also I’ve seen many people talking about wanting shirts/posters/stickers with these: unfortunately unless one of the night vale people sees these and decides they’d like to use them for official merch, that won’t be happening. if you do see anybody selling items with these designs, they are not mine and not official, please report that person and also let me know.

Welcome to Night Vale: ALL HAIL

mock poster for my advertising design class- the dates are real though

DISCLAIMER: the images used are in no way mine or am I passing them off as mine, they were taken from detailed Google searches


With permission from @davetheshady, I printed Love is All You Need as a physical book!

I’m pretty happy with how it came out, so here, have some photos! ♥♥♥

As a bonus, if anyone wants to print their own [with permission] - I’ve uploaded my cover design in CYMK, print-ready format here.

As a double bonus, have print-ready covers for Family, Fortitude, Fence-building, and Friendly Propaganda and Waiting for the Bus in the Rain, too. Enjoy!