Night Vale Theory

So….since Kevin hated scientists in his original Desert Bluffs….that means he didn’t have a Carlos as his partner. Therefore their REVOLUTION didn’t have a Carlos. Carlos was so important in ensuring that the armies of Night Vale got to where they needed to be and making sure the light didn’t enter Night Vale.
So….does this mean that without Carlos Night Vale would have lost?

And now for an updated list

Here’s what we now know about Kevin:

• He used to be (arguably very much) like Cecil

• Kevin and presumably Desert Bluffs fought to push StrexCorp out

• We know they lost and StrexCorp changed Kevin (and everything else in Desert Bluffs)

• The Post-Strex Kevin, the Kevin we the listeners know, is currently in the Other Desert. We know he is pretending that he is in Desert Bluffs

• Pre-Strex Kevin liked cats

• Post-Strex Kevin seems afraid or disgusted by cats

• Post-Stex-current Kevin was saddened by Carlos’ leave (and he may or may not still sad about it)

• Pre-Strex Kevin thinks scientists are “the worst” and up until being tossed through the Old Oak Door, Post-Strex Kevin saw the scientists as “ugly” (especially Carlos).

What we don’t know about Kevin:

• Why does he distrust scientists? Is StrexCorp a reason behind this?

• Why hasn’t the current Kevin tried to go home? You’d think he’d be wanting to leave the Dog Park and go back to the town & job he loves more than anything. He knows it’s possible to come & go whenever he wants because he has seen Carlos & Cecil do this.

• Could the current Kevin be starting to remember his past self now that he has been away from Strex’s influences for over a year?!

• Notice how Carlos still doesn’t have a confirmed DB counterpart, assuming he ever had one?

• If Carlos had/has a DB counterpart could they be the reason why Pre-Strex Kevin distrusts scientists and why the current Kevin seemed to be developing feelings for Carlos?

This has been: An Updated List

Can we talk about the weather though?

The city is war-torn
And nearly impassable
I act the lovelorn
Dramatically laughable

You said you’d come see me
Here underground
Now it’s closing night
You can’t be found

I go through the motions again and again
But you are not here to see them
I go through the emotions again and again
And this time I actually feel them

I play the heroine
I play to their sympathies
I say the sweetest things
To command their empathy

This is such a perfect reflection of Kevin. We know that he was rallying the people and he lead the fight against Strex. This is amazing because the lyrics give the idea that the ‘City’ (in this case Desert Bluffs) has already fallen. This is the perspective of Kevin searching for his friends, still fighting, struggling to stay strong and defend his town. Kevin was the Heroine, or Hero I suppose.

‘I say the sweetest things’

He is the Voice of Desert Bluffs and he will command their empathy with his voice.