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We hit 50 followers! Yay!

I say “we” because this last week has been amazing. so many people have sent me such encouraging and friendly messages, it’s really been a fantastic experience. So, in celebration of hitting a milestone and for how amazing the community has been to me, I’m going to have a contest!

Starting now and ending on Friday, November 26th, 2016, at 11:59 EST, I’m going to start putting together an image of the Royal Canterlot Winery bustling with customers. Those customers will be some of you!

All you need to do is reblog this post with a reference of the OC you’d like to see visiting the Royal Canterlot Winery, and I’ll add you to the picture! I’m not expecting too many entrees, but if something silly happens I’ll choose as many as I can handle with a random number generator. So it’s not really a “contest” per say, but I couldn’t think of a better word. New followers are, of course, also welcome to enter.

Thank you again for supporting this little blog, it means an awful lot to me and has given me the motivation I’ve needed to work harder on my art.

tldr; I hit 50 followers, thank you, reblog with a reference for a chance to have your character drawn in the winery!

one thing i really like about erik karlsson having tumblr is it’s finally a way young female fans can feel like they are interacting with a player in a positive way without fear of judgment or mockery from male fans (like if you tweet a player a “good game!” or ask a question and randoms will sometimes start shit with you). like even when people ask silly or seemingly trivial things, or ask for advice or a good luck wish…it’s just nice this largely female corner of hockey tumblr has a safe space since we’re so rarely welcomed elsewhere.

so good on him, hopefully he can be an advocate for female fans.