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Madness Fics -

So I put these in a series - though they DON’T go together — Just easier with it. 

Madness Series

I have another one I plan to do - these are just one shots as my mind can ONLY think of this right now! 

but here in a few hours, Ill get a third added to this little collection… then I really need to go work on my Peep fics… as much as I wanna sit and continue to write diff version of Madness. lol!

Stop telling me to make friends with Trump supporters. Stop telling me that this is the equivalent of surrounding myself with differing points of view. 

I have friends who are black, Muslim, transgender, gay, first or second generation immigrants, sexual assault survivors and more. 

They are my friends. I love them with all my heart. I assure you I am surrounded by differing points of view.

Stop telling me that I need to spend time with people who  actively voted to make this world less welcoming, less safe and indeed hateful towards my friends.

Just stop.

The world right now is NOT divided by “politics.” This is a ridiculously ignorant and narrow minded view of current affairs.  The world right now is divided between those who give a shit about people who are not just like them, and those who do not. 

I do not have time in my days for the latter.

Trump supporters have actively hurt my friends. Trump supporters are actively causing them suffering. I do not disagree with Trump supporters on “policy” or “partisan” issues. I disagree with Trump supporters on whether my friends are worthy human beings. I disagree with Trump supporters on whether my friends should be second class citizens. I disagree with Trump supporters about whether this world and this country belong equally to my friends as it does to them.

Stop telling me to make friends with Trump supporters. 

They are no friends of mine.

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #44
  • *after some really good sex*
  • Dan: God, that was amazing
  • Phil: I guess you could say that was wonderPHIL

anonymous asked:

Hey, if you're not too busy, i was wondering what podcasts you listen to/would recommend? I started listening to the bright sessions and Mabel after seeing you reblog/post about them and i seem to have such trouble finding new ones to listen to. Thanks!


Also, I listen to a HUGE number and I have been meaning to make a list.

so OK, here we go! /Mario 

http://mabelpodcast.com is amazing, it’s an eerie story about a woman trying to get in touch with the estranged granddaughter of the woman she takes care of as a live-in nurse. There’s ghosts, or faeries, or something else eerie.

http://thebrightsessions.com is a sweet, light podcast about a bunch of kids (high school and college age) who have superpowers and go to therapy. There’s a thriller element, lots of queer rep, and tons of in-world documents/blogs/etc created.

http://www.kingfallsam.com/ is about the radio hosts of the overnight call-in show in King Falls, a town where the weird happens.  Reminds me of Eerie, Indiana, if you ever saw that show.

http://withinthewires.com is by the Welcome to Night Vale people and it’s a creepy horror story about an oppressive regime and women escaping from it, and sisters and love and memory and identity.

https://arsparadoxica.com/ is a cold-war-style spy show about time travel and accidental history and science and people who are broken in interesting ways.

http://www.albasalix.com/ is a silly fairy-tale comedy that reminds me in all the best ways of a great sitcom. It’s about the grumpy Royal Physician to the King in a fantasy land and the idiots that plague her.

http://woodenovercoats.com/ reminds me instead of the great old British comedies like Fawlty Towers and Are You Being Served? It’s about a struggling funeral home on a tiny island and is lightly surreal. (It’s narrated by a mouse, for starters).

http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/panoply/the-message The Message and Life After are each one-season shows on this same stream. The Message is about a dangerous sound/music being studied; lif-e.af/ter is about people who live on via their social media profiles after death.

http://iriscasefiles.tumblr.com only has two eps, but it’s a cool adventure-y mystery in outerspace about a biologist and, I think, a revolution.

http://www.wolf359.fm/ is incredible, it’s about a small crew on a deep-space science mission that quickly goes bad – but it’s funny and charming and full of found family.

http://www.thepenumbrapodcast.com/ is a genre-bending semi-noir podcast about a grand hotel just this side of nowhere and the people that inhabit it.

http://thebridgepod.com is a tale of the transcontinental bridge, a once-grand project that has fallen to ruin, the mystery of what happened to those who once lived there, and deep-sea monsters and the eco-terrorists who love'em.

http://pleasuretownshow.com/ is about a turn of the century town in Oklahoma that was once envisioned as a hedonistic utopia but quickly fell to the vaguarities of man.

http://thrillingadventurehour.com/ now rarely updated, but with tons of back episodes – an old-school radio play type show.  The two stories that anchor it are Sparks Nevada, Marshall on Mars (space cowboys!) and Beyond Belief (glamorous NYC couple drinks, encounters the supernatural, amuses themselves by resolving problems) but there are quite a few serial shows.

http://www.eos10.com/ is about a couple of doctors on a space station that serves as an intergalactic travel hub, and is silly and ridiculous and worth it.

https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-elysium-project/id955156631?mt=2 is about folks who were experimented on and given strange powers, and have now escaped from the people who had them captive.  Really interesting take on how the powers work, IMO, and definitely scary sometimes.

http://rustyquill.com/the-magnus-archives/ is a weekly reading from, well, The Magnus Archives, a collection of eerie, horror-tastic documents in possession of a group that specializes in studying the weird.

http://www.archive81.com/ is also about both the library and librarian of a weird collection.  I stopped listening at the beginning of season 2 because of some pretty explicitly on-tape torture, but before that it was good.

https://www.lessergodspodcast.com/ is about the Final Five – the last generation of humans after a reproductive apocalypse.  They live in decadent fame as the world ends and people desperately try to create more people.  I wish this was fully acted rather than read in-perspective, I have a hard time keeping characters apart sometimes, but it’s good stuff in terms of world-building.

https://greaterbostonshow.com/ reminds me of a slightly more serious Douglas Adams, it’s a slightly surreal show about people in Boston and…weirdness.

http://www.returnhomepodcast.com/ is about an ordinary guy who returns home to find his dad has forgotten him, his mother is missing, and the Society of Shadows needs him.  The writing starts out pretty cliche but it gets better as the show goes on.

http://www.ourfaircity.com/ is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi… I’m not sure what to call it.  It’s not a comedy, but it is weirdly funny.  It’s not horror, but it can be horrific.  I have audio processing issues and this one gives me trouble, but when I can puzzle it through it’s usually worth it.

http://www.limetownstories.com/ is so so so good and I so hope for another season – a decade ago a scientific collective/town disappeared completely, to a person.  A reporter related to one of them investigates what could happen.  Heart-poundingly scary in all the best ways.

http://pnwstories.com/ has The Black Tapes, Tanis, and Rabbits, all presented as very ordinary NPR-style podcasts about weird and mysterious things – a collection of supernatural events that a scientist is studying, a place/state of mind/eerie thing called Tanis, and an ARG/real-world game.  I like’em well enough but they lean on the same tropes, so pick one and stick with it IMO.

http://www.lorepodcast.com/ is more folklore than fiction, but it’s good storytelling about mysterious and creepy and lovely things, so I think it belongs here.

On my yet-to-be-listened-to list:



I… think that’s everything fictional/storytelling that I’ve got right now.  

rick and morty: the rickshank redemption
         sentence starters

spoilers ahead if you have yet to watch this episode! i also kept in a bunch of quotes about the damn szechuan sauce just to make myself laugh.

‘  anyway, that’s how i escaped from space prison.  ’
‘  i just got my sixth promotion this week and i still don’t know what i do!  ’
‘  it’s great to have you back no matter where we are, but wouldn’t you like to go home?  ’
‘  get out of the booth, take all your clothes off, and fold yourself twelve times.  ’
‘  you cheap insect fucks didn’t think i was worth your best equipment?  ’
‘  relaxed, enough?  ’
‘  he is the smartest man in the universe.  ’
‘  well, when you’re not sure what you do for a living, you can make your own rules.  ’
‘  you’ve hardly touched your pills.  ’
‘  stop saying his name. he abandoned us!  ’
‘  horses live longer than tortoises now. is that what you want?  ’
‘  maybe i just want you to care if i run away yelling!  ’
‘  admit it, you’re going crazy cooped up in here.  ’
‘  yeah well, tough titties.  ’
‘  that depends on who breaks first: me or the titty.  ’
‘  if we stay here we’ll die along with all your memories.  ’
‘  oh, that sounds cool. i can get what i want and you can say goodbye.  ’
‘  fine, but i’m driving.  ’
‘  hey, i like being 35. i can rent a car now.  ’
‘  they weaponized the eiffel tower!  ’
‘  no one’s special to him. not even himself.  ’
‘  i’m not right! i was using ghoulish overkill.  ’
‘  we’re going to the day it all began… and ended. the moment that changed everything.  ’
‘  i’d like to get a 10 piece mcnugget and a bunch of the szechuan sauce. like as much as you’re allowed to give me.  ’
‘  in 1998 they had this promotion for the disney film mulan where they created a new sauce for the nuggets called szechuan sauce and it’s DELICIOUS.  ’
‘  wow, this sauce is fucking amazing! you said it was promoting a movie?  ’
‘  i used to wear blue pants.  ’
‘  well, well, well if it isn’t us.  ’
‘  nobody has to know about that. we can put it right back and pretend we never saw it.  ’
‘  i’ll make it up as i go.  ’
‘  oh my god… i have that exact same top!  ’
‘  that’s my sister. this used to be my home.  ’
‘  imagine doing anything you want and hopping to a timeline where you never did it.  ’
‘  excuse me? we don’t pass on this. who do you think you are?  ’
‘  i heard sci-fi noises. did you make a breakthrough?  ’
‘  i only wanted to stop by here for a quick ‘i told you so.’  ’
‘  why would you do that? what is the matter with you people?  ’
‘  i’ve got it… i’ve fucking got it!!!  ’
‘  awesome possum!  ’
‘  yeah, that’s the three lines of math that separates my life as a man from my life as an unfeeling ghost.  ’
‘  you can alter anything you want about a totally fabricated origin story.  ’
‘  lovely. not only is my plan screwed up, i also forgot how to improvise!  ’
‘  he’s a spy, blow him up.  ’
‘  i’m gonna go take a shit.  ’
‘  he’s not a lawyer. we just keep him here because he’s fun.  ’
‘  i say: fuck you.  ’
‘  you killed him because you were jealous of him. that’s pretty obvious.  ’
‘  what? no! i don’t want to see your pog collection.  ’
‘  let’s not suck the ghost of his dick too hard.  ’
‘  he’s not a villain, but he shouldn’t be your hero. he’s more like a demon or… a super fucked up god.  ’
‘  i know you’re too stupid to get this, but you’re really fucking this up right now.  ’
‘  i wasn’t going to let her die, you fucking moron!  ’
‘  you’re a serious fucking idiot. you basically killed us all!  ’
‘  who’s stupid now, bitch?  ’
‘  i’m almost proud.  ’
‘  look, i’m not proud to share this, but the truth is i just kept crawling and it kept working.  ’
‘  guess who dismantled the government?  ’
‘  please don’t leave me again.  ’
‘  is there any light beer left? it’s insane what you miss in prison.  ’
‘  no, you’re right. where’s the vodka?  ’
‘  i’m sorry to hear that, sweetie. i hope i had nothing to do with that.  ’
‘  i better tend to him before he changes his mind and doesn’t move out.  ’
‘  but never him. you wanna know why? because he crossed me. ’
‘  take it easy – that’s dark!  ’
‘  welcome to the darkest year of our adventures!  ’
‘  if you tell them i said any of this, i’ll deny it and they’ll take my side because i’m a hero and now you’re gonna have to go do whatever i say – forever!  ’
‘  and i’ll go out and i’ll find more of that mulan szechuan teriyaki dipping sauce because that’s what this is all about – that’s my one-armed man.  ’
‘  i’m not driven by avenging my dead family, that was fake.  ’
‘  i’m driven by finding that mcnugget sauce. i want that mulan mcnugget sauce! ’
‘  that’s my series arc. if it takes nine seasons!  ’
‘  i want my mcnugget dipping sauce. szechuan sauce!  ’
‘  that’s what’s gonna take us all the way to the end!  ’
‘  what are you talking about?  ’
‘  nine more seasons. nine more seasons until i get that dipping szechuan sauce or 97 more years!  ’
‘  fine. fuck it. who cares?  ’

Love is... a concerto in A Major - K622

By: @thegirlfromoverthepond

My deepest thanks to @titaniasfics for her help in betaing this story :) thank you so much, lady :)

the awesome art is done by the so gifted @akai-echo.

She comes every Friday afternoon, taking the girl with curly hair to her flute lesson.

Every Friday I watch as she passes before the windows of my class, talking to her daughter, laughing.

One day in September, I heard her laughter through the now-open windows, and I swear, i’ve never heard music so pure.

I know it’s pitiful. I know that i shouldn’t be completely infatuated with the mother of one of the kids we teach to, but I can’t help it.

Her husband is the luckiest man alive.

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What kind of blogger would the Fates characters be?

Xander: Posts motivational images and Nohrian propaganda. Doesn’t like the topic of parental abuse. Gets into fierce debates with Ryoma but is still mutuals with him.

Ryoma: Also motivational images, but his blog would be Hoshido-themed. Pictures of lobsters tagged as “#me”.  Gets into fierce debates with Xander but is still mutuals with him.

Laslow: A joke blog dedicated to pickup lines, with the occasional genuine positivity. Little do people know, the pickup lines are serious.

Saizo: His blog is themed entirely about how cool ninjas are. Most likely to send anon hate.

Kaze: Traditional art and cooking tips. Posts about Luigi every now and then. Least likely to send anon hate.

Effie: Would post bodybuilding images, muscular girls, nutritional tips, and comics about friendship. Likes to talk about how nice it is to work for your best friend.

Arthur: Superhero/ comic book stuff. Most likely to try comforting mutuals and strangers alike when they receive hate. He isn’t the best at it but his heart’s in the right place.

Peri: Would post gore, then cute pastel things, then gory cute pastel things. 

Odin: Dank memes, rare pepes. Unironically uses “Welcome to my twisted mind” as a blog title. Most likely to have a Vendorverse alt.

Niles: NSFW blog and innuendo-based humor.

Subaki: Self-flattery, not too liked. However, his inspiration/self-improvement posts are enjoyed by many.

Oboro: Would run a fashion-themed blog and offer advice to anyone who submits a picture of themselves/their outfit. Can sound prejudiced at times, but has learned to slowly lose that trait and be more accepting.

A Nice Sight

Originally posted by black-angel-manips

Pairing: Reader x Elijah Mikaelson

By: Nanuri

The sand of the beach was of a prefect cream color. It got darker as it neared the water. Where the light waves touched the sand, it was a pretty dark shade. The shells and stones were colorful points. You had always liked to pick some of them up and inspect them. The awesomely warm water was turquoise and you could sit in it like forever and never freeze. It was the perfect Caribbean dream.

But the best part in it was, that you weren’t alone.

Elijah’s strong back muscles flexed when he swam. His arms parted the water. You imagined how these arms felt like when he wrapped them around you and his gentle hands touching your skin.

You lay on your sun bed and had a book in your hand but you definitely were distracted by your boyfriends sight. Never had you thought that watching someone swim could be arousing. But with Elijah everything was possible.

It has been a year since you started your affair. Both you knew that it wasn’t an affair anymore, it had become something more. But none of you spoke those magical three words. You weren’t bothered by it, because you just wanted to enjoy his company, however long it takes.

How you met was oddly normal. The two of you hadn’t had a history going deep back in time. You were a vampire for a couple of centuries now and you lived quite normally for that. Until you moved to New Orleans and met the noble Original. Of course you sometimes got sucked in into his family business but for most of the time you tried to stay out of his business. That was something Elijah admired about you. You meant normality for him. A hideout from all the torment that followed him the whole day.

You were overwhelmed with joy when he told you that he needed some days off, that he wanted to be far away for some time. Of course it had its perks that he owned a Bahamas island. They were alone, aside from some house personnel that came early in the morning and left in the afternoon. You could see how he started to relax here, how it took his mind off all the cruelty back home. You definitely had to do things like this more often. Maybe Paris next time…

When he stepped out of the water that beautifully shone in the sunlight, you were ripped out of your thoughts. Your eyes roamed his body, you inspected his perfectly build chest intensity before letting your gaze wander downwards. There was quite too much clothing covering him, you noted, even though he just wore swimming trunks.

He grinned in amusement when he noticed you staring at him. When he reached you, he leaned down and hovered over you, his arms propping next to your head.

“Do you like what you see?”

His voice was a rough whisper, but you broke his seriousness with crossing your arms in front of your chest and playing shocked.

“Actually, you’re blocking the sun out. So no, I don’t like what I see.”

He chuckled and placed a kiss on your cheek.

“Why do you bother? You can’t get tanned.”

“But I like the feeling of the sun on my skin.”

Checking he looked around, to see if someone was watching us. That was quite a habit of him. Then he leaned down again and kissed her passionately.

“I bet you like the feeling of my skin on your better.”

You laughed when he began to kiss your neck playfully, he even placed small bites. It was simply perfect the way it was now. You two were so happy, none of you wanted to go back into reality.


He made you open your eyes again and you directly met his. The seriousness was gone, but what you could see was pure love.

“Thank you. Thank you for helping me getting my mind off everything.”

It made you smile widely. You cupped his cheeks with your hands and kissed him again.

“You’re welcome. I just hope this could never end.”

“Me too. And maybe there will be a time in future where it won’t have to end.”

You knew that it was his way of telling you that he wanted to have a future with you and it made you happier than anything else could. Right now you were sure that you could spend eternity with him. And maybe your wish could be fulfilled.

Malice // Hoseok

Drabble game request: Hoseok + The Neighbourhood - #icanteven | for anon

Character / Genre: Jung Hoseok x reader | smut, angst | 2,550 words

I can’t even, I can’t even believe what you did to me

You can’t even, you can’t even say I’m overreacting

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REQUESTED - Familiarity (1/2)

Request: So, i don’t know if u take requests, but, i would like to make one. I saw u liked some Peter Parker X Reader stuff ( I’m not a stalker, I SWEAR) and i was wondering if u would do a one-shot or something like that about the reader being Peter’s classrommate but for some reason being called to the avengers, and he is there in his suit and he keep seeing her in the school wondering why she was there? pls? - Anon

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Word Count: 2,174

Warning: None, just cursing (Tell me something new)

(A/N): I’M HAPPY BECAUSE THIS IS MY FIRST REQUEST AND AAAAAAAAAAAAA <3 (Btw, It took me a long time to choose ONE gif, I’ve been looking gifs for a looooooong time by now.)

Part2 | Masterlist

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

“Peter Parker is staring at you again.” My friend said under her breath, making me raise my eyes to where I knew the boy were before she even finished her sentence, and as if he heard her and saw me catching him staring, his gaze turned to the book in front of him. I chuckled at his red ears, and that seemed to make him even more embarrassed.

“He’s cute.” That time, I was the one staring. Not that I haven’t done it before, Peter just had this thing hidden under his soft, cute and “harmless” surface that always made my detective side itch.

“And you are totally calling him to a date.” She said, smiling at my arched brown “I know you have a crush on him; I’ve seen you looking at him before, Y/N. Don’t even try to lie.” I giggled and shrugged my shoulders, hearing her huff “If you don’t go there and call him, I will for you. However, I’ll make it from right here. You know how my voice is powerful.” She just winked at me with a smirk, fuck.

“I hate you.” I groaned while getting up and taking a breath before walking to where he was sitting, he had earphones but that didn’t stop him to look at me surprised when I sited in front of him, trying to give my best smile. He took his earphones slowly looking around to see if there was someone else before looking back at me “Hey, you’re Peter Parker, right?” Of course he was Peter Parker! Fuck, the teachers knew his name just because he was always late!

“Huh, y-yeah…”


“Y/N… I know you.” I laughed at his embarrassed face, and took a time to study him from close. He had muscles, even though they were hidden under coats of shirts and of a hoodie.

“So, I thought you were really cute and I know you are fan of the same things as me, so I was thinking, would you like to go out with me to the arcade on the center of the city?” He almost choked with my boldness, but please, I ain’t got time to be playing a shy ‘let’s be friends’ girl.

“I-I w-would l-love it! W-when?” I smiled from ear to ear and took his notebook from the table and a pen to write my number

“Today at seven?” He nodded like crazy with his head and that made me smile more before sliding the book back to him and say in my most ‘I’m sexy’ voice “I’ll be waiting for you, Peter.”

I heard him gasp in surprise while I got back to my table, finally feeling my cheeks blush when seeing my best friend laughing like crazy, curled on the books, almost sobbing

“I-I love you, Y/N. You are my spirit animal!” I just chuckled, going back to my studies, proud of myself to be able to call the boy I liked on a date without squeaking, even though I was an agent, I was still a human with awkwardness.

I had to run to my apartment, for the first time happy to live alone so I didn’t have to explain nothing to no one. I smiled at my on reflection; it was still me. Comfortable, pretty and with analytical eyes.

When I opened my door, ready to run to catch a bus, I stumbled into a massive chest. Jesus Christ, that man was a fucking wall!

I looked up at the both man, frowning my brows and locking my jaw. They were familiar, but I didn’t know them.

“Excuse me, are you Y/N?” The one I had hit asked, blushing slightly at my angry gaze. I studied him more, strong, blonde, and a little shy.

“Captain America.” I said, crossing my arms and checking the other man, it didn’t took me long to recognize him. “Tony Stark, A.K.A Iron Man. What do you want?” The Captain glanced surprised at the Stark

“Do you mind if we came in?” He asked and I looked at the time, I had half an hour to be there

“Actually, I do. Look, I would be pleasantly happy to welcome two heroes at my home at any day. But I have a date with a boy I’ve liked for a while, and I’ll be late if I don’t go right fucking now.” I said, making Tony Stark lower his glasses and smirk slightly. Oh, for fuck’s sake, is night. Why is he wearing sun glasses?

“We want your help.” He finally said, making me frown my brows

“Three minutes, and here, in the hallway. By the smell, my neighbors are too high to understand anything.”

“Look, I’m not sure if-”

“Two minutes and forty seconds.” I crossed my arms, seeing Stark giggle

“I like her. We want you to be part of the new Avenger’s intelligence. Natasha Romanoff heard of you from S.H.I.E.L.D, they got an eye on you. But well, we are quicker.” My jaw almost fell to the ground. Ok, one thing was being an ‘agent’ slash ‘hacker’, other was being An Agent. “But, we need you right now.” A groan came out of my mouth, I didn’t want to turn Peter down! Especially because I was stupid and didn’t ask his number, so if I called him by the number I got, it would be weird!

“Fine, but I have to set a new fucking date with Peter.” I mumbled while searching my phone in my bag, Stark and Captain America glanced at each other in surprise.

“Language.” Steve whispered and I smirked

“Fucking language, I know. My grandmother would always scream that I fucking cursed too much, but she would curse in between phrases- Oh, hey, Peter!” I smiled at myself when my phone ringed right when I was ready to call him

Huh, Hey, Y/N… So… Huh, S-something happened and… huh, I can’t go… Sorry.” He mumbled looking nervous, I sighed, trying to look disappointed “I’m really sorry

“It’s okay… Huh… I guess I’ll have to… Hm, I don’t know.” I smiled at my own sad impression, tilting my head to give a challenging glare at The Captain, which looked surprised at me “Huh, another time, then?” I could even hear him slapping himself and screaming at something to muff his words.

I would like that. Sorry again.” I just turned the phone down, trying to sell better my “hurt and disappointed”, smiling at both man and crossing my arms again

“Okay, we can go now.” Stark just laughed as if he had won the lottery while the Captain smiled slightly at me and pointed at the corridor, asking without words for me to get out.

The whole trip on Starks car he would been giggling and smiling, while Steve Rogers - I found his name when he pulled his wallet to see something. Well, I got quick eyes. -, was staring at me and blushing when I smirked at him

“Soo, what is so bad that made the two Avengers go knock personally at my door?” I asked, trying to extract something of them before getting there

“It is a security failure on the government and we know you are a good hacker and… ‘Detective’. So, we want your help” The Stark said ironically, making me arch my brow

“Are you mocking my abilities? You know I can read you now and hack your precious high tec car, right?”

“Sweetie, I’m a well-trained man and that build the intelligence of this car to be-”

Tony Stark is currently single, he is a playboy, he has trust issues, haven’t slept in four days, he likes to eat donuts hidden from everyone in his lab, he wears his iron suit to try to make up the fact that he is a selfish, old man that uses sunglasses at night even though, he looks stupid doing it.” The robotic female voice of his car said, I looked up from my phone with a small grin on my face.

He narrowed his eyes at me while Rogers looked out of the window to try to hide his smile, and by his locked abdomen, I knew he wanted to laugh.

“You know, I really liked you.” I laughed and shrugged my shoulders

“Don’t worry, as long as you don’t doubt me, I’ll be good.” He tried to control his smile, but well, sassy people get along. “By the way, what will I gain with this?”

“Isn’t making good with your abilities and acknowledgment, enough payment?” Rogers said for the first time, making me arch one eyebrow at him

“Can I eat acknowledgment? Can I pay the bills with acknowledgment? I don’t fucking think so.” Stark laughed at my sentence

“She has a point. But, let’s just say your payment will good enough for you to go to a good college.”

“I won’t have to pay for it, I’ll enter with a scholarship.” I mumbled after a few moments, not being able to maintain silence

“Congratulations, you must have earned it.” Rogers said and I blushed slightly with that, I wasn’t used to people congratulating me for this kind of things. “You leave alone?”

“Yes.” I didn’t answer anything than that, it wasn’t something I liked to come up with.

When we finally got to the Avengers tower, I took every way I could run if they were trying to catch me. Well, people are weird, who knows, right? Caution is never too much.

I was welcomed with all the Avengers in the room, fuck they were tall!

“Everyone, this is Y/N, she’ll be helping us with our problem.” I studied everyone, Natasha Romanoff was the one that actually caught my attention, because she had something in her posture that made her stand out.

“I’m late, sorry!” A muffed voice was heard and everyone turned their gaze at Spiderman, he was still in his suit and stopped when saw me. Jeez, I know I am pretty, but don’t have to stare so much.

“Spider boy.” Stark smirked, making me look more into the boy, familiarity.

I controlled a smile when noticing something very interesting.

“So, what exactly you guys need my help with? Even though the boy I have a crush on was the one who turned down on me, I’m still not cool with being brought here just to stand and stare at heroes.” Spiderman gasped, making me control even more the laugh that wanted to explode.

“It’s the codes, someone is breaking them and releasing secret missions and… Other things, to the outside.” Natasha was the one to say it, I have to admit it. Being close to my favorite Avenger made me want to freak the fuck out.

“Is there a laptop or something like that?” She pointed with her head to the Kitchen’s counter, there was a silver laptop on it.

“Hey kiddo, Natasha tried before, don’t feel disappointed if you can’t, kay’?” One of them said, Sam Wilson, had been military.

“Okay.” I mumbled and started to work

“This might take some time, so, do you want us to call someone to warn that you won’t appear?” Captain America said, crossing his arms while I denied with my head, still focused on fixing the problem.

“Nah. And this tactic to make me say what you want, won’t work.” I heard a female laugh that I deduced to be Natasha’s.

“I like her.” I heard her say, I worked for a few more moments, with all the avengers watching me closely.

“Can I have some water, please?” I asked, hoping that it would make at least one of them get out of my back. That was making me nervous, shit.

“Spider, you heard the girl.” The Stark said and I rolled my eyes, the only one that was away, that stupid billionaire brought him close. I thanked when a cup was settled next to my hand

“Done.” I said tapping the last time before finally reaching to the cup of water.

“What? Already?” Someone said, I looked up from my shoulder, seeing that The Winter Soldier was the one to say it. “Natasha took hours and she failed.”

“Mind if I take a look?” She said, still surprised while I denied with my head, turning on the seat to face the others still drinking my water.

“So, how do I go back?” I asked, walking around the living room and receiving chocked gazes

“She did it.” Romanoff said “She even found the IP adress of the ones who broke it… How?”

“It wasn’t hard, actually. But the explanation would take longer than the actual deed.”

“I’ll take you home.” Stark mumbled, still surprised. I smiled at everyone

“You know I could have done that from home, right?” He laughed cheerfully while coming close to me, ready to lead me to the elevator again.

“Y/N, you just saved our asses so good! Thank you!” Sam Wilson said and I just waved with my hand

“It was nothing. Well, see you guys when you need me again. Less you, Peter. See you at school!” I smirked at a chocking Spiderman and followed Tony Stark, he was laughing loudly.

“I definitely like you.”

Funny quotes from Vanoss's new hide and seek video!

“One of the boys had diarrhea today”- Terroriser

“I’m sorry what is this that you’re playing right now?? A very adult type of game?”- Vanoss

“Dumb minds think alike!”- Vanoss

“Welcome to my lair”- Mini Ladd

“Marcel, smack me!” Moo Snuckel

“You’ll never find out!”- Marcel

“Punched me in the uhhhh”- Nogla

“FUCK YOUUUUU!!!!”- Vanoss

“RUN AWAAAAAY!!”- Mini Ladd

“Welcome back to my lair”- Mini Ladd

“NO YOU CUNT FLAP!”- Mini Ladd

“Excuse me, where’s the cunt flap section?”- Terroriser

Here’s the link as always!!!

Link: https://youtu.be/d7e0tSVRcPs

Love you guys!!!! Peace ✌🏻️✌🏻️

Let Your Heart Decide (Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader)

A/N: Now that the semester is officially done, I’ve had time to sleep for more than 2 hours every night and of course I’ve dedicated it to fic writing! So here’s a Prince!Lin fic whose concept was inspired by Aladdin (but of course strays quite a bit from the actual movie). I hope ya’ll have as much fun reading it as I did writing it!

Word Count: 8,166 (longest fic yet aayyy)




One of the smaller kingdoms in the land, it was what you considered a hidden gem. The agriculture flourished. Nature was at its most thriving in this kingdom. Closer to the centre of the kingdom where the palace was situated, you could find the tallest, leafiest trees surrounded by shrubbery, and flowers of the most vibrant colours ever imagined. Plant life was the most diverse here, creating a mosaic of wildlife. The marketplaces and all other architecture were built around this, oftentimes even incorporating the plants into the structure.

As you walked closer to the edges of the kingdom, the eccentric green plants gave way to vast fields and farms, the largest of which were on what you had affectionately nicknamed, “The Outer Rim”. The outskirts of the kingdom. This is the part of the kingdom that you called home.

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I want to die. what’s the point in pretending I don’t ? who benefits by me acting like I want to be here? because I don’t want to be here. I want to drop dead. in fact. if someone were to break into my house right now threatening to shoot, I would probably be smiling. I would stand there with my arms wide open. waiting for it all to finish. waiting for my heart to stop. the blood to run. and my body to turn cold. because then. the pain will be nonexistent. and no one will exist. to me at least. no more anything. NO MORE. I WANT IT NO MORE. SO BLAST MY BRAINS OUT I DONT MIND. I WELCOME YOUR BULLET WITH A SMILE.
—  my head

Even the sun goes down
Heroes eventually die
Horoscopes often lie
And sometimes “y”
Nothin’ is for sure
Nothin’ is for certain
Nothin’ lasts forever
But until they close the curtain
It’s him & I

The name is Big Boi Daddy Fat Sax
the nigga that like them Cadillacs
I stay down with these streets
‘cause these streets is where my folks at
Better know that some say we pro-black boy we professional
we missed a lot of church so the music is our confessional
Get off the testicles & the nut sacks
you bust a rhyme we bust back
Get get back for real niggas that’s out here tryin’ to spit facts
You hear dat can’t come near dat maybe you need to quit
because Aquemini is Aquarius & Gemini runnin’ shit like this
Yea yea yea yea

My mind warps and bends floats the wind count to ten
meet the twin Andre Ben. welcome to the lion’s den
original skin many men comprehend
I extend myself so you go out & tell a friend
Sin all depends on what you believing in
Faith is what you make it that’s the hardest shit since MC Ren
Alien can blend right on in wit’ yo’ kin
look again ‘cause I swear I spot one every now & then
It’s happenin’ again wish I could tell you when
Andre this is Andre y’all just gon’ have to make amends

I can't breath.

Hello, love bugs!!
Warnings - fluff l, swears.
Dan x Reader

Hi! I’m sick rn and was wondering if you could do a “Dan taking care of you when you’re sick”?-anonymous.

I went out of order of requests for you anon. Only because your sick and I have a sweet spot for mothering people back to health. Hope this helps a little.

“I’m back from the store and I have the supplies. I actually opened the tissues to find the softest ones.” The tissues are tossed from the bag into Dan’s bed as he continues rummaging through the grocery bag. “I couldn’t remember if you wanted mucus cough syrup or nonmucus so we now have both. Next, I got a package thing to make some soup. My mother always made me soup so I will do the same and channel my mother helping powers.” Dan looks up from his bag or tricks to look at you. “No offense babe but you look like absolute shit. I wasn’t gone for more than half an hour. I’m starting to think it’s because when I left the lights weren’t on and I couldn’t fill see the damage.“

You finally feel like you can get a word in after the tornado of Dan’s sick supplies. You loved him and were so thankful for him leaving the house on a Saturday morning no less but he was being mean. “First of all, these are the softest tissues, ” you say taking one from the box and blowing your nose. “Secondly, I said no mucus I even texted you. But that’s okay. Lastly, fuck off. Am I supposed to look like I’m going to the ball? ” saying those few things honestly took your breath away from you. Stupid people on the tube sharing germs and shit.

“I’m going to chalk up your sass level from just being sick,” Dan says as he reads the bottle instructions for how much syrup to give you to hopefully knock you out and finally have a nap.

“I’m sorry who’s the sick one again?” The last time Dan was sick you honestly considered running for the hills never to return. He’s a grown ass man but when sick he is the literal definition of man flu.

“Here drink this and tell me if it tastes gross. It’s for science.” The little cup is in your hand before you can protest that you’re a grown woman who can pour herself some cough medicine. You decided not to push any further and take the shot as if it was something fun like vodka and not cherry flavored bull shit.

“That’s my girl! Something about you and tiny cups. You could have savored the flavor.” You hand Dan the little cup again giving him the look of death.

“When you leave the room next time I am so coughing on your pillow. ”

“Not a chance of me getting sick. After tour and Vidcon and all that jazz, I have a .2% of getting sick. Catch up to my level of immunity.” Dan puts his bag of goodies on the floor beside the bed making room for himself in the bed of sickness.

“In a moment of weakness, I do have to say thank you for going down to the shop to get me all this crap and for taking care of my sick ass.” Once Dan was settled in bed you place your head on his shoulder while reaching for his hand under the covers.

“You’re welcome. But just remember this for when I get sick and you’re ready to ship me away to my mother.”

“I would kiss you right now if I wouldn’t infect you.” You say with a sigh.

“Seconds ago you were threatening me. Make up your mind my love.” Dan’s now rubbing his thumb up and down your knuckles in a soothing repetition making you feel safe and finally sleepy.

“I have a sick brain. I’m allowed to be confused and confusing. It’s your job to nod your head and say yes dear. That’s what my dad would do to my mum.”

“Nope. Even when you’re sick and as you put it this morning. Literally dying. I have to call you out on your bull shit. I still love you, though.” You barely heard the last of what Dan was saying as you let the medicine and relaxation of cuddling with Dan take you away to finally a somewhat restful sleep.

Go Howl at The Moon

Request: “Heyy i love your writings and i was hoping if you could do Sirius Black x reader, where she’s a total badass who smokes but really cute and smart, and once they’re at a party or sth and he follows her when she leaves to smoke and its really sarcastic but end up making out or smut idk thank you<3<3"

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 1.3k


Originally posted by novecientosonce

End of year parties always got a little too rowdy. The obnoxiously loud music was getting to you, the room cast in a haze as you made your way to the door. Your fingers fidgeted with pulling out a cigarette from your packet, clumsily grasping as it fell. A swift hand caught it before your mind could even register that it wasn’t between your fingers.

“These things kill you, you know.” Sirius noted, his deep smirk fading in and out of view as you swayed.

“The sooner the better.” You said, snatching it from his hand. “A shorter life means less encounters with you.”

Sirius rolled his eyes, opening the door for you, then dramatically presenting it to you. You shot him an annoyed look, as you let the cigarette hang from your lower lip. The freezing cold air greeted you, your body having been getting used to the heated house you’d been drinking in. But whenever you had alcohol, there was always this unexplainable craving to smoke something. Maybe it was because sometimes you needed to have an excuse to leave the party when you got overwhelmed by the amount of people you were around.

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Scarlet Rose (Part One)

TITLE: Scarlet Rose
PAIRING: Gaston x OC
Warnings: None.. I think

A/N: Wow… the response on this is amazing and I’ve only just posted the Sneak! Here’s the full part one as promised! ((Also, for those who are wondering, Gaston will be coming in on either chapter two or three!)) -Author, Arianna


Halls echoed with laughter, music, and the sounds of people’s shoes clanking on the tile floors of the ballroom as they danced. The music… it was my favorite part of these parties my brother always held. Everytime I would sit inside the attic, listening to the music below me with my eyes closed. The sounds took me away to another place- just like the books that sit on my lap. To another world, somewhere where my worries leave me. Somewhere free of responsibility, troubles. Although it was always too good to be true. Like every good thing, it has to come to an end.
“Madame?” A familiar woman’s voice called at the other end of the door, knocking.
“Come in.” I called from my place at the bed, closing the book I was reading and placing it on my lap. A copy of The Twelfth Night, written by one of my favorite writers. The great William Shakespeare.
In came Mrs. Potts and her small son beside her, Chip. I smiled at their company. Unlike everyone else, I was rather fond of the house help here. They were almost like family.
“Hello, Mrs. Potts. Chip.” I said, standing to come and meet them, smoothing out the wrinkles in my simple dress’ skirt.
“Hello, princess!” Chip said with a smile as he wandered around my room, which I didn’t mind.
“Oh, goodness, dearie.” Mrs. Potts said once she saw me. She frowned slightly, her brows creasing “You haven’t even gotten ready and the party has already started!”
I sighed and ran a hand through my untied hair “Who said I was planning to go?”
Mrs. Potts sighed
“If I were a prince, I’d go to every single party!” Chip told me with a big grin
I chuckled and ruffled his hair “I’m sure you would, Chip.”
“Your brother is downstairs, already dancing, expecting you to come down any minute now.” Mrs. Potts told me
I scoffed and rolled my eyes “My ‘darling’ brother the great Prince Adam!” I said sarcastically “Don’t make me laugh. All he has in his mind is himself, how beautiful he looks, and all the beautiful company he keeps with him inside.”
“Now, Princess!” Mrs. Potts chided sternly “Your brother is many things, but he is not vain at heart.” She sighed gently and looked at me with that motherly look in her eye “The entire castle knows how hard your mother’s death has been on the both of you-”
Those words made me tense and sucked in a breath. My mother, the only one I’ve only ever felt close to. After she died, a part of the castle went with her. The real joy in Adam’s eyes, the old look in the face of my father whenever my mother would smile. Nothing has ever been the same. My father… he changed into something I couldn’t even recognize. Slowly, my brother started to change as well. Every bit of him, starting to turn into the man who stole our childhood. With our mother fell the happiness we once loved so dearly. Everytime I’m reminded of her, her last words to me repeat over and over…
“All I want is for you to be happy, my daughter…” She had told me, her eyes soft as if preparing to slumber. Her voice was no louder than a whisper. “Never should you have to follow in anyone’s footsteps… live the life you were meant to live, not the one they tell you that you were born to. Be free to do your will, and be free to love…”
With that, she smiled one final time and her eyes closed, with her breathing slowly pulling to a stop. Beside her bed, I cried. Tears flowed down my face as she died. That was only the beginning of it all.
“Adam has changed.” I said “But… as much as I hate to admit it, he is my brother.”
“And he is expecting you to make an appearance in his party.” Mrs. Potts said
“A party focused on himself and those who he finds ‘beautiful’.” I said with a snort
Mrs. Potts sighed and shook her head “Everyone can change. All he needs is a chance to open his eyes.”
“Help him.” I said and she nodded
For a while, I debated with myself. Family is always something we cannot escape. Whether we like them or not, we have to live with them. Its just a matter of treating them as a burden, or a gift.
“You’re lucky to be able to have a brother.” Chip told me
Strangely, it came to me that he was right. Even with all his flaws.
“Mrs. Potts?”
“Yes, dearie?”
“Thank you.”
She smiled “You’re very welcome, madame.”
“Now, if you don’t mind… can you help me with finding something the people would call decent for a party?”
“Well, well, look who finally decided to join the party!”
With my brother’s voice, everyone suddenly turned to face me. I was standing by the doorway of the ballroom, just having entered and was commited to staying undetected. You can see how well that plan worked out for me. The second I stepped inside, my brother spotted me.
My dress was fitting, loose and flowing at my legs. The fabric was dark blue, a veil of silver fabric placed ontop of the midnight blue, making it sparkle like the night sky. It was far more fancier than anything I usually wore coming from my closet, but Mrs. Potts insisted. If I were supposed to be a princess at the ball, then I should’ve looked the part.
Women who were considered “physically attractive” were dancing in the middle of the ballroom, my brother was in the middle, looking like he always did. Handsome- but the makeup on his face covered most of his natural features. Luckily, I had managed to avoid such fate.
“My darling sister,” Adam said, making his way towards me and turning towards the crowd
“Adam,” I warned. My name was not something I was very fond of. In my perspective, I name holds many things. My past, my origin, what I was born to be. I also believe that I should not let it define me.
“Princess Scarlettina Duerre of France!” Adam said, making me groan internally.
His voice echoed throughout the halls and it made me flinch when my older brother wrapped his arm around my shoulders. What I wouldn’t give to be in the library right now. The crowd applaused, making me want to hide. Anywhere but here. But, for the sake of my brother and the image of my family, I forced a smile at the crowd. If father were here, I’m sure he’d call me a disappointment.
“Ah, I hate you.” I whispered to my brother, still trying to keep my smile on
Adam only chuckled as he too kept his smile “Love you too, little sister.”
My narcissistic, proud, annoying, untolerable, pain in the-
The music started again and the next dance started.
“Care to dance?” A man offered
I looked at the man and like everyone else, he was a handsome, with dark hair and blue eyes.
I looked at him strangely, raising an eyebrow “And you are?”
“Elijah, your majesty.” The man told me with what other girls would call a charming smile. I, for one, was not swooned so easily.
“I’m not much of a dancer, monsieur.” I told him
“Nonsense, you’re fine with your two left feet.” Adam told me. Its a miracle how he can be both teasing and speaking his mind at the same time.
“Go on and dance.”
“Adam,” I warned. The only thing that came out of my mouth was his name but it spoke more than just one sentence. I wanted to say that this wasn’t right, separating those who he thought were appealing to the eye from everyone else. France will be doomed to a reign of stereotypes if he doesn’t stop. As usual, my voice was faltered as the music started.
“May I?” The man- Elijah- said, bowing and holding out a hand
I let out a small sigh “I suppose.”
Adam was right about one thing. I had two left feet. As I danced with Elijah, the only thing that came to my mind was not to trip of step on his foot. Maybe i was overreacting. I wasn’t the worst dancer in France- but I wasn’t perfect either. I took comfort in the fact that royalty like me can still be a bit humane. Although, I wished more would do the same. At the same time, I tried to enjoy myself. Still, as the song ended, I couldn’t help but feel relieved.
“Your majesty.” Elijah kissed my hand and I curtsied, just like how I was taught to. And like that, he was on his way.
“He’d make a brilliant suitor.” Adam, who was standing in the corner, leaning against a pillar, arms crossed and smirking told me
“No.” I said immediately
He chuckled and walked over “Why not?”
“Too soon, I’m not ready, I’ve only just met him-” I listed
“Alright, alright.” He said, hands raised in a joking surrender “But you’re going to have to get married someday.”
“Why? Who says I have to?” I asked with a raised eyebrow
“Its the inevitable thing about being royalty.” Adam told me with an eyeroll “Getting married is about as planned for you as you getting your crown.”
I froze “What?”
“Its father’s will before dying- amongst other things.” Adam straightened and looked at me “You are to be crowned as princess.”
The color from my face instantly faded. No… it couldn’t be. As if my life was as planned out enough. A crown on my head and I loose my freedom. Freedom to escape the castle walls, freedom to do what I want, freedom to choose for myself, freedom to love…
“What?” Adam said, frowning at me
“I’m not ready to take the crown!” I told him, louder than I had expected. It caused many eyes to turn at us, but neither Adam or I cared.
“You’re being childish.” He told me
“And you’re being as ridiculous as you’ve always been!” I countered “You can’t choose everything for me like I’m some simple house pet! You’re not looking out for me- you’re just doing what YOU think is best for yourself!”
Anger was written all over Adam’s face. He’s always been short tempered. And yet, he was trying to keep it contained
“You’re a child who doesn’t know what the world has in store.” He growled
“I am no child!” I spat “How would you know? All you ever think about is yourself!”
“Then what do you want?!”
“A life to live where nobody tells me what to do! Adventure and freedom- something you will never understand!”
“Then leave!”
Those words brought silence into the halls. Nobody said one word. The music had stopped and everyone turned to stare. Even I was taken aback, but I was too angry to notice that I took a step back.
Suddenly, Adam’s face softened as if he realized what he had just said.
“Oh Mon Dieu,” He said, his voice much softer “I’m sorry- I didn’t know-”
“You never know. I heard you loud and clear.” I said, scowling “I’ll leave.”
Without another word, I bolted out of the room and didn’t stop. Adam and the other servants called out at me, but i still didn’t stop running as a tear fell down my cheek
There is no place for me here, I thought bitterly
I ran as fast as my feet could carry me towards the stables. Away from the other horses was my black stallion, Arion.
“Hey there, bud.” I ran a hand down his neck, choking back a sob “Want to take a ride?”
Arion burst through the stables and through the courtyard, no one daring to stop me. My horse was the fastest in the stable. I didn’t dare to stop even as the gates of the castle were behind me.
Where was I going? I didn’t care as long as I could get away from all of this.
Suddenly, behind me, there was a loud bang in the castle. I pulled back Arion’s reigns forcing him to stop and turn. A golden light burst forth from the ballroom and suddenly it disappeared, so did the music and the sounds and the lights. Fear was like a dagger forcing itself into my chest. I suddenly thought of what had happened and forced Arion to ride back. But the ground underneath us started to turn into ice, casing Arion to buckle
“Easy, boy.” I said, softly, running a hand down his neck to calm him, but even I was bewildered. Somehow winter was spreading- in the middle of spring. My head started to get lighter for some strange reason.
“Arion, ride!” I yanked on his reigns and Arion took off again. At that time I wasn’t sure which direction I was going until Arion slipped on the ice. It sent us spiraling and I hit the ground… hard.
The entire world turned black.

To the Anonymous Attacker

You know who you are. In fact, I know that you are reading this right now. And I want to make this very, very clear.

You are not welcome here.

Do you understand me? I don’t know what kind of demented mind you have to believe that I would simply sit by and allow you to continue this attack on my own lovelies, under my name, thinking that for some reason using me would make it justifiable. But you are NOT welcome here. I am sickened by you. I am repulsed by you.

I am not proud.

I am not happy.

I am disgusted.

I want you to understand. TRULY, understand, that I do not tolerate this behavior. And I want you to also understand that I do not want such a disgusting excuse of a human to be following me. Do you hear me, anon? I know you’re reading this. I know you’re feeling that ache of guilt in your chest from the words you said. You are going to unfollow me, and you are going to leave my lovelies alone.