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Okay but as cool and awesome Sora and Riku’s dramatic chest-opening skills are, they must’ve messed up sometimes when they first started…

EDIT: Because I’m lame and idk what I’m doing half the time, I fixed the first panel where Riku was holding his keyblade in the wrong hand,,

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*Breathes heavily* SO YOU'RE THE SWEATPANTS/ONESIES ML ARTIST!!!! *Stares accusingly* I have finally found you!!! Yes, your watermark was on your artwork clear for any potato to see, and I was too stupid to be a rational human being, but I have found you and now I can shower you with love and appreciation!!!

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GASP! You finally found meee! Welcome to my mess of a blog!

Mobile Masterlist

My personal favorites = ♥

This blog is daddy kink free! You’re welcome, or sorry… Let me know if you have a request or idea! 


Astro as their astrological sing traits

Astro: Would he make your relationship public?


B.A.P as their astrological sign traits (pending)

The Nest (M) - Youngjae


B1A4 as their astrological sign traits


GOT7 as their astrological sign traits

GOT7 as shit we said in my fangirls’ group chat

GOT7: Would he make your relationship public?

Jackson Wang is Naruto Uzumaki

Hot Mess (M) - Mark Tuan: Part I  &  Part II   

Monsta X

Monsta X: developing feelings for their best friend

Monsta X as shit we said in my fangirls’ group chat

Monsta X: When he misses you

Monsta X on We Got Married

Stan Monsta X: Personalities and secret weapons  ♥

Monsta X: When you’re getting closer to a hot guy at work  ♥

Monsta X as their astrological sign traits

Monsta X: Would he make your relationship public?

Monsta X: How he handles conflicts in your relationship

Hot & Bothered (M) - Minhyuk


SF9 as their astrological sign traits (pending)

Bad Ideas (M) - Rowoon


VIXX as their astrological sign traits

VIXX reaction to you getting close with a hot guy from work

Love Me (I) Do [Mini Masterlist] - Ravi / Leo / Hyuk (pending)

K-Drama Actors

Homeless (M) - Nam Joo Hyuk (pending)

Seeing how there is some “discourse” in BMC over ships lemme make it clear

I’m not gonna ship-shame, I have my favorites but I am open to anything as long as its legal. 

That being said I won’t ignore the fact: 
Jeremy is horny nervous mess
Michael has dependency issues
Chloe is literally a bitch who without redemption stays a massive bitch
Brooke is borderline clueless/also lowkey “slutty”
Christine has ADD and she’s NOT as popular in the school as most people write her off to be (like the whole thing is she’s not that popular why ya’ll making her meta-cinnamon roll?)
Jake is a fuccboi
Rich is a bully who is bi and was canonly suicidal at one point
The squip is abusive
Mr. Heere is a single dad who yes is trying but still neglects his son
Mr. Reyes is a sucky teacher
And Rich’s dad is a drunk 
Jeremy’s mom just left her family and hasn’t been heard of since
If you want me to erase ANY of these things from these characters, then sorry its best we part ways lol. If you’re here and still here for this then by all means enjoy your time here lol

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Do you know any BTS only blogs? I just started my first blog after getting into the group.

I do! I follow a lot of great blogs, most create content! also, some are my friends too! Welcome to the fandom, we’re happy to have you! Here we go: @sweaterpawsjimin @syubbed @sugutie @kthspjm @rapmini @yoonmin @bang-tan @booptae @apgujeon @army-baby-gzb @cowjimin @chimcheroo @dreamyoongi @dearmyjimin @hobuing @hoseokxx @hohbi @jminies @jeonheart @jiminrolls @jiminspraisekink @bwibelle @bwiseoks @bwink @taeguk @hobuing @bwipsul @nerdjoonie @yoonggi @joonjuly @junqkookied @whyparkjimin @mewchim @yoongsins @parxjimin @park-jimizzle @parkjiminer @pawjimin @dreamyoongi @yoonseok @2honeyboy @ji-min @jiyoongis @cyyphr @baobwi @yahjiminie @jimelody

and great blogs for updates+ translations + pictures of the boys: @allforbts @bts-trans @bangtan @bts0715


Lee here. I use my news junkie skills to (barely) keep up with the joyful, absurd and inspiring output of the incredibly prolific Lin-Manuel Miranda.

You may have seen some of my previous work:

This blog is a little different. Interviews, news articles, videos, podcasts…any Lin content I turn up I’ll post here. Queued, so there won’t be floods of posts. If you want that on your dash, please hop on board.

Don’t mind the mess around here. Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here. Come say hi.

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Hi there ! Love your blog :) I was wondering how you thought the writers were gonna end cophine and their story and Delphine's story? And also I noticed in the trailer when the two guys are hassling cosima that scene hasn't happened yet? Thoughts? Thanks :) love your inputs

hello there friend and welcome to the sweet ob mess that my blog has become these past weeks lol! :)

i don’t know if you’re spoiler free or not cause my predictions are based on the 60 sec teaser the ob marketing team gave us about a month ago

if you don’t want to spoil yourself i would suggest you to not read the following and ignore this post..if you ‘re a curious bird like me though….well join me ;)


  • Cophine’s Ending

i believe cophine’s interpersonal angst ended in episode 5. My own estimation is that we’re not gonna see these girls fighting anymore or having any miscommunication problems. The writing team is gonna use the separating method (unoriginal i know, but 100 times better than a death sentence) as a way to resolve the EBro busy scheduling problems. I don’t think we’re gonna see Delphine in ep6. I don’t even know if she’ll be in the Rachel episode as well (ep7). I believe i read somewhere that ep 8 is gonna have some cophine moments but i don’t know if there’s an official source in regards to that.

Sadly we have to come in terms that Delphine’s story is something we’re going to explore only in fic-land.It’s really such a shame that we know nothing about her but ob writing team rarely shifts their attention to secondary characters..especially now that they’re trying to wrap up the series finale.

as long as the final episode…i’m 99% positive cophine is gonna be endgame.

This is the final cap of them from the 60sec teaser.

bright colors , happy smiles and perhaps a new working place for them. There’s no way this is a dreamy sequence.No fucking way after everything they’ve been through.They killed Delphine once.They made Cosima sick for 4 seasons.These girls deserve a happy ending. Otherwise there won’t be catharsis, everything will be unjustified aka lame writing

  • Cosima’s escape

I think you mean this cap right?

it looks like Cosima is trying to get away and these dudes come at her.It’s probably after the cage.Also from the looks of it Cos is carrying something that the dudes want (her laptop/gene mutation research related) I think Charlotte is with her as well and they’re going to the boat house.

another cap from the 60 sec teaser

Cosima with her bffs.Probably Scott and the other dude helped her come home safe as well.Fingers crossed Charlotte is fine and with them.

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i'm new here so idk about the requests n stuff but can i see danny with curly hair bc that would give me life

I see your curly hair Danny and raise you curly hair Danny with freckles! 

Welcome new follower to my mess of a blog! The way I work with art “requests” is more like suggestions, and if I like them I draw them. No limit to how many you can send in :) Hope you like my curly Dabby! @henlo-nerds-im-weird

Bedtime || Dan Howell x Reader

A/N: Hello there! welcome to my blog, my name is Kailyn and I am here to share my writing with you! Not gonna lie, I wanted to have this up sooner than tonight but yesterday was my birthday, and I didn’t get home until late last night, and then when I tried to write it my internet crashed, and it was a mess. But it is here now! I really hope you guys enjoy this, seeing as it is my first Dan x Reader ever done. So, please tell me what you think. Send me messages, like it, do whatever, but please do not just leave me hanging, okay?

Quietly, you opened the door to Dan and Phil’s flat, kicking off your shoes and setting your keys down gently. Dan had warned you beforehand that he was going to be filming when you got off of work, and you wanted to disturb him as little as possible. 

As you crept up the stairs, you could hear Dan talking to the camera. You paused for a moment, loving the sound of his laugh, knowing that his dimples would be poking out at the camera. You set your bag down by one of the chairs, quietly cursing as you remembered that you left your laptop on Dan’s bed this morning. Sighing, you drop down onto one of the sofas, unlocking your phone and starting to play on it.

A few minutes later, you feel something shaking you. Grumbling, you open your eyes to see Dan’s face in yours. “Hello there.” You say, smirking at him, your eyelids drooping.

“Come on, sleepy girl. Let’s go to bed.” He says, pulling on your arms. You shake your head, groaning. 

“Carry me.” You tilt your head upwards, your eyes still not open, a small pout on your lips.

“Come on, then, love.” Dan says, bending to scoop you up in his arms, bridal style. Your arms automatically wrap around his neck, your head falling onto his chest. Dan pushes the door to your shared bedroom open with his foot, gently setting you on the bed.

You sit up, your eyes opening to almost complete darkness. You stand up and move to get pajamas, sitting back down on the bed. You start to change, not even caring that Dan is in the room. At this moment, all you want is to get some sleep, and some cuddles from Dan. 

“Someone must be really tired.” Dan mumbles in your ear, as he crawls into the bed beside you, one arm wrapping around your waist and pulling you into his chest. You murmur happily, nodding. “Goodnight, Y/n.” 

“Goodnight, Dan.” You say, and moments later you have both drifted into a content sleep, not waking up until the sun bathes you in light the next morning.

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So I'm kinda new to the phandom (watched my first vid about 3 months ago) any advice for me? And suggest more phan blogs to follow thanks.

aa welcome !! i’d try to make as many friends as possible and be super nice to everyone! occasionally theres drama which is a bit yikes but if you can, stay out of it. as for gaining followers, try to post content, whether its igfs or edits or just funny text posts, stay active, and talk to ppl ! there are so so many nice people i lov. 

heres some of my faves (in no order bc im a mess):

@@phtl @goldan @flowersphil @glowinghowell @donthavetobebrave @lesterp @lcssamazingphil @japhanz @amazingphilz @doinganap @ratinof  @huphilpuffs @danslester @dantichrist @furryphil @dailybooth @fuckinlester @nihilist-toothpaste @cafephan @goincrazyfast @danielbear @rebloggingphan @2k17rebrand @phandum @boncasphan @dansucc @bondange @forgetfullittleguy @dnpsb @danschode @princessdan @phiru @fondan @pseudophan @pugjumper @dadinof @themostfuniveverhad @astronautdan @prettydan @philester @prettyphil @cringe-attacks @sharkdan @dangoghs @howelloddle @boncasphan @redhowell

My goal for this blog is to make this a safe place. I’ve had to fight and battle for it, I’ve had to constantly that racism, homophobia, transphobia, etc isn’t welcome here. I want you to feel safe here. I want my beautiful poc to feel safe here, my beautiful trans people to feel safe here. But I have privileges, I’m white and cis and there are times when I mess up because I’m not educated enough on a topic but I try to be very aware and careful. I don’t want to speak over anyone, but be the support they need and stand behind them.

I am not perfect. I try to be as perfect as I can on here, but there are times when I mess up and I tend to beat myself up pretty hard over it. What I’m trying to say is, if I ever say anything that isn’t right, or if I upset or offend anyone, it will never be intentional. Talk to me and let me know, I will correct my mistake and work on not repeating it again. I want to be educated and mindful of what I do on here. It’s incredibly important to me that everyone feels safe here and that I don’t do anything to cause anyone to feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

So come talk to me about something I messed up on. I’ll own up to it, I’ll delete it. I once made an ableist edit in the past and someone called me out and I blew up on them instead of asking why it was ableist and taking it down. We live and learn and I’ve made sure not to repeat that mistake. I was in the wrong.

I love you guys! I will do everything in my power to correct myself whenever I am wrong.

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hi I'm new ish to the haikyuu fandom and I was wondering if you have any blog recs. thank you!

OH, YOU’RE NEW! Welcome to your new home for the foreseeable future :)

Blog recs…. OKAY UMM

some of my faves @blackandorange @tinytooru @miss-cigarettes @riseelectric @bringmemyqueen @aquatika @nekokat42 @amalasdraws @suguru @ichigomaniac @pelvic-mochi 

Honestly i’m missing so many aaaaaAAAA i feel bad cause there are SO MANY, but yeah these are just some of the blogs I reblog from most often I guess, I just looked through my last several reblogs and fdshjfkds! Most are artists. There are so many good blogs in the Haikyuu!! fandom, check out the tags and go follow some great people!

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Headcannons of Kiba, Kankuro, and Neji as dads please! Preferably with their children as toddlers 😍

Congratulations because this will be my 100th post on this blog. I am going out of order on this one because this ask is SO IMPORTANT TO ME. How freaking cute. ❤❤❤ 

Straight up listened to “Dear Theodosia” when I was writing this.


Kiba would have a daughter. The second he sees her, he is a sobbing mess. He can’t stop looking at her and giving her little kisses on the top of her head. He is beyond ecstatic that he and his s/o are bringing a little miracle into the world. He loves the idea of expanding his clan and welcomes fatherhood with open arms. 

This little girl would have Kiba completely wrapped around her finger. There wouldn’t be a single thing this child wants but doesn’t have. Kiba would spoil her with everything - dresses, flowers, stuffed animals, etc. With Kiba, there is no such thing as letting your child cry until they calm down because the second she even thinks about crying, Kiba scoops her in his arms and rocks her until she is happy again. 

Once she is a toddler, Kiba starts putting the Inuzuka clan fangs on her. He lives for how adorable she is with her tiny markings. She just gets excited that she gets to look like daddy. She ends up being a spitting image of Kiba, with thick brown hair and tiny fangs that grow in place of lost baby teeth. 

Kiba wastes no time taking her to meet all the pups that belong to his clan. He doesn’t just give her a dog like Tsume did with him. He introduces her to each dog that is ready to get a master and he lets her choose. Kiba doesn’t even care that she chose the biggest breed of dog they own. In fact, he is extremely proud that she chose a companion who will be able to protect her. 


Kankuro would have a son. At first he would be disgustingly nervous about having a kid, but once he sees his son and realizes he helped make that tiny human, all the initial fear melts away. He wouldn’t cry but he would have to take a few moments to really understand this new chapter of his life. He would be so careful with this child so he would never experience the pain Kankuro did.

He would want to be around for all the important moments in his son’s life. He wants to hear the baby’s first laugh. He wants to watch him discover his hands. He would die when his baby says “papa” first (after rubbing it in his s/o’s face). Kankuro would cheat the system and use his chakra strings to hold his baby up while he was trying to take his first steps. 

Kankuro and his son would get into so much trouble. He would teach his son the art of pranking his mother, starting with hiding and jumping out at her to scare her. He would love to be the type of dad who makes his kid laugh as much as possible. 

Kankuro would get yelled at for not being as protective as he should be. All the lecturing would be left up to Mom. Despite this, Kankuro is not that affectionate with his child. He gives him little pats on his head and will lift him up on his shoulders while they’re going on walks. He’ll call him “kiddo” when he’s being cute.


Neji would definitely have a daughter. He would wonder if he is really cut out to be a father, but after seeing his baby, he knows he is meant to raise a child. Part of Neji wants to drop everything and focus on her, while the other part wants to keep fighting to make sure she is protected long-term. 

Neji is the type of dad who will make sure his daughter is disciplined but still so happy. He’ll gladly give her whatever she wants in the world as long as she earns it first. He wants to instill respectfulness and sophistication in her.

She is his sun. His entire life revolves around her. He melts every time she laughs. He tears up when she first begins to speak. He teaches her to walk by holding her hands and putting his feet under hers. He likes to just lay on the floor and watch her play and dies when she holds his hands.

Neji is not shy about wanting her to be a strong shinobi. When she is old enough, he will start off with teaching her about the different types of weapons. He’ll make sure he teaches her all the basics of chakra and sparring before she even gets to the Academy. He’ll always go easy on her and let her win until she is tough enough to really hold her own. Neji almost screams when she lands a hard hit on him with her Gentle Fist because he is overcome with pride. 


*dirk gently voice* hiiiii!!
so, hello there everyone, celebrating the fandom meetup here are some selfies
the highly professional (and a bit scary) selfie, the slightly drunk and music-y selfie
and the holistic partygoers selfie with @molluscagonewild (the other half of my soul)
i’m Timi btw, my blog is a mess, everyone is welcome
peace out and be like a leaf in the stream of creation (or, you know, a piranha, whatever floats your boat)