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Okay but as cool and awesome Sora and Riku’s dramatic chest-opening skills are, they must’ve messed up sometimes when they first started…

EDIT: Because I’m lame and idk what I’m doing half the time, I fixed the first panel where Riku was holding his keyblade in the wrong hand,,


Lee here. I use my news junkie skills to (barely) keep up with the joyful, absurd and inspiring output of the incredibly prolific Lin-Manuel Miranda.

You may have seen some of my previous work:

This blog is a little different. Interviews, news articles, videos, podcasts…any Lin content I turn up I’ll post here. Queued, so there won’t be floods of posts. If you want that on your dash, please hop on board.

Don’t mind the mess around here. Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here. Come say hi.

Since I got a huge influx of followers thanks to a certain -someone-, I figured I’d say hi, hello and welcome to my blog!!!

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I know someone asked for a FAQ page and I’ll likely put one up later this weekend. For now, I’ll just explain a little bit about my blog, myself and where Dark came from.

For starters, I have do have an Art Blog if people are only interested in my work. It’s linked in my header or you can click here. This is my main blog where I post my art as well as a mix of other things. My main blog typically features artwork I like, fanart, cute things or stuff that makes me laugh. I’m a SFW blog with a few NSFW illustrations that may pop up rarely (I try my best to tag them). 

A bit about myself: I’m a recent graduate of California State University, Sacramento where I obtained my BA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Digital Media. While I love illustrating, it’s actually something I didn’t study in school. I learned fine art elements and how to use programs like Maya and After Effects in my last few semesters. I’ve picked up the majority of my illustration knowledge from watching other artists online and reading tutorials. I typically create all of my work in Photoshop using a drawing tablet. 

Annnnd Dark….where to start with this? You’re probably wondering, “Why did you make Dark? What -is- Dark? How did he come to be??? WHY are you obsessed with this youtuber you freakin’ weirdo?!?”. All great and valid questions. Mark said it himself in the livestream that Dark was something the fandom created. I remember people joking in the youtube comments on Mark’s creepy pasta videos from way back when. I would see people say, “Oh that’s not Mark in the video, it’s ‘Dark’”. Mark also made a tumblr post around that time jokingly saying Dark wasn’t a character of his, why did you make him real? That sparked me to create the older work that he showed in the livestream. I wanted to create what or who I thought Dark was. After that piece, I didn’t toy with the Darkiplier idea again until about 6 months later. I ran this blog like an ask blog and did some silly things with darko the dork. I gave Dark a persona while using Mark’s face as a model for him.

Originally, my Dark was a creation of Mark’s fears; a nightmarish type monster that was tied to Mark and a reflection of what you can become if you lose your path. I wanted to create a comic with commentary on how fear can control your life and the effects it can have if you let fear rule you. That never came to fruition as school and life kind of got out of hand. I also felt stagnant with the character being so tied to Mark himself. It was humbling to see how much my Dark influenced my friends versions of him and other people in the fandom as well, but I was getting frustrated with the idea. I set Dark down for about year and came back to him just before Mark did that dating skit this February (although that also has had a big influence on me). Currently, Dark is now a separate entity and falls into the Cryptid category. I’m being tight lipped about his story as I’m working out the prologue with @prismkitten-mivy. There will be multiple original characters in this story that are given the task of capturing the escapee, Dark (Who goes by another name but you’ll see that later). I started Dark’s story long ago and now with a new re-write, I plan to finish it. He’s going to be a side project that will keep me and hopefully my followers entertained as I work on other ideas as well.

So there you have it. I still watch Mark’s vid’s from time to time because the nerd makes me laugh. I work 5 days a week and spend most of my free time working on new projects to share with you all here. I’m just a nerd that can draw and likes interacting with folks on here when I can. :)

i was speechless when i saw that 1.5k mark. it truly means the world to me thank you soo sooo soooo much to everyone who’s followed me and have gone through thirsty journey with me from the very beginning and to the ones who are recently following me, thank you and welcome to this mess <3

im going to be doing blog compliments as well i feel like its been a while since i’ve exposed my love for all of you <3

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sorry if forgot anyone. remember that i love you and i wouldn’t mind if all 1525 of you sat on my face <3


“So, I did some digging and thought I’d let you know that I found your fanfiction page.” Deadpool began in that annoying little way of his. You didn’t know what was coming next, but you knew you weren’t going to like it, especially since he’d been tirelessly looking for your stories ever since he found out you were an aspiring writer. “So, I hacked it and took it upon myself to update all your fics with new endings…”

“Y-You what?!” You growled. “Wade! I worked really hard on-”

Shhhhhhhhh…” He quickly cut in, pressing a finger to your lips before whispering. “Don’t speak, my darling. You’re welcome.”

Rolling your eyes, you slapped his wrist away and asked, “Why on earth would you mess with my blog?”

“All your shit - although incredibly well written - was about Captain America and he’s lame so… I killed him off and gave rise to a new hero. Someone way sexier and so badass.”

“Let me guess…” Came your dry response. “Was it you?”

Quickly draping an arm across your shoulders, he spun you around to look off into the distance before slowly swiping his hand through the air as if to reveal a flash of insight. “Say it with me: literature.”

(X) (~♫♪~)


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I still can’t believe I reached this milestone. I want to thank all of you for welcoming me into your community. Seriously. I’ve made great friends and met many wonderful people through this mess of a blog. You add so much light and happiness to my life. Thank you for being the greatest :’)

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 A collection of posts discussing the issues surrounding BBC Sherlock Season 4 and “The Final Problem”.

The salt and pain is real.  

I have made this blog so as to preserve a record of all of the ways in which BBC Sherlock has messed up, and to provide an area to vent on that without continuing to clutter up or drag down my main blog with negativity.  Especially as I am certain there are many people who want to move on and it makes it easier to do so without seeing issues regarding the show come up on the dash spuraticly. 

Everyone is welcome to share their issues regarding the show here and this will be a place to preserve posts and discussions regarding the plot holes and various problems with both season 4 and The Final Problem, both so they could be used and reference on twitter when #norbury issues are discussed and also so that a record is kept which is easier to find.

Everyone is welcome to share posts or reference back to their own posts on here.

I need more blogs to follow!

So if u blog any of these, like this post and I can check out ur blog!
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-The Walking Dead

Thank you!

sherskull  asked:

Hi ! So, I'm leaving the Sherlock fandom but first I wanted to tell you that your blog helped me stay sane after all this mess that had happened. Your blog is honestly the best but unfortunately, this is just all too much for me at the moment. I hope you have a good life Steph. You deserve all the happiness in the world, seriously ! And thanks for answering my asks and all your metas and just for being the nicest. X

OH LOVELY!! <3 <3 I’m so sad to see you go, but you do what you have to do to stay happy and healthy. And know that you are welcome back here with open arms if and when you decide to come back.

Love you very much, and thank you for everything, Lovely. Please keep safe, and I hope you have a beautiful future <3

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I love the Winters as much as anyone. It is so obvious that you put so much time and love into them. But what I love infinitely more is seeing you do something on your blog that you thoroughly enjoy. You aren't letting anyone down, my dear. Anybody that says otherwise is more than welcome to make their own blog and do it their way. You're in no way obligated to do anything with your game that you're not enjoying 1000%. No matter what, I will be here to support you wholeheartedly ❤💕❤

hi love!!!!! i’m sorry this took me so long to reply to i was building an apartment and i didn’t want to reply on mobile and have it be all messy ;p i really dhskfs don’t even have words to reply to this you are the best ever and i’m just ;_________; your existence is a blessing and i’m so grateful i just ahhhhh i cant even form sentences im so sorry thank you thank you thank you i love you 

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stop trying to play this off as a joke or "take my feelings into consideration" if I were to private message you, you wouldn't even answer. You say you're so positive and you welcome anyone to talk to you but you'd rather talk to more popular blogs than anyone else. You're just like all the other "elite" blogs. You're not special.

Woah woah woah, okay.
If anyone has ever sent me a private message here on Tumblr, I have answered it in some way shape or form. I have never ignored any “hi"s or "hey, I hope I’m not bothering you!"s. Yes, I’m not good at making conversation so easily on here, but i have never purposely ignored ANYONE, let alone because of their type of blog or -god forbid-, their popularity. Many of the "more popular” blogs I haven’t even talked to privately before anyways(I’m just shy about talking to anybody, really). If anyone has ever sent me a private message and I have not answered, then I never recieved it. I have no problems talking to anyone, and if anything, id encourage sending messages. As well as that, I am not an “elite”. To me, elites don’t exist. We’re all on here -at least dnp blog wise- because we like Dan and Phil. Some blogs may have been here longer, or just have more followers because they’re funny or nice. There is nothing wrong with that, and I have never once thought that u shouldn’t talk to someone because of their follower count or what kind of blog they run. You can run whatever blog you want, because this is a democratized platform.
I’m sorry I made what you sent as a joke at first, but I seriously thought it was. I asked what was wrong because I am a human being and I am compassionate and I don’t want you to feel upset. If you don’t like my blog, unfollow me. The thing about these social media websites is that you can unfollow someone if you don’t want to see their content. You can even block me if you want, but you don’t need to send me hateful things.
Please, have a nice drink and listen to some of your favorite music, or watch a video you really like. I hope you have a better day.

where did ya’ll come from

I woke up this morning and found out that suddenly I have over 300 of you…..okay……so really quick in case you didn’t know:

 I’m Jules

Welcome aboard

This blog is a mess

I’m trash

You’re trash

We can all collectively be trash together….if ya want

Where am I going with this

I’m around quite a lot (fellow homeschoolers where you at) so if you ever want to talk hi I’m here

I’m a highkey mom friend so please listen to our boy dannyfire and stay hydrated 

I’m (I hate to say it but it’s true) a lowkey dangirl so please ignore the asddjfdgs if that annoys you (don’t get me wrong, phil is my boy and always will be but….just thought I’d let you know….*cough*)

I’m still not sure where I’m going with this

I’m saying I’m a lot and I’m not proud of that fact…OKAY LETS STOP

Alrighty!!! tysm, I’m sure you guys are lovely people that I’m sure I won’t regret loving and appreciating….at all so finally, have a frickingoshdiddlydarnfabtastical day:///

🖊✏1st I like to say thank to those who always like and reblog my drawings/art posts (always willing to give me a friendly hello) @xgemfirex @chibiluka @huffyjellyfish I really appreciate it, keeps me from feeling so lonely on tumblr (and on my instagram, I’m still so new to instagram)

Also like to thank all the followers who’s been following this blog for so long as well as supporting my drawings as well 😊

And lastly I’d like to say hello and welcome to all the new followers to this blog

Just know you can give me a hello in my asks box and I’ll try and say hello back, just I’m sometimes a awkward mess who’s life can be pretty stressful and busy at times and being as I live in Australia my Timezones and days doesn’t always match up with other Timezones and days

But I always appreciate a friendly hello (also love to chat about Voltron Lance, transformers Jazz and my own creations/original characters if you ever want to chat )