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My latest Welcome to Night Vale cross stitch is complete! Maybe now the Sheriff’s Secret Police will stop stuffing my pillow with shrieking bats. I really would sleep better without their little claws tugging at my hair.

I know you can’t quite tell, but the top color of the setting sun is purple. Blame my camera.

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New reylo shipper here! can you recommend me blogs about reylo to follow? I want everything of that in my dash.

Hey there! Welcome to the Reylo ship!!!

@nonibear11 ~ the latest news and updates always seem to come from nonibear, plus they’re awesome :)

@villainouswebsandshadows ~ good friend of mine, an awesome fic writer, and wonderful person to talk to

@gwendy85 ~ superb fanartist, meta writer, and person! I’ve known her for a long time from my first ship, back when I was 12. I’ve always looked up to her for inspiration. She is very kind and wonderful to talk to :)

@ohtze ~ the reylo mvp and writer of epic metas

@holocroning ~ great insight on reylo and equally great person

@shwtlee4reylo ~ always got your back! fic writer and awesome shipper! Seriously, she’s the sweetest!

@coupdefoudrey ~ 10/10 reylo shipper

@reylorobyn2011 ~ fic writer extraordinaire 

@elithien ~ You know the epic reylo art that has that really cool concept-arty painty look? Yeah that’s elithien. Amazing!!!

@renpressrey ~ another shipper I admire

@secret-jedi ~ rad reylo shipper with awesome posts always

@pacificwanderer ~ great insight, awesome person, 5 stars

@reyloeverafter ~ two thumbs up!

and then there’s some other great people that have dedicated blogs to reylo meta, fanart, fics, vids, gifs, interviews, official spoilers, etc. They basically are the reylo library of history :)






Of course there are hundreds more, so if you’re a mostly reylo blog - add your name!!!


“Miz Mendes, I ’magine this qualifies you as the all-time champi’n Wanderingest Jew in history.”

Sofia Mendes / The Sparrow, by Mary Doria Russell

白鬼のつもりだったバレンタイン漫画 | A Valentine's Manga That Was Supposed To Be Hakutaku x Hoozuki

Here is a random Hoozuki no Reitetsu translation from うな丼 for Valentine’s Day! I don’t know how many fans there are out there on Tumblr, but enjoy. Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

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Last Jedi / Rebels Speculation...

Welcome to my latest Star Wars ramble, this is what goes on in my head, having just watched the new Rebels trailer, followed by some of the recent Last Jedi speculations by fans…

I have said this before, and I think I’m going to stay with it. I propose that in The Last Jedi, Benicio Del Toro’s character, who is said to (for a specific reason) be only referred to as “DJ” will be Ezra Bridger. …and though never mentioned out loud, we will know it is him. I also propose that Star Wars Rebels, is going to end in some very bad places…

Speaking of dark, many fans are speculating that ‘DJ’ could be short for 'dark jedi’. Not a stretch for Ezra, who has already been leaning towards the dark side with his holocron adventures. He’s been fished in, Maul almost had him at one point, he could end up in that in-between area. We know of it in books and the cartoon (Ahsoka, and 'The Ones’ are neutral force users), this could be a way to introduce it to the films, which needs to happen.

…pretty sure that’s where they are going with Luke, imo.

Rebels is going to have to end on some really dark notes, if you think about it. There is no happy place between Rogue One and A New Hope, and that’s where Rebels is going to finalize itself. I think Kanan has to have the tragic ending, Yoda specifically mentions later that there are no Jedi left, right?
And since Ezra is the main character in Rebels. He has to go on somehow, why not give him his own ending in one of the films, later on. And even though it’s been denied, I just have a nagging in me hoping they’re just trying to keep it a surprise…

There are a couple of clues in the Del Toro photo, the overall look, leg holster, and run down ship that i want to call similar to Ezra. They also share some similar scars, if you wanna go look into that. And again, it would just be pretty damn cool.

The way Lucasfilm is trying to tie everything together (films, comics, books, animated series), is actually working out better than I expected, and this is the only part leaving us scratching our heads. It seems obvious and far fetched at the same time, I know. Even with the creator of the latest film episode saying it’s not him, gives me more reason to suspect it is.

And I admit, I could be totally wrong, this is purely my own wanting for it to happen, it would just be pretty damn cool, if they tied the cartoon into the films in this way.

Now, if there is some way we could also bring Ahsoka Tano into the films, life will be pretty awesome in Star Wars world..!

Accidentally In Love Part 1- Dean Winchester

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 1436

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

A/N: Welcome to my latest series Accidentally in Love. It is a Grease AU with the Supernatural characters. It’s not set in the 50’s, it is set in the modern day and is going to be a lot different than Grease ever was… but there will still be some things that scream Grease right out. So I’m hoping that you guys will enjoy this latest series that I’ve come up with. I would like to thank @sofreddie for coming up with the idea in the first place and helping me place the characters in their proper roles. There is a character based off of her and a character based off of me in this… to fill out the roles a bit better. Also some of the ages are messed with. Sam is two years younger than Dean in this story to make it work. Also there will be no singing in this… it’s too much of a pain in the ass at times. So I’m hoping that’s alright with you guys. Also thank you to @myloveforyouxx for making this wonderful picture for this story.Sorry if there are  mistakes, this isn’t beta read.

An eighteen-year-old Dean Winchester fixed his hair. “Come on Sammy we gotta get going or we’ll be late for school.” He called out to his younger brother who was a few years younger than him. The last thing that he wanted was to be late for school and hear Principal Mills

“Damn it Dean. I’ve told you that Sammy is a chubby 12 year old.” Sam complained as he came down the stairs. An agitated look on his handsome young face, his hazel eyes blazing in anger.

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Gay Night Vale Dragons
So, I gave each of the cast and writers of Welcome to Night Vale one of the origami dragons I make, and when I got to Cecil and Dylan they put them like this touching noses and Dylan said “Look at our gay dragons! They’re in love! Just like us!” And Cecil said “ They’re even kissing! ” and I kid you not I’m going to be fangirling about this for the next month at least


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Saint Petersburg because I want to go to there, Seungri because I have to look at him 75 times a day or I get sad 🙄, I’m obsessed with this song, no makeup and i look ridiculous but this was my latest selfie you’re welcome 🙃

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Finally, my latest girl: welcome Leonie <3

Sometimes, she is a bit grumpy but most of the time she is a lovely little girl who needs her little bear.

Her wig was not planned at all. I had something else in mind but when I finished her the other one didn’t fit as expected. Now she wears a very soft Monique wig (and I’m really addicted to these wigs now! They are so realistic and fluffy. I want to brush her hair every day XDD)

She will be for adoption soon~