welcome to my heart you awesome show!

This is going to be long and emotional so bear with me

I want to thank Mark, Ethan, Tyler, Bob, Wade, and the crew for making the Your Welcome Tour possible. I feel honored to have gone and been a part of the crowd. Everyone was so great and it was just amazing to see.

I’ve been watching @markiplier since the beginning, and it means so much to have seen him and the others throughout this whole journey. Just seeing how far everyone has come has given me just this joy, if that makes sense.

Here’s where the emotional part comes in, and as fruitless as it may be to ask, I really hope one of them reads this. Ya’ll….Ya’ll kept me alive. That may sound overdramatic, but I’m serious. When I moved down to Houston in 2013, I had absolutely everything taken from me, literally. My moving truck was literally stolen in a hotel parking lot in Dallas. All my possessions, all my childhood, gone within the night, to never be seen again. I was devastated. I was already suffering from severe anxiety and clinical depression, and that had just made it worse tenfold. I came to Houston with no friends, no possessions, just the clothes on my back and what little I had brought in a small suitcase. It was really hard–I moved here just before school let out, and I was homeschooled, so I never met anybody until the fall. I was all alone. And I thought about suicide. Mark, your videos were what I literally was living for for a few months there. Every day I’d tell myself that I had to see it through, I had your videos to look forward to. I have so much thanks that it would be impossible to voice them all.

Bob and Wade, I remember seeing you both on Mark’s channel, which is how I was introduced to you guys. Your videos kept me, and still keep me, going, too, and I’m so thankful. Both of you are so wonderful.

Tyler and Ethan, I remember when both of you were first introduced. And I remember thinking just how goddamn awesome you both were.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you all. I’m so honored to have seen the show, I’m so honored to have seen you all in person, to see the people who kept me alive and still are a reason I am alive. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep being awesome, guys. And thank you again.

@lordminion @markiplier
Why was this show important to me?

2 weeks 3 days or 17 days to go until the season premiere of Wynonna Earp. This has been a long time coming, but we are almost there. Who else is as excited as I am? I bet there is a lot of Earpers out there that are just as excited as me.

For me, I cannot truly express how much I love and missed this show. This show has badass women and men, a strong bond between sisters, and a same sex relationship I can relate to. This show has helped me become more of myself. This show helped me open up to my older sister and come out to her. Watching Waverly finding herself and her sexuality helped me accept myself. This show helped stregthen the bond I have with my sister, just like Waverly and Wynonna. This show showed me that women can be just as badass as any man out there. Women are not always the damsel in distress, they can be the heroes for once. This show showed that when you have a writer/showrunner that is compassion, respectful, funny, down to earth, and warm hearted you know you have a winning show. Lastly, this show helped me make friends from around the world. Fellow Earpers who are so supportive and so compassionate torwards each other. I have never encountered a fandom where everyone is welcomed and the fans are just so awesome.

Wynonna Earp was a godsend for me and probably for others. I would like to hear from others of how Wynonna Earp had an impact on your life?

Sehun - Elevator


The soft knock on your door made you look up from your computer screen to the door.

“Come in.” You said softly and watched a tall boy peek his head through.

“Hi.” He said while rubbing the back of head.


“How can I help you?” You asked, somehow managing not to faint through his deep voice.

“Erm, I’m new and the person at the reception told me to go to you.” He said while closing the door. You looked through the emails and smiled when you saw that your friend, Emily the receptionist, had sent you an email.

Have fun with him. I could’ve easily kept him but HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY x

“Erm..” The boy’s voice made you come back to reality.

“Your name please.” You said while typing a brief reply back to Emily.

“Oh Sehun.” He said while helping himself to the seat in front of you.


“Well, Mr Oh. Welcome. Do you want me to show you around?” You asked while handing him some files.

“It’s just Sehun.” He winked and you swore that your heart missed a beat. “And yes please. That would be awesome.”

You somehow relaxed at his un-formalness ( Is that even a word?)

You lead the way to the elevator while Sehun couldn’t help but smile as you kept tucking your hair in the back of your ear.

the elevator pinged and you stepped aside as some people got out. You went in, closely followed by Sehun. You pressed the button for the top floor, wanting to start from there. You were both silent while the elevator worked it’s way up.

The elevator suddenly stooped at the 12th floor and the door opened. Then suddenly a lot of people came in and Sehun over closer to you because of the lack of space. You could feel something poking your thigh. You looked down and your eyes widened. You looked up at Sehun but he was avoiding your eye.

Great. It’s my first day and I’m already going to be fired. He thought to himself and panicked mentally.

You didn’t know what to do. You looked around and when finally all the people, except you and Sehun got off the elevatpr, he moved away from you in a beat.

“I’m sorry.” He muttered while looking away from you. You couldn’t move your eyes away from him. His damn bulge.

It looks so big. You thought to yourself but they were disrupted as the elevator suddenly came to a stop, making you lose your balance and grip onto the railing.

You pressed the button for help but Emily came on the line.

“Emily! What’s wrong with the elevator?” You asked, all panicking while Sehun closely watched you.

“It’s jammed. I’m calling the technicians right now. It might not be done for…” She paused for dramatic effect. “An hour?” She said the last bit in English so only you two understood.

“What are you trying to do to me?!” You exclaimed, in English. But instead she just giggled and said “Have fun with him.” In english and cut the line off.

You stared at the button in disbelief.

“What did she say?” Sehun spoke suddenly, making you jump a little. WHY IS HE SO CLOSE TO ME? You screamed mentally.

You cleared your throat. “It might take about an hour.” You said and frowned as Sehun sat on the floor, making himself comfortable.

“What are you doing?” You asked as he took his blazer off.

“Well, we’re gonna be here for an hour or so, so might as well be comfortable.” He smiled a little as you joined him on the floor next to him.

“So what do we do?” You asked while resting your head on the wall behind you. Then suddenly you felt a pair of lips just behind your ear. You turned to your head to the right but widened your eyes as the lips touched your own pair. But soon, you melted into their softness and found yourself kissing him back.

He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer, on top of his lap. Your hands reached down to his manhood and he groaned into the kiss. Sehun broke the kiss and quickly unbuttoned your shirt and lifted your skirt while you took off his shirt and fumbled with his belt. Seeing as you were taking too long, he took control and undid his belt in a second and dropped his pants on the metal floor.

You kissed the tip and swirled your tongue round his large self, making him reward you with a deep, low satisfied groan. You moaned when he suddenly pinched your nipples. You put him in your mouth, barely fitting all of him, and yanked your head back and forth, pleasuring him. He grabbed the back of your head and pushing you in deeper, wanting more. You gave it a one last kiss on the tip before standing up and getting attacked by sweet kisses. Sehun rubbed your womanhood in circles, making you moan into the kiss. You bit Sehun’s lower lip when he inserted a long, slender finger inside you and started to pump, hitting your g-spot constantly making it hard for you to hold back.
“Sehun.. Oh god right there…” You moaned and he pumped faster, making you dig your nails on his back.

Your body twitched a little as you released your fluid onto his beautiful fingers, which he licked clean in front of you while looking at you seductively.

Then suddenly a beeping noise.
“Well it looks like they’re here quicker than expected.” Emily’s voice came in through the speaker, making you and Sehun panic and grab your clothes and put them on quickly while giggling slightly.

The elevator started moving again and this time you pressed the button to the 1st floor- where your office was. When you walked inside, Sehun slammed you up against the door and quickly took off your clothes along with his to finish off what you both had started.

He put his huge dick inside of you swiftly, making you squirm in pleasure and your breasts bounce up. He slapped them, sending a wave of pleasure down your body along with the swift, pleasurable thrusts that made your walls clench.

“Sehun.. I’m close..” You put your hand through his soft hair and he just kissed you and thrusted harder and faster, hitting your g-spot for the second time.

You groaned as both of you came at the same time, mixing your fluids as one.

“Well..” Sehun started. “Never thought I would enjoy my new work this much.” He winked and put his clothes on, with you doing the same.

“Let’s meet after work.” He blew you a kiss before walking out of the room, and to be completely honest, you couldn’t wait for tonight.

More from my TATINOF experience (no spoilers obvi)

People say all the time that they could die happy right now…well I can only count on my hand the number of times I’ve felt that way…seeing Josh Turner live, seeing Darren Criss live, seeing One Direction live, seeing Darren Criss with Starkid, and now seeing Dan and Phil live! It’s moments after those shows where I feel so happy and at peace…it’s almost like that feeling of love that I get! I’m so happy to be at a place where these people understand me and get me. No judgement is happening and everyone feels as if they are all one. No one acts better than the next person and it’s truly magical! I’ve never been somewhere where the atmosphere felt as welcoming as it did at TATINOF…it was truly incredible! It was like one big party…we were all laughing, smiling, and singing along…that was before the show even started. Once the show started it was awesome! It was full of references from all of their videos and inside jokes that only the entire phandom would understand…I heard a mom afterwards say she didn’t understand 90% of it, but at least she laughed at some points…seeing them interact on stage made my heart swell and melt all at once…they truly care for each other more than you would ever know…they were so smiley and happy and energetic….they have obviously put a lot of time and effort into this show and they had rehearsed really well…but there was plenty of improv too…hearing Dan yell Phil’s full name at one point was adorable…even if Phan isn’t real you can still see how much they care and love each other and how proud they are of each other…seriously if you are able to make it to a show then go…don’t hesitate for even one minute…buy the tickets and go watch them be themselves (slightly rehearsed) on stage…I can truly promise it is worth every penny! If given the chance I would go see them again in a heartbeat! I know that at this very minute I could honestly die happy!