welcome to my blog beloved


// I bid you welcome to this blog specifically created for my beloved child Charlotte! 

After thinking it too much I decided a good way to develop the character in a better way would be through asks that could make me think of the situation. Though this blog is open to all public, have in mind that is NSFW friendly, so follow at your own risk! 
Of course, this doesn’t mean the whole blog is NSFW, but you  may find time to time some of it. The Keep Reading option will be when doing so. 

However, I’ll do my best to tag it properly so everyone can be happy. If that’s not enough, then I invite you to unfollow if you start to feel uncomfortable. What I want is the well-being of everybody!. 

My intention is to answer more of the asks with art, [And a FAQ will be created along.] but ones may be answered just pretty simple. In advance I apology for that!. Also requests are welcome! Arts memes too and everything that has to do with that. 

Oh! Almost forgot it, this blog also includes the BatIM version of Charlotte, so feel free to ask about it too.!  

Being this said, I declare this blog open! //

Heh, hello all you Karamatsu darlings. I am Karamatsu, and welcome to our humble ask blog. My beloved brothers and I have decided to study the arts, and are now taking questions regarding our newfound passions. A promotion would be greatly appreciated. Just keep in mind, my darlings…

  • This blog will contain BLMatsu. No nsfw, but if there is, mods will have it tagged.
  • There will be shitposting. And memes. Lots of shitposting.

Lefterstein here!
Hello there and welcome to this new blog!
This blog is wholeheartedly dedicated to my beloved OTP, ShinyaXAkane!

I’m so in love with this pair that there are overflowing amount of fanart ideas and sketches nowadays…..
Sure, I’d love to turn them all into fully colored digital art pieces but I just couldn’t keep up with the coloring and all…..

So I thought I’d just post these sketches for fun!

Please put up with me and my work from now on~