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  • Valjean: read any good books late-
  • Students de l'ABC: red? 😂 All I see is red & black ❤️🖤 every man will be a king 😈👑👑 drumbeat heartbeat grind don't stop 🥁🥁❤️💯no one cares ab ur lonely soul 🙁🙄😂RIP LaMarque 😢☝️🙏bottles down 🍻❌ suns out guns out ☀️🔫💪 vive la France‼️🇫🇷🇫🇷

You are allowed to like the movie over the stage production. 

You are allowed to walk in a theatre without knowledge of anything.

You are allowed to watch Les Mis, Wicked, Hamilton, or Phantom only and like musicals. 

You are allowed to not be character wannabes.

You are allowed to share the love of musicals without needing to know everything in it. 



We are holding another Les Miserables poetry competition.

What do you have to do?
Simply, write a poem, based on any topic, theme, character, anything, from Les Mis.

Sounds like something you’d be interested in? Great!
Even if you don’t consider yourself a poet, we’d still encourage you to join in, try something new and/or encourage other poets by liking/reblogging their work.

This time, to keep things interesting, we would like you to write a poem while incorporating some words. You can use either one or two or as many from the list of words given below. The idea is to use the word in your poem, either using the word as is, talking about it metaphorically or describing it, etc.

For example, if the word is garden, you can use the word in your poem, or talk about a metaphorical garden, or two characters having a conversation set in the garden. There is no limit to how you can play with this. We encourage you to be as creative with it as you like and more importantly, just to have fun.

The words are: garden, books, Paris, gamin, candlesticks, stars, duty, redemption and barricades.

Using the word(s) is optional but very much preferred; if you find you absolutely cannot write a poem with any of these words, that’s okay too, write on what you want.

Some rules to help you get started:

• Poems can be prose or rhymed, no special length is demanded but try to keep from writing something the length of the Brick.
• Both English and French language can be used in one poem.
• It has to be related to Les Mis and not fanfiction or headcanons.
• Quotations are accepted (ex. “this I swear by the stars”), but one per poem only, and please keep it short.
• One poem per participant only!
• Please be correct in your poems, no insults or foul language (though you can use argot if you want)
• You can send a poem you have already written if it follows all the rules above and if you haven’t posted it on Internet yet.
• Either send your poems or you can post them and tag this blog, or use the tag “let’s all be jehan for a while”

One last thing, there is no fixed date, as yet, for when the final deadline of the entries will be, that will depend on the interest and enthusiasm of the citizens of the Les Mis fandom.
So please, share this post, let everyone know and spread the word. If you have any more questions, feel free to send asks. And that’s it, really, start writing that poem, you’ve always wanted to write.

Have you ever wondered what Les Misérables would be like if Jean Valjean had a best friend/roommate named Robert? Have you ever mourned the lack of shirtless Marius scenes? Felt that there weren’t enough Romeo and Juliet references? Well, look no further, because this Saturday March 18, at 5 pm GMT, the Les Mis groupwatch is watching the 1952 Hollywood version of Les Miserables!

A remake of the 1935 Red Scare version, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to see a uniquely unintentionally hilarious take on the classic 19th century novel.

Runtime is about 1 hour 45 minutes, plus a brief intermission. Meeting place is the teamshoujocosette slack. FAQs, including how to join the slack group and download the movie, can be found here, and everyone is welcome!

Las 10 personas que pongan está imagen en su portada y escriban en su descripción “Welcome to Hell” les haré un dibujo(como en la portada de mi Blog)Para yo saber que lo hicieron reblogueen la palabra “Welcome to Hell” y yo les haré su dibujo

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R + e + crepes + vaguely awkward morning after??

Enjolras woke to the smell of something cooking, rolling over and blinking at the sunlight that poured through his window. His head is fuzzy, and there’s an ache in his jaw that is steadily growing as he becomes more conscious. He frowns, trying to think of who could possibly be cooking in his apartment when Combeferre moved out a week ago. Feuilly, maybe? Or possibly a less-than-malevolent robber? He attempts to leave his bed, but finds standing to be difficult, landing with a thump on his bed.

“Enjolras? Are you awake?” A low, distinctly familiar voice calls from the kitchen, and Enjolras is suddenly very awake. 

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Les Mis Group Watch Presents:  Les Mis in Space! 

R O G U E   O N E  


Are you interested in stories about ragtag groups of rebels fighting for Hope and Future and A World About To Dawn against a powerful imperialist dictatorship? (If not, what are you even doing in this fandom?)

Have you ever wanted to know what this “star war” is that everybody’s always talking about but don’t know where to start because there are way too many movies and you’re not sure if you’re ready to get invested in some silly 1970′s indie flic?

Then join us A Long Time Ago (next Saturday*) in A Galaxy Far Far Away (Slack**)!

Yes I know there has been Discourse about whether it’s actually Les Mis in space and I don’t care. For our purposes it is.

The essential stuff:

  • The date and time is Saturday April 29th at 4pm GMT
  • The movie’s length is 2h13min and there will be a short break in the middle
  • The meeting “place” is the group watch Slack team (Team Shoujo Cosette)
  • Contact me if you want to join in! And please do so before Saturday! You can reach us on Tumblr or by email: teamshoujocosette[at]mail.com

Group Watch FAQ is here if you have more questions (or you can just ask)


* time is relative 
** so is the internet

past idealist!grantaire

let me jsut talk abt this for a while

  • grantaire who led an insurrection years ago that went terribly and ended up w/ a lot of his friends dead/wounded
  • imagine past revolutionary!R having 2 leave a meeting a few days before an insurrection or s/t bc it;s all gettin 2 familiar
  • imagine enjolras following him out
  • imagine enj going thru old newspapers & articles & he sees a pic of young, bright-eyed grantaire giving a speech @ a rally or s/t and it takes reading the caption which names R for enj to recognise him bc he looks so different   like he;s young and clean shaven and so full of hope and shit bye
  • and enj reads on and there’s a photo of R after the thing went sour covered in blood bein taken into custody or s/t looking DEVASTATED and there;s like. a little list of names of members of that old group dead/wounded and enjolras is like oh god
  • past revolutionary grantaire offering surprisingly helpful advice while les amis are planning their insurrection bc he has experience lolmfao
  • past revolutionary grantaire who joined les amis bc he wanted to try and see if he could feel some semblance of that old hope again
  • past revolutionary grantaire who thinks he should’ve died at his own insurrection and can;t shake the survivors guilt bc he was their LEADER
  • enjolras who finds out who R used to be and remembers following the story so closely in the news and being so INSPIRED
  • enj who knew grantaire when he was still an idealist & is torn between sympathy and resentment bc he knows what grantaire can be
  • past idealist!grantaire who drowns out that part of himself that still believes in it all w/ wine 
  • enjolras telling grantaire that he’s “incapable of believing” and grantaire laughing harshly and saying “if only" 
  • "Grantaire was a man who took good care not to believe in anything.” let;s talk abt this brick quote