welcome to las vegas sign

The Signs As Famous Land Marks
  • Aries: the Golden Gate Bridge
  • Taurus: Space Needle (Seattle)
  • Gemini: Empire State Building
  • Cancer: Grand Canyon
  • Leo: Lady Liberty
  • Virgo: Central Park
  • Libra: The White House
  • Scorpio: "Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas" Sign
  • Sagittarius: Gateway Arch (Missouri)
  • Capricorn: Lincoln Memorial
  • Aquarius: Mount Rushmore
  • Pisces: Niagara Falls

Klondike Hotel. Las Vegas, 1990s. For about 30 years, sitting directly east of the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, the Klondike was the first casino one would see driving into Las Vegas from the south. It was demolished in 2006, with a Harley Davidson showroom built in its place in 2014.  Klondike was preceded by the Kona Kai Motel