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For what it is worth, while I agree that Jyn and Cassian's relationship certainly wasn't played as platonic by the end, I am pretty certain Official Lucasfilm Dude (tm) Pablo Hidalgo has said there was no romance in Rogue One. I think some people have very high criteria for what they consider romance - it takes either kissing or declarations of love to "count". It's not just a Star Wars thing, either - you see it in lots of fandoms.

Kathleen Kennedy said their relationship combines respect and skill and attraction, and she’s a loooot higher on the Official Lucasfilm scale than he is. And when Felicity Jones was asked about whether Jyn and Cassian’s relationship is friendship/romance/etc, she answered that it’s all of those things. I doubt anyone is paying more attention to Pablo than to Kathleen and Felicity.

Also, Pablo Hidalgo just answered “did Jyn and Cassian kiss in the elevator” with “that’s their business,” so he’s certainly not insisting it’s one way or the other.

Also-also, I don’t think the reviewers and other “IT’S VERY IMPORTANT THAT IT’S PLATONIC” types are paying the slightest attention to anything outside the movie itself (and fairly so). Say, my friend who started this whole conversation has not the slightest awareness of Pablo’s existence, and probably not Kathleen’s either.

ETA: The other thing I always find bemusing about “only romance if they kiss” is that it leaves us at a place where Jyn/Cassian isn’t romantic and Luke/Leia is. So. You know.

If you’re working class, these public spaces won’t welcome you | Kathleen Kerridge
As I’ve found, the Musée d’Orsay in Paris is far from the only space to discriminate against people from poorer backgrounds
By Kathleen Kerridge

This shite goes right throughout british society. If you look poor, if you have a sports direct bag, tracky bottoms etc then you’ll be targetted by security. But then if you open your mouth and you sound well spoken, eloquent, they’ll think you’re a posh div trying to look poor or some upper class eccentric - and you’ll be left alone. This shite is a feature of capitalist societies but for me its worse in britain than anywhere else. Here its super nuanced and super intense, and it’s learned from birth.