welcome to hell animation



A month ago I found on YouTube amazing animation called, “Welcome to Hell”. Since then, my life completely changed. Thank you Erica Wester! And thank you, accident!
Yes. That’s Maxwell, but I’m still not good at drawing like this. He’s in Jon’s hoodie, what also isn’t made very well. But I think…that’s cute? “Wait…that was terrible”…

Fanfic: Pillow Massacre

first fanfic!

Warning: This started out cute when I was writing it, but for some reason it’s impossible for me to not make a fic with at least a little angst. Whoops xD

Fandom: W2H
Pairing: Sockathan (Sock and Jonathan)
Rating: Since the film itself is already dark, I guess T? nothing even close to nsfw in this though

Characters belong to real-faker / welcometohellfilm
credit also goes to finlinc who I made sockathan trash and who gave me a few other adorable fic ideas ;w;

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