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Hobi: Ahh coming, coming! ~

Hobi: Ah hey Chim Chim, what’s up?

Hobi: Eh handsome guy you say? Coming my wa–

Hobi: — ?

Both: !!!!!!!!!

Hobi: !!! HOLY SHIT – hey dude I gotta go – CALL YOU BACK LATER!!!!!!! *abruptly hangs up*


JOOaaannn FAbriccsss
WTNV - Well of Night
JOOaaannn FAbriccsss

okay but this scene was so perfect it aged me back like five years

Trini and Kimberly sneak into a movie theater (because they’re power rangers why not?) and they find it full of children watching Moana. Trini complains about how it’s not some horror or action movie and Kim some how convinces Trini to stay and watches it.

For the next month Trini and Kim are constantly singing “How Far I’ll Go” and Billy is so confused and constantly asking Jason, “Where are they going? Why do they keep talking about leaving??”

Eventually, Trini and Kim watch Moana with Billy and they’re all obsessed with the soundtrack.

Jeffree Star Apology Video Synposis

2 minutes saying racism is bad

7 minutes of tragic childhood backstory

2 minutes of talking about “the world needs to change” and “ it’s hard being different”

4 minutes of repeating the previous 11 minutes and mentioning tea on other stars


A Richonne Ranking: 40 Moments
[18] One Bullet – Clear, 3x12

I feel like I’ve referenced Clear so much already, so let’s finally get into it. This pivotal episode serves to dismantle Rick and Carl’s early misconceptions about my girl Michonne and transform the fam from reluctant allies to EndlessLove.mp3. It also continues that strong stare game they got going on, with a terse exchange that sizzles with sexual tension. (This is absolutely what I came for.)

A lot of what makes this partnership work is that Michonne never puts Rick on the defensive; there’s trust and respect, even at times where Rick seems to expect a hard time (see also: Welcome To The Tombs, Conquer). Here, that magic shows itself when Rick is in a bit of a huff about the acquisition of guns not going to plan and starts preempting criticism from Michonne. Calmly and incredibly softly, Michonne replies, “No, Rick, I don’t have a problem.” She then hands over the one bullet she did find, leaving Rick lost for words aaaaand maybe a bit turned on – who can really say?

The chemistry as Michonne delivers her line and hands over that flirt bullet is FIRE EMOJI FIRE EMOJI FIRE EMOJI. Y'all make a dragon wanna retire, man. Carl’s too young to be exposed to this adult content, but I guess he’s had to grow up fast in the apocalypse. I have never seen instantaneous unresolved sexual tension like it in my 24 years on this earth. If you watch reeeeally carefully, you can see the exact moment that their hook-up became a dead cert.

  • Danai: It was an ill-devised plan. Michonne does not call him out for this, but he kind of thinks she does. She hands him the one bullet she did find and he snaps at her, and her response is, you know, “I don’t have a problem with that.” It was so funny when we shot it, the crew all looked over to Mr Gimple and they were like, “Are Rick and Michonne gonna get together?!” and I was like, “Huh?” I don’t know what it was, but at that moment it made sense to me because she has to deeply respect the man she opens up to and she was already developing such a respect for him. She could see he was a good man burdened with leadership, versus he needed leadership to feel like a man. There was something about that realization of seeing him like that, seeing his brokenness and his pain and things that she could connect to that were making her put down her mess and open up more.
My Anchor - Bucky Barnes x Reader

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A/N: So this is just an idea that crossed my mind. I’m not really proud of it but I just wanted to write something. So here it is. I also hope it is okay to tag some of my favorite Blogs in this imagine. If you don’t like being tagged please tell me, then I will remove you again.

A soft knock on my door was what woke me up this morning. I tiredly rubbed the sleep out of my eyes with my left hand.

“Come in”, I called through my apartment in the STARK Tower. I wouldn’t call it my home yet, because I’ve been here barely six month and it still felt strange sometimes.

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Autobot behavior?


Adhesive I just had the cutest idea
Okay so this started cause I was seeing posts on alot of decepticon behavior and their comparisons to packs and lion prides and im just

Why isn’t there alot of posts on Autobot behaviors?
So I was like if Deceptiocns are more like predators that act like cats/big cats/Dogs/wolves  wouldn’t authors technically act more like large preys/predators? Instead of packs they have herds or pods?
 Like Whales, and elephants?
I just had this thought of Autobots in the washracks and all the youngest are acting like little kids and spitting cleanser or throwing suds in water. Bath time is social time for all members who had finished their shift. The autobots have a huge communal bath and showers and often help each other clean and tidy up.

Autobots get this reputation of being prude, strict, and distant emotionally from each other but that’s cause decepticons and quite a bit of neutrals actually don’t realize they tend organize socializing so they can they maximum amount of time to be with each other. They also know when to break off into smaller groups for higher survival.

They tend to make cohort groups or bond groups(think like the Rod Squad in this case) that often will go thick or thin with eachother and have developed to knowing other wuoelrks inside jokes ect. The autobots are mostly made up of these bond group and when they come together is almost like a family clan. Bonds group tend to like to integrate new comers and when new comers join this helps build bridges and bonds with other bond groups. (Nautica for example and Velocity ended joining Rodimus bond group and end up binding two smaller bond groups the scientists and medics to Rodimus command group).

But their is also Autobots who don’t have a particular bond group so they hover around others(Trailbreaker and Pipes). Their more like Bull males and tend to be more solitary or join other bull males(Getaway, Atomizer, Blaster). Or the wreckers who members tend to change often.

All Autobot leaders are like closer to a matriarchy Elephants. When the leader is dead or too tired to continue the eldest daughter will lead(Bumblebee leading Cybertron after Optimus left). Autobots leader have this innate need to care and look after others and will often make big groups that can have smaller bonds groups made.(Rodimus and the lost light plus its many cliques)

It’s very typical for much older and wiser mechs to guide younger inexperienced ones. As older ones tend to be effective descions makers.(Ratchet, Magnus, Rung) and also keep younger ones in lime because their cut through the bullshit attitudes tend to tamper their more aggressiveand hothead behaviors. (Tho this doesn’t always work)

Autobots have a very hard time welcoming Decepticons because of this Big Prey vs Predator relationship. Deceptions won’t typically go after the older mature  Autobots  (the big developed prey) and instead the go for younger weaker bots (the less developed inexperienced prey) cause like big cats it’s much easier.

Newsparks and new Autobots tend to be the center of attention for a while often sticking close to the Autobots who brought them in. This usually lasts until everyone finds a new rhythm with the new addition.

Touch is a big thing, but it more subtle then cuddle piles and hugs. They tend to be more private about affection like hugs and cuddling but more open about hand holding, shoulder bumping and shoulder touching.

And that’s all i got right now.

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Hey! Love your blog! Can you do a dom Vernon headcannon thing? Like in the bullet-point format please??

This boy is one of the biggest sweethearts I can’t imagine him being a dom but I feel like he’s really kinky so he would want to try! I’ll try my best with this I really hope you like it! Requests are open so please send in your requests! Everything is welcomed!!

~ He’ll try really hard to be dominate but then there will be times he just ends up looking really cute and innocent.

~ When he tries and is in the mood this boy will dominate you he will own you.

~ He would definitely be into role play but mostly like like CEO - secretary kind of stuff

~ He would be kinky to a certain point nothing too extreme and only if you were okay with you

~ He would definitely be into tying you up. He loved seeing you vulnerable and the way you would squirm at his touch

~ There’s just something about you not having any control over your body that turns him on

~ Like when he kisses your breast and you try to adjust yourself by moving around just makes him harder.

~ Every time you moved his would hold your body still between your legs and this would drive you insane

~ When you’re all tied up and under his control he would be a massive tease

~ He would love the way your eyes stared at him while he gave soft kitten like licks on your slippery folds

~ He would love it when you begged and almost give in immediately because this boy is still a big softie

~ But when he’s really in the mood you’ll be like Omg who is this and what have you done with my cute fluffy hansol

~ But then again you love it when he takes control and just teases each and every part of your body with his tongue

~ He would love it when you called him daddy while begging like you’ll say something like “oh please daddy fuck me already” before you even finished he’ll be thrusting his member into you

~ But I guess most times this boy will be the biggest sweetheart in bed but sometimes daddy vernon will make an appearance and you’ll enjoy every moment. It’s like being in a relationship with two people.

~ But something that will never change is the cuddles. You’ll always fall asleep in his arms and you couldn’t imagine anything better than that

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I really hope you guys like this. Once again I apologise for this taking so long. We will slowly work through all the requests we have so keep sending yours in. We also have a master list we will update regularly as we post! Thank you so much guys!

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Hey! I don't know much about Luciferianism and I was wondering, is there a difference for you between Lucifer and Satan? Satan in the Christian sense being the embodiment of evil, how do your views of Lucifer differ? Obviously you don't see Lucifer as the embodiment of evil, and the distinction makes me curious. How do you seperate Lucifer from the Christian norm? (Personally "Satan" has always been more metaphorical to me, and they feel like seperate entities) I mean this respectfully ofc.

Hey! Don’t worry, honest questions with good intentions are always welcome. I have a hard time articulating my meaning at times, so please excuse me if I’m a bit all over the place. Keep in mind that these are my specific beliefs that other Luciferians may not agree with me entirely, and that’s okay. Luciferianism has no book or scripture of religious law. We all figure this out for ourselves.

In my religion Satan does not mean “embodiment of evil” the way it does to Christians. To me, Satan is a title for a demonic entity that acts as an adversary. That adversary can be an enemy, or it can be a rival, or it can be someone that trains you. It has no moral attachment. Using it the way people use Satan as a metaphor is still fitting though, but it forces you to change your perspective. Your midterms being “literally Satan” no longer means “My class work is out to get me,” but instead “My class work is going to challenge me,”. People who are difficult to deal with are no longer just difficult people, they are a chance to test yourself against their bullshit and find new ways to overcome it. It’s a religion that changes your entire perspective on the things we assign morality to.

As for how I separate him from the Christian norm, I never had an issue with that. I wasn’t raised a Christian, in fact my parents kind of hate Christianity and religion in general. I never had any issues with viewing Lucifer, either as an angel or the devil, as a sympathetic figure. I never believed in him as a torturer of men or embodiment of evil to begin with.

Who Lucifer is to me, is a complicated and multi-faceted being that I ultimately believe is good and has humanity’s best interests in mind. Keep in mind that much of what I’m about to say stems from myth and is meant metaphorically.

He is The Light Bringer who teaches critical thinking for one’s self and encourages us to learn. The apple from Eden was the knowledge of good and evil. Lucifer told humanity to eat it because he saw that we wanted so much more than to be slaves in a perfect and boring garden for some higher power’s amusement. Once we had critical thinking, it was less so that we were banished and more so that no gate could possibly keep us contained anymore.

He is also The Rebel, who teaches us that we should have no gods and no masters, that we are meant to be free and that freedom is worth sacrifice. No gods includes Lucifer himself: Luciferians are not supposed to worship Lucifer. Some of us do so anyway, because what does the command “Do not worship me” mean coming from a being that delights in rebellion? This shows also that Lucifer cares little for rigid rules and prefers flexibility and cleverness. Worship should usually be avoided for our own sake, but if worshiping Lucifer helps us improve ourselves rather than distracting us, then it is acceptable.

He is also Satan, an adversary that challenges us but never pushes us past our true limits. Being free means we need the ability to take care of ourselves because part of what makes the world beautiful is the fact that living is not easy. Satan challenges us through life so that we have the strength within ourselves to keep following our dreams, no matter what stands in our way.

He is also Azazel, the one who is culled. He sacrificed his place as one of the highest angels in heaven to give humanity a chance at choosing our own fate. He willingly fell from heaven down into the pits of hell, and it is a long way down. He is not just a martyr in this respect. The fall was not the end of him. When he was banished to eternal flames, rather than dwell on his suffering, he turned his inextinguishable fire into a throne. He took all his demons and he made it his army. That is what hell is to me: going through stress so great that it changes you, and being given the choice whether it will change you for the worse or for the better. Lucifer is a role model for the downtrodden and abused. He teaches us through example how we can rule our history rather than being consumed by it.

Outside of all those fancy titles, to many he is like a sort of spiritual mentor or friend. Many refer to him as Father Satan for a reason. At his core, I believe he is a divine being with a heart of gold buried beneath a rough exterior. He teaches us that we should never be ashamed unless we have acted against our own self-interest or the well-being of humanity. He treats us as equals and meets us eye to eye. He may look scary in some aspects, but that is only because he refuses to reject the darker parts of himself. He is honest, proud, driven, encouraging, and highly empathetic. He will test his followers, and he will be there to bring them comfort when the tests are over and it is time to rest and reflect. There is no doubt in my mind that Lucifer cares deeply about me specifically, and all humans.

I hope this helps you understand my beliefs a bit more. If you want to know more or need clarification, you’re always welcome to ask.

Lol when you tell @redgyeomie that you just introduced someone to GOT7 & they’re having trouble picking a bias. 😂😂

welcome to the GOT7 dark side, girl. 😏

You Gotta Be Shittin Me, Right?

Daryl x Reader Smut Warning! 18+ Only! NSFW

Request: Hey, idk if this has been requested but I watched a behind the scenes thing for TWD and the director was talking about Daryl’s sexual situation and he said he thought he was a virgin bc he felt he wasn’t the type of person to get close enough w someone to have sex w them so if u have the time could u please write a smut where it’s Daryl’s first time and the reader takes his virginity and he’s like shy and nervous bc he doesn’t wanna be bad at it?

Summary: I really loved this idea. Can you imagine? Daryl is a virgin and the reader takes his virginity. Season 3. Prison. This one got long, enjoy!


You looked over and watched the man that was the center of all your thoughts since you had joined Rick’s group at the prison. You watched as Daryl’s strong arms pierced a steel rod swiftly through the chain linked fence and connect with walker face, on the other side. You stare at his determined clenched jaw and his eyes focused straight ahead at the task in front of him. He heaved his body back and then forth again, piercing another. You watched him as he worked in the steaming heat, although it never seemed to slow you him down, he was hard working man.

You had had feelings for Daryl since nearly the minute you had arrived at the prison. You had been rescued from some walkers by Maggie and Glenn and taken in to the prison. You had only been here for a few weeks, but you had wasted no time at all getting to know people. Maggie and Glenn made sure to introduce you around to everyone and always invited you to eat with them and the others. You were used to being a loner, but you thought it was nice that they tried to include you.

Every meal the entire group would gather around a large table in the middle of the cell block. They would all laugh and talk merrily with eachother, Maggie had told her that things had become peaceful for the group again after setting up the prison encampment. It had been a long time since any of them had a chance to relax a little and call a place home again. You had never had much of a home even in the old world, you were orphaned as a young girl and spent most of your life in the foster care system. You learned real young how to protect yourself, you had had to.

You look back over at Daryl working the fence and rub your neck, peering at the man questioningly. You had been here nearly two weeks and the man had barely said a word to anyone, he worked his ass off and was one of the most respected from what you had gathered, you wondered why he was so silent. You wondered if he had had a similar life, you had known kids who simply, “shut off,” after being in the system so long. He seemed like such a good guy and in this world that was rare. You smile a little to yourself, taking him in and letting your eyes wander gratuitously up and down his gorgeous frame. He was so damn beautiful to look at, you thought as you bite your lip and roam his unsuspecting body.

“I wouldn’t go workin’ too hard on that crush of yours, Y/N.”

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