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Fuck man you’ve got /game/

Oh don’t get me started.

It’s something I call “Senpai Syndrome”; It started as a joke, and then it ended up being a legit thing I kept referencing to.


I have 2 actual exes; One I still talk to and is pretty cool of a cat who I dated for a basically year and a couple of months, I just felt like I wasn’t giving them as much love as they deserved and broke it off… This was also at fault of my second ex, who kind had this nice act for a long while who kind of shifted my thinking of being worried to completely uncomfortable around them.

My second ex… they were a manipulative bitch. They were nice to start, and I never noticed anything wrong until the end of our relationship where they did a complete 180, threatened to and ended up exposing my private information to someone online that I didn’t even know and ruin my life if I didn’t “do them a favor”. They pushed this behavior off as DID, formally known as MPD, and that’s only because I suggested it to them before, as it wasn’t the first time it occurred… They’ve tried to apologize for their behavior about 4 times now, and I refuse to let them back into my life. My theory of their manipulation technique is gaslighting; if you’re curious, look it up for yourself…

As for other people I’ve been “paired” with, we obviously have @rude-gema , aka. Dami. An anon shipped us when I was still on @/behind-ask-snapai , and it was still called snapped-taro-and-admin, as well as Dami was still making YanSim content on @/annoyedlord. It was very interesting, as well as embarrassing, for me, as Dami at the time I wasn’t that casual with as I am now, so interacting with him back then was like talking to a celebrity of some kind.

I’ve also had my interesting interactions on Yandere Simulator Amino; I’m not going to be specific, but there is at least two members on there who’ve interacted with me and I’ve jokingly been “shipped” with. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was more… like with some people I actually don’t like.

There’s also an old friend of mine who I was jokingly shipped with that was friends with my bitch ex; He was actually pretty cool, but he became a jerk at the same time the bitch ex did, which doesn’t shock me one bit.

My actual partner in all this madness is @sorasosukeisatransicon , aka. Ren. We’ve known each other for 4 years now, and we actually met in a Chatroom website called Chatzy. Our relationship has only grown and grown, and we’ve only just started being in a relationship.

So… If this is considered “having game”, then yes, I have game. Most of it is unintentional and I don’t even mean to have occur.

To everyone who hasn’t met Taylor yet… I know you’re happy for them who did but you’re also sad that you didn’t! And that’s ok. Your time will come! I mean if Taylor weren’t Taylor, she would have you pay an insane amount of money to get a picture with a fake smile in a hurry.

Instead she welcomes you into her world as if you were a dear friend or family member. She hugs you tight, she is genuinely happy to meet you, she remembers your name, gives you words of support and has a chat with you! There is even the possibility that you get invited to her home or that you hear her new songs before anyone else, she wants the unfiltered connection to her fans and next time, you could be on the receiving end! Remember that. Taylor wants everyone of you as happy as you want her to be!! She loves You and wants to meet You!!