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I keep hearing that there is a artist of the year voting for kpop on twitter but no one will answer my questions. I've just recently gotten into bts, after watching them live in the American music awards, so I'm just trying to understand everything haha. If I can help I'd like to vote if its allowed in the States? They were amazing! My family and I are big fans now!

We are voting for BTS at MAMA. Find everything you need to know HERE
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This is a masterlist of BTS’ latest comeback if you want to catch up a bit HERE^^

uhm imagine lance coming up behind shiro and hugging him, shiro places his arms around lance’s and won’t let him move away, so they walk around the house like that until one of them needs their hands

they do this in public sometimes and their friends can hear them coming from a mile away because of how loud lance is laughing

For 20 days now refugees on the Australian government’s Manus Island detention centre have been denied access to Food, Water, Medicine & Electricity.

For more info:

‘The situation is critical’: cholera fears on Manus as water and medicine run out

#SosManus / #SanctionAustralia