welcome to amity park

 Here you have Radio Host Phantom and his intern Dani (…or her double Elle. We just aren’t quite sure.) on a break enjoying a beverage provided my StrexCorp…Welcome to Amity Park. 

something i did while procrastinating actual work. ever since last summer where the Welcome to Amity Park AU showed up in the tag briefly i’ve been meaning to draw it. and here it is. 

Welcome to Amity Park 03: “Space-Ghosts”

Decided to dust off this old WIP because Phanniemay’s ‘Amity Park’ Day is the perfect opportunity (Part 01) (Part 02)

Tonight, we will lie awake in our beds, ears full of our howling Departed and weigh quiet nonexistence against the horror of life after death. 

Welcome to Amity Park.

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Welcome to Amity Park 02: "Mystery"

Seek the Truth blindfolded. Feel for it with reaching hands, grasp the shape of its life-changing revelation, carefully cradle it, then lock it away in a hazardous waste container to be buried under concrete and sanctified grave-dirt so it can never hurt anyone ever again.

Welcome to Amity Park

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