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because he be trash

headcanons that victor often call his mother at 3 am for advice
  • when victor nikiforov is 25 years old, he realizes he is quite alone
    • he calls his mama at 3 am to vent about this loneliness thing
    • mama niki who is working late on her painting picks up
    • and the first thing she hears is vic niki whining
    • mama niki hangs up, he calls her again, she picks up
    • ‘mama, i am losing inspiration and i am lonely‘
    • ‘get yourself a muse to spark inspiration‘
    • ‘where do i get myself a muse?‘
    • mama niki hangs up, he calls her again, she picks up
    • ‘mama, are you saying i should be in a relationship?‘
    • ‘it’s one of the options, but it’s not necessarily a person‘
    • ‘but who is going to date the victor nikiforov, russian ice prince?‘
    • mama niki hangs up
  • when victor nikiforov is 27 years old, he falls in love
    • he calls his mama at 3 am to tell her of this exciting development
    • mama niki who is washing dishes at 3 am picks up
    • and the first thing she hears is vic niki crying
    • ‘what’s wrong, my vitya?‘
    • normally mama niki would hang up
    • ‘why are you crying, my vitya?‘
    • ‘he’s gone, mama’
    • ‘he disappeared into the thin air‘
    • mama niki hangs up, he calls her again, she picks up
    • ‘mama, this is important‘
    • ‘we’ll talk about this when you come home‘
    • ‘why can’t we talk through the phone like usual?‘
    • mama niki hangs up, he calls her again, she picks up
    • ‘ok, ok, we’ll talk at home‘
    • ‘i love you so much, my mama‘
    • ‘i love you too, my precious vitya‘
  • when victor nikiforov is 30 years old, he’s getting married
    • he calls his mama at 3 am to inform her of his wedding plans
    • mama niki who is arranging victor’s photo albums picks up
    • and the first thing she hears is vic niki’s calm voice
    • ‘mama, i want to bring yuuri to come visit‘
    • ‘i have already met his parents in japan‘
    • ‘so i want to bring him to meet mine‘
    • ‘will it be ok if i bring him?’
    • mama niki pauses
    • ‘when do you wish to bring him here?‘
    • ‘next week, on sunday, perhaps?‘
    • ‘ok, do you need anything?‘
    • vic niki pauses
    • ‘mama, i am going to tell him‘
    • ‘tell him about what?‘
    • ‘about us‘
    • ‘me‘
    • mama niki pauses
    • ‘are you sure?‘
    • ‘it hurts, but i want yuuri to know everything‘
    • ‘i will tell him everything that he should know‘
    • ‘when he comes, you can talk to him about it‘
  • when victor nikiforov is 32 years old, he welcomes a baby
    • he calls his mama at 3 am to ask how to stop a baby’s crying
    • mama niki who is folding baby clothes picks up
    • ‘perhaps she’s hungry?‘
    • ‘we already fed her‘
    • ‘she soiled her diaper?’
    • ‘we already changed it‘
    • ‘she’s sleepy?’
    • ‘we already sang a lullaby‘
    • ‘she has gas?‘
    • ‘how does one get rid of gas?‘
    • mama niki tells him how
    • ‘i don’t think it’s working‘
    • ‘we’re going to your house‘
    • ‘yuuri, let’s pack up and go!‘
    • mama niki panics
    • 'w-wait, vitya! don’t be hasty! it’s only 3 am!’
    • ‘i think it’s better if you take a look at her!‘
    • ‘we will see you soon, bye, mama!‘
    • he hangs up
    • ‘vitya? vitya!‘


Questions and prompts for all school idol managers! Whether you want to use this as an ask box game, art challenge, or anything else, go ahead! This mainly focuses on elements from the SIF game (especially in terms of N rank girls), but I hope all sorts of fans are able to enjoy it. 

Reposts are welcome as long as I am credited in the caption <3 Have fun! Mascots Mari and Kanan are cheering you on!

See Them Buried

Clarissa Reynolds was the best seamstress in Amestris.

By legend, she could spend five minutes sizing a soldier up with her eyes, and churn out a perfectly fitting uniform for him in two days flat. The “five minutes” was untrue, and the “by sight” was a bit of an exaggeration, and “two days” was sometimes three or four—but all those aside, Clarissa’s work was perfect, and there was no room to argue that.

Clarissa was 42 now, with wrinkles around her chocolate eyes and corkscrewing hair that had grayed prematurely. With 20 years of professional practice under her belt, she’d made more than a name for herself among the Central military personnel. She was specifically picked for special people, or for problem cases, when they arose. She’d sewed every bit of Major Alex Armstrong’s uniform, whose proportions had left his first seamstress rather white in the face and overwhelmed.

Clarissa had personally been tasked with crafting the Fuhrer’s uniform. The other seamstresses held this as a point of admiration in Clarissa, as well as an inside jest. Clarissa was the only one of them to ever “work with” the Fuhrer, which was subtle phrasing to mean Clarissa was the only one among them who’d seen the Fuhrer stripped to his underwear. They asked how it was “working with” him, and Clarissa told them that Mrs. Bradley would perhaps not like this information to go public. She had no real desire to discuss the Fuhrer in his underwear—he’d been perfectly courteous and pleasant while being measured, which made him one of Clarissa’s more enjoyable jobs.

Her work followed her home, where she had two full rooms dedicated to her craft. She padded mannequins to match the proportions of current clients, and she worked late into the night fitting different folds of cloth over the dummies, over and over, until she found a pattern which fell just right. Her 14 year old daughter Violet liked to hang in the periphery and observe; her 12 year old son Conner liked to sit on a favorite step stool, swinging his legs and commenting on which orientations of navy blue fabric looked the most “bad ass”. He also reminded her to take the pins out of her hair every night when she left the room, a task she’d given him after pricking her husband a few dozen times too many in bed.

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Don’t Deserve You

gif is not mine

Title: Don’t Deserve You

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,255

Warnings: angst, fluff

A/N: This was not requested, but I felt the inspiration to write this fic from THIS song! I hope you all enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3 I am EXTREMELY proud of this one.

Dean Winchester was the first face you saw when air found its way back into your lungs.  He was the one who saved you; he was the reason you were alive.  It was the day your father took his own life.  He set the garage on fire.  Dean was the one who pulled you out of the garage.  Ever since that day, your bond with Dean changed.  It was much stronger.  Sometimes you felt like you didn’t deserve Dean, even though you couldn’t imagine life without him.

There were countless times where Dean had been there for you.  When you were falling apart, Dean was always there to help you.  He was always there, without question.  Even when you tried to fight it, he never let you down.

Dean grabbed your arm as flames engulfed half of the room.  “[Y/N] come on,” Dean shouted in desperation.  “We gotta get out of here!”  

“Dean I can’t leave my mom,” you cried, your eyes glued to the fiery ceiling.  “She’s the only family I have left.”

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anonymous asked:

What even was this day?

Anon, I don’t even know.   But what I know. If people aren’t questioning everything right now, they truly are just ignoring what is being laid before them.

Chris never saw AVPM?  Really Chris? Because we have pulled up how many gifs and written articles saying the exact opposite?

Ben is up at 3 AM to welcome home beardy?  Yes, because platonic roommies.

Followed up by Benjamia driving around LA and singing.  Yes, platonic roommies again.

Chris did not “hook up” with anyone on Glee.  Maybe this is technically correct as they were a couple?

Chris kind of sort of keeps in touch with darren? I mean sure, the fact that they live together, sleep together, own animals together. Kind of sort of?  I guess Chris and I have a different meaning for that phrase.

Chris’ circle was Ashley and Amber on set.  I mean that’s cute and all but he does remember that Ashley was really only on Glee for one season?

Meanwhile Darren was still in NYC after his “lady” departed. Caught on his phone, being called a Lonely Boy, no doubt sexting no I mean texting Chris.

And this is just today. And its only 7:58 EST.


So I just realised I had never posted my (and others) pictures of my Scoutmaster Earl Harlan cosplay from the May 19th Welcome to Night Vale live show in Northampton, MA!

I had an amazing time seeing the performance, hanging out with one of my coworker bros, and meeting fellow fans.

Full cosplay photo belongs to sorida777

Earl Harlan headcannon belongs to videntefernandez