welcome to 1973

Welcome Home | 1973 | Nicolet


After nine months of pregnancy, Violet and Nick were finally able to meet their son. Matthew. They had to stay in hospital a few days to make sure everything was okay both with Matt and Violet. And had been visited by every member of the family, Both of their parents had hardly left them, it seemed like there was always at least one Ogden or McKinnon in the room with them. Which Violet didn’t complain about, she was both extremely excited, and terrified to be a Mum. So she was asking advice from anyone who had something to share.

Finally it had been time to leave the hospital, and although Violet knew the floo was safe, she had still been extremely worried about taking Matt through it, shielding his face as she stepped inside, holding him close and standing as close as she could next to Nick. “Lets go home, shall we, Dad?” she smiled when she called him Dad, pressing a kiss to his lips.