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“I assume I have you to thank for my dinner?”
“You’re very perceptive.”
“Well, I would know. I was the first one to send a message via pizza.”
“Right. ‘Sorry I’m such an asshole’, as I recall.”
“Keen memory. I have a couple of questions, though.”
“First of all, how did you know I like olives on my pizza?”
“Lucky guess.”
“Fair enough. More importantly…what exactly makes me a coward?”
“…If you have to ask, you really don’t know yourself at all, do you?”

some of my headcanons about sirius black (✿◠‿◠)

- okay so this one technically isn’t mine i guess because i saw someone else post it i forget who but it’s that sirius is multilingual and i fell in love with it like can you imagine him fluently speaking italian out of no where or yelling in french when he gets mad just omg i could go on and on about this

- definitely played quidditch like idk i just can’t picture a sirius black that didn’t play quidditch

- had really pretty handwriting like i’m talking cursive, neat af, perfect loops, like it was remarkable and it bothered him so much but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t help it

- sirius played the piano!!! and he was amazing!!!! from a young age he had lessons, and though he would never admit it he secretly loved it. like he could sit there for hours and just play. anyone who knew about it could tell you how beautiful it was and how lucky you were if you got to listen to him play

- okay so every year sirius had a huuuuuuuge birthday celebration like it was the party of the year. the professors eventually started to give up on attempting to shut them down because they were so insane like there was nothing getting in the way of these parties. harry was probably conceived at sirius’ 20th birthday bash. (the dates make sense just think about it)

- sirius loved muggle music. he originally only listened to it to piss off his parents but he grew to really love it, like waaaaay more than music in the wizard world. like can you imagine how many rolling stones and beatles records he had. and then when he moved in with james the collection just grew bigger and rock was basically blasting from the house 114% of the time. he also had a bunch of band tees too. actually now that i think about it they probably got high listening to the grateful dead all the time.

- pretty sure this is already a given but i feel like i gotta include that his hair was something completely out of this world like it’s indescribably amazing


- sirius got top marks in school without even trying. he was just extremely intelligent but in the most nonchalant and un expecting way. like he wouldn’t be paying attention in class because he was thinking about his supply on dungbombs or some shit and the professor would call him out asking him about the lesson expecting him to be like “idk” but he would answer perfectly and no matter how hard they tried they couldn’t one up him. like they tried so hard to catch him off guard but never succeeded

- definitely the first person to realize that lily liked james. like he realized before lily even did. and he pestered her endlessly until he got her to admit it not only to him, but to herself. he&remus played a huge role in their getting together. it took a lot of hard work, time, patience, and bull shitting but it happened.

- and sometimes, whether he liked to admit it or not, he was human and underneath his cool flawless exterior he was cold, he was hurt, he was damaged. he may be funny, smart, and a damn great friend but he could get snappy, angry, and lash out. because as much as we like to dance around it, he is scarred from his childhood. him and his brother had no relationship whatsoever and it broke his heart. he watched regulus get corrupted little by little, and he dealt with his family hating him. there were nights where he would just stay awake all night, and days where he would seclude himself from his friends because sometimes it was a lot to handle AND THIS POST IS BECOMING REALLY SAD REALLY FAST SO IM JUST GONNA STOP NOW BECAUSE I COULD GO ONNNNNNNN AND ONNNNNNN ABOUT SIRIUS BLACK OKAY I LOVE SIRIUS BLACK