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Only 30 spots left for the November WELCOME TO WONDERLAND box! Get in now to have your box dispatched on Monday! We can wait to see you all reading this book 😊

Did you get a GEMINA box? What did you think of the new design for the special box? 📸by @commasandampersands 😍

Ey everybody! Welcome the.. Wednesday, November 9th 2016 NLSS, I kind of wanted to just take a moment to address the elephant in the room. Obviously we’re coming off some pretty monumental news that has left people pretty divided. The truth is, we won’t know HOW this news fully affects us until 4 years from now until the results are clear.

Although not everyone is excited that SEGA has purchased the rights to produce a game based on the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, all we can do now is remind ourselves that we’re all humans, and remember that we must all share the digital version of the next iteration of the Summer Olympics.

Thank you and welcome to the show.

—  What an Opening.