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In celebration of (nearly) reaching 4,000 FOLLOWERS (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧, I updated my FOLLOW FOREVER! I only included Animal Crossing blogs, so if you want a complete list of blogs that I follow, check out my blogroll.

All of these guys are rad and deserve a follow! If you’re not on this list and you’d like me to check out your Animal Crossing blog, leave me a reply.

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Why did this moment happen and why did i decide to gif it

My Peaches

Sorry I wasn’t able to post today, tomorrow I will be on for a short while and hopefully I’ll get some things up for y'all. I have a few cute one shots up my sleeve.
But than I’ll be setting up my new phone and probably//hopefully doing some writing, if I can get all my music downloaded again quickly. Hope y'all had a good day and thank you to all my new followers, don’t be shy to talk to me either I don’t bite I promise!

Welcome New Followers!

So the past week (two weeks?) or so, I’ve gotten some new followers. I’m 99% sure it mostly has to do with Bughead :P 

So this is my “Welcome to my blog!” and my “I’m a weird person sorry for the ramblyness!” post. 

Quick intro. I’m Kiki. I’m a 24 year old museum studies grad student about to gradute so i’m frantically looking for a job (eep). What you’ll find here is a mixed grab bag of fandom, feminism, fandom, poetry, fandom, museum related things, baby animals and did I mention fandom stuff? 

My life has been pretty much consumed by Riverdale lately but you’ll also see me flail about Veronica Mars, Arrow, Sailor Moon, and lots and lots and lots of other fandoms. My ask box is ALWAYS open and I love talking to people so don’t feel too shy to leave me a message! (I say this even though I’m always too shy to reach out to other blogs even though i want to talk to them) :P 

Have a happy welcome from me!

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Welcome New Followers!

So recently I’ve gotten a number of new followers so I figured it was time that I make a little welcome and about me/this blog!


Y’all can call me Ceranna (Cap’n or Cap is totally ok too :D). I am 26/f/USA, and work full time as an engineer.  


I tend to post mainly Dragon Age related things, but will throw in some Mass Effect, Fallout 4, Destiny, personal ramblings, positivity posts, and art references.  I occasionally reblog some nsfw stuff, but will try to tag appropriately!  

My art tag is here.  I draw mostly Dragon Age (I’m obsessed!) but my fandoms have been growing haha. 

I very very rarely write anything, but if you are interested, you can check my stuff out on AO3.  

Please feel free to leave replies or send me an ask if you have any questions or just want to talk! I love talking about shared interests, OC’s, and just goofing around. 

my game kinda look like this to me now …..

and oh wow I’ve got my 800 followers today O_O where did you guys come from omg, thank you so much for following! >< hey hi there new follower! so I think it should be a good time to post this list again, just some info you might find useful (for you to blacklist them) >>

  • I occasionally reblog articles about politics/social issues in Hong Kong, if you found them boring/annoying/offensive, I suggest you use Tumblr Savior to skip these posts. I’ve tagged them all with 「articles」 and/or 「Hong Kong」.
  • I sometimes wrote in cantonese/chinese, I’ll also tag them with 「cantonese」/「chinese」, feel free to blacklist them too.
  • 「kaeru’s mumbling」for …well…my mumbling about random stuff…
  • Random stuff I found funny and reblogged, I’ll tag them with 「reblog」and/might have 「lol」and 「yay I know how to queue」

  • 「reply」 for my replies to people’s comments on my post.
  • I’m an Anders and Dragon age addicts (・´з`・)…….

  • there are a fair amount of AC posts too ..mainly the kenway family to be specific?

  • have you played 「dishonored」?? it’s a really great game, posts about that is tagged 「dishonored」
  • I’m playing far cry 4, so I will be spamming your blog with post about it as well, those will be tagged 「far cry 4」
  • might be chances of posts about the new dynastic warrior 8, those posts will be tagged with「shinsangoku musou」
  • I’m a really slow reader ( ;´Д`)

  • if you don’t mind my super awkward conversation skill and poor English, you’re welcome to chat with me here on tumblr….v(´∀`*v)☆ yay (If you ever sent me something and I didn’t reply, it’s probably eaten by tumblr |; _ ;) I promise I won’t ignore you

that’s about the summary of my blog and I should go to bed now , i hope you will enjoy your stay (´・ω・`) goodnite