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Thanks for being 1 of the few to even acknowledge the TRASH move Remus made in DH. The few times I see it mentioned it's dismissed as out of character but how is running away from moral obligation and guilt (instead of just paying it pithy lip service) ooc?? He's been doing this from the start or I guess we also have to forget that he omitted to tell Sirius' illegal animagus to Dumbledore. He literally put saving face over Harry's safety and proved he couldn't be fully trusted.

Lol you’re welcome mate. I have a lot of issues with Remus and hero worship of his character. I mean, he’s chill. He reminds me of one of my best friends, who will hide in his room to avoid confrontation. I don’t dislike the character. But he’s not perfect. He really lets Harry down, not to mention Tonks. Their relationship is sus as fuck, on both sides. He had the opportunity to be a stable presence in Harry’s life, but fails to commit. He can’t commit. But he got fucked over by his friends.
I like that Alfonso Cuaron told his actor to play him like a “gay junkie”. Lupin’s the character closest to my lifestyle, and he’s probably a really cool guy. He and Snape would probably have made good friends, if they met as adults, but also been ferociously jealous of each other. He’s got a lot of issues about the past he refuses to confront. And that’s interesting, except when most fans take it at face value and worship the Marauders. Who really did not at all have healthy friendships. They betray Lupin, and Peter betrays them all. There’s no trust and little love, there, it’s really only Sirius & James.

So… the cropping of the manga panel made this part ambiguous, but it turns out the anime didn’t - Akaashi was absolutely sprinting into Bokuto’s open arms despite being THAT close already, so if you needed 100% canon proof that they hugged, this is it.

The full shot.

Galactic Anthroplogy

“They mass-slaughter this organism called "flowers” and give the bound mass of corpses to their desired mate as a courting ritual, possibly as proof of ability. Truly fascinating.“

An excerpt from the widely acclaimed ‘A Comprehensive Study of the Complex Social Dynamics of Humans’, Section 347-D3, ‘Ritual Wooing

“- Amongst the many diverse cultures of the human hive, a fairly prominent behavior becomes apparent to the observer, unique for the fact that it seems instinctual despite geographic location. This contrasts with much of the operant conditioning observed through their constructed hives and cultural rituals.

As previously indicated, nearly all human colonies display dominion over the surrounding inorganic and organic structure, perhaps as an exercise to constantly re-establish themselves as the apex species on their planet (Though their subservience to particular grain bearing flora and vegetative growths is well documented, see section 235-A6 ‘Human Propagation of Flora and Fauna, the Mass Human Effort known as ‘Agriculture’)

This behavior is displayed further during social rituals to establish further emotional and cognitive bond amongst colony members. The individual human gathers certain flower bearing growths from their surroundings -either from gathering them from the soil themselves, or obtaining them from the local distributor in exchange for currency- and gifts the slowly dying biomass to other individuals for ritualistic purposes.

As practice, the act has much significance socially, ranging from welcoming colony mates who have established familial dens in the dwelling space next to them (though apartment plants seem to be mostly living growths in containers, a behavior that may be linked to their need to display dominion of their environ. See Section 654-H7 ‘Non Species Specific Social Interactions’) yet is diverse enough to extend to gifts toward the individual humans birther on the celebration day of birthers, and to attract both reproductive and nonreproductive mates.

Such an activity is distinctive to humans, and can be attributed to their constant need for external stimulus. The growths serve a multifaceted purpose by providing olfactory, visual, and textural stimuli in a non harmful way, creating a sort of positive reinforcement that is associated with the individual who gave them. This, of course, leads to an enhanced emotional and mental cognitive state between individuals in further social interaction.

(The absence of gustatory stimuli by such growths is often noted, and as such, humans have taken to presenting gifts of carbohydrate rich foodstuff to accommodate the lack of presence in the flora.)

Many actions are taken to ensure the longest amount of positive stimulus is received from the cut growths. Many humans receiving will create a solution of hydro-nutrient feed to extend the life of the growth, and place the container and the flora somewhere in their dwelling or productivity space. Despite humans understanding that the growths would have a longer effect if they were not cut from their subterranean feed systems, it is still most common to give the dying stalks of flora instead of a live organism. Here in lies yet another idiosyncrasy of the species, a instinctual effort dominating an intellectual knowledge, once again exposing their relatively new evolution into sentient beings.-’

Bad Girls Have All The Fun (Harry Hook x Reader - Smut)

You knew you were in trouble the moment you saw them. You were exploring a different side of the Isle of the Lost when you saw a ship that doubled as a restaurant. Intrigued you entered. You walked into Ursula’s Fish & Chips only to regret it instantly. Everyone’s heads snapped up to survey you; a stranger on their turf. They gave you a once over and went back to work. However, Uma did not. She held eye contact with you and you eventually blinked ending the staring contest. Finally, someone broke the silence; “So, what brings you here, darling?” asked a man with a thick Scottish accent. He sounded close, really close. You scanned the room but could not locate the owner of the voice. He spoke again, closer this time; “I asked, what are you doing here?” His voice harsher this time, and right behind you. You spun around on your heels, accidentally whipping him with your thick hair. “I was taking a walk, but I’ll be leaving now.” you uttered carefully, not wanting to cause anymore trouble for yourself.

“That’s right go back to the rats, the ones who’ll be stuck on this island, powerless for the rest of their miserable lives,” chided Uma. “You’re just like the rest of them!“ she spat. “Excuse me? I am not weak!” you bellowed. She jumped out of her chair so fast she knocked it down. She whipped her swords out ready for a fight, her crew not far behind her. “Prove it,” she challenged you. She charged ready to slice your head off with both her blades when someone blocked her swords with a hook. It was her sidekick. “Before you kill her-,” he interjected “-consider this. She could be useful. We need to gather followers. She can help us fight.” Uma took a moment to ponder her first mate’s idea. She seemed to agree slowly nodding her head. “Fine, I won’t kill you. On one condition. You join us in our fight to regain power,” she offered. You thought it over and really didn’t see any drawbacks to her proposal. Finally something that will show the world what you’re capable of. You nodded your head and shook Uma’s hand. Everyone rejoiced and welcomed you to the cause. The last to do so was the first mate. “Welcome aboard, I’m Hook. Harry Hook, and you are?” he inquired with a stunning smile and sparkling blue eyes. “(y/n y/l/n)” you responded nervously. He smiled, that dazzling smile. “I’ll show you to your new room then,” he stated.

He lead you down a few steps in the back of the restaurant, down a corridor, and opened a door. You stepped inside examining its contents. Against the left wall was a double bed with a porthole right above it, a desk stood against the opposite wall, and against the right wall stood a dresser. You heard the door close behind you and you spun around realising that Harry had left. You flopped onto the bed with a sigh. You crawled under the covers and dozed off, deciding that you would go fetch your things at home tomorrow. You drifted off to sleep listening to the sounds of waves crashing against the ship.

Over the past two weeks you had been with the crew you grew really close with Harry. You talked about your parents and complained about them always telling you to be the baddest you can be. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t have a crush on him. He made you laugh which no one had done in a long time. Whenever he told you stories his father had told him as a young boy, you listened intently. You were in love with his accent, and his eyes, and his smile…and everything about him. When he was around you, you always had a smile plastered on your face.

You were currently in your room, listening to Harry tell you a story you were no longer paying attention to. You were preoccupied with gazing into his eyes. He suddenly stopped talking and moved to sit next to you on your bed. “Do you know why I stopped Uma from killing you the day we met?” he asked out of the blue. You thought for a moment and answered; “You needed numbers, you knew that you needed more people to join you in the fight to regain power,” He laughed at your response, which earned him a glare from you. “No, love. It’s because I was intrigued by you. And if I’m being honest, I’ve developed feelings for you over these short few weeks,” he confessed. You were shocked. Did Harry just admit that he had a crush on you? Holy shit! You realised that you’ve been quiet for far too long and spoke; “Well, I sort of have feelings for you too,” you mumbled. He smirked and smashed his lips against yours. Your lips molded together perfectly. The kiss was slow but passionate. Your lips moved together in perfect harmony. He lightly nibbled on your bottom lip asking you for entrance. You decided to tease him and denied him access. He moved his hands down to your butt and squeezed making you moan. He took the opportunity to push his tongue into your mouth and explore it. Your tongues mangled together fighting for dominance. He won, and further explored your mouth. His tongue gently glided over your teeth, and softly brushed against the roof of your mouth, then twisted with yours again.

His lips abandoned yours only to travel down your jaw, and along your neck, leaving butterfly kisses along your jawline and collarbones. He lightly nibbled a spot near the back of your ear making you moan. He smirked against your skin obviously pleased with himself for finding your sweet spot. He sucked on this spot leaving a mark that would be hard to cover in the morning. His fingers tugged at the hem of your shirt wordlessly asking for your permission. You lifted your shirt over your head and took off your bra along with it. Eager to explore the freshly exposed skin he pulled you onto his lap.

You straddled his lap and he immediately attached his lips to one of your breasts, his hand kneading the other. You moaned at his touch gripping onto his shoulders. You slid his red jacket off his shoulders and he took it off along with his shirt. You had to stop yourself from drooling at the sight of his abs. You’d seen them before when he was practicing sword fighting or training new members of the crew how to fight, which he decided to do shirtless. You pushed him down onto the bed and started leaving a trail of open mouthed kisses down his neck and chest, all the way down to the waistband of his pants. You started to grind against his hard dick, drawing deep throaty moans out of him. He slipped his fingers into the waistband of your pants and snapped it. “These…off, now,” he breathed out.

You got up and kicked off your shoes and took off your pants, then got back on the bed, just in time to watch him strip out of his pants. You licked your lips, and with a smirk he asked; “Like what you see, darling?” You only nodded pulling him back onto the bed. He lied down on top of you his elbows at your sides so that he doesn’t crush you with his weight. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he pushed himself against your center. You couldn’t control the moans that escaped your lips. Harry dipped his head down to your breasts and continued down your body leaving sloppy kisses. When he got to the waistband of your panties he pulled them down with his teeth. You kicked them of when they reached your ankles. He pressed a soft kiss against your clit, making you shiver. He pressed kisses up and down your folds making you squirm. He held down your hips and went back to work. He licked a stripe up your folds causing you to breathily moan his name. His tongue delved into your folds and you screamed his name. His tongue started moving faster making the pleasure inside of you build. “Yes, Harry. Just like that. Shit!” you moaned. You buried your hands in his hair tugging slightly which made him moan sending vibrations to your clit. Your orgasm was building and you started to shake, you were so close to the edge but he pulled away. “Not yet, love. I want to feel your tight pussy clenching around my dick,” he whispered. His words sending jolts of pleasure straight to where you needed him the most. He removed his underwear and his dick sprang free. You got even wetter anticipating him inside of you.

He got back on top of you, and positioned himself at your entrance. He slowly pushed in and you both moaned at the immense pleasure you were receiving. He continued to gently push into you until he was in all the way. He pulled back out almost completely and pushed back in. You found a steady rhythm and he started to thrust into you faster each time. He started to pound into you, deep, hitting your g-spot each time. At this point you were screaming his name along with a string of curses. You didn’t care who heard you, it felt too good right now to care. He was slamming into you, both of you nearing your climaxes. “Fuck, (y/n)! You’re so tight!” he growled. His thrusts started getting sloppier indicating that he was close to the edge. “Shit, I’m close, love,” he huffed. “Me too,” you breathed. “Together,” he said and you nodded. He continued to thrust into you, pounding into your g-spot. “Now, love. You can let go,” he groaned. You both came hard screaming each other’s names. He pulled you close as you rode out your highs together. He rolled off of you as you both caught your breath.

When your heart rates returned back to get normal, he pulled you closer. He laughed and you gave him a confused look; “What’s so funny,” you ask. “I guess what they say is true-,” he said with a smile “-bad girls have all the fun.” You giggled and replied; “Yeah, especially with you.”

You fell asleep with your head on his chest listening to his steady heartbeat, feeling content.

I kind of love that, among their many other hats and skills, Jyn is a hacker and Cassian is a programmer.

I just imagine that it’s like … they do their drifting-off-into-their-own-bubble thing, completely ignoring the general conversation around them, and people have Assumptions about what they’re murmuring to each other. And meanwhile their food goes cold and the entire conversation has changed by the time they emerge out of computer geek talk. 

I do wish the film had been clearer about that background. I know they intended Cassian to be the one who freed Kay via programming, and Jyn as a jill-of-all-trades that included hacking Imperial data, but it’s barely alluded to. And, in fairness, it’s not that important in the grander scheme of things, beyond the otherwise-possible interpretation that the Rebellion effectively mind-wiped and brainwashed Kay rather than freeing him. 

But still, I love the idea that they theoretically know about each other’s skills, but don’t really process it, until one of them is grumbling about some problem and the other jumps in. And then they’re just happily babbling at each other while the rest of the team looks on in bemusement at these dorks they’re following around the galaxy. 

Forever My Mate *Derek Hale Series Part 9*
Macy’s POV

3 weeks later

I was sitting in my room looking through the Beacon Hills newspaper trying to find a job. I can’t sit around doing nothing, it will drive me crazy! I was about to circle a job opening as a waitress when I felt a wave a nausea wash over me. I cupped my mouth with my hand and ran to my bathroom. I was leaning over the toilet puking when I felt somebody holding my hair. When I was finally done I turned to see Scott was the one who was holding my hair like the amazing brother he is. He held out his hand and pulled me to stand. I smiled at him and grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste so I could get this foul taste out of my mouth.

“Thank you, Scott. You are the best.” I told him before sticking the toothbrush into my mouth.

“Are you okay, Macy?” He asked me concerned. I nodded my head before spitting out the toothpaste and rinsing my mouth with water.

“I’m fine, Scott.” He didn’t look convinced and rubbed the back of his head.

“Are you sure? Maybe I should call Derek and let him know.” He said while getting his cell phone out of his pocket.

“NO! I’m totally fine, Scott. I promise. Besides I thought you didn’t like Derek?” It’s not that I don’t love, Derek but he is just so overprotective and I know if he knows, it will be house arrest for me for a couple of days.

“It’s not that I don’t like him, I just don’t agree with some of his decisions. I see the way he looks at you, and I know he will take care of you. Plus he will kill me if I don’t tell him. Listen I got to go meet up with Stiles but I’ll be home before dinner, okay?” I nodded my head.

“Okay, be careful please.”

“I will.” Then he walked out of my bedroom and headed to go meet Stiles. I sat back down on my bed and went back to my job search. I grabbed my earbuds and plugged them into my IPod, putting my playlist on. I’ve been circling jobs for about fifteen minutes when someone pulled out both of my earbuds. I looked up and saw Derek with a stern look on his face. Uh oh I was in trouble. I sat up and looked anywhere but at Derek. He sat down next to me and grabbed my chin gently, forcing me to look at him.

“Macy.” He said sternly.

“Yeah?” I asked innocently.

“Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t feeling well? I’m your mate, it’s my job to take care of you, so if there is anything wrong you need to tell me. No exceptions.”

“Sorry.” I muttered. He then stood up and scooped me into his arms bridal style. He layed me on my bed and put the covers on top of me. Then he layed next to me and wrapped an arm around me.

“You know what this means, right? You are officially on house arrest until I know for sure you are all better.” He said and I groaned. I knew this was going to happen!

“Derek, noooo.” I whined and squirmed, trying to get out of his tight hold on me with no such luck.

“Yes, Macy. You need to rest. So stop fighting me and relax. I’m going to be staying with you so I know you don’t even think about leaving this house.” I groaned and eventually stopped struggling. I looked at him and pouted. He chuckled and pecked my lips.

“I love you, Macy.” He said while nuzzling his nose and lips against mine.

“Yeah, yeah.” I relaxed into him and eventually fell asleep.

A Couple of Days Later

“I am NOT going to the doctors, Derek!” I exclaimed as he kept on trying to grab me.

“Macy, you have been having morning nausea for the past couple of days. You are going whether you like it or not.” Derek said.

“I can’t anyways.”

“Why not?”

“Because you put me under house arrest.” He rolled his eyes at me.

“Well now I temporarily put you off of house arrest. We are leaving to go to the hospital for your appointment and that’s final.” He said and grabbed me by my waist, pulling me in close to him.

“I just want to make sure you are okay.” I leaned forward and kissed him on the lips before pulling away.

“Thank you for caring so much.” He kissed my forehead.

“I’ll always care about you. Now let’s go before we are late for your appointment.” I groaned and he dragged me out of the house.

The Glow of a New Sun: Part IV


The cool water was a balm from the midday sun of early summer. Cassian was tempted to take his clothes off and fully submerge himself. But decided that the day had too many scenes and at the moment did not want to add “public nudity” to the list.

“How’s your back? I know heat can make it-”

“It’s fine, Cassian.” Nesta mumbled, toying with the coarse twine bow and allowing her toes to graze the surface of the river. Her burns were the last thing she cared about.

He watched intently as she placed the gift in the small space between their legs. Closing her eyes, she dipped her feet in and gasped at the soothing temperature.

“That never ceases to amaze me, you know.” Cassian picked up the gift, but did not take his eyes from her. “I think sometimes you forget how strong you are. How much you’ve overcome.”

Her jaw flexed at his words. Without long hair to hide behind, he could see her every expression- could see the subtle shine of the burn just above her jawline. There was an exact twin of it on the other side of her face, though barely noticeable because time and friends were kind enough to heal her. If you knew where to look and what to look for, you could see them in certain lighting.

“Into the pond. Alone. Every day, twice a day. Until I no longer ran away screaming.” She splashed a foot down. “I don’t know how Helion could stand to have me as a guest.”

“I don’t know where to begin with that.” Cassian splashed his foot down. “Either, ‘Helion ought to be used to people running away screaming,’ or, ‘I’ve heard that Helion likes screamers.’”

Nesta grunted at the poor attempt of a joke, pointed her feet in his direction, and splashed so that his entire front became soaked. That was a sight she appreciated. A distraction she welcomed.

Cassian- her mate whose scent she carried and who carried her own- her mate who was the most beautiful man she would ever know- her mate who loved her in ways that melted her ice… Her mate who wore a white shirt that was now soaked.

Cassian- her mate who was shaking his head at her. “You’re everywhere, Nes. Don’t tell me it’s the hormones because I can feel the difference. I don’t have to be daemati to know what Rhys knew as well.” He held out his arms. “Come here. We’ll sit together. Close your eyes and focus.”

He was gorgeous and he was right. And she knew there was no fooling him. She wouldn’t risk bursting. Not with the risks that would pose… So she allowed Cassian to wrap himself around her despite the heat. His legs on either side of her’s. His hands overlapping her own that rested on the growing belly.


“Tell me. Talk to me.” He pleaded softly. They had done this enough times through the years that no audience formed at the sight. “Close your eyes and tell me everything.”

“I’m so happy.” She stroked his thumbs with her own, attempting to reassure. “I feel crazy, though. Right now I feel like I’m in the skies. But I can feel you with me.”

Kissing the back of her curly head, he began the routine they hadn’t done in quite a while. He hoped it wouldn’t end the way it usually did. “You’re not crazy. You’re not in the skies. We’re on the ground. We’re with family. We’re together. You’re going to have a baby, Nesta. You’re going to have our baby.”

Nesta’s body quaked as she sobbed. “I can feel him! He’s here, too.”

“In the skies?”

“And over the hills. And far away.” Her hands moved and clenched his thighs as though she was physically anchoring herself.

“That was a long time ago, sweetheart. A long time.” He continued his kisses to trail down her neck and along her shoulders. Reminding her where she was and that she was loved. And that she needed to come back.

From a distance, Rhys and Feyre kept their eyes, both physical and mental, focused on Cassian and Nesta. They where there when it happened.

“I’m having a baby. I’m going to protect it.” Nesta laughed as she cried. Cassian knew that voice. The voice that meant she was talking to Him.

“You are having a baby. And it’s strong and it’s healthy and you love it so much already. You can’t wait to meet them.“ He cleared his throat and spoke clearly into her ear. “You’re on the ground. You’re by the river near your home. You’re with me- with Cassian. And you want to be here with me.”

“But I-” Her body convulsed.

“Come back to me. You want to come back to me now.” She always left her gates open too long for Him. As though she was going to rip him from memory take Him back with her.

No response. Rhys and Feyre moved in. Prepared for anything.

In a voice as low as a whisper but rang as loud as thunder, Cassian promised, “I’ll tell you the story if that’s what it takes to bring you back.“


Nesta’s eyes widened. The promise that he never had to cash in- and hoped he would never have to- always brought her from the past.

Swallowing sobs, she leaned her body into her mate’s and tried to match his steady breathing. He held her close and guided her hands with his own to feel her belly to remind her that they were in one of their, “next lives.” That she was safe, he was safe, and their future was safe.

After minutes of silence- other than the sound of Cassian’s lips tenderly making contact with her skin- she choked, “I think- I think I want to open the present now. It’s time.”

“If that’s what you want.” Cassian fought back his own tears. He would be strong for her. “We’ll do it together.”

“And then I want to talk about him.”

Cassian shivered at the thought, but repeated himself. “If that’s what you want. We’ll do it together.”

Swerve X Reader – A Human Crewmate - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Big Announcement

A/N – Based on a lot of @rocksinmuffin head-canons so extra special thanks to them for that. Without further ado, let’s introduce more of the crew ^_^

Warnings – None.

Rating – T

After a good night’s sleep and a shower, you felt phenomenally better, until there was a loud rapping at the door. Your heart raced at the unwelcome sound because the few bots that you knew, apart from Ultra Magnus and Rung, entered without knocking but it was definite, you’d never heard this knock before. You kept quiet, waiting to see if the mystery visitor would leave.

“Human, I’m co-captain Megatron, please may I enter?”

You released the breath you’d been holding, Rodimus had warned you this might happen.

Finger combing your still wet hair and attempting to look a little better than possible in the bath robe made from an old cleaning cloth, you called, “Sure, come on in.”

Megatron entered stiffly, frowning uncomfortably at the situation; he’d planned on avoiding you completely but with the upcoming announcement, it wasn’t possible. You meanwhile, were eager to be on your best behaviour, especially since the ex-warlord had overcome his previous issues with organics to visit you.

“Hello,” You greeted, almost shyly.

Megatron merely nodded in response, looking slightly more formidable with his red-eyes trained upon you.

The two of you stood in awkward silence for countless minutes until it became clear you’d have to speak first.

“I’m glad you came, it was-”

“You should leave,” he cut you off.

“Excuse me?”

Megatron hated himself for the upset expression on your face; he’d put that there. “This ship is no place for humans. I’ve met with Rodimus and Ultra Magnus, the decision has been reached that I shall offer you a choice. You may stay and go about the course that has currently been set or we can drop you off on the nearest organic planet where you would fit in more adequately. Being on an organic-friendly planet can be very advantageous. First, it would be more equipped to match your needs, second…”

Megatron started listing all the advantages of planet life and disadvantages of ship life; you realised quickly that he’d practiced this before coming to see you, somewhat like a student reciting a presentation to a teacher.

“Do you hate organics?” You interrupted after around ten minutes.

The question shocked Megatron, sending him into a silent panic under the calm exterior; had he really given the impression of hatred rather than concern?

“No human, I simply worry about your welfare here.”

“If you don’t mind me saying so Megatron, your argument is biased, you never bothered explaining the benefits of ship life, like the fact we speak the same language, or that some of you know a little about caring for a human, not that I can’t take care of myself. Not to mention, I know people here who I can hopefully call friends, if not acquaintances and at least here, I know what I’m getting into; planet-life is a mystery. And hey, who knows? Maybe one day, I’ll find this isn’t working and need to move, if that happens, I’ll come to you and ask for advice on planetary choices; until then, you’re stuck with me just as much as I’m stuck with you. I hope you can accept that.”

There was a cheer from the other side of your door, most definitely Rodimus who’d probably been listening in from the start. Megatron sighed at the lack of professionalism and at your decision; he hated it even more that your answer seemed to be well-thought out and rational. There was nothing else to do but admit defeat, “Very well human.”

He turned to leave, you called after him, making him pause, “The name’s (Y/N) by the way, I hope I can stay long enough to learn it.”

Megatron shuffled out, wondering how he was going to deal with you later down the line. Outside your room, Rodimus was beaming triumphantly, “I told you he was sassy,” he grinned.

“She, Rodimus,” Megatron corrected, “She.”


Now dressed in a plain, white, cotton shirt and pants and properly groomed, you took a few steadying breaths. You were hidden on a table behind Rodimus who was on a balcony above the crew, giving a long-winded speech that was somehow supposed to link to you.

“Without further ado,” Rodimus boomed, holding out his hand for you to stand on, and presenting you with a flourish, “Please welcome our newest crew-mate and only human, (F/N) (L/N).”

Noise erupted throughout the hall, some bots apprehensive, others disbelieving, a few furious, but most excited; it was truly overwhelming to be the centre of such attention. Questions of every possible sort were thrown at both captains which Rodimus silenced, shouting over the crowd, “Hey, hey, this is just as new to (Y/N) as it is to any of you and she is the one person surrounded by aliens and away from her home planet; try a little perspective, will ya? In the meantime, give her some room. If she approaches you and decides to tell her story, that’s fine but don’t all overcrowd her at once. (Y/N), do you have anything to add?”

You swallowed, glancing at the hundreds of bots below, Rung was among them, mouthing the word ‘breathe’ to you.

You nodded at him, addressing the crowd, “I know this is all a little new and scary but I think we can all get around this; if you have any questions later, I’ll try to answer them all, uh, thank you for your time.”

Swerve was delirious with excitement, there was a human on board. A human! Being so much smaller than the other mechs, he hadn’t really gotten a good look at you but that didn’t matter; he was going to make all the extra effort to meet you in person. He was so sure that it was going to be the best day of his life until he got to your hallway and saw the lengthy queue to your hub-suite. As far as the eye could see, mechs were lined up, the ones at the front pressing an audial to your door to see if you were even in.

Swerve’s mood plummeted; how on Cybertron would he meet you like this? Surely, there should be some kind of rule like the bots closest to your height got to meet you first, or better yet, bots with the most Earth knowledge. Still, his desperation to meet you was strong so if it took waiting the next three cycles waiting in line, he’d do it. Despite his strong resolve, Swerve quickly found he couldn’t wait long, mainly due to the amount of regulars at Swerve’s who kept finding him and demanding he opened the bar. As much as he wanted to stay and meet you, he did have patrons to serve. Plastering on a fake smile, Swerve headed jovially to the bar, hiding the disappointment he felt in his spark.

You cowered in the oversized supply closet, wishing desperately to be back in the safety of the hab-suite. The angry bot on the other side of the door continued screaming at you, “YOU HEAR THAT FLESH-STICK?! OL’ WHIRL’S GONNA KILL YA. HIDE IN THERE ALL YOU WANT, I’LL DESTROY YOU.”

You didn’t know what you’d done or said to offend Whirl but you prayed he’d calm down, fast.

“H-Hey, I’m really, really sorry for whatever I did, can we talk about this?” You quivered.


He blasted a hole through the door, making you squeal as he poked his optic through. You put up your hands, stammering, “Wait, wait, wait. Is it a human thing?”

“Finally, the blood-bucket gets it.”

“R-right, then you really don’t want to kill me because you’d be missing out on a huge opportunity.”

Whirl hesitated, glaring at you with contempt. Taking the pause as a good sign, you pressed on, “You want to kill humans but do you really know the most effective ways to do it? I mean, the best place you can learn it from is me so I’ll teach you some stuff I know if you don’t kill me now. You can still kill me later but just, wait a while?”

Whirl considered this and started laughing manically, “Alright bone bag, you teach me and I’ll leave you till last but if you trick me, I’ll peel the skin off your body, got it?”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from the… strongest bot here. Like, who else has the sheer power to blast through a door like that?” You attempted, stroking Whirl’s ego and opening what remained of the door carefully.

Whirl flexed, “Well y’know, it takes only the best.”

“Exactly, you’re spectacular.”

Whirl picked you up forcefully, placing you on his shoulder, “Keep the compliments coming Tiny, you’ve got a while left.”

“A while till what?”

“Till I get you back to your hab-suite, you’re gonna need to be well-rested for complimenting me tomorrow.”

“Right, how smart of you.”

“Yeah, just like that.”

And so, you kept bragging about Whirl, begging to hear some of his greatest accomplishments as he carried you proudly past curious onlookers to your room.

Getting back was worse than you’d thought; there was a horde of bots awaiting your return who rushed towards Whirl upon spotting you. Whirl held you above his head with one claw, firing a warning shot from his chest, “FIRST GUY TO TOUCH THE FLESH STICK GETS SCRAPPED.”

Everyone froze, examining Whirl to gauge whether he meant it or not. You squirmed against the pain blossoming in your chest where Whirl was gripping you tightly. Fortunately, the pain didn’t last long, you were lowered back to the floor as the mechs dispersed, all shooting hateful looks at Whirl on their way by. After that, only two remained, a large orange and white bot and a much smaller black and white one who wasn’t too much taller than you.

“What? You didn’t hear me?”

“Lay off it Whirl, Rewind just has a question for (Y/N),” the taller bot said, placing a loving hand on Rewind’s shoulder.

You felt comforted by the sight of the two bots, everything about them showed they were a couple; it was nice to see how some bots weren’t the different to humans in certain respects.

“I don’t know if my human even wants to talk to you. (Y/N)?”

You were quite glad to get away from Whirl after seeing how unstable he was. “For now I think it’ll be okay, you two want to come into my room?”

Despite the lack of a mouth, Rewind seemed to smile, “We’d love to, right Chromedome?”

Chromedome looked less certain but nodded anyway.

Reluctantly, Whirl turned to go, “You two are lucky she likes you, see you tomorrow meat bag.”

You let the two bots in hastily, apologising for the lack of Cybertronian sized furniture, and using the lift to raise you up to the table, closer to Chromedome’s height.

“Now, you had a question?”

“Yes,” Rewind confirmed, hardly containing his excitement. “You see, it’s my job to document history and I was wondering, if it’s not too much trouble, will you let me record some of your time on the ship? This is the only time most Cybertronians will see a human so…”

You glanced at the red light on Rewind’s helm, “Are you recording right now?”

“I’m always recording.”

“If you’re always recording, why do you need my permission?”

“Because I don’t just want to get scraps of you when we happen to cross paths, I want to be your shadow, please.”

“I don’t know… Am I really that interesting? I mean, you guys are so advanced and all.”

“Are you kidding me? You’re incredible and-” Rewind sighed, “I know I’m asking a lot but I’d love to hear about your culture, interests, philosophy, biology, everything.”

You mulled it over, ready to reject the proposal until you saw the hope in the small bot’s optics; you couldn’t deny that. “I’ll tell you what, you help me find my feet, tell me which bots to meet or avoid, give me a bit of a tour and you can film me.”

“Really?!” Rewind practically jumped for joy, “Great, where do we start? What’s your routine now? Have you settled into one yet? What about-”

You held up a hand, silencing him, “Tomorrow you can film me. Right now, I need to sleep.”

“Sleep! This keeps getting better, can I record you sleeping?”

You stared disbelievingly, looking to the other bot for help. Chromedome took the hint, giving Rewind’s shoulder a gentle squeeze.

“Oh right,” Rewind flushed, embarrassed at his lack of manners, “Sorry, you probably want some privacy. Uh, how long do humans recharge?”

You looked at the clock, unable to read Cybertronian time measurements, “Can you give me eight hours?”

“You got it, eight hours,” Rewind babbled happily, leaving the room with Chromedome in tow, “Sweet dreams (Y/N).”

You saw them out, pressing a button on a nearby remote to lock the door afterwards. Then, stumbling over to the bed, you fell asleep within seconds of hitting the mattress.

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Hey Mimi! I love, love, love your blog! It amazes me how you know every update the moment it came out and how you have every link to anything possible that BTS does 😂 You are one of those super ARMYs that helps everyone else in the fandom when we're lost (and in our case we are always lost 😂) For everything you do for us : thank you !! You're really amazing, saranghae <3🤗

Welcome mate <3

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Pairing: Edmund x Reader
Requested: lol, no fam
Plot: Ed shuts reader out because he can’t deal with feelings
Warnings: terribly written, angry reader, super cheesy
A/N: I kinda like it (after reading again I’ll have to disagree, past me), but it’s has a lame ending, because it’s 2:27am and I couldn’t think of anything better than that fjaubdja sorry for any grammar mistakes – suggestions and constructive criticism are very welcome, mates!

Edmund nervously tapped his fingers on the table, trying to calm down and stay focused. He had to remember himself what he came here to do: help Y/N. That’s it. Only chemistry. No stupid bubbly feeling would get into his way to help her out.

He didn’t dare to even glance at her. The ways she make him feel and was totally unaware of it. When he looks at her, he can’t help but admire everything that made her so amazing. The eyes brighter than stars, hair perfectly in place no matter what, and that breathtaking smile – his world would freeze every morning when she arrived at school.

Edmund was screwed, and he was very aware of that. But Y/N didn’t know her effect on the poor boy, so when she asked for help, he couldn’t say no. They were friends, after all.

The annoying taps were already echoing in the girl’s mind, but she controlled her nerves and managed to not burst at him.

Y/N cleared her throat, “Uhm, Ed? Are you okay?”. His head shot up. “What? Oh, yeah, I’m okay. I’m fine. Great.” He gave her a small smile, which she returned, but he catched her confused eyes and the frown on her lips after mumbling a quiet “okay”, turning her attention to the notebook.

Y/N sat beside him on her desk, with an oversized pink sweater, hair falling into her back and shoulders. Edmund was very sure it wasn’t the light that made she look so beautiful. Everytime he saw Y/N, he was simply mesmerized.

“Am I doing this right?” The timid voice brought him back to reality. He slightly blushed and slid his chair closer to the girl. Y/N stilled while he ran his eyes through the exercise over her shoulder. “Yes, it’s correct, you only forgot the unit measure at the end”. He grinned at her.

Y/N was screwed, and she was very aware of that. The truth is, she asked Edmund’s help as an excuse to talk to him, but she was actually quite good at chemistry.

Y/N was new in town, and they shared a few classes. At the beginning of the year, he would come talk to her about something random, but in the last weeks, Edmund didn’t even look at her face. The girl started to think she’d done something wrong and pushed him away somehow. ‘He was my friend and I messed up’.

So, she gathered up some courage and asked his help after their history class. “Yeah, sure, what do you need?”. And at that moment, Y/N realized that she didn’t need any help, and she blurted out the first thing that came to her mind. “Chemistry. I’m, uh, struggling a bit…? Can you come to my house after school one of these days?”

And there they were, two days later. Y/N looking up at the boy she knew she couldn’t have. Edmund admiring the girl way out of his league. He sat straight abruptly, and she felt her cheeks burn.

Clearing his throat, Edmund stared at the table. “I guess you have nothing to worry about, Y/N…”, he trailed off, and unconsciously began the taps again.

And at that instant, Y/N lost it. “If you continue doing that godforsaken thing, I swear to God I’ll chop your fingers off” Edmund looked at her in absolute shock. “I-I’m sorry?”

She suddenly got up and started pacing around, “God, Edmund, you’re driving me insane! And I’m not talking about your stupid tapping. I mean, that too, but you are so -UGH- we were friends, I mean, that’s what I thought, until you suddenly shut me out, just out of the blue, and you broke my heart, you stupid goofus! What have I done that you had to walk away and abandon me? Because last time I checked, all I did was follow you around like an idiot and drooled everytime you passed because I like you and all and – can you stop looking at me like that? It’s your fault I’m rambling like this”. Edmund chuckled and got up. ‘Did he lost his freaking mind?’. “You know what? You can leave now, Edmund. I lied, I’m great at chemistry, okay? Just forget all of this happened, please. You know the way out”. Y/N sighed and looked at her feet.

Edmund walked up to her and placed his hand on her cheek, making the girl stop fumbling with the ends of her sweater, and look at him. “You are adorable when you are angry”. Y/N scoffed and tried to push him away unsuccessfully, but there they were: the pretty confused eyes, followed by a tint pink on her cheeks.

Edmund took one more step, taking all the courage he could find before speaking. “How would you feel if I kissed you?”. Y/N’s eyes went wide, her jaw dropped at the sudden comment. “W-what? I-I mean, you are joking, right?”. He gave her a small smile, blushing a little. “I would never joke about this. I guess I’m… it’s just that… I think I like you, Y/N, like, really like - not in a friendly way.” Edmund searched her face for a signal of disapproval before continuing, “A few weeks ago I realized that you’re perfect, flaws and all… Your smile started to make me feel dizzy, I would get lost in your eyes, the weird way that you blink when you’re nervous, your hysterical laugh that annoyed me so much when we first met was music to my ears. Whenever I told you a stupid pun, and you shutted me up with that silly laugh, my heart fluttered… I pushed you away because whenever you’re near me, I can’t think straight. I feel stupid and strange – but like, a good strange, y’know, the way you feel after eating lots of sweets – ” and suddenly, Y/N covered his mouth with her hand. “God, stop talking for a minute and ask me on a date already.” She felt his smile under her hand, and smiled softly at him.

Edmund pulled her hand out of his mouth, and planted a kiss on it’s back. “Will you go out with me? And fyi, you should consider that I’m a great kisser” He smirked at her, but Y/N only giggled, rolling her eyes. “Yes, you stupid, adorable idiot, I’ll go out with you”, she smiled brightly at him, closing her arms around his neck and kissing the boy. His arms found her waist and he sighed happily, a grinn between their kiss.

Edmund pulled away slightly, looking at Y/N fondly. He pecked her nose, “Just don’t forget the unit measures in your test thursday”. She rolled her eyes and playfully slapped his chest, “I bet an ice cream I’ll get a higher score than you”. He laughed and put a strand of hair behind her ear, “You’re on, babe”.

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Did you know that much of the ocean's food chain depends on the moon? Algae move towards moonlight to the surface in the evening, and creatures who feed on them go after them, so on and so forth.

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Well, you learn something new every day!  Here are some more ocean facts!

1. For starters, did you know that 94 percent of life on Earth is aquatic? That makes us land-dwellers a very small minority.

2. About 70 percent of the planet is ocean, with an average depth of more than 12,400 feet. Given that photons (light) can’t penetrate more than 330 feet below the water’s surface, most of our planet is in a perpetual state of darkness.

3. Fifty percent of the United States (in terms of our complete legal jurisdiction, which includes ocean territory) lies below the ocean.

4. The deep sea is the largest museum on Earth: There are more artifacts and remnants of history in the ocean than in all of the world’s museums, combined.

5. We have only explored less than 5 percent of the Earth’s oceans. In fact, we have better maps of Mars than we do of the ocean floor (even the submerged half of the United States).

6. The longest mountain range in the world is under water. Called the Mid-Oceanic Ridge, this chain of mountains runs through the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and into the Indian and Pacific oceans. It runs more than 35,000 miles long, has peaks higher than those in the Alps and it comprises 23 percent of the Earth’s total surface.

7. We didn’t send divers down to explore the Mid-Ocean Ridge until 1973 — four years after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon — when a French-American crew of seven entered the 9,000-foot-deep Great Rift in the French submersible Archimede.

8. The ocean boasts an array of unusual geographic features, such as pillars that reach several stories high and chimneys that send up sulphuric acid. In the ocean-floor neighborhood of the Gulf of Mexico, brine pools mark the floor, along with underwater volcanoes that spew mud and methane, rather than lava.

9. These wonderful formations aren’t barren, either. Underwater hot springs that shoot water that’s 650 degrees Fahrenheit — hot enough to melt lead — boast a profusion of life, from 10-foot tall tubeworms to giant clams that function without digestive systems.

10. Many of the rules that apply on land are turned upside down in the ocean, some literally. Beneath the surface, often not far from popular vacation beaches, are underwater lakes, waterfalls and even upside-down lakes! 

11. Much of the life in the oceans, as on land, is invisible to the naked eye. For instance, if you’ve ever swallowed a milliliter of ocean water, know that you also gulped 1 million bacteria and 10 million viruses — give or take a few. No need to worry though, swimmers around the world swallow some ocean water during their ventures into the water, without ill effects.

12. Also living on hydrothermal vents are 140- to 160-foot long jellies, which use a process called chemosynthesis (think photosynthesis, but adapted to zero sunlight) to convert the hydrothermal water into simple sugars for food. Most striking are the extremes in which the jellies live. Temperatures vary drastically near the vents, so while the tops of the jellies enjoy lows of 37 degrees, their bottoms (at the vent) bask in a toasty 392 degrees — happy as clams, or jellies, rather.

13. Extreme temperatures aren’t the only seeming barrier to life, but again, the laws below the surface differ from those above. The immense pressure of the water on a human diving to greater depths is one of the biggest hurdles to exploring the deepest parts of the oceans — yet, at depths that would crush the Titanic like a Coke can, crabs, octopuses and tubeworms go about their business.  

14. But even the more familiar ocean creatures have interesting and unexpected traits and habits. Did you know that an octopus’s speed of travel never exceeds that of the surrounding waves? That same octopus employs amazing camouflaging talents — changing color, shape, and even its texture, pattern and brightness — to blend in to its surroundings.

15. Another example is the male squid, which turns a warm brown color to attract females, or white to warn away interloping males. Most intriguing is that the male never shows its white, aggressive side to the female. In a colorful show of marine multitasking, the male squid will turn the side facing his prospective mate the welcoming brown, while simultaneously turning sideways so that she can’t see he’s made his outward-facing flank white.

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Do you have any recommendations were Stiles and Peter get married?

I do! Here’s a bunch - there’s arranged marriage, fake marriage, getting married, and married life.

I’ll Meet You Here by predictaslash

But Stiles can’t really savor it as much as he would like mostly because his heart feels like it might start hurting soon. “Oh. OH. You were joking. Me, too, heh. What a jokester I am.”

AKA, An Entirely Too Decent Proposal

stone/sponge by 1001cranes

Peter has a taste for the all-consuming; he doesn’t find it at all strange to be in the minor percentage of werewolves who have mates.

A welcome arrow by 1001cranes

The wedding is small and grim, because Stiles is being carted off to parts unknown, married to a thirty-something year old dude who wants to marry a seventeen year old dude - totally not creepy at all.

Keep reading