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WWII in Color Part 2

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Brazilian digital artist Marina Amaral combines her passion for art and history by colorizing black and white photographs.

At least 3000 Indian soldiers were organized into an armed brigade under the German Wehrmacht in 1942 and they were known as the Free Indian Legion.

Home Army soldiers Henryk Ożarek “Henio” (left) holding a Vis pistol and Tadeusz Przybyszewski “Roma” (right) firing a Błyskawica submachine gun, from “Anna” Company of the “Gustaw” Battalion fighting on Kredytowa-Królewska Street, 3 October 1944.

German paratroopers wave to a Ju-87 dive bomber, May 1940.

Viewed through the window of a wrecked building, a Marine gun crew set up behind abandoned enemy truck, fires at Japanese hiding in the debris of the town of Garapan, administrative center of Saipan, June 1944.

Marine identified as Sgt Angelo Klonis smoking a cigarette during the final days of fighting to gain control of the island of Saipan from occupying Japanese forces during WWII, 1944.

Patton during a welcome home parade in Los Angeles, June 9, 1945.

Rumor Has It Ch. 3

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ATTENTION: I think that the FanFiction site did not send out alerts the last time I posted a chapter so you might have missed chapter 2.

Hello, my lovely readers. We’ve have some homecomings and some awkward mounting tensions. On with the show…

Chapter 3: What Welcome Home Parade?

“Uh. Nope. Not going to happen.” Hayley shook her head. She and her fellow interns sat at a table across from the residents. Hayley spent half her time with her old friends and half her time with her new friends. It felt weird not sitting at the residents’ table, but being with them felt like being kicked in the stomach, repeatedly. The only other person who stuck out was Caroline who smiled her way through it.

“You have to!” Lucien cried, banging his hands on the table. “We need intel. You’re the only one of us who can break their ranks.” An evil smile appeared on his face. Yes, Lucien was the Tyler of the new crop of interns. Slutty, ambitious, and reckless as all hell. Hayley kind of liked him. So did Davina, unfortunately.

Between Davina’s obvious crush on Kol Mikaelson—who Hayley had been trying to keep her away from—her puppy love for Tyler, and her growing attraction toward Lucien—Hayley saw her baby sister headed toward many, many bad roads. Hayley couldn’t blame the kid. She’d been a lot like Davina a couple of years ago. She’d never felt a serious thing for anyone; until she met Elijah Mikaelson. Love had driven an arrow through her heart and she could not bring herself to pull it back out.

“Come on, Hayley. Be Team Intern?” Davina cried, leaning across the table and giving her puppy dog eyes. Her sister’s smile made Hayley soften. Just a little bit.

“I’ll think about it,” Hayley groaned, falling back into her chair. Picking up her cup of strawberry yogurt, she rolled her eyes at Oliver high-fiving Lucien and Lucien throwing an arm around Davina, kissing her on the check. Davina blushed brightly and let out a giggle.

Hayley felt the lump of yogurt stick in her throat when she caught sight of Elijah coming into the cafeteria. And he was not alone. Aurora came in, too. She placed a hand on Elijah’s arm. He looked down at her and began to talk. His body turned toward Aurora. Her lips twisted into a wide smile.

“Hey, mind if I join you lot?” Kol’s voice brought Hayley out of her stupor.

“Kol!” Davina cried, “This seat’s empty,” she told him, patting the seat to her right.

Lucien also looked happy to see Kol. “Any interesting surgeries that I might help you with, sir?” he inquired with that wicked grin that made so many of the woman at the hospital turn to putty.

Kol eyed Lucien’s arm around Davina. “Perhaps.” Looking at Davina, he offered her a smile. “What are you up to this evening, Davina?”

Smile falling, Lucien fell back in his seat, his arm dropping from Davina’s shoulders. Davina did not seem to notice. “I’m not busy,” Davina said, her body angled toward Kol’s now.

“Didn’t you say you were going out for drinks with the girls tonight?” Oliver pointed out, twirling his fork and eyeing Davina. “‘Cause I would love to get into a OR.”

Davina pinned Oliver with a look, her eyes narrowing into slits. “I think I said that I was going out with Hayley and Bekah tomorrow night.”

“I believe it was tonight,” Lucien remarked. “However, I might be going deaf. If anyone needs me; I’m off to get that checked on.” Getting up, he grabbed his tray and walked away.

“What’s his problem?” Tyler asked, coming over to their table. He started to massage Hayley’s shoulders who shrugged him off. “Okay. Is there something about this table that makes people bitchy?”

“Shut up, Tyler,” Rebekah snapped. “Hayley, Caroline’s off for rounds,” she said, her brows rising.

Hayley looked up to see Caroline headed toward the trash cans. “Shit,” she groaned. Aurora had placed herself a foot from them; waiting on Elijah. How was Hayley supposed to avoid the two of them?

“You can’t avoid them forever,” Rebekah reminded her.

Hayley smirked up at Rebekah. “You should get one of those glass balls and a turban, set up a tent, and make lots of cash off the tourists.”

“And then you pay me back for all money you bum off me at the coffee cart,” Tyler added.

Rebekah sneered at them. “Come,” she ordered Hayley who forced herself to her feet.

“See ya later,” Hayley called to the remaining interns. Vincent nodded at her. He had his eyes glued to a book. Davina was too busy talking to Kol to notice her. Oliver’s fingers worked as he texted someone about something.

Hayley turned around and headed toward Caroline. Tyler and Rebekah flanked Hayley. She got lucky when it came to the friendship lottery. Loyalty came in handy when you had to deal with your ex and his missus. Aurora’s gaze fell on her but Hayley chose to ignore the tiny redhead. Elijah came to stand beside his wife, his eyes on Hayley who ignored him.

Caroline looked at Elijah and Aurora and then at Hayley. The tall blonde strode to the door followed by her friends, like Aurora and Elijah weren’t even there.


“Hey!” Josh came running down the stairs, nearly toppling down them as Klaus Mikaelson ran ahead of him.

“If you can’t keep up, might I suggest another profession?” Klaus shouted from below him. “Perhaps professional dog groomer? All you have to fear is getting a bit wet after Sparkles decides to dry herself off with a quick shake.”

“I’m good,” Josh replied, leaning over and sucking in air. He held up a hand in a thumbs up gesture.

Klaus rolled his eyes. “Bloody hell, Joshua,” he groaned, placing a hand on the wall beside him. He shook his head. “Go on a break,” he ordered Josh.

“No. I’m good,” Josh cried. “Please. I want to help with the cute babies.” Forcing a smile, Josh stood up straight. “Lead on.”

With a quick shake of his head, Klaus grabbed Josh by the shoulder. “I am not asking you. Go. Take a break.”

Deflating, Josh left the stairwell. He knew that Klaus only had him on his shift to collect info on Caroline but Josh would take any time he could get. He’d fallen behind thanks to his intense relationship with Aiden. All he wanted to do was hang out with his boyfriend. If he didn’t straighten up soon he might get kicked out of the program. Everyone knew what happened to Hayley when she let the whole Elijah-being-married thing throw her off her game.

“Right. Okay. Break,” Josh sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose and yawning. He walked down the hall to find Dr. Bennett bent over the nurse’s station desk with a chart. She caught sight of Josh who lowered his head and tried to make it past her.

Where are you going without your attendee?” Dr. Bennett demanded, a hand on her hip.

“He told me to take a break,” Josh replied nervously.

Dr. Bennett looked skeptical. “Dr. Klaus Mikaelson told you to go on a break?” Shaking her head, she looked at her chart. “Looks like the rumors are true,” she muttered.

“What rumors?” Josh asked and then wished he hadn’t spoken.

Dr. Bennett narrowed her eyes at him. “I’m sorry. Do you think I was talking to you?” she demanded.

A snort of laughter came from behind the nurse’s station where Freya Mikaelson was sitting. Freya continued tapping away on the computer like nothing had happened but a slight twist of her mouth gave her thoughts away. “Right. No. You did not say a thing. I am going.” Josh pointed down the hall. “That way. Have a good day, Dr. Bennett.” Hurrying away, Josh wished he could drop through a hole in the floor that would swallow him whole. He could hear Bonnie and Freya whispering about something else he probably shouldn’t know anything about.

“Hey, man,” Jackson called, coming down the hall.

“Hey, Jack,” Josh replied, clapping Jackson on the shoulder. “You know your new girlfriend is a little bit mean?”

Jackson glanced back at the nurse’s station. “I’m not dating Dr. Bennett,” he protested with a laugh.

“The other one,” Josh whispered.

Jack glanced back again. “Who told you I’m dating Freya Mikaelson?”

“I don’t know… Everyone with eyes!” Josh hissed, punching Jack in the shoulder.

Jackson groaned. “Great. Now I’m going to be grouped in with the others.”

“Don’t feel so bad. At least now you have enough members to make it an official club,” Josh teased Jack who placed his hands over his face.

Groaning louder, Jack kept his face buried in his hands until he almost ran into a cart. “Tell me who’s actually been talking?”

“Mm… Davina. No shocker. Thanks to Davina, Lucien. Oliver. Rebekah. Kol Mikaelson. Klaus Mikaelson doesn’t seem to care. I overheard Sage Mikaelson talking to Dr. De Martel-Mikaelson. Yeah. So, pretty much everyone knows that there’s something going on with the two of you.” Josh led the way to the coffee cart that they knew and loved.

“And Hayley?” Jackson added, pulling his wallet out.

Josh nodded. “We’re all just so relieved that you got over being hung up on Hayley.”

“I was not that hung up on her, Josh,” Jackson cried, rolling his eyes.

“Yeah. Okay. And I did not have posters of Ryan Gosling all over my walls for years.” Josh gave Jackson a long look. “She was in love with someone else and that was never going to end well for you. We’re just happy that you found someone who isn’t hung up on someone else.”


“What in the bloody hell is going on in here?” Rebekah snapped, shoving a streamer out of her face. Her nose wrinkled up as she looked at the sleeve of plastic cups that Davina pulled out of a paper bag and set down on the coffee table.

“We don’t have any more room in the kitchen,” Davina explained, pulling out paper napkins.

Other than adding to the death of the environment; do you care to explain yourself?” Rebekah demanded, hand on her hip as Davina removed a ghastly set of paper plates. “Aren’t those for children?” she asked, examining the plates with dinosaurs on them.

Davina sighed. “That’s all they had,” she told Rebekah. “And I have to get back to the hospital before Oliver steals my surgery. Or Lucien. The boys are seriously out-of-control.” Shaking her head, Davina took the bag into the kitchen.

Rebekah followed the girl into the kitchen. Her jaw dropped open to find even more plates, cups, napkins, bottles of beer, bottles of wine and buckets with ice in them—and every type of bag of chip that Rebekah could name off the top of her head. “What in God’s name?”

“Hey, guys,” Hayley called from the living room. “Davina, what’s going on?”

“That is what I was just asking?” Rebekah called back.

Hayley came into the kitchen. “Oh, shit,” she cried.

“Don’t we have a girl’s night scheduled for tonight?” Rebekah inquired with a sniff. “Or am I to go out by myself? Or worse yet, with one of my in-laws?” When Hayley’s looked darkened; Rebekah wanted to kick herself.

“This is for Marcel’s coming-home party,” Davina said as she opened the door to the fridge and stuck her head inside. “Nope. No more room.”

Now Rebekah wanted to kick Davina. “What do you mean: this is for bloody Marcel?” she snarled, her hands balling into fists, her lips peeling back from her teeth. “I thought I said that I would not bloody well participate in a bloody party for his arrival?” Her voice had risen to the point that Hayley and Davina were looking at her with concern.

“Rebekah, there’s a little vein that’s about to pop right out of your head. Right here.” Hayley placed a finger to Rebekah’s temple. “You might want to calm down.”

I am bloody calm!” Rebekah shrieked before grabbing a bottle of wine and walking out of the room. She strode up to her room and sat down on her bed. “Bloody hell,” she groaned when she realized that she’d left the cork screw downstairs.

“I’ve got you covered,” Hayley said, plopping down across from her and taking out her key chain. Grinning, Hayley held up a tiny corkscrew.

“This is why you are my best friend,” Rebekah said, waving for Hayley to hand over the device.

“Don’t let that rumor get started.” Hayley teased Rebekah with a wink.

Rebekah shook her head and jerked the cork out. Taking a swig of the vile wine, she let out a gasp. “That is awful.” She held the bottle out to Hayley.

“I can’t. I’ve got to get back. Caroline’s stuck on Freya’s shift later and I might get to do something, anything, tonight.” Hayley folded her legs and looked at Rebekah. “Maybe I’ll even be able to hold some forceps.” Her forced enthusiasm made Rebekah feel bad.

“You could say 'Bugger that’ and stay here, with me. Be my moral support when I am forced to confront that louse of a –” Rebekah stopped herself before the word “boyfriend” came out of her mouth. No, she had not admitted to Marcel’s being anything more than a passing dalliance before; she would not do so now.

Hayley grinned. “Aren’t you the least bit curious?”

“About what?” Rebekah snapped, taking another sip from the wine bottle and grimacing.

“About what he’s been up to? There’s a lot going on in the world. Don’t you want to know what it would be like to go outside of the U. S. and to help people abroad?” Hayley inquired with a little too much cheer.

Rebekah narrowed her eyes. “If I want to leave this country, I will bloody well go on a vacation. If you are feeling curious, why don’t you sign up with Doctors Without Borders. I will let Elijah know. Perhaps he will sign up as well.” Seeing the pained look on Hayley’s face; Rebekah heaved a sigh. “I’m sorry. I just don’t want to be alone with him.”

“I know, Bekah, and I will be at home as soon as my shift ends.” Hayley patted Rebekah on the knee before getting up. “I’ll be back before you know that I was gone.”

Rebekah snorted and slid off the side of the bed. Walking over to the door, she closed it and then returned to her bed. She lifted the bottle of wine to her lips, sipping the vile fluid until she began to feel a mild buzz. If she were lucky, she would pass out and sleep through the party.


It felt damned good to be home. Marcel stretched in his bed. The only thing that would be better than this would be if Rebekah were here. Not that he’d be getting the sleep that he needed but it would be one hell of a “Welcome Home” present.

Marcel had left a message to let Rebekah know that he’d be home today but she was probably out kicking some ass as a resident. He wished he’d stayed around long enough to see her finish up her internship, but his old friend, Diego, had called and told him about some work. Before he knew what he was doing; he’d booked a flight. Rebekah had been less than happy with him but he figured she would understand with time.

Getting out of bed, Marcel went to his dresser and pulled out a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Davina had left a message, asking him to come to Hayley’s. Looked like the sisters had worked through their issues. And Rebekah couldn’t be that pissed off at him if she didn’t freak out about Davina asking him to swing by. Yeah. They’d be fine. Marcel grinned as he looked in the mirror and then headed for the door.

Hayley’s place was not that far from his. About a twenty minute drive, if there weren’t a billion people on the streets, like there were today. “Damn,” Marcel muttered under his breath. He ran a hand over his head, rolling his eyes at the person parked in front him. “The light is green, man,” he muttered under his breath. When the guy in front him drove off Marcel rolled his eyes, again. Tourists.

He pulled up to the driveway of Hayley’s place and then had to keep going. “What in the hell?” he murmured, looking at the cars spilling out of the driveway and parked in front of the house. Finding a spot, he hoped that no one would have him towed for being parked in front of their house.

Marcel got out his car, closed the door and headed across the road. A couple came out the front door of Hayley’s place. They were laughing. “Marcel!” the woman called. She was one of the nurses who worked the day shift. “Welcome home!” she shouted, blowing a noise maker, and then walking away, giggling into the shoulder of her male counterpart.

“Thanks,” Marcel called back but the couple didn’t bother looking back. He hit the doorbell.

A young, scruffy-looking blonde man opened the door and leaned against it. His blue eyes took Marcel in and he grinned. “Here for the party, man?” he asked Marcel.

“I’m here to see Davina,” Marcel replied.

The shorter man grinned. “That girl gets around,” he said, taking a sip from a bottle of beer. “She’s not here right now. Went back to work about three hours ago.”

“Who’s at the door?” a familiar voice called out. Then a redhead popped out. “Marcel, how lovely to see you,” Aurora cried, throwing her arms around Marcel’s neck. “Come. Come. You’re missing your party.”

“Umm…” Marcel felt confused. What in the hell was Aurora doing at Hayley’s house? Did Hayley know that Aurora was at her house? Walking inside, he saw the huge “Welcome Home” banner hanging in the living room. “I’ll go tell Niklaus you’re here.”

“Is Elijah here, too?” Marcel questioned Aurora who pursed her lips.

“No. He’s still at work.” Aurora offered him another smile. “You must come to dinner with us. I’ve missed your company.”

Marcel forced a smile. “Yeah. Will do.” He’d never really gone to dinner with Elijah and Aurora while they were together—and hell would freeze over if he was going to play third wheel on one of their iceberg dinner dates. “You seen Rebekah?”

“Not yet,” Aurora replied with a pout. “You’d think she’d be here. I know she missed you.”

Really?” Marcel felt hopeful.

Aurora gave him another smile. “Love does not die, Marcel, even if it’s painful.” She maneuvered through the crowd and toward the kitchen.

He decided to stay in the living room. “Great party,” another man he’d never seen before said. Marcel nodded.

When Aurora did not come back out of the kitchen with Klaus; Marcel headed upstairs. Maybe Rebekah was in her room. He walked down the hall. The sound of quiet music filled the space. He grinned at the sounds of a band they used to like playing. Lifting his knuckles, he tapped on the door. “Bex,” he called before wrapping his fingers around the doorknob and opening it.

“Hey!” Marcel greeted Rebekah who laid on her side, an empty wine bottle lying beside her.

Go away, you bloody fool!” Rebekah groaned, sitting up and glowering at him.

“Is that anyway to talk to me? I just came back from saving countless lives of people who couldn’t afford to get here,” Marcel said, striding over and sitting down beside Rebekah who eyed him suspiciously.

“Are you daft? I said 'Get out!’” Rebekah spat at him, pointing at the door.

“Baby, you’re drunk,” Marcel said, reaching out to cup her cheek.

Rebekah sneered at him. “Yes, I am. I’m drunk. Not stupid,” she snarled. “And if you won’t leave. I will.” Pushing her way down the bed, Rebekah stood up and stumbled to the door.

“Bekah!” Marcel cried out, getting up, he followed her out the door and down the hall. “Bekah, can we talk?” he shouted after her. She seemed bent on ignoring him as she stumbled down the stairs, her hands clutching the banister.

Aurora appeared at the bottom of the stairs. “Oh, hello, Bekah,” she said cheerfully.

“Bugger yourself!” Rebekah shouted into Aurora’s face.

Aurora let out a surprised laugh. “Looks like she’s had one too many,” she told Marcel who watched Rebekah head over to the couch and straddle the man sitting on it. “I found Nik but he saw me and left through the kitchen entrance. Looks as if lots of people run when they see me. They’re giving me a bit of a complex.”

“Excuse me,” Marcel said, walking away from Aurora. He was focused on Rebekah who had stuck her tongue in the poor man’s mouth. “Re-be-kah!” Marcel shouted, placing a hand on Rebekah’s shoulder and pulling her back from the guy she’s been French-ing.

“Oh, Marcel, how lovely. Lucien Castle, Marcel Gerard. Lucien is one of our new interns and has many talents. Marcel is a bloody arse who used to be a heart surgeon at our hospital before he buggered off to Lithuania.” Rebekah grinned at Marcel in a vicious manner and he felt his stomach tighten.

“What in the hell is going on in here!” a voice demanded from the front door.

Marcel turned to look and he felt his eyes widen. “Who the bloody hell is that?” Rebekah demanded.

“Dr. Marshall”! Aurora cried. “What an honor to meet you!”

“Who are all of you people and what are you doing in my house?” Tiffany Marshall demanded, a hand on her hip and a scowl on her face. “Where is my daughter?”

That is Hayley and Davina’s mom,” Marcel told Rebekah who looked nervous. “Shit.” And Marcel thought he’d gotten one hell of a welcome home—looks like he had nothing on Dr. Marshall—who looked extremely pissed off. God help Hayley when she got home.

The part of Tiffany Marshall would be played by Bellamy Young A.K.A. Scandal’s, Mellie Grant. Have to keep it in the Shondaland family.

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WTNV Theories and Ramblings - Episode 47: Company Picnic

TL;DR version of what’s in the post below the cut:

1. A reflection on the plot twist in today’s episode.

2. The unfortunate parallels between Company Picnic and Parade Day.

3. Night Vale and imperialism

4. The nature of time and immortality.

5. Masks

6. Kevin

7. Working for StrexCorp

8. Miscellaneous

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