welcome home leader

Transformers: Recommendations V (English)

* Prime/Rescue Bots

1.     Gift by DoctorDaisy (Fanfiction.Net)


Summary.-Post Orion Pax - The children welcome the leader home.

2.     On His Lord’s Throne by TheBigLoserQueen (AO3)


Summary.-Soundwave just can’t bring himself to resist his master whenever he calls for him.

3.     Lost and Found by Cheshire_Hearts  (AO3)


Summary.-Retreating after a failed attempt to reclaim a Decepticon base, Megatron finds two sparklings trapped under the rubble of a collapsed building. He grabs them and flees the city, claiming them as his own when he finds out they were abandoned by their creators. After all, how hard can raising twin sparklings be?

4.     Starscream - The Predacon Whisperer by Castiel-Fan (Fanfiction.Net)


Summary.-After he lost the Apex Armor to a human, Megatron decides to punish the Seeker for his misbehaviour. Predaking plays a crucial role…

5.     Sweet Silver Bells Soundwave by ColdCombatant  (AO3)


Summary.-Grumpy Megatron makes sure Soundwave is behaving on this fine Christmas Eve